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VIDEO – Amazing reporting on left-wing anti-oil activism & possible corruption re rocker Neil Young

Joel JohannesenThis is some amazing investigative journalism and reporting. And this is not being paid for with your tax dollars! That’s right, it’s at Sun News Network, not the state-owned, state-funded, left-wing bastion, the CBC, which only seems to engage in investigative journalism and reporting if a random conservative from the U.S. or Canada says […]

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CTV online editor tweets_graphic

CTV “online reporter/editor” skips lede, blithely tweets her love for Justin Trudeau.

Joel JohannesenCross-posted at This tweet from a CTV reporter follows nicely on the heels of my old YouTube video called Justin Trudeau is so Groovy! I mean it is truly laughable after you watch the video. Here’s Christine Tam’s tweet from moments ago, re this story: I include the screen capture of the […]

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BC pipeline debacle? Just build it to America. Get ‘er done.

Joel JohannesenAbout Enbridge’s Northern Gateway oil pipeline proposal from Alberta through BC to BC’s west coast port: here’s a solution which might have the added benefit of it being a teaching moment for the left’s reflexive naysayers when it comes to anything “industrial” or anything owned by private citizens instead of the state. Just go […]

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Alberta’s become too tamed to be Wild

Joel JohannesenSaying Albertans have been “whipped,” playing on the fact that the two main leadership choices in yesterday’s election were women, is a little too easy. And yes perhaps a little too rude and disrespectful and un-“PC” too. And apparently being all “PC” about everything is the way Albertans have chosen to go. And besides, […]

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?