Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to God, according to Canada’s parliament

As I do almost every year in this space, I like to remind Canadians (and our Americans friends too) that in Canada, Thanksgiving is actually a Godly celebration for the express purpose of, yes, thanking God (or “God almighty”, as it is specifically stated in Canada’s Thanksgiving Proclamation). As we know, liberals are against that. Yes […]

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The state-owned CBC: they’re not like us.

Last week, the state-owned (and therefore backward, but we digress) CBC asked its notoriously far-left extremist viewers whether they supported the Harper administration’s plans to combat ISIS terrorists with our air power. Here’s how that went, left – by which we mean look at the graphic at left, in this case. Now… you’ll just have to do as we did, overlook […]

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“Corporate” Sponsorship of Premiers’ (i.e. Government) Conference?

The Globe and Mail editorial mocks the notion of private-sector sponsorship of a government conference. Good. They’re right to. But their disdain is not surprising, given the liberal media’s reluctance to embrace anything “corporate” or in any way capitalist. “The Premiers’ conference: And now, a word from our sponsor” Let’s watch how they, and others […]

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Please check out sister-site and .com

There’s more activity at and these days! NewsQuips is new. It’s a compilation site, full of news headlines, and (often) snarky quips about them. It’s news from the right perspective. The conservative perspective. The .ca version includes Canadian news as well as American news of interest to Canadians. The .com version is U.S. new […]

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Yeah I bet it was an editor's pick.

CBC uses chick click-bait; no doubt because of a lack of government funding

Big, big story at the state-owned CBC web site today, as seen at right under their heading “Editor’s Picks.”  Alas, no, it’s not a story about the CBC Editor’s choice for “sexiest babe.” It’s about stomach pain. Duh. Can’t you tell from the photo? They could have chosen the totally innocuous science-type graphic, like the […]

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Globe and Mail smear merchants get butt hurt with embarrassing smackdown after baseless personal attack

Smear merchants at Globe and Mail got their embarrassing comeuppance when Peter MacKay’s wife took the high road and easily schooled arrogant writer Leah McLaren, who wrote “An open letter to Peter MacKay’s wife,” with a classy rebuke, “An open letter to Leah McLaren”. The Globe and  Mail, through Leah McLaren, embarked on a gratuitous, totally uncalled-for personal attack […]

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State-owned CBC “analysis” of tea party: black-hating, “rape-denying,” “neo-confederates.”

ANALYSIS  – Possibly the stupidest column of 2014, so far: a breathless, hate-filled “analysis” of the tea party from one of the most arrogant, conservative-hating “reporters” with the far-left, state-owned CBC – Neil Macdonald. Tea party-hater and CBC reporter Neil MacDonald loads a new bullet in the far-left’s “racist dog whistle” magazine. The term “Liberal Democrats,” according […]

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Militant left-wing BC teachers union advocates against Canada’s military recruiting

Math, science, and actively advocating against joining the Canadian military? Well yes, and “man-made global warming,” and business is bad, government is good, and socialism is the way to go, and unions are the best, and its for the kids, etc. Also LGBQT of course — that other stuff is only if there’s time. Featured […]

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Headlines moved; accepting columns

The sometimes-snarky headlines that I have been generating here (and for Americans, at for the past month or so seem to be going over pretty well, so I’ve moved them to a new site: (and for American headlines). Also, I’ve decided to start accepting opinion columns from the public for publication at […]

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I guess when you’re desperate, you resort to lies and fakery. Hey, CBC?

Man that Obama looks like he’s really hot! Look, Martha, he’s wiping his dang brow! Must be that man-made global warming! Or the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC “News” just faked you out. Spoiler alert: it’s exactly what you’ve come to expect from the CBC “News.” In this example from one of the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC’s 8,000 […]

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cbc-square logo

NOW the Conservatives want ME to donate to THEM to help THEM hammer the CBC?

I have to view this fight between the Conservative government and the state-owned CBC with a little bit of a head-shake. I’ve been harping about the CBC’s anti-conservative bias loudly and publicly and consistently for 15 years. In those 15 years, the CBC has threatened to sue me to kingdom come, threatened to “monitor” this […]

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UPDATED: Hideous anti-Fox News Channel, liberal bias exposed at National Post

Updated below This is real. This actually happened. No, this isn’t about the far-left CBC, but I do understand the confusion.  Yes, Canada, this is what passes for objective news reporting, today, from what is purportedly a reputable, supposedly neutral or objective, national newspaper. And it’s also an excellent explanation for why the liberal-left news […]

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ProudToBeCanadian Headlines are Bold and Colorful

You’ve noticed has adopted a news headlines format for the “front page,” and it has been going over very well. So we will continue to do it. Visit everyday and throughout the day to see what we’re reading, and to find out what the main political news thrust of the day is. Headlines are […]

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Ontario Libs tout giving more cash to auto giants; Progressive Conservatives tout sanity

Ontario election (and corporate welfare) watch: The auto industry (also known as the corporate welfare industry) Progressive Conservatives tout tax cuts instead of throwing taxpayer cash at them. Liberals tout throwing taxpayer cash at them, so, more government spending and thus higher taxes for all (or as their Globe & Mail division kindly puts it… […]

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It happened while I was eating a sandwich. I’ll remember what I was doing at the time.

So what happened? Where to begin…. It’s a tradition. The only one leftists love. I think it’s also in the constitution. Plus the geniuses at that UN “man-made global warming” department have written a big report signed by 8 cajillion teachers and lawyers, thus ending the debate as the science on this thing is settled. […]

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?