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Canadian TV’s All-American Ratings for Dec 1 2016: Where’s the State-Owned CBC?

I used to present these charts or lists all the time, but I haven’t for a long time. It’s English Canada’s TV viewing habits in a snapshot.

This is the Canadian (english-language) viewership ranked from number 1 to 30 for the week of November 14 to November 20, 2016.*

2 BULL – Global
3 NCIS – Global
9 HAWAII FIVE-O – Global
14 MACGYVER – Global
18 CHICAGO PD – Global
20 CHICAGO FIRE – Global
24 TIMELESS – Global

As you can see, the state-owned media is almost utterly ignored by most Canadians. Just why it is that so many Canadians insist on paying for it anyway — is beyond me. Logic flies out the window on this one.

The CBC pops up on line number 10 but it’s a hockey game. You can make your own mind up as to whether we need to provide $1.5 BILLION per year to the state-owned CBC in order to broadcast hockey games. Others can do it just as well or better I think.

If there were no hockey game, the CBC would have to wait until you got down to line 17 with MURDOCH MYSTERIES. That’s a show which started on Rogers’ CITY channels, and was later picked up by the state-owned CBC to run in competition against citizen-owned CTV, Global and the others. The CBC did not create this show, they merely pay for the right to broadcast it, just as the other Canadian channels all routinely do — and did — to get onto this ranking list. But of course the private companies did it with their own money rather than with taxpayer cash.

So also note that almost every single show on the list is an American-based and American-created show, which Canadian channels buy. Canadian news does rank in the top 30, and the CFL playoffs sneaked in at number 30. Apparently I was right when at age 14 I figured out that the state cannot social-engineer a state-sanctioned “Canadian culture,” and that it’s actually something that evolves organically — and among the people individually, rather than from the government down to the masses.

It’s not that there aren’t Canadian shows out there. There are. It’s just that nobody watches them. Here’s a personal anecdotal tidbit: Corner Gas (CTV) was a good show until the star, Brent Butt, who I used to think was funny, started seriously slamming religion — all religion generally — on Twitter, in light of the radical Islamist jihadist terrorist attacks in Kenya. He used the hashtag “#yayreligion”. Brent Butt tars Christians with the exact same brush as radical Islamic terrorists, so I stopped watching his show. His show is cancelled now but is in reruns still. I won’t watch it. I watched Corner Gas and those sorts of shows — like NFL football (Go Seahawks!… unless you go all “Black Lives Matter” on me before every game), to get away from left-wing politics. I think a lot of people do, which might help explain the CBC’s dismal ratings.

Finally, note that the CBC News is not on the list. Canadians prefer the privately-owned CTV News by a huge margin. I call CTV “Liberalvision.” The CBC is even further left. I think I’ll call them “Alt-Left.” I think that may be why nobody watches CBC News. I’m surprised Global doesn’t show any news presence here. Global might want to try a conservative-tolerant model, which seems to appeal to Americans — if Fox News Channel’s #1 ratings are any indication and I think it is. For years, FNC almost constantly beats CNN and the far-left MSNBC by double their numbers – combined. Sometimes, they have ranked as the number one cable channel period — not just cable news, all of cable.

The list goes as far as 30 and CBC News is obviously somewhere below that rank. It could be number 31 or 81 — I don’t know. But if they can’t ever crack the top 30, it seems quitting the news business might be the best option for the state-owned media, strictly from a financial standpoint, as the network news business is extremely expensive, and they’ve obviously utterly failed after all these many years and countless billions in taxpayer dollars. I guess you could and should say the same for the rest of their network. They’ve clearly failed. And there are other reasons aside from the purely financial for the state to remove itself from news and politics and entertainment which always skew left or far left — “Alt-Left” as I now call it. For example, the state shouldn’t compete against its own citizens in business for profit and their livelihood and that of their family. There are other examples.

* Information courtesy of Numeris

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Forget “Fake News”: State-owned CBC with a Trudeau face-licking BS News item

What do we call this? Corruption? Tyranny? Have we lost control?

This was all could say without losing my Twitter account:


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The CBC explained, for you wretches and cranks.

So much CBC nuttery.

The Globe & Mail’s guy who sits on the couch all day and watches TV — mostly CBC, if we are to take him at his word about the importance of it to humankind, preaches the same old CBC line. Yes it’s a repeat.

It’s time for another episode of  “Canadians Are Rightly Questioning Having a State-Owned Taxpayer-Funded Media Behemoth Like the CBC, and are Getting Slammed as Wretched Cranks in the National Media for Doing So.”  It’s a sitcom in the North Korean genre.

The ideas about the CBC being put forth by Conservative leadership candidates Kellie Leitch (whose model I agree with) and Maxime Bernier, are summarily deemed by the Globe & Mail’s official expert to be “horse manure” — insulting and yet queerly anodyne language he might have picked up on CBC TV in the late 1950s.

But to Doyle, it’s “horse manure,” in exactly the same way as “the screening-immigrants thing” is. Which pretty much proves he’s a CBC watcher. His whole column mixes his alt-left politics and his loved for the state-owned media. Just like the CBC does! No wonder he loves it.

Alt-left aside for a moment, why such language restraint? On the hipster state-owned CBC they go right ahead and say “shit” anytime they want. Does Doyle not get that their sitcom “Schitt’s Creek” is an ever-so folksy play on the word Shit? And the libertine envelope-pushing goes on and on at the CBC all day long: they don’t shy away from showing full frontal nudity and showing videos about waxing one’s balls (yeah I mean young men’s testicles) and pickles coming out of a girl’s ass. Talk about shit!

All of that CBC fare on the state-owned media is just fine with Doyle — it’s Leitch’s position on the CBC that he finds “shameful and an embarrassment” — missing the irony completely, possibly because he’s clueless.

Leitch and Bernier are clueless. Television is the most important, influential storytelling medium of our time.

Huh? I don’t think Leitch or Bernier want to cancel television. This is like trying to argue the importance of toe jam by stating as your opening premise the ever so controversial argument that the human body is the most important and influential toe jam medium of our existence. We don’t want to eliminate human bodies. It’s the confounded toe jam that concerns us. Nobody likes it.

During his post-U.S. election hangover, Doyle reported on November 9 that nobody was watching the CBC:

Meanwhile, over on CBC, Peter Mansbridge was dozily complimenting Adrienne Arsenault on the trees near the White House that acted as a backdrop to her report. Not that anyone cared about CBC coverage.

It may also be worth mentioning that the CBC isn’t just the toe jam of television — it’s also all over the radio, satellite radio, and all over the internet.

Doyle seems to suddenly remember we’re only talking about cutting the CBC and not all of television, and then becomes unhinged (my bolding):

The idea that CBC television and radio is a frivolity, sucking up vast amounts of money to make bad TV and irrelevant radio, is the position of a small number of well-off cranks in Toronto and Montreal, aided by a number of other cranks who, one imagines, stave off personal wretchedness by ceaselessly pointing out that the CBC gets funding to make TV and radio, while they don’t.

Well that turned ugly quickly. So guess what, we’re all just a goddamn basket of… cranks, who are all trying to “stave off [our] personal wretchedness.” There goes his language restraint. Let me be an “important storytelling medium” for you:


wretch·ed (rĕch′ĭd)

adj. wretch·ed·er, wretch·ed·est
1. In a deplorable state of distress or misfortune; miserable: “the wretched prisoners huddling in the stinking cages” (George Orwell).
2. Characterized by or attended with misery or woe: a wretched life.
3. Of a poor or mean character; dismal: a wretched building.
4. Contemptible; despicable: wretched treatment of the patients.
5. Of very inferior quality: wretched prose.

[Middle English wrecched, from wrecche, wretch; see wretch.]

wretch′ed·ly adv.
wretch′ed·ness n.

Move over Hillary Clinton, you’ve been trumped — pun intended — by an even bigger, more insulting, more out of touch, elitist, bigoted ass than you. And like you, he’s the opposite of Donald Trump. Hilariously, it’s John Doyle, in his other capacity as a smug, condescending left-wing political guru, who advises — as if in Bizarro World — to all the misguided, unlike him:

If they’d all paid attention to the reality-TV dynamic used by Donald Trump to win an election, they might not have woken up one recent morning in puzzlement about how and why Trump was the president-elect.

Right back atcha. I wasn’t in puzzlement, I was still drunk with happiness. But then I don’t watch the CBC if at all possible, and I do watch Fox News Channel, so that might explain that.

The John Doyles of the world are people in a liberal-left bubble so tight they have no idea that this following bit makes no sense to most Canadians:

Understanding it and why it has impact is rather necessary information to have, prior to denouncing any area of it. In the specific matter of CBC TV, to cite one example, Kim’s Convenience is not forgettable, irrelevant, or badly made; nor is it, in Bernier’s phrase, an example of “bad Canadian copies of popular American shows.”

What’s “Kim’s Convenience?” The basic proposition about being “forgettable” is that you know what the thing is in the first place.

I had to look it up. Kim’s Convenience is a CBC TV show (also on the state’s YouTube Channel). It’s another vital sitcom. (Thank you benevolent government for the vital state laughs!)  It’s the story of the Kims, a Korean-Canadian family, running a convenience store in downtown Toronto.

Episode #1: entitled “Gay Discount.”
Description: “after being accused of homophobia, Appa decides to offer a store discount to gay customers during Toronto Pride Week.”

[Fake shockface]

Of course you deplorables hicks in the small towns outside of the enlightened Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal is who this is really for. And you love it so, so much. To wit:

Outside of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, the CBC is a vital presence, providing local coverage and Canadian content, which, though diminished, is vastly appreciated by residents of cities big and small and in rural areas.

Except that it isn’t. Reason number 146 for nixing the state-owned CBC is: “Nobody watches the CBC.” (146-B: “Root cause: Because it’s horse manure”).

Doyle’s bottom line:

Dismantle it or reduce it to the begging-bowl status of PBS and all of that is gone.

All of what?

But Doyle explains it so well here:

You have to live in the bubble of the well-off establishment to be blind to the CBC’s importance.

So I’m part of the well-off establishment. I did not know that. Actually, it’s struggling taxpayers who fail to see why we should fund something so irrelevant. I’d say nice try, but it wasn’t even.

Doyle’s own bottom line about the CBC came directly out of his bottom. By which I mean it’s full of shit. Human shit. This I learned by watching other channels and having a clue.


State-owned media — and all state-owned business in which the state competes against its own citizens — should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in the constitution. 

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Globe & Mail columnist suddenly realizes that CBC is an existential threat to his employer… and him. Then goes back to sleep.

Hey remember that state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC that I’ve been writing negatively about for a decade and a half, here? And remember how I repeatedly write that the CBC is literally the state competing against its own citizens?

Well don’t worry, the Globe & Mail’s on the case today. After 65 years. They should call themselves an oldnewspaper.

Actually it’s not even the Globe & Mail itself that has awoken from its CBC-luvin’ stupor, but at least they allowed a columnist to go off the reservation for five minutes. Today Konrad Yakabuski chimes in on the socialist lunacy that is the state-owned CBC (he calls it neither socialist nor lunacy nor even state-owned, of course, proving he’s got a mile to go yet). Here’s his big breaking news (by which we mean news to him):

… Ottawa is pumping an additional $675-million into the CBC at the very moment the country’s leading private media outlets are struggling to stay afloat amid fragmenting audiences and advertising dollars. Something about this picture just isn’t right. …

You don’t say. And actually, you all didn’t say anything, for 65 years. In fact quite the contrary.  Here’s what Yakabuski wrote exactly a year ago, regarding how the appointment of Mélanie Joly as the new Liberal government’s minister in charge of the CBC felt, to him:

It also felt like glasnost at a public broadcaster that had spent a decade under the thumb of an oppressive Conservative gulag.

The irony (to say nothing of the insult) of referring to glasnost and “gulag” in connection with Conservatives and the state-owned media — seems lost on Yakabuski. The Gulag was the former Soviet Union’s agency that managed forced labour camps during the reign of the socialist/communist mass murderer and dictator Joseph Stalin, until the 1950s. Stalin also ran the state media. He wasn’t really known to be that fiscally conservative actually, and didn’t fancy capitalism and private enterprise much at all. He’d have loved the CBC as much as today’s Liberals do, although he’d likely have hacked their idiotic budget way back.

Spring 2006 CBC - 66 - Harper - Heil

The CBC broadcast this bumper image during its pre-2006 election newscast, causing an uproar, later writing to a concerned citizen that all the uproar was caused merely “by the website ProudToBeCanadian”

But you know, with these people, the “oppressive” conservatives are either running a gulag, or we’re Nazis.

But the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and its gulags and state-owned media having been mercifully rendered a shitstain on world history, let’s go back to today’s Yakabuski column:

“We don’t think that we compete,” CBC/Radio-Canada president Hubert Lacroix insisted, incredulously, before the House of Commons Heritage committee last month. “There is nothing in the [Broadcasting Act] or in our mandate that prevents us from delivering these services to Canadians in the most effective way – on the contrary.”

So change the mandate. The latter currently does not explicitly prevent the CBC from competing with private media. It should.

So change the mandate you say? Stop it from competing with private media? That’s hilarious. Why now, suddenly, comrade?

… Canadians do not watch them, forcing an already bloated CBC to seek advertising revenue elsewhere.

Hence, the CBC’s push into digital opinion content. Compared to dramatic programming, this is a low-cost venture that might actually turn a profit – and kill off a few already dying newspapers in the process.

Well now they’ve gone too far! Get me one o’ them “neo-cons” on the horn! 

Yakabuski seems to have suddenly realized that the ever-growing, socialism-reliant CBC is just being progressive — and thus the creeping socialist giant is now threatening him personally, or professionally, more and more. This is as it is supposed to be. Yakabuski is starting to “feel the Bern!” from a state-owned “business” competing against him and his livelihood — much as we’ve warned for nearly 20 years — and he doesn’t like it. Boo hoo.

He’s all about reigning in that CBC now.

Instead of using the cash infusion from taxpayers to improve core services, particularly regional news operations, the CBC is using some of the money to expand its digital footprint into yet more areas where it competes directly with private media for the same advertising dollars.

Oh I’m in tears for him. Tears of laughter.

CBC ad in National Post

The CBC advertises a lot. They really want to get their messaging out.

Forget ad revenue. Yakabuski doesn’t mention the CBC also competing for attention to its left-wing messaging, as the CBC spends money (ours) and advertises itself all over every type of media simply to try to get you to pay attention to them instead of any of the competition. That is another another missed clue.

I’ll give Yakabuski some credit: Today he is all concerned ‘n stuff, because of the public interest, see.

But if a bigger, more predatory CBC only kills off private competitors, how does that serve the public interest?

Yeah. Exactly the point we’ve been making — but you haven’t — for like 20 years. Too bad you didn’t spend more time reading instead of watching inane CBC “comedy” fare and giving the CBC a pass (or worse) all these years. Forgive us if we don’t think you really give a hoot about “The public interest” vis-a-vis the CBC.

Purolator-state-ownedHey here’s some more breaking public interest news: For the past 24 years, the state-owned Canada Post has owned one of Canada’s largest courier companies, Purolator Couriers, which competes directly against all the private citizen-owned companies. As we’ve been telling you. You could use all of the same arguments about that abomination as you could for the CBC abomination — even invoking your grand “public interest” canard.

So break your own apparent mandate. Write-up a breaking news column decrying the state-owned Canada Post owning Purolator. Include your laments about all the dozens of other market and career and business-wrecking state-owned “businesses”.  Yeah we know they don’t affect your livelihood directly like the CBC does, so do it because that would actually be in the public interest.

Yakabuski’s column, entitled “The CBC has lost its way,” is ironic if nothing else. The CBC is growing exactly as it has been for 65 years. The only people who are lost are those who are just now realizing the damage that has been done and is continuing to be done –when the state competes against its own citizens.



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Liberal media: state-owned “corporations” are good!

Perhaps they’re just lamenting (what I call) the delightful passing of socialist dictator Fidel Castro, but I think Postmedia’s Vancouver Sun newspaper has gone full Castro on us. Here’s how their big weekend editorial begins:

There is nothing inherently wrong with a Crown corporation, the Insurance Corp. of British Columbia, having a monopoly on providing basic auto insurance — as much as that statement might upset private insurers.

If YOU think “there’s nothing inherently wrong” with state-owned, state-run monopolies in a free and democratic country, you just must be socialist or communist. In fact you are, actually.

And observing that “it might upset private insurers” willfully misses yet another point. It doesn’t just upset private insurers. It upsets people, markets, freedom, sanity, pretty much the whole apple cart. But you go ahead an keep on deluding yourselves.

Ensuring all drivers carry at least basic coverage is beneficial from a public policy point of view, and it’s easy to enforce when the insurance provider is also the vehicle licensing body.

Spoken like a true Soviet.

Furthermore, it’s eminently reasonable that the government, as the sole shareholder of ICBC [the state-owned, state-run car insurance monopoly], be entitled to a dividend. After all, dividends paid to government flow into general revenue, which is supposedly spent on public goods and services — roads, education, health care, housing and so on.

Again with the sounding like a true Soviet. “Eminently reasonable that the government…”.  Holy pompous socialist nonsense. It’s exactly not eminently reasonable at all, whatsoever. It’s utterly unreasonable. They speak of “dividends” —  to the government — as if we’re talking about actual free enterprise and capitalism here. Like this is a business just like Walmart or, say, and actual insurance company.

Their ongoing effort to blur the lines between actual business and socialist government “business” is taking shape nicely. That’s part of the progressive agenda.

But the end of what really amounts to pro-socialist propaganda takes (the people’s?) cake:

ICBC should set its rates primarily based on claims costs, not political expediency, and the BCUC [BC Utilities Commission — another government dep’t] should exercise its authority to adjust them as it sees fit. There should be no need for government to interfere.

What? One government department, ICBC, fighting with another government department over how much to bilk the taxpayer in the monopoly state-owned, state-run insurance racket — and  “There should be no need for government to interfere”?

They can’t see that this is all government? Are they pretending? Are they trying to fake you out? What’s going on here? Are they drunk?

They’re now so socialist they don’t even see how socialist they are. They can’t see the socialist for the socialism.

And here’s a gratuitous picture of Karl Marx. I think it’s eminently reasonable that a private citizen include it thusly.


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Fidel Castro is dead! Trump/Trudeau: a contrast between the Real, and the Farce.

First let me express my deep delight that the evil, murderous, socialist dictator Fidel Castro is dead. Most sensible people feel the same way — all around the world.

Not here at home though. Our leader, the Liberal-leftist Justin Trudeau, has made a mockery of us. Rather that deep delight, he feels “deep sorrow.”

“It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.”

Longest serving. Sheesh. Castro made political opposition parties illegal, genius. Or as I tweeted this morning:

My favorite tweet of the day so far comes from Donald Trump, who has a better, clearer, less adoring take on the death of the evil murderous communist dictator:

He actually followed that up with a statement which was far more wordy and statesmanlike, while also being real. 

He feels no “deep sorrow” because he’s not actually a farce. Obama, meanwhile, was more in the Trudeau style, deeply saddened by the passing of that communist ass, but not nearly as loving, and sickeningly anodyne.

Americans chimed in on Trudeau’s idiocy as well:

But Castro’s fellow socialists in Canada are in deep despair. Take this NDP MP from Vancouver — and this is not a parody Twitter account:

“Justice.” For goodness sake. “Monumental vision.” “Courage.”

That man must be a communist.


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There’s “fake news” and there’s this: liberal media takes a poll for fake reasons.

I’ve said this roughly 8,000 times, but like liberals everywhere in Canada, the very liberal Liberal government in Victoria BC loves state-owned, state-run “businesses.” They won’t pay attention to this media poll or any poll that tells them the people think differently.ckwx-news-1130-icbc-poll-2016-11-25_135546

The news radio station is asking because there’s reports of the state-owned car insurer, ICBC, seemingly in a death spiral not unlike Obamacare, and of its need for huge rate increases (also not unlike Obamacare) — and even getting out of insuring ultra-expensive cars because they’re too expensive to fix (sort of a death panel for cars — honk honk!).

They post this poll, but the media — especially the state-owned CBC — certainly doesn’t dislike any state-owned “businesses.” They’d vote “no” in their poll. They do a poll like this as a newsy item, and then summarily drop the subject — especially if the results are like this one. For example, there’s no follow-up article about their poll results at the time of this writing.

Even if their audience does, as we can see here, the media virtually never question the validity of any of the growing list of the liberals’ beloved state-owned “businesses”: media (CBC), car insurance (ICBC — with its optional towing package!), a huge lottery and gambling racket (BC Lottery Corporation, and the website, where you can literally bet against Donald Trump winning the election, for example), a nautical Ferry service (BC Ferries, which also operates vacation cruises for tourists), utility businesses (BC Hydro, etc), housing (yup), Soviet-style liquor stores with all the inventory decisions made at state level by government apparatchiks, state-owned and operated health care; and as you all know, much, much more — and all this in a supposedly free and democratic society.

The media refers to these state-owned businesses in exactly the same way they refer to, say, Walmart — like just another “corporation.” Except they love the state-owned ones and hate Walmart. (See my “Media join progressive gov in faking-out citizens; call state agencies “corporations”“).

So yeah, polling like this is clickbait. This is pablum. A sop. A joke on us, really.

 How does this farce happen?

There isn’t one conservative or even a conservative-tolerant mainstream media outlet in BC, so 99% of the people have no idea what it is to be conservative, or what conservative ideology is. People in BC watch CNN and MSNBC in addition to the state-owned CBC news channels. They think the “corporate” media — as opposed to state-owned media — is right-wing. They think Fox News Channel is anchored by Nazis.

People in BC (as in much of Canada) think Liberals are right-wing, and the socialist NDP is merely “center, or maybe left of center” (or “centre” as they usually spell it — Euro-style). They automatically then refer to Conservatives as “extreme” right wing.

Academia is now totally ensconced by liberals and leftists from top to bottom, and the education system is virtually run by and for the extreme left-wing — possibly Marxist — BC teachers’ union. The taxpayers only fund it.

Show people in BC — especially the millennials — a photo of an Islamist terrorist and one of George Bush, and ask them who the terrorist is, and they’ll point to George Bush. They think Donald Trump is worse than Hitler (they also think that about George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney, and most every Republican). You’re ridiculed in BC if you vote conservative — or favor a Republican candidate.

The only reason people in BC (sometimes) vote for the Liberals instead of the even more socialist NDP is because there may be slightly less socialism under the Liberals (but not much less), and while the progressive sheeple of BC certainly don’t want freedom or free enterprise or capitalism, they do want just slightly less socialism than the NDP would foist on us. At least that’s how it is right now. There’s an election next year and the NDP is high in the polls. Progressive is what progressives are all about, so in a few years, it is possible for BC to be a full-on socialist enclave (or “democratic” as the progressives call it with a straight face.)

Given the circumstances for which they are partly to blame, it’s virtually impossible for the BC Conservative Party to get anything like a foothold in BC at this time.

So it’s easy to see why the sheeple of BC all vote left. Despite polls like this.


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State-owned CBC NEWS tips readers to virulently anti-Trump OPINION piece — at their NEWS site. (Again).


CBC News (@CBCNewsBC) tweeted this out, this morning:

Note that it was CBC News (@CBCnewsBC) that tweeted the link to their article. The article began like this:

Donald Trump’s victory was the most dramatic demonstration yet that liars can win elections. All he had to do was demonize reason and fact as the province of hated “elites.”

This is scary, for all countries and for reasons beyond the frightening contents of the Trump platform itself.

It’s an opinion piece. It’s not a news story. But I do understand your confusion given it’s from the CBC News. So do they. They know exactly what they’re doing. They were trying to confuse you. Have you heard the term “Rick-rolled?” It’s a lie, really, but in this case an especially egregious one because it’s the state-owned media who’s doing it to its citizens. It’s either that or they’re all utterly bereft of any understanding about what real fair and balanced and honest journalism is, which after all the money we’ve given up to them, they should better understand by now, don’t you think?

For all the writer’s haughty talk of Trump’s “lies,” it’s a tad ironic isn’t it?

Oh and why does state-owned media even have political opinion pieces — especially when they’re almost universally left-wing opinions? Who knows?! That’s the only thing I find “scary” and “frightening,” to use the writer’s own words about Trump.

Anyway, it’s written by someone (Kate Heartfield — “for CBC News,” mind you) who is apparently (to me, anyway) a Trump hater. Read on, and you’ll find she’s just as suspicious of Canadian Conservatives too, warning them and all of us, thusly:

Perhaps there’s a way for the Conservatives to honour both head and heart – to appeal to values without abandoning reason and embracing bigotry. The Conservatives can say “no” to a lazy dependence on slogans, on the nearest convenient enemy – a dependence they know full well encourages racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. They can try to come up with a less destructive appeal to “common sense.”

Sounds like the “Basket of Deplorables” crap all over again. I’m quite sure the state-owned CBC would adore the moniker “Basket of Deplorables – North.”

But back to the bigger point, which is that the deplorable CBC and its left-wing opinion contributors might want to summon-up a modicum of honesty and at least take a cue from their bible, the New York Times, who, even though they likewise lie all day long in their reporting and columns and op-eds, do try to sometimes differentiate their opinion pieces from the news with a separate Twitter OPINION account.  Here’s an example wherein they smear Trump, as usual, because that’s all they do, but at least they’re not trying to fake you out like the CBC:

With that, we have no trouble understanding it’s more anti-Trump whiney-crap bloviating — and go ahead and avoid it. Again I do understand your confusion when reading anything from the left-wing media today, inasmuch as it’s mostly lies and left-wing bias whether contained within their “news” stories or opinions.

State-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution. That’s truth.


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Crooked Hillary move over: Trudeau Liberals sound like the corrupt Clintons; and our media love them all the same

I’ll give the Globe and Mail credit for at least breaking from their Donald Trump smearing obsession for five minutes today, to mention one of our nation’s biggest stories (and one that’s true, too!). They’re suggesting today what could be massive political corruption, in our country, associated with the Trudeau Liberal Party. Yes, them, again. (Don’t worry, they still smear Donald Trump plenty today, with delightful lines like this line in a hard “news” report: “…Mr. Trump’s simplistic and angry campaign rhetoric may be much more difficult to accomplish…”).

Here’s their cover story, which continues way back on on page 15 (anti-Trump stories first, doncha know).


The Globe and Mail’s effort today is a lot more than I can say for the National Post or Trudeau’s state-owned CBC division, which mentions not one single word about what really could be a huge story of nation-changing political corruption.

It’s all very Clintonian.

But like the Clinton’s corruption and the media’s response (“yawn, wink”), I suspect the liberal media here will give their beloved Trudeau an absolute pass as well. Which makes the liberal media as corrupt as the Liberals.

For the record, the left-wing Toronto Star and liberalvision CTV also fail to mention one word about this, even though it’s about potentially enormous political corruption affecting the governance of our country, to say nothing of a major election promise being smashed to smithereens.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the top draw at a $1,500 Liberal Party cash-for-access fundraiser at the mansion of a wealthy Chinese-Canadian business executive in May. One of the guests at the event was a well-heeled donor who was seeking Ottawa’s final approval to begin operating a new bank aimed at Canada’s Chinese community.

The Globe and Mail has learned that wealthy Chinese businessman Zhang Bin who, with a partner, donated $1-million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the University of Montreal Faculty of Law weeks after the fundraiser, also attended the event. Mr. Zhang is a political adviser to the Chinese government in Beijing and a senior apparatchik in the network of Chinese state promotional activities around the world.

Chinese Business Chamber of Commerce chair Benson Wong played host to Mr. Trudeau and 32 other people at his Toronto home. Among the donors was insurance tycoon Shenglin Xian, the founder of Wealth One Bank of Canada, and several Chinese billionaires…

There are no lines in the news story like “Mr. Trudeau’s simplistic and angry campaign rhetoric was obviously a lie and was obviously much too difficult for him to even pretend to give a shit about…” But at least they wrote something. Now they can go back to Trump-bashing. Hey maybe Ivanka’s dresses are too summery or something! And surely that makes her a racist!

So yes I think it’s important to think about why virtually none of the other news media in Canada is covering this story of potential Justin Trudeau/Liberal Party political corruption (again). Even if this latest revelation were exclusive to the Globe and Mail, other media can certainly report on the Globe and Mail’s findings. The Globe and Mail does that all the time. They all do. God knows if a story about Stephen Harper ever appeared in the Toronto Star as an exclusive, every single other news media reported on it. Just like they do with Trump stories.

The fact that they have chosen not to in this case needs to be investigated. Especially the failure of the state-owned CBC, since we pay them $1.5 BILLION per year to do…. whatever it is we pay them to do.

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Globe & Mail’s liberal smugfest for Monday Nov 21 2016

Some of the featured headlines on the liberals’ Globe and Mail division just scream “I’m a liberal and you should be too, and here’s why.” Actually, most of them do. And most of them aren’t even “news,” they’re opinions (they’re not even remotely described as opinions pieces, but they absolutely are), or they’re dubbed as so-called “analysis” — which is G&M code for liberals’ negative opinions on what Trump is doing or plans to do, disguised as “serious news.” 

Here’s a multi-part slam for your Monday reading:

1. This one is a particularly smug entry from today’s liberal indoctrination media: It makes sensible people say “duh,” and the more fed-up among us also say “shut the F up” before we actually gag:


“Women have a right to be heard and respected?” You don’t say, genius.

Here’s a headline; Liberals have a predilection to wag their finger and tell us idiots (that’s you ‘n me!) how to think and behave proper-like!

The gag reflex is naturally triggered among us normalfolk whenever a liberal exercises his compulsion to smugly instruct us stupids as to the basic nature of life and of our country and yo, our entire human civilization. The headline and the whole article implies that there is a substantial number of us who don’t believe that “women have a right to be heard and respected.” How a person in his position (he’s a creative writing professor and author) could so misunderstand Canada and its soul, and believe that this is a “thing” in any country aside from Saudi Arabia or Yemen, is, well… absolutely predictable!

His finger-wag is utterly hideous. And the piece is hideously written, despite the writer’s credentials.

Don’t take my word for it. Read some of the readers’ comments. Not that the Globe will grab a clue. They’ll double-down on the liberal smugfest as Trump takers over the reigns of power from the liberals.


2.  Liberals aim to end all coal use (because it sounds cool) – and the Globe and Mail uses the opportunity to once again attempt to mock Trump, unwittingly mocking themselves in the process.


The headline is a triumph for liberals, even though the Conservatives before them already enacted stringent but workable coal-use deadlines. But the G&M couldn’t resist trying to take a dig at Donald Trump because science. Or something.

The long-promised Liberal plan comes as U.S. president-elect Donald Trump vows to resurrect the coal industry in the United States by rolling back the Obama administration’s environmental and climate regulations.

Trump intends no such thing, actually, merely to roll back regulations generally, and end most of the dumb-assery enacted under Obama — especially the myriad totally asinine examples. As science and all of human history actually proves, people don’t have to be told what to do, how to think, or how to behave —  at least not nearly to the extent that liberals believe. Next sentence in their liberal-luvin’ article:

It’s unclear, however, whether utilities will reverse the trend away from coal in favour of cheap natural gas and renewable technologies that are increasingly cost competitive.

What? People (and therefore utilities) are already moving away from coal? Well that would seem to negate the need for all these stringent regs, then, no? Golly whodathunk it? Turns out people who aren’t stupid tend to do what’s most intelligent and most cost-effective and most efficient. It’s what humans do. Liberals do not understand this, thinking that they must command us stupids, as some sort of a moral or do-gooder obligation.

And trust a liberal to enact big government regulations forcing people to do what they were already embarked on doing, just so they can take credit for it and feel good about themselves for doing so. Next headline I expect to see: The Trudeau Liberals announce new regulations forcing car companies to invent hybrid vehicles.


3. Nothing warms a liberals’ heart more than abortion (and yeah, do go ahead and spot the irony within that).


They’re “terribly excited” about this, if I could join them in using quotes around things they think are “hilarious,” like abortion being a “grave sin.” They have TWO features about this on their page: Another one is a video — a “MUST WATCH” — because they’re so excited about it. Note that before you get to the actual video, you’ll be hit with a Viagra ad first, which I figure they planned as a part of their smugness onslaught, because they’re liberals and that’s largely what it’s all about):


The caption “Pope Francis allows all priests to forgive abortions“? The G&M gleefully casts it as if the Pope were issuing a free pass for abortions. Don’t worry! You’re forgiven! So no probs!  That’s not true. That’s wish-casting, not newscasting. So take a cold shower, libs.


5. Even though Obama failed in most every regard, he’s still going to be missed (insert heart emojis!), because guess what! Trump is gonna be even worse, y’all!  <<#Science!>>  Yes this “analysis” (meaning another pro-Obama, anti-Trump screed) is the main feature presented at today’s G&M:


After some obligatory introductions speaking to the article’s own importance, the analysis writer, Konrad Yakabuski, begins his analysis by letting Obama off the hook, and… blaming Bush (!) — and note this aside: blaming Bush will continue throughout the Trump era, but blaming Obama will never occur to them:

Mr. Obama’s predecessor left a hot mess. In 2008, Americans were demoralized by endless wars, the economy was in free fall and the rest of the world had never viewed the United States so unfavourably. Mr. Obama ended the wars, did what any president would to stabilize the economy and, at first, vastly improved America’s image abroad.

Jeffrey Simpson (for subscribers): As his time winds down, Obama draws rightful recognition

Gary Mason: Obama’s imperfections already fading

Sarah Hampson: Michelle Obama’s legacy as a model of a modern political spouse

His personal conduct also set a shining example for leaders everywhere. He was unfailingly gracious and graceful, uncommonly generous and inspiringly humane. His White House has been a drama-free, scandal-free operation. His appointees have been qualified professionals…

Holy face lick. Have so many Obama-luvin superlatives ever been strung together in one article? And notice all the other suggested reading the G&M plops right in there, mid-“anaylsis.” Yes, they’re all still more Obama face licks. All of those are opinions too, of course, although once again, none of them are labelled as such.

While treading dangerously close to criticizing his man Obama on several of the most key issues related to, you know, the job of being U.S. president, which actually speaks to his ultimate failure as a president, this is how Yakabuski ends his “analysis:”

So, will America and the world miss Mr. Obama? Given what comes next, the answer is most probably “yes.”

Nice “analysis” for the future. Sounds like those climate change computer model predictions. I can only imagine what future “analyses” will bring, given his predilections about Obama and Trump. They’re sure to be objective analyses, cast as news.

Lest there are any doubts about the world “missing” Obama, here’s another featured G&M “news’ story proving that we will all universally in fact miss Obama — and there will be an onslaught of these in the coming weeks:

Well if Trudeau… So it’s confirmed then.


There are all sort of other examples. I could go on all day.

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“CBC in Cuba”. We can only hope they love it and stay

“CBC IN CUBA: Cuban activist thinks Trudeau visit will help chip away at state control.”

Yeah…. I’m not so sure Trudeau is your man to “chip away at state control.” Especially as reported by the state-owned, and Trudeau backed, CBC. In fact I’m sure of it. And if I’m cbc-2016-11-16_080811honest, while I’m sure the Cubans desire it (Cuban exiles all voted for Trump), I’m not at all sure the CBC or Trudeau desires any such “chipping away at state control.”

I can’t stop chuckling whenever I see the state-owned CBC referring to anything in the socialist/communist world which is “state-owned” or “state-controlled.” I always think they must be cringing every time they are forced to reconcile with themselves that they too are state-owned and state-controlled, and I wonder if they’re embarrassed being in the same state-owned boat as institutions in Cuba, North Korea, or any number of other socialist/communist failed states.

And then I wake up, and realize that of course they’re not embarrassed and of course they don’t cringe. It’s exactly what they want.

When Justin Trudeau comes home, assuming he will come back from his grand outreach to the communists, he will carry on chipping away at our personal responsibility, individual control, private enterprise — and building-up state control. The CBC will flourish.


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Gov gets in way of gov, which gets in the way of people, progress, and sanity

Here’s a Sunday headline from the the liberals’ left-wing Postmedia (Vancouver) division this morning: Vancouver council urged to provide more electric-vehicle charging stations.

It’s another example of their daily liberal-left affirmation program. The whole paper — The Province — is like this.

Note that the “urging” for charging stations comes not from the folks, or companies, or anything like that — the “urging” comes from… the city government itself.


Its like me writing a headline and article about the Strong Demand for Massive Tax and Regulation Reductions and Much Smaller Government — and as you read the article you find out it was demanded by me and my conservative pals (strongly). Of course that article would only ever, ever happen here. Never, ever in a mainstream newspaper.

From their article:

Staff estimate that about $3 million is needed over the next five years to “broaden the market” for non-polluting vehicles…

Why is a government interfering in yet another segment of the erstwhile free market? Well, apparently, because another level of government has already fouled the market up, and so now it’s apparently impossible for the city government to deal with the other government and so the city government must get more involved in the (erstwhile) free market — and do it at more taxpayer expense. See this statement in the article:

…“very onerous” restrictions associated with the B.C. Utilities Commission Act make it difficult for private companies to build such stations for profit.

So city government has to spend millions in taxpayer money because the provincial government has restricted private enterprise from doing what it does best at no cost to government or taxpayers (and which it does way better than the state, as this shows).

Question: Is the city government utterly powerless to shake up the entrenched bigger government and their stupidity, even if it’s to save millions of taxpayer dollars and make life better and easier for the folks?

No. The answer to that question is a hard no.

You or  I could correct this big-government stupidity in about 20 minutes, for free, and everybody knows it. This ugly and expensive quagmire of government-on-government action — this stupidity — is the result of years of pure left-wing political ideology at work. It’s not pragmatism. It’s not science. It’s not concern for the environment (which private enterprise is more than willing and capable of addressing — thus the need for electric vehicle charging stations in the first place, for example).

Both levels of liberal-left government are ideologically reticent to restrict any government control or any involvement in any facets of our lives. The more they can get their know-it-all fingers into our lives and control them, the better, as they see it. They’re progressives. Liberals. Some are full-out socialists. These are not conservatives doing this.

This is insane.

It reminds me of an earlier liberal, Pierre Trudeau — together with the extreme left NDP — who, in their great wisdom, declared that state-owned gas stations were needed across the nation (and thus Petro Canada became so). That was equally insane — to say nothing of socialist (or am I being redundant?).

Oh, and by the way, as the article points out, these charging stations are really not that necessary anyway. Read this part from the print edition which was removed from the online version of the story:province-20161113_111328

More than 90 percent of trips taken in Vancouver are less than 30 kilometres, significantly less than the shortest range of electric vehicles on the market.

(Also, I spell it kilometers because I speak in English.)

If left-wing governments want to “broaden the market,” they should get the Hell out of the market. Get out of our way. That’s the only way to broaden the market, and it’s literally more than free.


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A media Hell bent on not reading things right

Last night the financial market elites (not individual folks) freaked out when they figured out their media got it all wrong, and Donald Trump was going to win. The cool kids were anti-Trump, because they watch CNN (or worse). The stock market futures markets were tanking. The liberal news media reported the crap out of it, feeding the fear and making it worse (which they constantly deny doing, but that’s another lie and a story for another article).

So financial channel CNBC chimed in this morning with this great investment advice:

They weren’t the only ones. Lots of media reported on the inevitable collapse of the markets — due to “Trump.” Based on nothing. I think they just hoped it was true, for purely political reasons. It’s a bandwagon effect in action, and at its worst. Here’s the state-owned CBC’s effort at left-splaining financial markets (always gives me a chuckle). Note the photo of the guy looking like he’s about to jump out the window — which is so stupid given the Liberals’ new assisted suicide endorsement:

So today it must have been much like a miserable dose of déjà vu — like watching the election results on MSNBC last night — as the market today opened steady, then rose, then went higher, then went higher, then broke the record high, and then finally closed way up.

The CBC account which tried to freak us out earlier in the day, never bothered to cover the rise in the markets — not even the rise in the Toronto market which was as great.

I feel sorry for the folks who freaked out, were concerned and mislead, or even lost their shirts simply because so many liberals chose to toe to the liberal propaganda line rather than appealing to common sense and reason, and facts, enabling them to offer good, sound advice.

UPDATE: A late addition to my observations:

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Morning in America

Good morning — or as one of the 8000 liberal media pundits put it, “When the Apocalypse came at midnight, I called my conservative brother to see what was going on.”

First, I’m impressed by the fact that when the apocalypse came (it didn’t), that particular liberal (yes of course, it’s a new York York Times columnist) relied on a conservative to help her sort it all out during the end of times (which never came). That tell us tons. So thanks for that.

Secondly, there’s no late word on where the “apocalypse” stands at this moment. Things seem fine, and nobody on CNN is doing any street-level “apocalypse-watch” reporting, holding crosses (as if). At least they’re not showing us any of those reports yet. So clearly that was really just more of the banal sort of bombast and nonsense that they constantly bashed Trump for uttering during the campaign.

Here in Canada, currently governed by liberal-leftists, the “news” reports also referred to the apocalypse. Yes that’s right, “news” reports using the hashtag #Trumpocalypse. Written by reporters. On their “News” Twitter feed. With a nasty picture to bolster it. Even boldly and utterly falsely claiming that the Trump-hate they obviously have — is actually Twitter-wide.

On their “News” channel, they are even worse. Their entire coverage is currently bathed in a sort of gloom, remorse, dread, anger, sadness — it’s a full grief-on over there. You’ll see more of this later in this article, but at one point, the CTV anchor Jennifer Burke, solemnly — really actually mournfully — interviewed a guest (donning a huge nose ring) who was an expert in clinical psychology, whom CTV deemed necessary to have on at this time of great crisis and catastrophe, in order to inquire as to how to “explain” that man Donald Trump being elected — to our children. 


Clearly that particular liberal “news” media outlet still doesn’t get it — what happened, or why, or that it’s at least partially their own failings as an institution which can no longer be trusted, at all — and they are either in complete denial or are simply too stupid to get it. Like so many liberals, they’re so liberal they don’t even know how liberal they are; so blinkered they think everybody in the room agrees with them. Yeah I’m going to go with “stupid.”

UPDATE: State-owned CBC joined the idiocy with this crap:

What? You think American media is smarter? Of course not. I already told you about that apocalypse thing but here’s one of countless dozens I could have chosen:

The writer, NYT’s Thoman L. Friedman, is not the least bit “homeless,” except in his ideological and rhetorical mind, He’s as obsessed an anti-Trumper as there is, and he writes anti-Trump op-ed after op-ed. This is hardly man-in-the-street sentiment being expressed here.

Think it’s just on the east coast? Think again:

Dear God. The better question might be how do we explain to our children a media so mucked-up in left-wing bias and hatred toward all non-liberal-left political opponents? I hope the LA Times editors were well prepared to explain to their children why the first woman in the Presidency, were she elected, was indicted by the FBI and facing criminal charges, were that plausible turn of events come to pass.

What about that other bastion of liberal-leftist sentiment, academia? Surely they’re more erudite in their stance on this election.

Apparently they don’t even know what erudite means.

So. Think it’s just the liberal-leftist adults? Think again:

Of course, have some sympathy — the young, tender naifs got that way because they’ve been brainwashed by the liberal-leftist academics whom their parents are paying copious sums of cash through taxes and their savings.

It seems the liberal insanity is pervasive across America. Which of course partially explains why they lost.



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It's a question.