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Sun News Net (compact)

Sun News Network Sets

Joel JohannesenSun New Network simply went away today. Signed off for good. And I’m not shocked. I am a little forlorn, because now, once again, we have nothing but LIBERALVISION – and worse – to watch, for hard news and talk in Canada. Yeah once again, what we’re left with is utterly terrible news-watching, with that all-too […]

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Maclean’s “Reporter” Nancy Macdonald Fry’d; Caught Faking “Racism,” As We Speak

Joel JohannesenMove over Hedy Fry (Liberal MP, Vancouver Center). “As we speak,” the Rogers Cable conglomerate’s Maclean’s magazine division (or is it the liberals’ Maclean’s division – the left is so confusing with their complex corporate and political structures) gets $1.5 MILLION in annual taxpayer subsidies for… things like seemingly faking “news” reports on “racism.” These millions upon […]

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Oh look! The liberal media are being complete idiots again!

Joel JohannesenSome days, the liberals’ mainstream news media division provides us with more than reports of the current events of the day. They provide glimpses of just how callow and idiotic they are. Take today as an example. Today, at least two Canadian – Canadian, mind you – liberal mainstream news outlets, the Globe and […]

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The People’s (very funny) Voice: and Olivia Chow

Joel JohannesenWe were amused at the Toronto Star – inarguably a liberal-left newspaper – endorsing not the socialist Olivia Chow for mayor of Toronto in the October 27 election, but rather the not-socialist John Tory. They risibly describe Tory as a “caring conservative.” You know, “caring”, because most aren’t “caring.” This is a goodie on at least a […]

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UPDATED – Media copyright concerns, eh? Postmedia apparently steals Taylor Swift music, posts on web site

Joel JohannesenHey remember all that blather – the liberal media’s obviously faux outrage – over recent copyright policy remarks from the Harper Conservative government about political parties being able to use footage from TV newscasts for political campaigns? “Yeahhh…. never mind! Just kidding!” – apparently. Today, Postmedia, owners of National Post and Vancouver Sun and most other […]

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CCPA – a socialist advocacy group, offers socialist classroom propaganda – with the aid of teachers union

Joel JohannesenThe Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (where the “Alternative” they speak of is actually socialism, but they purposely don’t say it out loud because they’re Fabian socialists) is touting socialist “climate justice” propaganda for teachers to use in their classrooms. Seriously. This indoctrination scheme was created in concert with the far-left BC Teachers Federation, […]

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Macleans writer, politics editor Paul Wells tweets that Americans are “whack jobs”

Joel JohannesenOh! Oh! Paul Wells for prime minister! Macleans magazine (subsidized by taxpayer dollars!) may need to explain to Canadians whether they support this sentiment of their Paul Wells, their politics editor, after this, what… is it pedantic to call it hate speech? At a minimum, it’s xenophobic. It’s also kind of embarrassing. 4:48 PM PDT, […]

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Another one: Ottawa soldier shot; gunman enters Parliament, shooting. QUESTIONS.

Joel Johannesen Gunman shoots an unarmed soldier guarding the War Memorial just outside of Parliament grounds? What? Then enters Parliament, shooting? How does a shooter get into Parliament? If ever there was a WTH moment, in this Islamist terrorist-infiltrated world, this is it. So the guards – soldiers! – around the actual Parliament area, like at […]

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Today in ACTUAL hidden agendas, National Post editor quietly helps write Trudeau campaign book, thinks that’s OK.

Joel JohannesenEach new day gives me fresh reasons to reiterate this: the mainstream liberal media has given up even the pretence of impartiality and objectivity and fair and balanced reporting. Today, as if to prove it yet again, Jonathan Kay, an editor in charge of the editorial division of the National Post, is caught hiding the […]

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Canadian soldier killed by Islamist nutbar – in Canada

Joel Johannesen Today we hear that one of the two soldiers run over with the car of an Islamist ass in Quebec, has died. Oh and here’s a clue that left-wing politicians refuse to acknowledge: On Sept. 21, ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Adnani explicitly called for attacks against Canadians. In his 42-minute audio taped message, Adnani urged […]

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Not so gay – or fabulous – now.

Joel JohannesenOttawa gay pride org declares bankruptcy, leaves contractors not very gay People will suffer, but hey, as this group’s Facebook page explains, they’re “sharing the universal message of love, diversity and inclusion.” So if you don’t get paid, well hell, you should be more tolerant and loving and inclusive of those diverse individuals who don’t pay […]

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