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Cannabis-based spray alternative to doobies

Sad day for liberal-left and the pierced-nipple set.

And this should take a lot of the smoke out of the liberal-leftist legalize pot-smoking now! advocates’ smokescreen (high Libby Davies!). 

Oh and by the way, this is thanks to private enterprise. Again:  private enterprise.  Private citizens working for profit always find the best solutions, and the most cheaply. Liberals are against that. 

Two stories on the topic:

Cannabis-based spray alternative to doobies

A new alternative to medical marijuana is available by prescription in Canadian pharmacies this week.

Sativex, a cannabis-based peppermint-flavoured oral spray, has been approved for use to help relieve neuropathic pain suffered by multiple-sclerosis patients.

It’s the first non-synthetic cannabis-based pain medicine and contains the two active ingredients in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).


I’m actually a little surprised that the liberal-left in this liberal-left country didn’t actively campaign against this drug. I mean it doesn’t get you high for goodness’ sake!  And what with that capitalist non-government who invented it and such…. like how is that liberal?!  It ain’t right!

And this from an American perspective (USA Today):

Spray alternative to pot on the market

Beginning this week, multiple sclerosis patients with constant tingling pain can get a doctor’s prescription for a new drug, Sativex, derived from the marijuana plant.

The under-the-tongue spray, approved only in Canada, is one of several emerging alternatives to smoking pot for medical relief. The new pharmaceuticals, some of which may not enter the U.S. market for years, may alter the public debate about medical marijuana.

[…] Sativex is a whole plant extract that contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) as main ingredients. The user gets quick relief but does not get high. About 20,000 MS patients in Canada with chronic nerve pain could find relief with the spray.

Mark Rogerson, spokesman for Sativex maker GW Pharmaceuticals, says the British firm is taking the first step toward U.S. regulatory approval.

Liberals are going to have to start campaigning for the legalization of crack cocaine now I imagine.  We know how they like to blow smoke up our collective Canadian arses and I don’t expect them to quit the habit easily.

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