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Alberta’s new socialist gov CAN’T raise the wage…until economy picks up. Huh?

And here we were told by the fact, evidence, and science-based economists of the Alberta NDP that if the government forces employers to raise the minimum wage to exactly $15 per hour, it will actually fix the economy, make it grow, create jobs, and whiten teeth, etc. So how could this be?


Actual quotes from the article, which, notwithstanding the hilarity, is written as a serious article:

…the government indicated the move would create more jobs and ensure workers in the province receive a living wage.

In an interview Wednesday, Notley said her government will examine the minimum wage issue as Alberta grapples with low oil prices and the economic downturn. …

… An internal government document prepared last June showed the province can’t currently evaluate the impact of its plan to hike Alberta’s minimum wage to $15 per hour and that “significant job loss” could be a “realistic possibility.” Prepared for Labour Minister Lori Sigurdson, the note was obtained by CFIB through a freedom of information request. …

Maybe if they raise the wage to $45 per hour, it will fix the Alberta economy. Well either that or resign and call an election.

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Left-wing government news today: “It’s not looking good.”

Thanks to liberals/leftists worldwide, it really isn’t looking good.  We start from the left coast and this Globe & Mail article, and, well, actually we just keep moving left.


…“The count came in at the average that we’ve seen over the last 10 years,” Mr. Affleck told reporters. “The mayor made a commitment, a promise in 2008 to end homelessness. Clearly, he’s failed at that promise.” He said the consistent numbers on homelessness underlie the failings of the mayor’s Vision Vancouver party on the file. “It’s very disappointing.” …

Another article said it straight up:

…[homeless numbers are] still higher than they were back in 2008, when the mayor first promised to end homelessness in this city.

Gregor Robertson and city council have now reviewed a 34-page report breaking down the latest data, and it’s not looking good. …

And over in the newly far-left NDP-led Albertistan, they naturally raised corporate taxes, because that’s what left-wing governments all over the world do (and then turn into Greece). And what do you know? Their corporate cash cows like Westjet – which has dared to succeed and have the gall to actually make a profit – start to bleed.




And then there’s Greece, as led by a communist/socialist government.

And China and its state-controlled economy and state-controlled stock market, plunging.

No, it is not looking good for the world when liberals and leftists take the reins of power.


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VIDEO – Amazing reporting on left-wing anti-oil activism & possible corruption re rocker Neil Young

This is some amazing investigative journalism and reporting. And this is not being paid for with your tax dollars! That’s right, it’s at Sun News Network, not the state-owned, state-funded, left-wing bastion, the CBC, which only seems to engage in investigative journalism and reporting if a random conservative from the U.S. or Canada says something pro-free-markets, pro-business, pro-life, pro-gun-rights, pro-America, or pro-Israel.

Watch as Sun News Network’s Ezra Levant ably deconstructs some pretty cryptic and purposely opaque left-wing eco-activist funding of anti-Canadian oil and gas activists, protesters, agitators, and, possibly, aging rocks stars!  Apparently they go about their left-wing activism and protestations and agitation by using wire transfers to numbered companies.

The funding in this case seems to come from from the giant multinational billionaire interest/protest/lobby group, the U.S.-based Tides Foundation.  This is a group which, if I recall my own sleuthing from years gone by, has direct but, again, obfuscated ties to left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Soros funds myriad left-wing and sometimes radical-left interest and activist groups. Name a left-wing group, and follow the money (and believe me, they’re among the most well-monied groups in both countries), and George Soros very often holds the purse.

Tides’ possible funding of stompy-foot Neil Young’s Blame Canada Anti-Oil & Gas (and oh yeah, a concert) Tour is not proven here. There’s such a tangled web of financial sources and funding from this organization, as I’ve personally found out in the past, and such secrecy in Tides’ check-passing and wire transfers to numbered companies, as Ezra Levant explains, it seems to me it would take a mammoth investigation to even remotely get to the bottom of it all. It would probably have to involve legal measures and law-enforcement officials from both the U.S. and Canada. Sadly, there’s no appetite for that from the left-wing Obama regime, as you might expect, but nor is there from the “Conservative” administration here in Canada.

What appears more certain is that Tides wired money to a numbered company owned by an Indian band, the Chief of which which takes a seat next to Neil Young on this Neil Young Blame Canada Anti-Oil & Gas (and oh yeah, a concert) Tour.

News reports like this on left-wing activists (which you never, ever see in the liberal mainstream media, which all but covers-up for them) give us some keen insight into how some far-left political activist groups work. Imagine this Tides cabal even possibly scheming to even possibly launch a covert effort to use their vast hundreds of millions of dollars (which rich and successful left-wing Americans have donated to them), to entice politicians (the Indian band chief and council members) and a name-brand rocker (even if he is an aged old hippie from days gone way by) into hyping-up some baseless dangers of Canadian oil and gas development. For political purposes. Using sneaky, opaque wire transfers to numbered companies, owned by Indian bands which are federally-funded.

Who even thinks of this stuff? What kind of people are they? Where do they get names of pliable useful idiots like Neil Young? Who are the people who are making the calls and arranging these seemingly or potentially corrupt deals?

Don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of a multimillionaire rock star who lives the high-life in the U.S. in several homes on countless acreage, who has and I’m sure still does fly around on jets to make millions of dollars.

See additional reports (vids):
Young attacks the oil sands
Debunking oil sands myths


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CTV “online reporter/editor” skips lede, blithely tweets her love for Justin Trudeau.

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This tweet from a CTV reporter follows nicely on the heels of my old YouTube video called Justin Trudeau is so Groovy! I mean it is truly laughable after you watch the video.

Here’s Christine Tam’s tweet from moments ago, re this story:

I include the screen capture of the tweet just in case she is instructed by her liberal bosses at CTV News or Team Justin to delete it. (UPDATE – 11:00 AM PST): it’s already been deleted)


I always say many in the liberal media are so liberal they don’t even know how liberal they are anymore; and that liberals speak as though everybody in the room agrees with them, but really. Do they have to spell it out for us in quite so obvious a manner? I guess they really do think we’re stupid.

Here’s a graphic of her Twitter bio:

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BC pipeline debacle? Just build it to America. Get ‘er done.

About Enbridge’s Northern Gateway oil pipeline proposal from Alberta through BC to BC’s west coast port: here’s a solution which might have the added benefit of it being a teaching moment for the left’s reflexive naysayers when it comes to anything “industrial” or anything owned by private citizens instead of the state. Just go south.

Alberta and the states south of Alberta seem open to these pipelines to wealth, pace that ideological and political divider and left-wing appeaser President Barack Hussein Obama.

Here’s a shocker: as a conservative thinker, I don’t share the often mindless and ideological environmental arguments from the political left and its sycophantic sheeple about it being a huge, insurmountable environmental risk. It’s not. If that were a scientifically legitimate concern, then those critics of the plan should logically (and on scientific grounds) demand that all pipelines, and there are hundreds of them throughout BC and the whole world, be dismantled. Not just oil pipelines but gas pipelines too. And nuclear plants. And hydro damns that are more than five years old. And all roads, since the people in the cars that burn oil and travel on them kill far more people than oil pipelines ever have; and lacking oil, roadways would essentially be almost completely useless and obsolete anyway. Horses don’t really need paved roads. And walking through mountainous trails and over rivers is fairly gentle to the environment.

And then those sheeple should plan on never driving again, including driving to protest new pipelines. And plan on never flying, not even to their beloved Cuba for their vacations; and never accepting any food, shelter, clothing, or any other material goods like their iPads, all of which were transported to them via truck, train, ship, or plane. Which accounts for just about every, single, thing, in their lives.

They’re not, but they should already be using alternative transportation methods, all the time. Like bikes (locally made out of new-growth wood and old-fashioned elbow grease in place of steel tools made out of dirty coal and such), and horses. Yes they should voluntarily stop buying just about everything, including nearly all the food they eat, except those things that are grown at, and which are “organically” nurtured by, their nearby neighbors  —  and transported to them by bikes, or perhaps horses. Horses which never fart, by the way, on account of the “man-made global warming” caused by man’s use of horses which fart, or some other funky fact or settled science or, to put it more accurately, BS. Now, such fartless horses do not currently exist of course, but I’m sure their Darwinian evolution theory will kick into gear anytime now and will abide by the leftist ideology, and will accommodate them pretty soon.

Or they should just shut up, grow up, and stop being such hypocritical, partisan leftist political idiots. I favor this last option.

Eventually, leftists will figure it out.  My bigger concern is actually the notion of selling oil to China (mostly) instead of the U.S., which is the market that pipeline would ostensibly best serve.

China does need enough energy to continue to serve our needs, which includes building all those cheap products, as they now do, so that we can continue to do the bigger and more complicated things (like inventing new sources of energy) that keep advancing our lives, through our free-enterprise, capitalist system. But beyond that, we should sell to our friends the Americans first.

I would rather sell Canadian energy of any kind to Americans. I support America and its freedom-based values over China and its socialist values. As such, I’d rather see Enbridge and every Canadian energy company cater first to Americans and American firms, instead of to China and its state-owned, state-run fake businesses, or to any other socialist/communist totalitarian dictatorship, for that matter.

I’m not sure what the business model or calculus is with the Northern Gateway pipeline. But I wish they’d consider just building the pipeline south to Montana or Idaho, by-passing BC and notably snubbing them in the process, and selling it to Americans.  No fuss, no muss.

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Alberta’s become too tamed to be Wild

Saying Albertans have been “whipped,” playing on the fact that the two main leadership choices in yesterday’s election were women, is a little too easy. And yes perhaps a little too rude and disrespectful and un-“PC” too. And apparently being all “PC” about everything is the way Albertans have chosen to go. And besides, I have a great respect for Danielle Smith. Just the same, there is something true about that jocular expression in Alberta’s election story. And I’ll leave it to you to develop that angle.

So in the spirit of progressivism and being all “PC” about every damn thing, let’s be more… pedantic and polite and tolerant and caring. So here’s what happened: Forget the rugged rough and tumble of Alberta’s now mythical wild west past. Yesterday’s PC election day results confirm Alberta is now every bit as urbane and latte-sipping as the rest of Liberal Downtown, Canada. Alberta’s been whipped, dammit.

Liberals won the election. Make no mistake. The P in PC stands for Progressive. The C is now silent. For years now, I’ve said that instead of shortening Progressive Conservative to “Conservative” as people did in the case of the federal party before they faked us out and dropped the Progressive, and as people still do in the case of assorted provincial PC parties, they should actually shorten “Progressive Conservative” to “Progressive” on account of it actually being accurate. But “PC” works too.

They never did drop that P in Alberta. So the germ was already present in Alberta for years. Quietly germinating. Now in the spirit of the “Alberta spring,” as I’m sure some intellectually bereft left-wing pundit will call it, it has sprouted. Of course it was lovingly incubated and watered and fertilized and nurtured in the mammoth bosom (‘scuse the mixed but spot-on metaphor) of the liberal-left mainstream media and Alberta’s progressive academic industrial complex, but sprouted it has. Like a noxious weed.

The leader of the PCs (or Progressives) wholly embraced Alberta’s progressives  — the liberal-left  —  in the election campaign. The PC leader Alison Redford damn near sprayed herbicide on any notion of small or big C conservative, holding back on doing so only because it’s so un-PC to use herbicides these days, and besides, as premier, she will surely ban their use soon too. She could barely disguise her disdain for conservatives, choosing instead to grow more progressives.

So, welcome to the rest of liberal-left Canada, Alberta. You had a good run. We all benefited from it. We will all miss you dearly.

But I don’t live and die Alberta-talk. I’m not from there. And only because it’s too cold, because that’s certainly where the jobs are, and where the economy-building action is or at least has been, in Canada. I’m from the warmer west coast of the far more nutty and politically unsophisticated BC, where a little like in Alberta, there is now an initiative by the conservatives who live there to provide a conservative alternative to the progressives.

The idea the nascent BC Conservatives (no P, here) have is to beat back the progressives of the leftward parties  —  the BC Liberals and the even more socialist NDP, in our case. They vow smaller, less intrusive government, decreased spending and taxes, and all the other good right things that Stephen Harper used to blather on about as if he actually meant it. Not that I’m a pessimist or anything.

Like Wildrose did, the BC Conservatives have a credible chance of making some headway. Polls  —  yes I know, they utterly failed in Alberta  —  have them pegged at about even with the BC Liberals right now. And just as Wildrose was warned that they threatened to “split the right,” in BC, the BC Conservatives may or may not split the (stay with me through the inelegant but accurate verbiage) non-full-on-socialist vote, allowing the full-on-socialists of the NDP to come from behind and win again in BC. (Yes, people in BC naively say “split the right,” but as I’ve indicated, the governing BC Liberals aren’t “right” any more than Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals are “right.” They’re simply more right than the far-left NDP, which ain’t saying much.)

I imagine in next year’s provincial elections in BC, much as happened in Alberta, many of the 15 or 20 percent of the population who are full-on socialists (and worse) will strategically vote for the hated BC Liberals, whom they have erstwhile hilariously dubbed as “right-wing” or even as the former dumb-dumb leader of the NDP did, “extreme right-wing” (my God, man  —  only to a extreme left-wing socialist zealot), just to keep out the even more hated conservatives.

What should really happen, for voting clarity and realism, is for the BC Liberals to really come out of the closet, and combine with the more socialist NDP in BC, allowing the Conservatives to provide the alternative to the current, growing progressivism or socialism (those two politically ideological words luridly cohabit in my mind, which is why this makes so much sense to me).  In Alberta, the PCs might just as well join with the Liberals and the NDP, and fight nobody else but Wildrose.  Similarly, in Ottawa, the Liberals and the NDP might as well make it official. Provide Canadians with clear choices and see where this goes. I maintain that if real conservatives finally speak up and speak out and state their good conservative case and explain it to people in clear, bold colors, as Ronald Reagan preached, we will win.


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