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State-Owned CBC Promotes “Dreamy Trudeau.” (Seriously). But Don’t Worry, They’re Not Biased.

There might be a million photos of Donald Trump. But when you as an employee of a news agency take the time to find and then settle on the photo below to attach to your latest sneering tweet about Donald Trump; for you as a “professional” to abandon any semblance of journalistic neutrality and choose instead to demonstrate your hate in as public a way as humanly possible… you could only have a job at the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC.


Apparently job security is not an issue for the clearly anti-Trump (etc) employees of the state-owned CBC. Any remaining pretense of neutrality is now apparently completely out the window thanks to their Liberal Party victory. It seems demonstrating their anti-conservative, pro-liberal bias is now more an editorial policy, if anything.

That journalistic malfeasance is from the news agency that avoids the use of the term “Islamic terrorist” because it might be seen as “taking sides,” and says “holidays” instead of “Christmas” to avoid “offending someone.”

Let’s compare that to how they carefully chose an ever so neutral picture of their true love, also from today. It has almost exactly the same editorial tone as the Trump one above:


I must be dreaming.  I have no words.


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U.S. (53%) and Canada (54%) both oppose their “leaders'” refugee dictates

In both the U.S. and Canada, polls following the Islamist attacks in France show two liberal leaders way out of step with the people they supposedly represent and (gulp) lead.

The majority of Canadians oppose the government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in the next six weeks, and the most common complaint is that there isn’t enough time, a new poll shows.

More than half of Canadians (54 per cent) either moderately or strongly oppose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring 25,000 refugees over by Jan. 1, 2016. Meanwhile, 42 per cent moderately or strongly support the plan, according to an Angus Reid Institute poll conducted three days after terrorist attacks killed 129 people in Paris.

If I understand liberals like Trudeau and his Globe and Mail division correctly, Canadians are therefore full of hatred and racism. His Quebecers are even more against his refugee policy  –  60% opposed  –  which is fun, especially since over a third of those hateful racists voted for Trudeau to be their leader.

I’ve come to expect this “racist” crap from Barack Obama and his acolytes, but I did not see this coming: Trudeau joining Obama and calling those countrymen who disagree with him “racists” and “haters.”

Wierd though, he never called us that during the election! Polling during the long election campaign shows that Canadians were against Trudeau’s idiotic refugee election promise  –  first airily (as all Trudeau policy was) touted in May of 2015. But it’s now a firm government mandate which simply must be accomplished in exactly the next five weeks or it will all completely fall apart and never come to pass… on account of, um, some unspecified reason or something. According to the Liberals’ state-owned CBC division:

“Quite frankly, the loss of momentum would probably put the whole objective in jeopardy,” [Liberal Public Safety Minister Ralph] Goodale said. “The slippage might mean it never happens.”

Quite frankly, that’s what we call a total lie. And this effort to lie and overwhelm and freak out Canadians is, of course, a sign of the Liberals’ great respect for Canadians and Canada.  But be fair and put what he said in context and what the reporter asked and wrote after that you racist!  Yeah no that was it. That is the last line in the fawning news report. No questions, no explanations, just a fully acceptable statement, on that matter of grave national security importance. Look – I took a screen capture in case they accidentally change it or delete in five weeks.

CBC_pimping for Goodale - 2015-11-19_094633

Trudeau was elected in spite of his refugee promise, not because of it. But now he carries on as if he were elected on that promise, and is unalterably compelled by the election gods (the CBC) to fulfill it, world-altering Islamist terrorist events in Egypt, Lebanon, and Paris be damned. I think even his state-owned CBC would allow him to renege, especially given ISIS’s beheading of Chinese hostages yesterday. Trudeau loves communist China and their “basic dictatorship!” (Hey how many refugees is China taking? None! They may be racists!)

And as if to add salt to the falafel, Trudeau also insists on holding to his pacifist, idiotist election promise to bring our CF-18s home from Syria (now!) because apparently defending our homeland and helping the Syrian people and trying to contain a terrorist jihad, alongside France, the United States and others, is too mean and yucky and stuff. (Besides, the CF-18s may be needed to help clear snow in Toronto this winter). Just as the media is utterly incurious about Goodale’s urgency lie, Trudeau’s ludicrous CF-18 pullback gets a complete pass by his swooning media, who are today investigating with great rigour, on multiple fronts, whether a Conservative MP said “NDP horde” or “NDP whore” a few weeks ago during his entirely polite, happy, calm, gentlemanly, and well-worded victory speech (he quite obviously said “horde”). This goes on, as other nations, their leaders, and their media, finally now see the obvious need to up their game against the Islamists.

And as if I had to tell you, Canadians also support our CF-18s bombing the Islamist terrorists of ISIS. A poll released just today says “60% of people said they approved of Canadian airstrikes on Islamic State targets while only 30% disagreed.” You rarely if ever get 60% agreement on anything in Canada.

The term “tone deaf” doesn’t even touch this. Trudeau’s behavior is the mark of a solipsistic politician, and this –  both the solipsism and the massive and quickly-screened refugee influx from one or more terror-laden countries  –  does not bode well for Canada’s future.

And in the U.S.:

Fifty-three percent of U.S. adults in the survey, conducted in the days immediately following the attacks, say the nation should not continue a program to resettle up to 10,000 Syrian refugees. Just 28 percent would keep the program with the screening process as it now exists…

President Obama should deploy his teleprompter brigade, push his chin way up and out the way he does pre-condescension, and this time haughtily declare a “red line” on this refugee idea, signifying his intent to summarily ignore the plan and abandon it. Hopefully Justin Trudeau golfs.


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Socialist NDP HATES those state-owned monopolies – which they created

British Columbia has a state-owned and state-run car insurance monopoly, which is of course completely unnecessary, purely ideological, and universally hated  – by all sensible people except its creators, the socialist NDP (circa 1973). Or… maybe by them too?

The reason it is hated starts largely with the fact that it utterly sucks, to use the proper economics terminology.

Sun_re_ICBC-2015-11-10_0758Today it was announced that “the corporation” (yeah, “the corporation”) was going to stop allowing monthly payments for insurance premiums to be paid by credit card (because you know, what business accepts credit cards these days?!). And yes, “corporation” is what a sycophantic liberal media like the Vancouver Sun calls a state-owned, state-run politbureau when they want to whitewash the socialism; and yes they also call Apple a corporation as if it is exactly the same kind of thing.

Anyway that announcement prompted Adrian Dix, the leader of the opposition socialist NDP, to say this, and we kid you not, this is an exact quote:

The change will be a major inconvenience to some customers, and is the kind of thing ICBC can get away with only because the Crown agency has a monopoly on basic insurance and drivers can’t take their business elsewhere, said NDP critic Adrian Dix.

“What they are doing is making things harder for their customers and clearly, given what they say the fees are, a lot of their customers were using this method of payment,” Dix said.

Of course the “they” that Dix refers to is his own party’s state-owned, state-run monopoly behemoth, which he calls a “Crown agency”perhaps because “state-owned and state-run” sounds too North Korean; and it is one which, according to himself, “makes things harder for customers.”

But if you’re waiting for the part where the Vancouver Sun reporter, Rob Shaw, laughed out loud and demanded in Karl_Marx_thought-bubble-no-competition!disbelief that the socialist leader revisit what the frick he just said about it being a government operation and there being no competition in the marketplace, you’ll be waiting a long time. No such questions were asked by the reporter. No remark about it whatsoever. Apparently it was all good. Perfectly acceptable.

Unbelievable. It should have been the feature part of the article. There should be a 2-page investigative analysis about the BS that is the NDP (and their own shoddy reporting, but yeah…).  This kind of reporting, this kind of intellectual dishonesty, and lying, and lying by omission, is why low-information Sun_re_ICBC-2015-11-10_075713voters vote for the NDP or Liberals, so why would the Left ever start to do things any differently?

While we’re on this left-wing politician/media cabal-fest, note how the liberal-left’s media division, like the socialist NDP itself, absolutely forbid the use of the proper terminology, which is “state-owned” and/or “state-run,” to describe the left-wing monstrosity in question. Aside from “corporation” and “Crown agency,” they also whitewash it with crap like “the public auto insurer.”

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Sneering Condescension From Globe & Mail’s Feminist Left

The sneering commentary today by the liberals’ Globe and Mail division via their ever-so modern Tabatha Southey is so condescending to conservatives; so full of cheap shots and banality that I thought I must be reading the state-owned CBC’s new state-run national newspaper (coming soon!).

GM - gender parity lecture - 2015-11-06_113315

According to Tabatha Southey if you don’t agree that a cabinet should be made up of equal number of women and men, you need a six-step program like an alcoholic, and lesson one is that you’re “psychologically stuck in the 1950s.”  Not merely “stuck,” mind you, but “psychologically stuck.”  The liberals’ purported love of science has jumped the shark again (liberals – sharks can’t actually “jump,” it’s an expression!). Now they just stick science-y words onto things to demonize Canadians they don’t like. “Deniers” and “Nazi” were just teasers.

All on its own, that “stuck in the 1950s” trope is an old, rather insulting and hackneyed phrase that the left (particularly the more vapid among them) have used only in the most derogatory way, as part of their arsenal to insult conservatives. But Southey adds “psychologically” to “stuck in the 1950s,” which ups the ante quite a bit. So why try to redefine the term into a new official mental malady? Because of the way that the term “psychologically stuck” might be perceived as “mentally retarded,” inasmuch as that’s exactly what it does mean. So what do you know, I’m not totally stupid. Conservatives are sick. Mentally ill. Nicely done. Psychologically nicely done.

Let’s go through the list of the sick (according to Southey) who suffer or did suffer from this mental illness: the 1960s Liberal prime minister Lester Pearson, Justin Trudeau’s “psychologically stuck” dad Pierre, Liberal John Turner, Liberal Jean Chretien, Liberal Paul Martin, every Liberal premier, oh and their very hip albeit “psychologically stuck” “feminist” U.S. President Barack Obama, and more. Hey does that Obamacare look after the “psychologically stuck in the 1950s”?

Then Southey goes from the ridiculous to the utterly jejune in another one of her six steps: “Be prepared to stave off the impending communist revolution, which the threat of 15 or so women cabinet ministers can cause.” I don’t really know how that helps us get over the supposedly horrible prospect of three more women in cabinet than Stephen Harper had, but of course Southey writes this solely to mock conservatives, reality be damned. Forget the original project! Let’s just get on with insulting conservatives, which was our original point!

I imagine it’s supposed to be “funny.” But she doesn’t even do it right. Not even a CBC viewer thinks that conservatives link, in any way, shape, or form, women to communism. Ever. Anywhere. At all. (We do link the CBC to communism, sure, but that’s based on scientific and economic reality!)

Her spiteful little anti-conservative missive takes several more cheap shots but Southey just succeeds in increasingly revealing herself as a boor, and moreover as someone who monumentally lacks even a modicum of understanding of conservatives or their principles. Women = communism? Come on. Libby Davies aside, I mean.

Write a funny article, sure, but to be effective and maybe even make me laugh, you ought to display a pretty thorough understanding of your subject first. She obviously doesn’t. Quite the opposite. (Or she’s merely a hack.) But I don’t blame her. I blame the news media who ensure this lack of any honest understanding of conservatives. The fact that Southey writes for one of the biggest in Canada’s news media is a mere coinkidink.  Oh hang on.

The Globe and Mail – ostensibly a mainstream national newspaper, holds itself out to be fair and balanced, and reminds me over, and over, and over again that it is worth $10 per month simply to read their articles online. I must have my head “psychologically stuck in the 1950s,” when most newspapers were a source of some truth, some facts, some balance, some fairness, and some good columns. But at least I don’t have my head up my assumptions.

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Trudeau will be faithful to the Queen’s Hairs

The new Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, while reading his swearing-in statement off a transcript today, says he will be faithful to Queen Elizabeth… and her “hairs.”  That’s Liberal Smart-Set for “heirs.”

You’d think he’d know the word: (1) because he’s ostensibly an adult, and (2) because Justin Trudeau has climbed to this lofty position monumentally as a result of his being an heir.

The Liberals’ PR department and spokescabal (CTV, Global, PostMedia, Toronto Star, of course their state-owned CBC, etc., and all their labor unions), who overtly adore “Justin” and especially his hairs, are blinded by bias, and choose to completely ignore the gaffe.

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Globe & Mail on Justin Trudeau: “Why…he’s just like Gandhi!”

Seen on the front page of the Globe and Mail web site:

G&M - Trudeau-Gandhi-(cropped)-2015-10-07

Yeah, disambiguation be damned. The Globe and Mail reporters/editorialists, and editors responsible for this junk journalism are justinunpluggedmore than happy to dupe the readers (whom they so respect!) and have them believe theMahatma_Gandhi supposedly “uncanny” comparison they speak of is between Justin Trudeau and the famous Gandhis that we all know from grade school – Indira Gandhi (it’s not); and the even more famous and much-revered Mahatma Gandhi (wrong again). And no, it’s not even Rajiv.

Oh! Sorry! Did you think we meant Mahatma Gandhi? OOPS! 

It’s actually about the “uncanny” comparison to a virtual unknown in most of non-East-Indian Canada – a Rahul Gandhi, who’s sole claim to fame is that he is related to Indira Gandhi, and who bears no familial relation whatsoever to the one they really wanted you to think of – Mahatma Gandhi.

No, even the Globe and Trudeau isn’t so stupid as to finally flush the toilet on whatever remains of their their objectivity and compare Justin Trudeau to Mahatma Gandhi. They just want you to think that’s a valid comparison as you peruse the headlines, and yet maintain the ability to scold you with a curt “read the article!” if you complain in Twitter or Facebook or any online comment.

I am surprised they didn’t just go for that bogus comparison though. And Superman too. And the similarities between Justin and Jesus even. “Why… it’s uncanny!”

And to the extent that there is any “uncanny” similarity even to Rahul, it’s only that both Justin and Rahul are both without serious leadership credentials, and are getting traction in the media only because (A) they’re left-leaning; and (B) they have a famous (or infamous) parent.

So yeah, no, Rahul  hasn’t earned the simplified moniker “Gandhi” in any Canadian news media headline where the reader is supposed to automatically think of Rahul – rather than Mahatma. Maybe in India, but no, not even at Fraser and 49th in Vancouver.

I’d say this was a nice try, but it wasn’t even. Sycophantic garbage? Yeah, there’s most definitely an uncanny resemblance to that here.

P.S. – Some G&M readers seem to agree. Here’s an actual sampling from their comments section:

  • The comparisons and similarities between Justin Trudeau and Rahul Gandhi are at best, a stretch of Iain Marlowe’s imagination!
  • Good grief! A fascinating bit of fiction masquerading as history. Its really not even worth pointing out the errors and misinformation in this column.
  • The G&M is a disgrace
  • That was a stretch
  • Load of rubbish. Garbage journalism. Thanks for wasting my valuable time.
  • Ian that’s the worst article i have ever read on G& M.
  • What a cherry-pick piece of garbage! Truly one of the worst articles the G&M have ever published.
  • Holy smokes, this must embarrass Trudeau, maybe the Globe better do a better job and distinguishing fiction from fact.
  • “Some Similarities between Trudeau and India’s Gandhi”
    G&M continues to have problems writing headlines.
  • How desperate do you have to be to start pandering to the ethnic vote in such a clumsy way?
    Why stop at Ghandi?
    Trudeau has uncanny similarities with Mao too, I’m sure someone will find something there.
  • Wow, I have to say, as a Canadian of India origin, frankly I am insulted by this article. It is embarrassing that someone who claims to be a journalist could publish such a puff piece that is entirely baseless and complete conjecture. Awful.
  • I think this is far too constrained…he’s closer to Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Theresa all mixed together with a sprinkle of Einstein thrown in for good measure….
    Insert eye roll here….
    Does he send a tingle up your leg too??
  • Your whole article from A to Z is uncanny, sir.

…and so on.

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Left-wing government news today: “It’s not looking good.”

Thanks to liberals/leftists worldwide, it really isn’t looking good.  We start from the left coast and this Globe & Mail article, and, well, actually we just keep moving left.


…“The count came in at the average that we’ve seen over the last 10 years,” Mr. Affleck told reporters. “The mayor made a commitment, a promise in 2008 to end homelessness. Clearly, he’s failed at that promise.” He said the consistent numbers on homelessness underlie the failings of the mayor’s Vision Vancouver party on the file. “It’s very disappointing.” …

Another article said it straight up:

…[homeless numbers are] still higher than they were back in 2008, when the mayor first promised to end homelessness in this city.

Gregor Robertson and city council have now reviewed a 34-page report breaking down the latest data, and it’s not looking good. …

And over in the newly far-left NDP-led Albertistan, they naturally raised corporate taxes, because that’s what left-wing governments all over the world do (and then turn into Greece). And what do you know? Their corporate cash cows like Westjet – which has dared to succeed and have the gall to actually make a profit – start to bleed.




And then there’s Greece, as led by a communist/socialist government.

And China and its state-controlled economy and state-controlled stock market, plunging.

No, it is not looking good for the world when liberals and leftists take the reins of power.


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News to leftists: Canadians aren’t surrender monkeys

Polls show most Canadians want war in Iraq/Syria extended;
and the niqab banned in public

Even though the Liberals and the even more socialist You’ve Got To Be Kidding party are bent on being so, Canadians are actually surrender monkeys no more. Canada seems to have mostly, finally, shaken free of that sad era of effete neo-liberalism and its abject pacifism; and have shunned the left’s incessant failure to match the commitment of our enemies, and fight to maintain our own beliefs, whatever it takes, for however long it takes.

…An Ipsos Reid poll released on Monday suggested that two in three Canadians support an extension of the military mission. The poll, conducted for Global News between March 16 and March 19…
Globe & Mail

Just what level of evil would be required for the left to rise to the occasion and defend Canada and its values, and to do its part as a member of the free world to battle a threat to our freedom and a global menace, is an open question. We don’t have the answer, Globe-tw-032415-sqbecause since it must be an evil even greater than the current Islamist terrorism threat, nobody can even imagine that kind of evil. Therefore we are forced to suspect that they will do utterly nothing, ever, under any circumstances. Well, that is unless the menace starts smoking, or emitting carbon, or worse, starts talkin’ all Jesus ‘n stuff.

In the interest of transparency, and since we pay their wages, and since it’s an election year, and it is our country and our lives, after all, I do think the opposition leftists owe us a clear, detailed description of exactly what kind of evil would whip up their desire to defend our nation and its interests and deploy our defense forces militarily, and as an “exit strategy,” to do so “until we win.” Failure to do so would conjure up suspicions of a “hidden agenda,” and if I understand the Left and their news media division correctly, they’re dead set against that.

In other happy news, very much related, Canadians apparently also unite behind Conservative prime burqa_gangminister Stephen Harper on the issue of Muslim women wearing those dreadful bodybags known as niqabs at their Canadian citizenship ceremony. In fact Canadians actually go further:

…The Leger poll, for the Association for Canadian Studies, indicates 70% of respondents agree with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s strong view against wearing the niqab while taking the oath to become Canadian.

“It’s very easy to understand,” Harper told the House last week. “Why would Canadians, contrary to our own values, embrace a practice at that time (of gaining citizenship) that is not transparent, that is not open and, frankly, is rooted in a culture that is anti-women?”

Canadians agreed with the prime minister 70%, according to the Leger poll taken Tuesday to Thursday.

And 60% of the 1,711 respondents went even further, agreeing “the niqab should be banned in public spaces (i.e government offices and courts).”

24 Hours Vancouver

It’s almost as if Harper has a finger on the pulse of the nation. And the nation has a pulse. And both Harper and the nation want to maintain a pulse.

Not so the opposition Left. The opposition create false dilemmas and fatuous claims about their desire to offer humanitarian aid instead of defending Canada militarily, as if Canadians can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. This tweet by the PM, following the motion to extend the anti-ISIS mission in the House today, beclowns the left and their specious, milquetoast political posturing:

“We will continue” as long as the Conservatives remain in power. If they don’t, everything – everything – is up in the air.

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News media story about Purolator Courier omits state ownership, and big union

CTV_staff_writer-2You can spot a “news” article written by a union hack journalist (in this case, a fella named “ Staff” – I kid you not) who works in a systemically liberal media outlet, a mile away.

First, if it’s a negative story about a “company,” the “company” involved (and yeah go ahead and note the scare quotes I’m using around these words) is never revealed to actually be state-owned, even when it is. The “company” in the story in question is glibly cast as just another corporation, in any otherwise free country. And if on top of that, the story is about the conduct of its employees, there is never any mention of the employees’ union status, or the name of the union if they are unionized; and the company is put on the spot to respond to the employees’ bad work habits, but the union is not. There is simply no union angle, at all.

CTV_reports_on_nondescript_company_and_its_employees-smToday’s example is from Liberalvision, or what you might still call the CTV because you haven’t figured out yet that they’re liberals advancing the liberal cause using the pretence of TV “news” and “entertainment.” It’s a story about a bunch of terrible lazy-ass workers, (not) working for a huge courier company, Purolator, caught on video brazenly and carelessly tossing potentially delicate packages into a delivery truck, without even the slightest care or concern for the packages at all, which is of course their only job. And it’s a simple job.

Or at least that’s all that Liberalvision decided to tell you, leaving out some information which I thought was really pertinent, although it could just be that I’m on to them.

More on that in a minute.

This kind of media perfidy always reminds me of two of my favorite stories about how the liberal media convolves and obfuscates, and how the only explanation for this behavior is that they are seeking to advance their left-wing, or politically progressive agenda. As I’ve pointed out in a couple of my favorite stories, it is working. They are succeeding. Read these two faves:

Back to Liberalvision’s story today – and here’s something you might not even know, because the liberal media have all done such a “good” job over the years: Purolator is essentially state-owned. It is not a privately-owned company competing in the free marketplace like any normal company would do in a free, non-communist country. It is 91% owned by the state-owned, state-run behemoth, Canada Post, also known as the state.

Oh what’s that?  You didn’t know Purolator was owned by the state-owned Canada Post? Well then it’s all working perfectly and according to their plan.

This state-owned company is another striking example of the state competing against its own citizens (and somehow surviving, whatever the quality of their work). And speaking of striking, the Purolator-state-ownedworkers are members of the giant Teamsters Union, which was also not mentioned in the story. Are you like me? Were you led to believe that one of the “plusses” of unions is that we are assured of a higher quality of worker on account of their higher pay and Cadillac pension plans? Yeah, then you too were misled. You got the wrong parcel. The wrong information. (Hey did you catch the article Purolator driver disciplined after hurling insults, trash at candidate’s team in the Toronto Star? Yeah, they didn’t mention anything about unions, or Purolator being state-owned, either.)

The point, here, is that these things aren’t mentioned because the liberals in the media don’t want you to know. They purposely un-inform you. They literally withhold delivery. Fail to deliver. They’ve got to report the news, but they try their damndest to ensure that you don’t associate fundamental business or worker failures with either state-owned “companies,” or with unions.

Progressives, unlike conservatives, don’t want to denigrate state-owned anything. Or any labor unions. State-owned is good news, to these people. Big labor unions are good news, to these people. And so it will be reported only as good, and taught only as good, in schools. State-ownership/control and all those yummy socialism-promoting unions are two important component pieces of the progressive movement.

It does matter that Purolator is state-owned. And when it’s a story about the employees, it does matter that the workers are members of Big Union. And it matters that we’re informed of these facts so that we can someday make informed decisions, rather than continually making uninformed decisions. The “news” media – and their decision to not carefully deliver the information to us – just speaks to their ongoing perfidy. Like Purolator and its lousy union workers in the CTV story, they are doing a lousy job of delivering the news. Hopefully you’re not “BREAKABLE,” because these journalists are members of Big Union too – just like the Purolator workers.

In case the automated “related posts” app doesn’t point to these other Purolator articles at PTBC, here they are:

Feb 3, 2011
Purolator couriers a government/state-capitalist meme.

June 30, 2012
Purolator Couriers is state-owned?

Sept 4, 2012
Check THIS government “competition,” government geniuses!


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Sun News Network Sets

Sun New Network simply went away today. Signed off for good. And I’m not shocked. I am a little forlorn, because now, once again, we have nothing but LIBERALVISION – and worse – to watch, for hard news and talk in Canada. Yeah once again, what we’re left with is utterly terrible news-watching, with that all-too familiar liberal-leftist stench to it.

What happened? Easy. The whole four years they were on the air, they never called me once for my opinion on anything, so they obviously don’t know how to run a TV news station. But seriously  – no actually I am serious about that. But also, Sun News Netwhat they did do was worse than what they didn’t do: they did call a whole lot of total idiots and many annoying humans for their often stilted opinions, and they did give airtime to them – often using the crappy webcams of those who were called, to get their faces on air. That was a mistake. Much of the non-primetime viewing was thus cringeworthy, amateur hour, sophomoric, or even moronic.

But their afternoon/primetime – I will miss. Especially the excellent shows hosted by Ezra Levant, Brian Lilley, Michael Coren, and a couple of other personalities. Those were some of the most powerful and useful news shows seen in Canada in my lifetime. The privately-owned CTV News Channel would do well to hire them and give them shows in an effort to build up that moribund news network. (None of them would work for the state-owned CBC, not that the socialists over there would have the balls to invite them anyway).

Some 200 people are out of jobs, and that’s terrible, in this economy. If any of them want to contribute to PTBC as (unpaid) columnists or bloggers, you’re absolutely invited and absolutely welcome here.



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Maclean’s “Reporter” Nancy Macdonald Fry’d; Caught Faking “Racism,” As We Speak

Move over Hedy Fry (Liberal MP, Vancouver Center). “As we speak,” the Rogers Cable conglomerate’s Maclean’s magazine division (or is it the liberals’ Maclean’s division – the left is so confusing with their complex corporate and political Nancy_Macdonald-Macleans-2015-with-remarksstructures) gets $1.5 MILLION in annual taxpayer subsidies for… things like seemingly faking “news” reports on “racism.”

These millions upon millions in accumulated taxpayer subsidies – to a giant profitable private news and media corporation like Rogers’ news magazine – are not designed to promote a “racism” meme, we thought, but rather to “help Canada” – whatever that means (and let’s be clear: it mean exactly nothing. It’s a liberal/progressive thing.)

We mention this because the article written this past week by Maclean’s awful “reporter” – and associate editor – Nancy Macdonald, is headlined “Welcome to Winnipeg: Where Canada’s racism problem is at its worst.” 

Inasmuch as the premise of the article is arguably totally false, and it appears the writing could be driven by the largely phony left-wing (and now stale) “racism” industry agenda, rather than by facts, you can see how that would “help Canada.” Yeah no, it actually seems kind of harmful to everyone in Canada, especially Winnipegers. But remember, your Canadian tax filing deadline is April 30, you racist idiots!

Play this interview she did with Winnipeg’s 92 CITI FM’s Dave Wheeler about her article. It’s fun because it’s so embarrassing for the liberal and her media cabal:

I don’t know how Wheeler maintained his cool while deftly dismantling Nancy Macdonald’s seemingly phoney meme, and coping with all her weaving and dodging. As I tweeted to someone, it seems Nancy Macdonald has only ever done interviews on CBC radio or TV, where her sort of calculated non-answers to hard, liberal-meme-hurting questions get a pass, and the CBC host actually helps her to whitewash or obfuscate to help protect The Party, and its ideology, and its agenda. She definitely seemed out of her element, here, where the host is seeking the actual truth.

This Wheeler interview is an object lesson in coping with liberal reporters. As a free bonus, thanks to the privately-owned radio station 92 CITI FM (irony alert: owned by Rogers!) and Dave Wheeler, we’re shown that Winnipeg must obviously be a city of Canada’s coping and fact-finding and truth-telling best, to say nothing of how the city actually exemplifies Canada’s racial tolerance at its best. It is also shown how, as we speak, Maclean’s magazine may be, with the possible exception of the state-owned CBC, Canada’s phony liberal propaganda problem at its worst.

The article itself also provides a little lesson about how Maclean’s publishes its “news” articles: apparently the Maclean’s associate editor edits her own stuff, and nobody else even reads it, much less vets it for truth and facts, before publication.

Liberals like Fry chose to “serve Canada” by taking tons of taxpayer dollars to talk about phony racist “crosses burning,” and the liberal tradition carries on – but much like before, the only things on fire today are Nancy Macdonald’s pantsuit pants.

Also see this, regarding Nancy Macdonald’s article:
Many flaws in Maclean’s story about Winnipeg’s race problem
by Tom Brodbeck;

And this, regarding Nancy Macdonald’s article: Ezra Levant’s excellent coverage, replete with actual facts and stats, rather than phoney left-wing bluster and agenda-driven “cross-burning”-style bullcrap:

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Oh look! The liberal media are being complete idiots again!

Some days, the liberals’ mainstream news media division provides us with more than reports of the current events of the day. They provide glimpses of just how callow and idiotic they are.

Take today as an example. Today, at least two Canadian – Canadian, mind you – liberal mainstream news outlets, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, saw fit to feature, on their websites’ front page, a headline of a big, big news story critical of something someone said on Fox News Channel. You know, because all Canadians are liberals, and all collectively agree that Fox News Channel is such a total joke and everything, and when something is said on their air which is dumb, you know, as usual, this is big, big national news. In Canada. Where, if we understand correctly, Fox News Channel is utterly irrelevant.


Fox News viewers such as, oh, most of America (FNC is by far the leading news channel by viewership, sometimes doubling the viewership of CNN and MSNBC combined and making an embarrassing joke of Canadian news outlets’ viewership numbers), would likely be quick to read the article, that is if they’d ever even heard of the Globe and Mail or Toronto Star, wondering who at Fox would say something that was so crazy that it was this newsworthy – in Canada. Was it Bill O’Reilly? Sean Hannity? Or maybe one of their hard news people like Shepard Smith, Bret Baier, or Megyn Kelly?

No. None of the above. It was Steven Emerson. Yeah.  Who?  Steven Emerson. Yeah I know. I’ve also never heard of him. You’ve never heard of him. That’s because he’s not really with Fox News at all. He was just another talking-head panel guest pontificating on another Fox News show – one of perhaps 300 talking-heads the Fox News Channel has on their air every day, which they garner from all corners of the political, geographical, and intellectual spectrum. No different than the other-talking heads they get, like the common Canadian socialist, who regularly say the damndest – the stupidest – things you’ve ever heard, totally embarrassing Canada.

Liberals always speak as though everyone in the room agrees with them. But this practice, more often than not, backfires on them, and they end up making total fools of themselves. As they did at the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star today. And as small as it is, that’s actually the bigger headline. But their ardent studies in investigative journalism aside, they’re too myopic – too dumb – to even look for their own reflection in the mirror.

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Globe and Mail goes to bat for left-wing moonbat, Suzuki

First the liberals’ Globe and Mail division parrots a line in a politically-charged group’s report, in their headline, calling for a new national tax on top of provincial taxes, which the report authors also call for.

B.C. carbon tax an effective model for national climate change approach: report

This yummy new tax that they clearly espouse, is necessary according to “report” – a word which liberal media often add to their headlines to imbibe an air of authority and hopefully cause a giant tingle up our legs; and hope that it makes us respect their opinion – their agenda – more.

We don’t.

Leftists always, always want more taxes. No matter the cause, no matter the problem, even if government and high taxes is the problem: higher taxes and more government to the rescue. This is the opposite of sanity, as abley proven in history.

But as if the tendentious headline weren’t already a fail, they then mention that this “report” was another one of those left-wing screeds written-up by the very politically left-wing enviro industry folks at the David Suzuki Foundation…. at which point we laughed, because they didn’t actually employ the words “left-wing” at all, nor the “very politically left-wing enviro-industry” part.

Luckily, we’re not stupid. Even if they and the Globe and Mail (and most liberals, by and large) think we are.

The Suzuki Foundation is a “think-tank” only inasmuch as it is actually a left-wing political agenda-driven organization which thinks it is taken seriously by sensible people. It is led by the state-owned CBC’s David Suzuki, limousine socialist, and millionaire owner of multiple homes, each requiring heating by God Gaia knows what energy source, and emitting sundry greenhouse gas this ‘n that.  Included in his inventory is a glamorous $8 million-dollar waterfront home in Vancouver, from which he boards automobiles to the airport to jet all over the world. For example, this “report” came out of the current enviro-industry junket in… Lima, Peru, halfway across the world. It was arranged by the U.N., which also want to invoke its own global enviro tax, and more regulations, on top of all the other taxes and regulations.

But nice try, Globe and Mail. And we’re off to the next agenda-driven “news” story.

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The People’s (very funny) Voice: and Olivia Chow

We were amused at the Toronto Star – inarguably a liberal-left newspaper – endorsing not the socialist Olivia Chow for mayor of Toronto in the October 27 election, but rather the not-socialist John Tory. They risibly describe Tory as a “Olivia_Chow-NDPcaring conservative.” You know, “caring”, because most aren’t “caring.”

This is a goodie on at least a couple of levels: (1) that they’d endorse anybody who is even remotely conservative which John Tory is (emphasis on the “remotely”); and (2) that they could muster the rare courage to type the words “caring” and “conservative” together, in one article, much less one sentence. Of course overriding all of this humor is that they didn’t endorse Olivia Chow.

One can only take from this that they are holding their noses and swallowing; endorsing John Tory over what we could presume they must think is an absolutely awful Olivia Chow. Awful even to them. And we could extend this presumption to mean that they simply don’t trust the abilities of Olivia Chow, since we’re certain that they endorse her politics of the far-left.

The National Post also endorsed John Tory. No shocker there. They are merely liberal, rather than liberal-left. Same with the liberal Globe and Mail.

But Olivia Chow can find some comfort in one publication, which by our reading of it (although it’s complicated), seems to endorse Peoples_Voice-FrontOlivia Chow. Or at least they don’t hate her or think she’s awful. It’s the Communist Party of Canada’s newspaper called “The People’s Voice.”  Their bio:

The Communist Party of Canada, formed in 1921,
has a proud history of fighting for jobs, equality, peace,
Canadian independence, and socialism.”

They never come out and say they endorse her per se, but do come out in favor of “progressives” taking over Toronto and, of course, the world.

Communists are progressives too! Yup! They call themselves progressives, just like socialists like the NDP do, and all liberals do. They’re all progressives. By our reading, that membership could include Tory and not a few “Tories” too, but we digress.

Here a quote leading up to what we think is their almost-endorsement (our bolding) that had us laughing up our Jack Daniel’s:

The Fords have also made racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-communism acceptable!

Wow! All those bad things – and “anti-communism” too?!  And wut? Being anti-communism used to be acceptable in this country?  When was that?  Whenever I run into one, I wholly reject him immediately. My father fought to kill them in a war. So.

Then they make more funny:

In all the important things, John Tory and the Ford brothers are on the same page. They both support privatization, contracting out, and disciplining public sector unions.

The “progressives” all speak of privatizing things and keeping public-sector unions in check as if this is a bad thing. Which is funny. But don’t forget these ones, the commies, have exactly, precisely, the same sentiment about these things as all NDP and nearly all Liberals. It loses its funny real fast when you remember that. So, sorry.

But anyway, we’ve ruled out their endorsement of Ford or Tory… so here’s as close as they come to sort-of endorsing Chow:

The election of progressive majorities at City Councils across the province is also very important. Toronto has had a right‑wing majority since 2010. Can it be replaced by a progressive majority on October 27? We certainly hope so.

Well not exactly a ringing endorsement. But then Olivia Chow doesn’t deserve a ringing endorsement from anybody.  She doesn’t get one from many. But as we’ve said throughout this campaign, the real news about this Toronto Mayor’s race is that there are any people voting for Olivia Chow at all.

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