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Canadian Carolyn Parrish/Liberal-Left policy of “cup o’ tea” not correct police policy

The official Canadian liberal-left policy of “spot o’ tea” with terrorists (with optional “Tim-Bits” if they’re cranky and have nukes) —won’t cut it, according to people other than Carolyn Parrish and all the liberal-left doves in Canada. 

If you see a suicide bomber, shoot to kill, police told

Old policy of aiming at torso doesn’t work against new threat, police chiefs group says

The International Association of Chiefs of Police has issued new guidelines for confronting a suicide bomber—including a recommendation that the officer aim for the suspect’s head.

Usually police officers, including those in Canada, are trained to aim for the “central body mass” or torso. But in the case of a suicide bomber, that’s inappropriate for two reasons, say the guidelines. One, the shot may only wound the bomber. Two, the shot could hit and set off the explosive device. […]


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