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And the liberal-left wants to look after your children in state-run daycares.


Check out this bit of radical, extremist liberal left fundamentalism that a group is trying to foist on our youth or what they call “girlz” aged 14 and up—in schools—with the help of your government at several levels (see below): 

image‘The Little Black Book – A Book on Healthy Sexuality Written by Girlz’ is held out as “a guide to healthy emotional development and sexuality”, but it seems to me it is a little piece of liberal-left propaganda promoting sex between the young ‘uns.  It has a large section on homosexuality of course, because the left is now officially, utterly obsessed with homosexuality and its promotion in Canada and the U.S.. 

There’s a whole section explaining (actually I would argue the correct word is promoting) so-called “bi-sexuality”, page after page, and then of course it has the inevitable section on having abortions, and more.  All these things are presented over and over as being perfectly “normal”, and as healthy.  For your young “girlz”. 


Basically, think of all the good Judeo-Christian values that built our nation and the whole of western civilization for that matter, trash it and utterly mock the crap out of it, and then completely reverse it.  Now you’re thinking like a radical extremist liberal-left fundamentalist.  Or a big fat dyke, or you know, like, whatever.


The “health guide” claims that only 10% of the population is heterosexual – the rest being ‘mixed’ or bi-sexual. 


Some of the ideas they present are downright dangerous, to say nothing of depraved.  This is guidance for “girlz” aged 14 and up:


The good Institute for Canadian Values has written up a good report on this book (which seems to have changed names slightly since they wrote about it), and perhaps as a result of their action, the online version of the book has completely disappeared into the ether with no explanation.  It’s gone!  Luckily, the Institute managed to copy a few pictures of the pages of the online version before they removed it.  Here’s some but with a WARNING:  some of the pictures and language used is graphic and will disturb some adults, so parents, children should not view these:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Example 6
Example 7a
Example 7b
Example 8
Example 9
Example 10a
Example 10b

The book seems to be available at

Thanks to The Institute for Canadian Values and to Cathy S. for reminding me about this.

** Link to the authors’ financials through March 2006 showing Gov’t of Canada, Province of Ontario, and City of Toronto financial support.

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