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92 percent celebrate Christmas (not “holidays”)

Notwithstanding a great Christmas-related column today by our Sheila Wray Gregoire which punctuates the desirability of getting back to good old traditional Canadian Christmas basics (and I agree), the poll today at suggests that about 92 percent of people at least believe in Christmas enough to celebrate it.  So that’s a plus! poll


Now, it’s unfortunate that stores like “Michael’s”, which offers home-made craft-oriented tools and supplies, doesn’t also actually celebrate “Christmas” rather than “seasonal holiday happy-fest of color and diversity of multicultural delight and joy”, or whatever.

They’re on our “SHAME” list.  But you can buy supplies at the Bay and Canadian Tire and London Drugs and Wal-Mart and so on!

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One Response to 92 percent celebrate Christmas (not “holidays”)

  1. Jane Friday December 25, 2015 at 6:03 am at 6:03 AM #

    92% of all canadians celebrate christmas so lets call it what it is called merry christmas. I will continue to ban stores that say happy holidays like I do every year.

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