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“Intolerance is now a vice of the left” – says a liberal media columnist

Joel JohannesenWhen it comes to catching up with the reality on the ground, and admitting their perfidy, it takes the liberal media approximately eight years to catch up. But let’s give credit where it’s due. Margaret Wente, the Globe and Mail’s putative “conservative” columnist, writes up one that is sure to get her petitioned, rebuked, trolled, […]

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Must-see video. Truth to Bunk: Sun News debunks bias of lib media and Elections Liberal, er Canada.

Joel JohannesenMust-see video explains Canada’s revamped elections law. Debunks bias of lib media and Elections Liberal, er Canada. This video exemplifies why Sun News is so vital, and state-owned CBC is so redundant and useless. Possibly related posts: VIDEO: ABC News executive acknowledges liberal media bias How to feed the liberal media chocolate-covered video bites […]

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Sell the CBC

GREAT DAY: CBC cuts more staff; ends sports bidding. Alas, I call BS.

Joel JohannesenFor years I’ve said it was egregious that a state-owned, taxpayer-funded media existed at all, in a modern, free country. A government is essentially competing against its own citizens. What a disgrace. How embarrassing.  But using taxpayer cash to bid for the rights to NHL hockey and Olympics broadcasts, in competition against citizen-owned broadcasters was, […]

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Mulcair blames Harper “regime” for computer virus. Reporters come to Mulcair’s aid.

Joel JohannesenHere’s a snippet from a revealing scrum with reporters today. The socialist leader Tom Mulcair, NDP, went on a nonsensical verbal rampage, hitting every single aspect of the Harper/Conservative government that he could think of. And the reporters helped him along. If Stephen Harper had spoken like this, the media would be all over […]

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Lose Firefox. But if you must keep it, don’t do web searches with it and they’ll go broke.

Joel JohannesenIf you haven’t heard of the backlash against Mozilla, which is the owner of the Firefox browser brand, here are a few links to bring you up to speed: Mozilla CEO & The Intolerant-Left Thought Police  Liberals Who Have Forgotten How to be Liberal A Faculty Revolution Against Free Speech Mozilla’s Intolerance OkFascist Tolerance: […]

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Canada’s jobs up, U.S. down. Media? Studiously ignoring the comparison.

Joel JohannesenHere’s something that won’t be played-up by the liberal mainstream media today like more Rob Ford jokes or the all-important David Letterman replacement pontification: Conservative/Harper-led Canada nearly doubled economists’ expectations and grew by 42,900 jobs in March.  Economists had projected just 22,000 new jobs. And it’s the biggest job growth in seven months. Canada […]

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Grand display of decorum and respect: Liberal Justin Trudeau drops F-bomb at cancer charity event.

Joel JohannesenReal nice. A grand display of good judgement, huh? What a class act. What leadership quality.  How proud I would be to have this F-ing darling as my nation’s leader. While I try to avoid the F-bomb even at home in front of the dog (she’s a lady), Justin Trudeau, according to himself, is […]

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NDP MP links 9/11 truthers with the supposed shameful “climate deniers,” and “anti-choicers”

Joel JohannesenYou know how they say it’s the coverup, rather than the crime, that get politicians into trouble? Here’s a twist on that. NDP MP Megan Leslie allowed her official NDP web page’s events calendar to be used for a promotion for a 9/11 truther event. If you can stomach it, cast aside the repugnance […]

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What’s Zulu for “complete government bullcrap?”

Joel JohannesenOK watch out for an air-quote festival, I’m addressing another government waste-a-thon. So you understand. Without even fully delving into the obvious, gross misuse of taxpayer funds that is self-important government “officials” taking their spouses on “business” trips, why did government “officials” even have to go to a “parliamentary” conference in South Africa at […]

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Caution: professional expert journalists writing things – #2

Joel Johannesen…and here’s my second cautionary tale about professional expert journalists writing things, the first one being here. 2. Media expert Ray Heard demonstrates his great journalism expertise Let’s analyze the absolute crap out of something just like Ray Heard does on Sun News Network, several times a day, tearing this or that apart, often […]

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Activism disguised as journalism: the CBC

Joel JohannesenNo, the tweets below, from the state-owned CBC’s “News” account, are not part of an effort to reignite the far-left’s shitty (literally) “Occupy” movement. It just looks like it. And they definitely aren’t part of a campaign to promote Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-left progressives, even though the themes are exactly the same. And […]

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When government deems a park as sacred and organizes a “pilgrimage?” Tweet Poo!

Joel JohannesenTotal confusion! The upcoming “Earth Day” (barf) promises lots of pure, natural, “organic,” un-man-made, Earthy stuff to do. If, that is, as a normal person, you can ignore the left-wing aura that envelopes the obviously politically tainted “Earth Day.” For example, you could do like the Muslims do when they embark on their sacred […]

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?