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The Trudeau Liberals’ pot smoking standards are the only thing in that government that’s NOT high.

The libertarian side of my conservative politics — and all conservatives have some element of anti-government-regulation libertarian in them — tells me to cautiously welcome the Trudeau Liberals’ plans to legalize pot smoking in Canada. But the rest of my conservative nature tells me they will foul it up, tax it, it will cost our economy zillions, and they will generally cause harm to the country, to say nothing of the young individual pot-smokers’ brains and lungs.

So I mostly shun the prospect of pot smoking legalization, just as I actually shun pot smoking in my personal life. My purely conservative side tells me to generally mock the whole process, since it is a process increasingly controlled by the big, idiotic, liberal government; and besides, we hardly need another big government program to help develop and nurture further generations of brain-addled idiots in this country. Have they learned nothing from the creation of the state-owned CBC? (No.)

So it’s a quandary. Hahaha no it’s not. I love it. I’m literally high on liberal-mocking delight. There is just no part of this in which the pot-smoking Liberals or liberals will win points with this stinky file.

The Liberals’ promised pot legalization hasn’t even begun, and already people and their health are being negatively affected not only by the chemical-laced (yet “organic!”) pot being smoked by the druggies, but now also thanks to the amazingly high level of total stupidity from their own yummy Liberal government in Medellín I mean Ottawa.

The Trudeau Liberals have promised that we should chill, not worry, and be happy about all the pot-smoking. Using their vast and superior Liberal wisdom, huge amounts of tax dollars, and a ha-YUGE government with even more big-union, highly-paid government employees, they will control it. And regulate it. And monitor it. And ensure it is safe for all the kids. And they will generally see to it that everything will be just smokin’!

But apparently they were high when they promised all that. They can’t even control themselves. From the Globe and Mail:

…In July, The Globe published the results of an investigation that discovered one-third of nine cannabis samples obtained from Toronto storefront dispensaries, which operate with no federal oversight, contained potentially harmful bacteria that could have serious effects on elderly patients or those with compromised immunity. One sample contained mould that can lead to serious lung conditions in patients.

Last week, documents obtained through the Access to Information Act showed Health Canada was warned nearly a year ago about harmful chemicals showing up in marijuana sold at storefront dispensaries in Vancouver. Lab results submitted to Health Minister Jane Philpott’s office showed 13 of 22 samples tested showed high levels of carbamate, which is not approved for cannabis, or dodemorph, a chemical that is not approved for human consumption. …

Liberals are far from in control of this thing. But the Globe isn’t managing the reporting of the Liberals big smokin’ fail very well either. (See I told you nobody on their side wins). I like the “obtained through the Access to Information Act” part — when they’re referring to the most transparent government ever! Even on a health-related file, the Globe journalists, perhaps overwhelmed with the myriad lies and hypocrisy from this Liberal government, are so exhausted they can’t even bother to mention the hypocrisy or lies.

As per the liberal media standards and practices, which are every bit as bad as the Liberal government’s, the Globe also purposely fails to remind readers that this health minister, Jane Philpott is a Liberal (could a liberal have a better last name than one that resembles the Latin for “friend of pot?”), appointed by Liberal Justin Trudeau. Make no mistake, this is all about politics.

This is also the same Jane Philpott who, as the Liberals’ CBC division so politely put it, “mislead” the House of Commons, and more importantly, lied (no, not “mislead”) to you about her riding around in limousines like some high (and mighty) Queen. Worth mentioning, because we’re seeing a pattern of lies and deception now, from Liberals.

One of the chemicals seen being used by some pot-growers is a controversial fungicide, Nova 40W, that contains myclobutanil. The Globe reports:

It is banned by several U.S. states for use on cannabis because of concerns it emits hydrogen cyanide when heated.

The lefty snowflakes whine about hidden “trigger words” all day long. I never really get the snowflakes, but “when heated” has got be one of those “trigger words,” even though the Globe seems to miss the opportunity. I don’t smoke pot but I am not too square to know that joints are normally “heated.”

So many sentences in this story get me high. Take a toke out of this one:

Despite evidence of a potential public health threat, Health Canada did not act on the warnings, nor inform local authorities in Vancouver.

“Holy smoke” runs off the tongue too easily. Health Canada had one job. Yet contemplate this fail. At this rate I hope they don’t legalize fentanyl. If they did, they’d blame someone else, apparently. I’ve heard of passing a joint, but here’s an example of passing the buck:

Health Canada said it considers dispensaries to be illegal, and therefore not its responsibility. However, those same dispensaries have flourished across Canada this year as a direct result of the federal government’s announcement that it will legalize the drug. Ottawa has not addressed their growth, saying it is up to local police to address the issue.

Buck passed. You’d think the Globe would have a hard time actually justifying support for pot smoking legalization — at least by this inept government. Their own reporting includes lots of related articles, such as:

But here’s a pithy line from a recent Globe and Mail editorial: “Of course marijuana should be legalized.” Yes of course.

And of course they should share the blame for this lunacy as they sit in the same smoke-filled room passing the joint.

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Cops injured in terror attack; but mostly a (pretty) “female” was injured

They so easily fall into the trap they set. And if a politician — a conservative one — did this the liberals’ tender snowflakes division would be all over it. “It’s 2016” as one of the more famous ones would curtly inform the press (which would in turn report about it 800 times in righteous, glowing terms).

This is really a story at least partially about the heroism of cops. So the Washington Post has this headline:

Hungary conducts manhunt after homemade bomb apparently targets police

Maybe it’s just implied, but there is no mention of police heroism in the headline or article, which is noteworthy enough because yet again, they missed a chance to balance things out a little. It appears to me they are all beholden to the sick, left-wing anti-cop pop-culture, and are only too happy to pass up another chance. But OK, aside from that and the horror of the underlying story, the editorial tone is factual and innocuous enough.

However the National Post had other headline ideas. In the NP, it’s the exact same article as written by Anthony Faiola of the Washington Po2016-09-26_094557st, but they added sexual flavor to the headline, ginning-up the young female aspect of it. Again – no indication of heroism amongst the police, just this:

Young female officer in critical condition after detonation of bomb so powerful it cracked concrete

Make no mistake. Both a young male and a young female officer were seriously hurt and had to have surgery. In the UK they handled the perplexing problem like this:

Hungary launches major security operation after bomb attack in Budapest injures two police officers

Fox News Channel went with:

Hungarian police officers in stable condition after blast2016-09-26_093033

The NP didn’t stop with what liberals would HAVE to call an overtly sexist headline worthy of a curt outburst and copious haughty reporting if, say, Donald Trump or any random conservative had said it: they also included a huge photo of the very photogenic gal to help satisfy their clickbait needs. The screencap above left was just a tease on their web site. In the story itself they blew the photo up to “yuge” proportions (see right).

Now I’m not saying all readers are total idiots who fall for the Rick-roll and click stories just because there’s a pretty girl picture on it — I’m just saying all liberal men do. The conservatives all click it to read about the heroic cop and the facts.

If I were a registered member of Generation Snowflake — I’d be offended (of course I’d be offended by this whole PTBC web site and probably die from all the “hate!” So…). We used to just call what the NP did sexist, but surely this headline and presentation by the NP at least contravenes a snowflake “gender norms” paradigm and warrants a CBC Passionate Eye investigation on hidden agendas or something!

Sadly though, speaking of the state-owned CBC, it reminds me of the feminist left-wing liberal progressive socialist slowflake channel, the state-owned CBC, who not long ago found the need to write-up a report about intestinal bacteria (or some damn thing unique only to Canadians). How did they promote it? As I documented, it was with a totally random photo of a totally non-attractive and not-at-all sexy young female wearing something totally bland drawing your eyes only to the couch she’s lying on. (At least she looks like she’s suffering!)

But let’s flush that CBC “Editor’s Pick’ crap where it belongs, and get back to the NP article about the female cop: The reaction to that headline and photo presentation from the feminist division of the liberals will be as confused as it usually is: if females are just as capable as males, then it’s an insult that the editors think a female officer being injured is worth being featured in the headline, while the also-injured male officer isn’t.

But the liberals’ news editors division will defend their feminist bona fides, and boast that this speaks to their pro-feminist advocacy journalism (which then wouldn’t be journalism at all but rather propaganda, but anyway). They will say that this is simply an article informing the plebeians (they won’t say plebeians, duh) of the hitherto unknown and utterly shocking ability and stunning bravery of females in the workplace. (Those of us on the right already know all about cops — including females — and how brave and heroic they are, so I guess we know who they are still trying to educate).

It’s another example of the liberal-left’s massive race and sex (gender, anyway) problem: it’s their soft bigotry of low expectations. God only knows what photo they’d use to accompany a story about thathungarian-police-recruiting-poster250px

I hate to heap all this “microaggression” on the liberals at the National Post, but another sad thing about their juicing of the WaPo article is that the photo of the female police officer they featured so prominently was cropped from a Hungarian police recruiting campaign poster (see right).

Not that the NP is in the business of helping Hungary promote policing, but I’m sure none of this will do much to attract women or men to the thin blue line here or there. It’s hard to wish away all the cop-killing that goes on, but maybe, occasionally, the liberal media could find space for the tiny words “hero” or “brave” in their headlines, or somewhere in the articles concerning police they could just allude to how cops face this kind of crap every single day, yet carry on regardless. It’s factual, on point, and it’s a story that needs to be told to maintain some semblance of balance in the news coverage.

If the big North American newspapers like the Washington Post and the National Post are where you get your information, all I can say is: Be careful out there.


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Liberals’ welfare state: They’re progressively reducing the choice available to ordinary people.

The headline in the Globe and Mail neglects to mention “welfare state,” and is simply: “B.C. government to subsidize rental units in response to housing crisis.”   It might just as well have been “Build Them and They Will Come.” Progressives or socialists (whichever term you prefer) never give up trying to build their utopian Field […]

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SICK. CBC sends ambulance to revive their Hillary

Too much talk of Hillary Clinton being ill (and more to the actual point, lying about it) has caused a giant panic attack at the state-owned CBC. They did an official state media “Analysis” about this concern.  Don’t worry, ALL U.S. presidents have ALWAYS had HIDDEN health issues! Here’s how the article begins: Some critics have […]

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F-35 is actually far better looking than Justin Trudeau. And cheaper.

Here’s another quick review of little items of the day or past couple of days. 1. Let’s start with the most important Tweet of yesterday: mine. As usual, though, it’s not about me, but Justin Trudeau. It’s always about Justin Trudeau, especially to Justin Trudeau. 2. Then there’s “huge” David Akin’s “huge” Tweet of “huge […]

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Poll question #1: “What is your gender? Choose one.” Three choices offered.

Here’s a quick take on three little items today: 1. First up, a poll delivered to me yesterday with an odd third option — even for a west-coast Canadian polling company: Hard to figure why polls are always so unreliable these days, huh? Why not “Both”?  Or “A combination of five different genders”? And why not also ask […]

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Special Delivery for Justin Trudeau: Boondoggle, Fifth Notice. Please Respond.

The smart business decision by the Harper Conservatives to reign in the state-owned, money-losing dinosaur Canada Post, changing postal mail delivery from door-to-door to community boxes, was ridiculed by the Trudeau Liberals (and then of course by their mainstream news media division) during the 2015 election campaign. It was a huge plank in their election campaign. It […]

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Chinese call Justin Trudeau “little potato”. Well that’s one name.

They said it was because his name sounds like potato in Mandarin (“tudou”). So cute. Brings to mind Mr. Potato Head. Which is funny because Justin Trudeau always brought that moniker to mind even before being officially renamed by the Chinese. Here in Canada, Trudeau sounds like “true dough.” Like he’s real dough. So like the […]

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Music class in Canada’s schools: I’m hearing an eh. But it sounds like an M.

Here’s the flat Globe and Mail headline this morning, the first day of classes: “Mandatory music classes hit a bad note with some Muslim parents“. The headline strikes a bad chord. A sour note. Or to start this another way, Hi liberals! Your multi-culti country is changing its songbook, just like you ordered! Hope you like […]

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Globe & Mail’s John Doyle in reruns

In yet another episode of spot the smug disingenuity, we find the Globe & Mail TV critic John Doyle wishing Stephen Harper well, then, next sentence, bashing him over the head on the way out as a “master of attack ads”. Hang on –this could be a rerun. It’s so hard to tell because every episode is almost the same! […]

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Liberals in action: taxpayer bill for Liberals’ exquisite climate change sojourn in France: $1 MILLION +

The fact that these “man-made global warming” or climate-change nobs still have the gall to fly off to these fancy places several times per year in large pollution-spewing passenger jetliners (after a ride to the airport in gas-powered cars) —  all at taxpayer expense — is perfect. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. Hypocrisy, arrogance, elitism, misplaced […]

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Lexus ES300-2016-08-22_180028

“Lexus Liberals” – a funny by Conservatives… and then even funnier: the state-owned CBC comes to the Liberals’ rescue.

A Conservative Party with a sense of humor. In today’s email: ** CORRECTION ** Dear Joel, Last week we told you about the Liberals getting up to their same old tricks. The Liberal Health Minister was caught red-handed doling out more than $7,000 in taxpayer dollars to one of her Liberal insider friends that worked on her […]

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BRILLIANT take-down of CNN, a CNN reporter, a CNN anchor, and its hideously biased agenda-driven editing

I’ll get to the point in a second. But first (and I promise this is related), I read my usual National Review articles this morning and copied this nugget: Conservatism must be about explaining to non-conservatives why they should be conservative not why they can’t be. This is politics 101 going back to Aristotle: Persuasion. ~ by […]

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