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Police politicization: Law breakers ignored while law-abiding protesters treated like criminals

Michael CorenWithin the propaganda and tawdry political theatre that is the Idle No More movement and the Chief Spence diet program, something rather magnificent occurred last week. A Canadian judge had the courage and consistency to question the police, and perhaps make himself politically unpopular with the liberal bloc that is the senior Canadian judiciary. […]

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Fashion over debate: Sonny days ahead if Justin Trudeau gets Liberal leadership nod

Michael CorenThe world didn’t end recently, and it’s unlikely to come to a conclusion in 2013 either. Rumours of its demise tend to be greatly exaggerated, either from Christian fundamentalists, Latin American tribes, or assorted conspiracy theorists. Odd how all of these types claim supernatural wisdom but do so badly in their own lives! What […]

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Insulting fanatics: They’re the people who make up the legalization campaign

Michael CorenLast week on my television show, we interviewed Jodie Emery, a woman known only because her husband Marc is in prison in the United States and enjoys the sobriquet Prince of Pot. She’s been on the show twice before, is a little lightweight and, typical of many single-issue extremists, indulges in the odd conspiracy […]

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Morality and tolerance

Michael CorenIt’s been said many times that while American pastor Terry Jones has the right to publicly burn the Qur’an, he has the responsibility not to do so. In other words, acts have consequences, and even actions that are legal may lead to illegal responses. But here, surely, is the point. The burning of a […]

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Obama looking like a goofball

The Emperor is naked

Michael CorenWhat a sheer bloody joy it was to see Barack Obama, peace be upon him, exposed as the mediocre, media-inflated, self-important regional politician he so obviously is. The emperor was revealed as having no clothes at all, as being totally naked. In spite of the massive amounts of media spin and Hollywood slander, in […]

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Religions not the same

Michael CorenThis is a tale of two religions. On the one hand, Christianity: Regularly abused and slandered both in the western world and the Islamic heartland. On the other, Islam: Protected by blasphemy laws in Muslim-majority states, and by a blanket of fear, political correctness and the racism of lowered expectations in the west. Recently, […]

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Bullies or victims? Fairness and proportionality strike out in sport and sexuality

Michael CorenSo, a guy who plays pro sport is an idiot. Good Lord, I can’t believe it! I mean, who knew? Yes, Yunel Escobar was dumb enough to write on his face in Spanish something akin to “You are a faggot,” thus enabling every hypocrite and self-indulgent victim fetishist to moan about the horrors of […]

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A night with the fanatics

Michael CorenOn Tuesday evening, I covered a 9/11 vigil in Toronto, and a counter-protest across the street organized by Islamic and leftist groups calling for the return of Omar Khadr. We didn’t know that as this was taking place, Muslim fascists in Libya and Egypt were murdering people who had in some way offended them. […]

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Sympathy well runs dry

Michael CorenOntario teachers are giving us an education in groundless bellyaching  So there he was, the leader of one of Ontario’s largest high school teachers’ unions. He sat on national television and explained there was going to be a day of action, and his members would, in his words, “take time off from their volunteering […]

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Pampered prince

Michael CorenMichael Bryant has a new book out. Yes, the former attorney general of Ontario, a man tipped to be the eventual leader of the Liberal party and even perhaps prime minster of Canada, has just given us 28 Seconds: A True Story of Addiction, Tragedy and Hope. Appallingly pretentious and lazy title aside, the […]

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Michael Coren writes: Mr. Ordinary: Jack Layton was OK. Nothing more, nothing less

Michael CorenThe time of waiting has come to an end, and like a child embracing the dawn on Christmas Day I feel my heart bursting with a fulfilled anticipation. Yes, filming has started on the Jack Layton biopic, and Rick Roberts — who? — and Sook-Yin Lee will play Layton and his wife Olivia Chow […]

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It’s about power: Al-Quds Day a celebration of hatred and terrorism

Michael CorenBeyond the hatred, the racism and the anger, there’s a certain irony surrounding Al-Quds Day, commemorated this weekend internationally and to its shame — in Toronto. The event was founded by the Ayatollah Khomeini, and is an overwhelmingly Shiite Islam event. Anybody who knows Islam will understand that the Shiites are despised in most […]

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Racism nightmare

Michael CorenPolitical correctness holding us back from facing gangster problem   There was a BMW SUV parked outside the house, the earnest reporter told us on the radio earlier this week, following the shooting of more than 20 people, and the killing of two at a Toronto party. But surely the reasons for urban shootings […]

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