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Arctic Apple Takes a Bite Out of Pseudo-Science

Mischa Popoff After years of research and extensive field testing, the Okanagan’s own GMO apple is going to the big leagues. Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are routinely attacked by urban organic activists in spite of the fact that not a single ailment has ever been linked to this technology. And now, as a testament to the baselessness […]

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intolerance is a vice of the left

“Intolerance is now a vice of the left” – says a liberal media columnist

Joel Johannesen When it comes to catching up with the reality on the ground, and admitting their perfidy, it takes the liberal media approximately eight years to catch up. But let’s give credit where it’s due. Margaret Wente, the Globe and Mail’s putative “conservative” columnist, writes up one that is sure to get her petitioned, rebuked, […]

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Lose Firefox. But if you must keep it, don’t do web searches with it and they’ll go broke.

Joel Johannesen If you haven’t heard of the backlash against Mozilla, which is the owner of the Firefox browser brand, here are a few links to bring you up to speed: Mozilla CEO & The Intolerant-Left Thought Police  Liberals Who Have Forgotten How to be Liberal A Faculty Revolution Against Free Speech Mozilla’s Intolerance OkFascist […]

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Stephen Harper_at_swearing_in_2_AP_PHOTO_Tom Hanson_CP

Canada’s jobs up, U.S. down. Media? Studiously ignoring the comparison.

Joel Johannesen Here’s something that won’t be played-up by the liberal mainstream media today like more Rob Ford jokes or the all-important David Letterman replacement pontification: Conservative/Harper-led Canada nearly doubled economists’ expectations and grew by 42,900 jobs in March.  Economists had projected just 22,000 new jobs. And it’s the biggest job growth in seven months. […]

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When government deems a park as sacred and organizes a “pilgrimage?” Tweet Poo!

Joel Johannesen Total confusion! The upcoming “Earth Day” (barf) promises lots of pure, natural, “organic,” un-man-made, Earthy stuff to do. If, that is, as a normal person, you can ignore the left-wing aura that envelopes the obviously politically tainted “Earth Day.” For example, you could do like the Muslims do when they embark on their […]

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Globe & Mail Pundits: Canada is useless in the world; and Canada is leading the world!

Joel Johannesen Same day, different outlooks. Where they’re alike: One is dour, the other one more dour. Because… Conservative. The Globe and Mail’s liberal pundits can’t agree on where Canada and our Conservative (and that’s key) prime minister fits in the world. Which means there is a great division in the Globe and Mail which […]

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Good evening. Here’s your totally useless news report from your crackerjack journalists, for Friday.

Joel Johannesen   So… what the heck are “encounters” with police? And how many “encounters” with police by one or two thugs does it take to wake up a reporter… 12? 97? How about 120? Still asleep? 300? OK how about 460-odd? Does that wake you up? Apparently the magic number of police encounters is […]

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North Korea’s socialists are slightly more delusional and dishonest

Joel Johannesen Also published at – The very serious USA Today article about North Korea’s “Dear Leader” being re-elected with a 100% turnout and a margin of victory of 100% over his opponent, which was nobody, is funny when you consider that the reporter who drew the short straw and had to write it […]

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Ukraine: Liberal media scatter like rats now, after first getting Obama elected

Joel Johannesen Notes on the news coverage of Ukraine crisis: As soon as this started happening, I recalled in my little noggin the words of straight-shooter Sarah Palin, from back in 2008. She warned that if Obama were elected, Putin might just try to take Ukraine. I mostly remember liberals and their media laughing like […]

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USACANADA: January 2014 job stats comparison? “U.S. has been cold!”

Joel Johannesen The running South Park-inspired joke is that when something goes wrong in the U.S., “blame Canada.” Obamatons also blame Bush, Fox News, Republicans, the tea party, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, and now, the weather. Aside from the blame game, Canada and the U.S. are similar in many ways, with a couple of […]

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Canada’s Complicity in the US Surveillance State

Theo Caldwell In Canadian political debate, accusing one’s opponent of advocating “American-style” policies used to be the equivalent of launching a nuclear missile. The trajectory of these attacks was usually left to right, with some earnest advocate of the Canadian welfare state blasting a heartless proponent of free markets and individual responsibility, as though a […]

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Obama has struggled like an army vet who was nearly killed in his 10th deployment. Yup.

Joel Johannesen I posted this at because it’s mostly an American story, but obviously there are tons of examples of this in Canada too, with its even more liberal-left media. In Canada’s case, the sycophantic luv is for any socialist NDP or Liberal member or leader, in case it wasn’t already totally obvious to […]

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Flight delay?

Joel Johannesen   Barack Obama's latest email: "Joel, I want to talk to you directly." Oooh! So I'm waiting for Air Force One over a beer. — Joel Johannesen (@JoelJohannesen) November 16, 2013  

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?