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Canada, actually: America and private enterprise tops Canada’s TV top-20 again

BBM Canada
Copyright BBM Canada – their chart re-formatted by Joel)

Once again I bring you Canada, actually.  Notice how Canadians flock to all the exact same television shows that Americans watch?  And they flock to the same cultural institutions (TV, movies, et al)?  This annoys liberals no end.  They don’t want to be like America even though they are.  They hate America.  It’s a conundrum.

And once again, it pains me (not) to point out that the Canadian state-run media, the CBC division of the Liberal Party, figures not ONCE in the top twenty broadcasters showing programs that Canadians want to watch.  One BILLION dollars per year isn’t enough!  Maybe they need three BILLION!  Or they could be sold to the highest bidder and Canada could get on the road to sanity. (Yeah right.  Sorry, I must have drifted off into la-la land…)

Meanwhile, the only two Canadian shows to make the top twenty are the CTV’s Corner Gas (very funny show starring Brent Butt and a great cast on Monday nights), and the CTV Evening News.  Note that the CTV network is a private enterprise outfit.  Not state-run.  Yes, they’re liberals too, but at least they’re spending their own money.  Well actually, Corner Gas is subsidized by the liberal governments, as is just about every single thing in this country, but still…..

Oh I give up.  Canadians may now officially be completely incapable of doing anything without welfare-state assistance of one kind or another.  The liberals have hooked nearly everyone.  Vote liberal to maintain yourself and your business.  (Oops … drifted off again… having a nightmare…. no actually it’s real life and I’m awake… oh God).

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