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Why left-wing newspapers are not “sustainable”

Going through the papers these days is an exercise in left-wing indoctrination. Duh, you say. I know, that’s not news, to my readers, I know, I know, it’s old news. Fair enough. But it’s worth revisiting every once in a while.

The papers don’t duly cover, say, business, or commerce generally — at least not in a favorable light; nor the value of, say, lower taxes and small government, or not aborting live babies (or as today’s online version of the paper put it in a totally one-sided story about the abortion drug RU-486, it “causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy.” Yup, “expel the pregnancy.” And not one live human could they find who is against that).

Maybe, hopefully, and as I suspect I’m right, it’s why the papers are all failing rapidly.

2016-10-23_152905Here’s today’s lovely Sunday read:

Page one: A huge photo and tease about a seafood “sustainability” program and how it needs to be bolstered in order to force businesses into complying with the agenda of this enviro group.

(Every other word from leftists these days is “sustainable.” Except that they are ambivalent about babies in the womb being “sustainable.”)

Page two – three: A huge whole-page article about the “sustainability” — not of various foods, this time — but of the myriad government money and programs for drug addicts; and as if I had to tell you, the need for much, much more government cash and government programs, of course, because drug deaths are up 61% this year. I kid you not: the article is headlined “‘Sustainable’ change needed for addicts”. I’m only surprised they didn’t squeeze “man-made global warning” in there!

Page four – five: Big article about keeping designer chickens in your urban back yard “to reconnect with your food source.” I think it must have taken everything they had to not use the word “sustainable” in this article. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion, because I’m not a total dumb-ass, that the backyard chicken-as-a-pet push by the left-wing politicians in BC’s urban centers is really all about turning everyone into vegans. Therefore I suggest KFC tonight.

Page six – seven: Columnist rambling on about how the extreme left-wing provincial party in BC, the socialist NDP, which is even more left-wing than the governing Liberals (note that the columnist just calls them the “the NDP”), is against grizzly bear hunting by “foreigners.” (Of course “foreigners” is what the Left would call a “dog whistle” — a pejorative term used to describe as secretly “racist” or “sexist” (etc) just about anything said by anyone on the right these days. Luckily I speak Liberal Fascist, so I can tell you that what “foreigners” means in this case is “those f—ing Americans.” Again, that’s “those f—ing Americans.”

Page eight – nine: Another columnist is on about the proliferation of palm trees in Vancouver. He can’t resist the yummy opportunity to mention “global warming” even though as the article even admits, this proliferation of palm trees, which are of a type which just happens to thrive in chilly climates, has utterly nothing whatsoever to do with global warming, at all.

Page nine – ten: A brief respite of actual news about a car break-in. No left-wing advocacy here. Wow.

2016-10-23_154100Page eleven – twelve: A two-page advocacy article about seafood “sustainability” (which was teased on the front), and an enviro organization’s efforts to force food suppliers and restaurants to only supply food to the pubic that the organization deems “sustainable” in their wisdom (and for these suppliers to pay them for the privilege of being regulated by them). To give you an idea of their strict adherence to common sense, farmed Atlantic salmon, from Costco, which is all my wife and I eat, is verboten. But they didn’t ask anyone the likes of us.

Page thirteen – fourteen: On the surface, a story of a murderer being sentenced. In reality, another example of liberal-left leniency when it comes to drugs addicts and their crimes. The murderer, who bludgeoned his wife to death with a knife multiple times, is sentenced to 12 years less time served. Nope, not a good hanging or even a life term. Here’s the part where the judge was speaking to the murderer at sentencing:

…do everything within your power to rehabilitate yourself to treat and constantly maintain your mental health and to stay as far away as you can from a drug that is a source of so much tragedy in our society,” the judge said.

“I wish you good luck in that endeavour.”

No, there was no mandatory drug treatment either. Good luck indeed. To us.

Page fifteen – sixteen: A sympathetic article about a tugboat which ran aground, and enviro-activists are in a tizzy, which they have every right to be. The chief complainant is a first nations member, claiming that more bans against tug boats going past their coastal village, and more government regulation and oversight is needed, to stop the outside world — mostly Americans, since it’s mentioned twice or more — from doing this to them. The story is from Bella Bella, BC, about which Wikipedia says “Bella Bella has had a precarious and isolated existence.” In other words, it totally relies on all manner of the modern transportation of goods to accommodate their very existence in that region; and being almost exactly in between Alaska, USA, and Washington state, USA, American boats might also just pass by, aside from the ones who supply your lives. That last bit of info was brought to you by me, not the paper.

Page eighteen – nineteen: It’s literally a celebration of left-wing (dare I say social-ist) charity events, called Social Network. Here’s their layout:


One event was a David Suzuki event, and I need say no more about the far-leftness contained therein; another was a multicultural mosaic-advocacy charity event (no, not a multicultural melting pot or integration with Canadian traditions charity event. Hint: the group is called “MOSAIC” and supports Syrian refugees moving to BC.  Celebrate!)

Page twenty – twenty one: Actual news without a left-wing tinge to it. Wow.

We finally got a conservative respite on page twenty-two, where, mercifully, an excellent op-ed by Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was allowed to advance a conservative notion:

…A better solution for taxpayers would be for every city council in the region to announce that they will reduce their own property taxes by the same amount TransLink is raising theirs. Given the eye-popping increases we have seen at city halls, it is very do-able for mayors to find the equivalent of $3 a year on savings in their own city halls and pass those savings on to taxpayers to cover the TransLink hike…

…The development cost charge (DCC) plan also offers an opportunity for city politicians to show they sincerely care about affordability in their communities. Adding another tax to new housing will make new homes more expensive, so mayors should be scouring their cities’ overly complicated development processes to find ways to cut costs, red tape and processing time for new homes.

Vancouver, for example, already has 107 different taxes, fees and levies on new housing. There is a lot that could be done to offset a new TransLink DCC.

TransLink mayors claim these tax hikes are needed for a healthy region. But being able to afford to live here is also necessary. That’s why taxpayers should continue to hiss for more savings at city halls and TransLink itself.

He will be utterly skewered by the paper’s well-trained leftist readers by tomorrow morning.

There is no business section in today’s big weekend paper. No need seen by these media geniuses to inform Canadians about the wonderful world of commerce and invention and entrepreneurship, at all whatsoever.

I keep waiting for it — the backlash which I think has to happen when everybody just snaps out of it and says wait — back off, you’re going too far, you’re advocating for socialism or liberal fascism, and now we suddenly realize it, and you know what? We tried what you said and it’s actually making everything way worse, every day. Now let’s try making sense again.  

What we all actually need is a big change: like a paper dedicated to teaching and advocating for right-wing or conservative concepts and ideals. Might also drum up sales and make them more sustainable.


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Liberal: “Well by golly maybe we need conservatives running this show”

OK that headline is a joke. A dream for me, but alas, a joke.

No matter how badly things are going — no matter how many FAILS they are forced (by the likes of me but never the news media) to face up to, they will continue to do the same thing, double-down, even, and make the same mistakes, over and over. Call it what you want, but Einstein called that insanity. I just call it liberalism.

For example, over at their own state-owned CBC division, this headline today will be utterly ignored by all liberals and the even further leftists:

Trudeau doubles Canada Summer Jobs spending, but student employment stays flat

If it isn’t already obvious, the FAIL we’re talking about this time is the summer youth employment program. Another of the 8,000 government programs to help Canadians survive life.

It’s a story of government failure, but they run this pictures atop their story:

liberalism run amok

I think I might have gone with the one below, and maybe they would have if the state-owned CBC weren’t such Trudeau/Liberal suckfaces:liberalism FAILAll leftists —  progressives, liberals, socialists, communists — believe the only way to fix a problem in society (even right inside your house, including buying your house) is for the government to take over responsibility, and for the government to fix it, which always, always, always, involves throwing more government money at it, and more big government policy. If any government program is failing, they throw more government money at it, citing as the only problem the notion that there wasn’t yet enough money being thrown at it. In this case, as I alluded in my opening, they are literally doubling-down on their stupidity.

Last spring, the Liberal government doubled the amount of money available to subsidize student wages under the Canada Summer Jobs program [which was already $107.5 million].

But despite the boost, Statistics Canada found student summer employment rates for 2016 stuck roughly where they were in 2015.

What’s even funnier (I’m not bipolar, but I’m never sure if I should laugh uproariously, or cry like a baby over these things) the sub-headline reads like this, which I paste here without one bit of editing:

‘There’s a real danger in artificially creating jobs,’ youth employment chair says

He went on, “That’s generally not sustainable … We need employers making their own hiring decisions.”

We on the right have been saying that for decades. For example, in the last election campaign! So now we see, in other words, that conservatives were right all along. And the Left was always and still is — in fact ever more so — wrong, and this proves it? Well yes. But this is the eight millionth time we’ve proved it.

Now don’t do as I did and assume the “youth employment chair” is one of those shouty hipster Trudeau “youth” who, along with (most of) the rest of today’s youth, tongue-bathed Trudeau’s face during the entire 2015 election campaign, and “got out the vote” (wink! — it’s to vote only for Leftist candidates! Vote for… more programs! More subsidies! More free stuff! More government!) 

No this is a middle-aged guy who chairs a U of T program which studies the issue of youth employment. (I won’t even get into the fact that the U of T is a federally-subsidized university, and yet the federal government apparently failed to ask this guy anything, which could have saved the taxpayer well over a hundred million dollars in literally five seconds.)

After saying “There’s a real danger in artificially creating jobs,” he added another layer onto the cake: “Are students taking the job of someone else who could do the work?”

So in other words, it’s likely even worse than it looks, since some of those wonderfully taxpayer-bought jobs likely resulted in someone else not getting a job which wasn’t bought with taxpayer dollars.

We’re not done yet:

Recently tabled responses to questions put on the House of Commons order paper by both Conservative and New Democrat MPs reveal how $107.4 million in new money was allocated across Canada. (Employment and Social Development Canada says the difference between this and the $113 million announced is the cost of administration.)

In other words (and yes I do have to highlight this for you since the state-owned CBC fails to do its job and merely puts the tidbit in brackets as if to try to hide it), the government administration cost — just for spending that extra $107.4 MILLION, was $5.6 million. So $5.6
million in extra government cost, to spend that extra $107 million, which achieved exactly NO increased benefit.

So, to complete the work the state-owned CBC failed to, a total waste of taxpayer cash, and an utter annihilation of liberal-left policy and ideology. Worth a story or two? Maybe at least a sub-heading? Yes, but not to the leftists and their media as we can see here.

Do you understand, liberals, why conservatives keep railing on about the inefficiencies of government — and about the left-wing bias of the media? (Yes, they do understand, and this is why leftist ideology — this leftist experiment they’re conducting on you — is so pernicious).

The rest of the article then simply skips over the fact that the Trudeau liberals doubled the taxpayer’s cost — the  budget — and got zero in return; returning instead to their comfort-zone: tongue-bathing liberalism, using more reliably left-wing university economists and their bon mots about how wonderful government-bought jobs are in general for the economy.

University of Ottawa labour economist David Gray says the effectiveness of the program is about more than the unemployment rate.

This spending is a “tiny drop in the bucket” of the total Canadian economy, he said.

Thanks. Great job, teacher at a federally subsidized university.

Still not done:

Public sector, not-for-profit organizations and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees can apply…

Public sector employers are among those “businesses” eligible to hire students under the program. Hello? Taxpayer-funded jobs for taxpayer-funded government departments?

A taxpayer-funded program to subsidize taxpayer-funded government departments: this is the progressive Left’s dream come true.

Would I cut off funding for youth employment programs like this? Would I fire the government employees and cabinet ministers responsible for this disaster including Justin Trudeau? Faster than I’d sell the state-owned CBC.

I’ll leave you with this Tweet from the National Post:

Three guesses as to what the action-plan will be from the Trudeau Liberals.

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Tweetpoo discharged, followed appropriately by shitstorm. In other words we’re talking about liberals at work. Literally at work this time, though — like at the company office. (No I mean a supposedly real company — not state-owned CBC or Purolator Couriers or some such.)

The Tweet below epitomizes the sort of liberal-left Political Correctness-nutballery in which a company, trying to appear all “progressive” and hip and cool and down wit da kids an all dat (do the swells say things like that outside of my head?) gloms onto the latest PC or pop-culture nonsense cause. It drives me into eye-roll extremes beyond even Hillary Clinton’s limpid abilities. Today it’s Telus. UPDATE Oct 6 2016: Telus has now cowered and deleted the tweet in order to fake you out and pretend it didn’t happen. Glad we screen-captured it. 


A twitter storm backlash then ensued. Thank God for sensible people.

Way after the shitstorm developed, one of the still-remaining adults in the Telus office — presumably from a Canadian Telus office as opposed to one of their offices in India or Guatemala (Oh Canada we here at Telus care so much about you ‘n yer climate ‘n stuff!) — saw (or their 15-year-old daughter saw) that they’d caused a massive twitter storm of negativity, and they better do something about it.

The backlash was stemming largely from Canadians aged five and up, so that included a lot of people, who all saw Telus’s liberal face-licking for what it was: pure partisan politics from a massive federally regulated and government-protected corporation which has to come before the liberals’ CRTC division regularly for license renewals, and policy and regulation decisions favorable to them.

So Telus HQ leaped into action and…. failed. Utterly. They did one of those totally fake and really pretty insulting “apology” things in which it’s not actually an apology at all whatsoever, but actually a giant F— You.


“Not meant to be partisan or political…”. Yeah because a plainly left-wing, big-government, unilateral move by an outspokenly partisan and ideological Liberal Party politician and his partisan cabinet, in which a massive state-run carbon taxing regime, which is based entirely on liberal-left political ideology, is imposed on provinces and the people of Canada, to appease that whole “man-made global warming” lobby (and liberal voting-block industrial complex) –is totes non-partisan and apolitical. So sorry.

It’s a wonder they didn’t include a smiley-face.

The implementation of the policy is controversial in and of itself: done without consultation (compare and contrast with the years-long cross-country pipeline approval process and committee-work-a-palooza), about which several premiers are outraged, to fulfil an extremely controversial and totally political campaign promise; and their naming politicians personally in the tweet instead of referring to the government — none of this is at all partisan or political?


This is where we get “social license” (gag) to say things like “holy shit” in public. Or to put it more politely:

Also this three-fer:




It was especially western customers — who remember the elder Trudeau’s infamous National Energy Policy — who rightly anger-tweeted their promise to cancel their Telus accounts and switch to… yeah exactly: To whom? Ah! Foiled again by liberals and leftists in Canada! It’s getting better every day! It really is progressive!

There are few options offering anything different in this already massively state-regulated country, wherein big-government instead of markets decide on the competition to be allowed to go up against Telus, what they will be mandated to provide to their customers, and at what cost — freedom and free markets be damned. This is not a free market. Or as this twitterer put it:

Sure there’s BellShaw, Rogers, and maybe Wind offering almost identical plans due to government regulations, restrictions, and policies — and identical politics and liberal-left advocacy that you have to sign onto. Tell me again which of those alternatives relegated — for purely partisan political hack reasons — my beloved Fox News Channel to the digital-only, and available-only-at-an-extra-premium-price netherlands part of the cable offerings if you can find it at all (and only in non-HD), but were happy to provide the ardently left-wing state-owned CBC and the liberal CNN free and available to all (in glorious HD)?

Nonetheless Bell, Shaw, Rogers and Wind  — the “competitors” all holding one of those much sought-after state licenses to take your money — happily stepped up amidst Telus’s trouble — without actually using this fantastic opportunity to state their more reasonable position on this such as “we’re against partisan political advocacy.” You’ll just have to find out later.




This tweet combined the shitstorm with the use of current US politics-style #Never[___] hashtag advocacy:

And lots of others are ditching one crony for another, but it’s a little like the U.S. election — you gotta vote for one of them in this country…

And those tweets just go on, on and on, and on. There were also those who ignored, at least outwardly, the partisan political hackery, and went right to the bona fides of the Liberals’ carbon tax policy itself:

So Telus shareholders: all in all a great idea to let the leftists run the ship over there, huh? This one encapsulates it perfectly:

The positive side of all of this this is that this kind of explicit liberal-left crony capitalism (or at the very least liberal-left political advocacy) is the sort of thing that makes me and millions of other normal people detest the current Clinton-style pay-to-play Democrats in the US. It’s also a fact that people think of Vladimir Putin’s crony capitalist Russia and Xi Jinping’s China when they think of these stories. And they decide not to vote for them with their dollars or ballots.

Maybe these companies actually strive for a Canada more like communist China and its communist dictator leadership, just as their Justin Trudeau says he admires them.

The Liberal leader was asked which nation he admired most. He responded: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

The current Canadian business model and this style of doing business would fit right in.

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The Trudeau Liberals’ pot smoking standards are the only thing in that government that’s NOT high.

The libertarian side of my conservative politics — and all conservatives have some element of anti-government-regulation libertarian in them — tells me to cautiously welcome the Trudeau Liberals’ plans to legalize pot smoking in Canada. But the rest of my conservative nature tells me they will foul it up, tax it, it will cost our economy zillions, and they will generally cause harm to the country, to say nothing of the young individual pot-smokers’ brains and lungs.

So I mostly shun the prospect of pot smoking legalization, just as I actually shun pot smoking in my personal life. My purely conservative side tells me to generally mock the whole process, since it is a process increasingly controlled by the big, idiotic, liberal government; and besides, we hardly need another big government program to help develop and nurture further generations of brain-addled idiots in this country. Have they learned nothing from the creation of the state-owned CBC? (No.)

So it’s a quandary. Hahaha no it’s not. I love it. I’m literally high on liberal-mocking delight. There is just no part of this in which the pot-smoking Liberals or liberals will win points with this stinky file.

The Liberals’ promised pot legalization hasn’t even begun, and already people and their health are being negatively affected not only by the chemical-laced (yet “organic!”) pot being smoked by the druggies, but now also thanks to the amazingly high level of total stupidity from their own yummy Liberal government in Medellín I mean Ottawa.

The Trudeau Liberals have promised that we should chill, not worry, and be happy about all the pot-smoking. Using their vast and superior Liberal wisdom, huge amounts of tax dollars, and a ha-YUGE government with even more big-union, highly-paid government employees, they will control it. And regulate it. And monitor it. And ensure it is safe for all the kids. And they will generally see to it that everything will be just smokin’!

But apparently they were high when they promised all that. They can’t even control themselves. From the Globe and Mail:

…In July, The Globe published the results of an investigation that discovered one-third of nine cannabis samples obtained from Toronto storefront dispensaries, which operate with no federal oversight, contained potentially harmful bacteria that could have serious effects on elderly patients or those with compromised immunity. One sample contained mould that can lead to serious lung conditions in patients.

Last week, documents obtained through the Access to Information Act showed Health Canada was warned nearly a year ago about harmful chemicals showing up in marijuana sold at storefront dispensaries in Vancouver. Lab results submitted to Health Minister Jane Philpott’s office showed 13 of 22 samples tested showed high levels of carbamate, which is not approved for cannabis, or dodemorph, a chemical that is not approved for human consumption. …

Liberals are far from in control of this thing. But the Globe isn’t managing the reporting of the Liberals big smokin’ fail very well either. (See I told you nobody on their side wins). I like the “obtained through the Access to Information Act” part — when they’re referring to the most transparent government ever! Even on a health-related file, the Globe journalists, perhaps overwhelmed with the myriad lies and hypocrisy from this Liberal government, are so exhausted they can’t even bother to mention the hypocrisy or lies.

As per the liberal media standards and practices, which are every bit as bad as the Liberal government’s, the Globe also purposely fails to remind readers that this health minister, Jane Philpott is a Liberal (could a liberal have a better last name than one that resembles the Latin for “friend of pot?”), appointed by Liberal Justin Trudeau. Make no mistake, this is all about politics.

This is also the same Jane Philpott who, as the Liberals’ CBC division so politely put it, “mislead” the House of Commons, and more importantly, lied (no, not “mislead”) to you about her riding around in limousines like some high (and mighty) Queen. Worth mentioning, because we’re seeing a pattern of lies and deception now, from Liberals.

One of the chemicals seen being used by some pot-growers is a controversial fungicide, Nova 40W, that contains myclobutanil. The Globe reports:

It is banned by several U.S. states for use on cannabis because of concerns it emits hydrogen cyanide when heated.

The lefty snowflakes whine about hidden “trigger words” all day long. I never really get the snowflakes, but “when heated” has got be one of those “trigger words,” even though the Globe seems to miss the opportunity. I don’t smoke pot but I am not too square to know that joints are normally “heated.”

So many sentences in this story get me high. Take a toke out of this one:

Despite evidence of a potential public health threat, Health Canada did not act on the warnings, nor inform local authorities in Vancouver.

“Holy smoke” runs off the tongue too easily. Health Canada had one job. Yet contemplate this fail. At this rate I hope they don’t legalize fentanyl. If they did, they’d blame someone else, apparently. I’ve heard of passing a joint, but here’s an example of passing the buck:

Health Canada said it considers dispensaries to be illegal, and therefore not its responsibility. However, those same dispensaries have flourished across Canada this year as a direct result of the federal government’s announcement that it will legalize the drug. Ottawa has not addressed their growth, saying it is up to local police to address the issue.

Buck passed. You’d think the Globe would have a hard time actually justifying support for pot smoking legalization — at least by this inept government. Their own reporting includes lots of related articles, such as:

But here’s a pithy line from a recent Globe and Mail editorial: “Of course marijuana should be legalized.” Yes of course.

And of course they should share the blame for this lunacy as they sit in the same smoke-filled room passing the joint.

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Cops injured in terror attack; but mostly a (pretty) “female” was injured

They so easily fall into the trap they set. And if a politician — a conservative one — did this the liberals’ tender snowflakes division would be all over it. “It’s 2016” as one of the more famous ones would curtly inform the press (which would in turn report about it 800 times in righteous, glowing terms).

This is really a story at least partially about the heroism of cops. So the Washington Post has this headline:

Hungary conducts manhunt after homemade bomb apparently targets police

Maybe it’s just implied, but there is no mention of police heroism in the headline or article, which is noteworthy enough because yet again, they missed a chance to balance things out a little. It appears to me they are all beholden to the sick, left-wing anti-cop pop-culture, and are only too happy to pass up another chance. But OK, aside from that and the horror of the underlying story, the editorial tone is factual and innocuous enough.

However the National Post had other headline ideas. In the NP, it’s the exact same article as written by Anthony Faiola of the Washington Po2016-09-26_094557st, but they added sexual flavor to the headline, ginning-up the young female aspect of it. Again – no indication of heroism amongst the police, just this:

Young female officer in critical condition after detonation of bomb so powerful it cracked concrete

Make no mistake. Both a young male and a young female officer were seriously hurt and had to have surgery. In the UK they handled the perplexing problem like this:

Hungary launches major security operation after bomb attack in Budapest injures two police officers

Fox News Channel went with:

Hungarian police officers in stable condition after blast2016-09-26_093033

The NP didn’t stop with what liberals would HAVE to call an overtly sexist headline worthy of a curt outburst and copious haughty reporting if, say, Donald Trump or any random conservative had said it: they also included a huge photo of the very photogenic gal to help satisfy their clickbait needs. The screencap above left was just a tease on their web site. In the story itself they blew the photo up to “yuge” proportions (see right).

Now I’m not saying all readers are total idiots who fall for the Rick-roll and click stories just because there’s a pretty girl picture on it — I’m just saying all liberal men do. The conservatives all click it to read about the heroic cop and the facts.

If I were a registered member of Generation Snowflake — I’d be offended (of course I’d be offended by this whole PTBC web site and probably die from all the “hate!” So…). We used to just call what the NP did sexist, but surely this headline and presentation by the NP at least contravenes a snowflake “gender norms” paradigm and warrants a CBC Passionate Eye investigation on hidden agendas or something!

Sadly though, speaking of the state-owned CBC, it reminds me of the feminist left-wing liberal progressive socialist slowflake channel, the state-owned CBC, who not long ago found the need to write-up a report about intestinal bacteria (or some damn thing unique only to Canadians). How did they promote it? As I documented, it was with a totally random photo of a totally non-attractive and not-at-all sexy young female wearing something totally bland drawing your eyes only to the couch she’s lying on. (At least she looks like she’s suffering!)

But let’s flush that CBC “Editor’s Pick’ crap where it belongs, and get back to the NP article about the female cop: The reaction to that headline and photo presentation from the feminist division of the liberals will be as confused as it usually is: if females are just as capable as males, then it’s an insult that the editors think a female officer being injured is worth being featured in the headline, while the also-injured male officer isn’t.

But the liberals’ news editors division will defend their feminist bona fides, and boast that this speaks to their pro-feminist advocacy journalism (which then wouldn’t be journalism at all but rather propaganda, but anyway). They will say that this is simply an article informing the plebeians (they won’t say plebeians, duh) of the hitherto unknown and utterly shocking ability and stunning bravery of females in the workplace. (Those of us on the right already know all about cops — including females — and how brave and heroic they are, so I guess we know who they are still trying to educate).

It’s another example of the liberal-left’s massive race and sex (gender, anyway) problem: it’s their soft bigotry of low expectations. God only knows what photo they’d use to accompany a story about thathungarian-police-recruiting-poster250px

I hate to heap all this “microaggression” on the liberals at the National Post, but another sad thing about their juicing of the WaPo article is that the photo of the female police officer they featured so prominently was cropped from a Hungarian police recruiting campaign poster (see right).

Not that the NP is in the business of helping Hungary promote policing, but I’m sure none of this will do much to attract women or men to the thin blue line here or there. It’s hard to wish away all the cop-killing that goes on, but maybe, occasionally, the liberal media could find space for the tiny words “hero” or “brave” in their headlines, or somewhere in the articles concerning police they could just allude to how cops face this kind of crap every single day, yet carry on regardless. It’s factual, on point, and it’s a story that needs to be told to maintain some semblance of balance in the news coverage.

If the big North American newspapers like the Washington Post and the National Post are where you get your information, all I can say is: Be careful out there.


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Liberals’ welfare state: They’re progressively reducing the choice available to ordinary people.

The headline in the Globe and Mail neglects to mention “welfare state,” and is simply: “B.C. government to subsidize rental units in response to housing crisis.”   It might just as well have been “Build Them and They Will Come.”

Progressives or socialists (whichever term you prefer) never give up trying to build their utopian Field of [Socialist] Dreams, with your money mind you. As we on the right side know, this will all end poorly — when they run out of your money (as Margaret Thatcher warned us decades ago). Having learned utterly nothing from history, this should happen any time now. Maybe when all the productive people paying all the taxes join Dagny, move to Galt’s Gulch, and quit working for the government instead of themselves as they’d prefer.

BC’s liberal Liberal progressive-left premier, Christy Clark, as if once again feeling the need to prove her progressive-left bona fides, now promises still more hundreds of millions of dollars of other people’s money, redistributed from taxpayers to the “poor people” who can’t afford rental housing in Vancouver. This follows previous governments’ spending of billions upon billions of other people’s money, subsidizing housing for people who couldn’t afford it.

The great lasting benefit after a decades-long history of this liberal-left social engineering and interference in every aspect of the free market is that now, Karl_Marx-color-smallthe housing and homelessness problem is worse than ever, and getting steadily worse as more and more people demand “their share” of even more government “help.” This history of abject failure is a quintessentially progressive, liberal, and socialist history. Or as even Karl Marx might say today, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

If we’ve seen the first of it, this is the farce:

…the province will approve half a billion dollars in projects to create 2,900 rental units for what Premier Christy Clark described as a broad cross-section of society that includes social-assistance recipients as well as some middle-income renters.

This is more than mere farce. This is preposterous. That paragraph is literally the epitome of the word “progressive” as used in left-wing politics. It should really be inserted in bold typeface in one of the state-funded universities’ political science textbooks in the chapter on socialism (or is everyone just taking “Womens’ Studies” these days?). Flo_now_thats_progressiveAs we can see, students, it is no longer just welfare for what we used to call “poor people” who used to have some sort of mental or physical disability, but now it is expanded to include a whole “broad cross-section of society” including even “middle income” earners who are perfectly able and capable of looking after themselves, or should be. As the Progressive Insurance lady would say, “now that’s progressive.”

What’s the limit to this?

A spokeswoman for Rich Coleman, the Minister Responsible for Housing, said the new units will target the province’s most vulnerable groups, but also provide some affordable rentals for those households earning less than $96,000 a year.

So social welfare is now required for households earning less than $96,000 per year? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that just about everybody? (Well yes, Joel, that is the point! ~a progressive minion)

Naturally, in five years’ time, the threshold will be all those households earning less than $120,000. Then it’s $200,000. Then of course it’s just everybody. The state will own most or all of the housing, and they will house everyone, not unlike the old Soviet Union or any other failed socialist state. That is the logical conclusion, unless someone stops the farce.

Or are you telling me that there is some magic limit — some Obamic “red line” — at which this will in fact all stop, and all the socialists will finally concede that now, whooboy, the limit’s been reached!

At $96,000 there is still utterly no signs of stopping. The Globe and Mail article doesn’t even remotely address the issue of where this will end. Liberals and of course the even more socialist you’ve got to be kidding party are demanding the exact opposite –that the “broad cross-section” expand even more than this. So tell me honestly this is not Back in the U.S.S.R. 

There are now just approximately 14 families left in BC who don’t qualify and aren’t on some form of welfare (I’m one, having taken the bizarre step of moving out of Vancouver where it was too expensive (duh!), but I’m Google-Mapping directions to Galt’s Gulch so the number will be just 13 soon).

Those people I leave behind will still have to drive their car, insured as it is mandated to be by BC’s state-owned, state-run insurance monopoly, to BC’s state-owned and state-run liquor outlet to drown their sorrows in a limited selection of booze which was selected especially for them by the BC’s state liquor politburo. If they get sick of this farce, mentally or physically, they will have to join the weeks or months-long line up for state-run, North Korean-style healthcare at the state hospital, and while waiting they will still be required to file and pay income taxes to support all the “poor” people. This is “freedom” and “justice” and “makes sense” to a socialist.

Me and my gang of “irredeemable deplorables” (TM Hillary Clinton, Progressive) have been warning of (and in my case, yelling and screaming about) this sort of socialist slippery slope all of our adult lives. And it’s been slipping every, single, day.

The headline of my article today is a another quote by Margaret Thatcher, speaking about socialists, right after her warning about socialists running out of other people’s money. But it really should have been the Globe and Mail‘s headline. Until it is — until we all see what’s going on and do a complete one-eighty — then spoiler alert: this farce is happening.


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SICK. CBC sends ambulance to revive their Hillary

Too much talk of Hillary Clinton being ill (and more to the actual point, lying about it) has caused a giant panic attack at the state-owned CBC. They did an official state media “Analysis” about this concern. cbc-sept-20-crop-hl-1

Don’t worry, ALL U.S. presidents have ALWAYS had HIDDEN health issues!

Here’s how the article begins:

Some critics have questioned Hillary Clinton’s fitness to be president of the U.S. because she came down with pneumonia. You gotta be kidding!

The state-owned CBC starts a supposedly serious “analysis” in this way, and WE’RE the ones who “gotta to be kidding?”

Even without a state-financed analysis of the situation, the CBC knows only too well the problem is not pneumonia (or even “the ‘flu,” as Bill Clinton tried to lie it off) — it’s Hillary and Bill Clinton’s (and team’s) constant lying and covering up. That’s the far bigger sickness. The CBC has no idea what other health issues (or other issues) she’s lying about or covering up. The CBC just takes it on faith that there’s nothing else, in spite of evidence of his and her past lying and covering up as a chronic problem.

The CBC knows they’re wrong on the very premise of this thing. And the really sick thing is that they know they’re wrong and go with it anyway, to try to infect you, the reader.

So here we have the state-owned media actually stepping up to protect liberals with a joke of an analysis — and put down her political opposition. Sounds un-Canadian to me — more like North Korean. But that’s just my analysis, and it wasn’t paid for with tax dollars so take it with plenty of water on an empty stomach.

Among the 43 U.S. president who they discovered through their exhaustive analysis to be just the same as Hillary Clinton are these six (yes six): Reagan, Kennedy, Cleveland, Wilson, Lincoln, and Washington.  No that’s it’s not “always,” but if you expect a fair “analysis” from the CBC on a political matter, you gotta be kidding.


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F-35 is actually far better looking than Justin Trudeau. And cheaper.

Here’s another quick review of little items of the day or past couple of days.

1. Let’s start with the most important Tweet of yesterday: mine. As usual, though, it’s not about me, but Justin Trudeau. It’s always about Justin Trudeau, especially to Justin Trudeau.

@JoelJohannesen - joel-tweet_09-14-2016

2. Then there’s “huge” David Akin’s “huge” Tweet of “huge impact”:

Trudeau says “huge” impact. Bloomberg says not so huge, at all. And so says the Fraser Institute as well. And others too. Because it didn’t make a “huge” impact. Except in Justin Trudeau’s head. Which is the most important impact of all.

3. Chinese-Sounding Names Alert! Headline in Globe and Mail: “Incomeless students spent $57-million on Vancouver homes in past two years” – code for Rich Chinese people with those Chinese-sounding names bought nice homes in Vancouver. My bolding follows:

… Late last year, [the NDP’s] Mr. Eby and Andy Yan, acting director of Simon Fraser University’s City Program, released an analysis of 172 transactions in three expensive Vancouver neighbourhoods during a six-month period ending last year. That study – which ignited controversy for screening buyers for non-anglicized Chinese names – showed almost a third of all occupations listed on titles held by a single owner was homemaker, followed by business people at 18 per cent and students at 6 per cent. …

Hey what about the non-anglicized Arab-sounding names? Or is it racist to ask?

I think the NDP have a lot more in common with Donald Trump and his extreme-vetting immigration plans and his warnings on China than they would like to admit.

4. I’m Not The Only One. National Post‘s Kelly McParland skewers the Ontario Liberals (there’s so many!). Ontario Liberals must share students’ growing problems with math. Last paragraph:

The net effect is that the Liberals are offering new subsidies to offset the damage caused by previous subsidies. It’s a house of cards that can’t be sustained. Unfortunately, this government’s time horizon only extends to the next election, in 2018. As always, what’s good for the Liberals trumps what’s good for the province.

…which sounds similar to my own laments from just today, apart from my Twitter quip about Justin Trudeau’s self-perceived handsomeness supplanting the military experts’ opinion of the F-35: “It’s always about Justin Trudeau, especially to Justin Trudeau.” And later, “Because it didn’t make a ‘huge’ impact. Except in Justin Trudeau’s head. Which is the most important impact of all.”


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Poll question #1: “What is your gender? Choose one.” Three choices offered.

Here’s a quick take on three little items today:

1. First up, a poll delivered to me yesterday with an odd third option — even for a west-coast Canadian polling company:

Hard to figure why polls are always so unreliable these days, huh?


Why not “Both”?  Or “A combination of five different genders”? And why not also ask “Do you even see yourself as a human rather than as a muskrat?”

If this is how you frame the question, why even ask? I mean besides just bending over for the liberal-left’s PC division. And given that propensity for the PC, how skewed could these poll results be? Pretty.nice_line

2. Hillary is “powering through it,” apparently. We know this, because she said so on CNN in a live tongue-bath by Anderson Cooper on Monday. And then all of Hillary Clinton’s multitudinous campaign staffers, surrogates; then her cable news anchors, and all her reporters repeated the exact same phrase for two days, each time saying it like it was their own phrase and like it was objective reporting. This sort of thing NEVER happens in Canada with the media’s Justin Trudeau (especially by the state-owned CBC, heh) so I thought I’d show you how The Washington Free Beacon captured it nicely in a great video:

Next up on CNN: Anderson Cooper takes another, even closer look at the “vast right-wing conspiracy” and how it’s so, like, real ‘n everything.


3. Passive-agressive and two-faced much? To be sure (real sure), Colin Powell has nothing even remotely pleasant to say about Donald 220px-colin_powell_official_secretary_of_state_photoTrump… or, it seems, many other people whom he previously led to believe were his friends. But among some of the emails revealed by DCleaks and reported on The Hill website (and now also most of the others which aren’t pure Clinton sycophants), Powell tells a “friend,” Jeffrey Leeds, that his erstwhile chum Hillary is “greedy” and has a husband, President Bill Clinton, who is still “dicking bimbos (according to the NYP)”. This, while he apparently emailed and offered Hillary friendly hellos and helpful hints on how to handle her government emails, etc.


Talk about your “bimbo eruption” (of a sort). And cue the bimbo-shaming outrage, but besides all that fun stuff… Suffice it to say that these pals — Hillary and Colin — and Bill — are not likely going to be palling around so much moving forward. Powell is not a happy Clinton warrior, say, in the style of CNN or its “reporter” Christiane Amanpour. And in return he won’t likely be getting that Seasonal Happy-Tree Greetings! card from Hillary this Christmas. Or a Christmas card from Trump (probably mostly because, you know, RACIST!!!!!).

Powell did vote for Obama. Twice. So Powell could be dead wrong about a lot of things. Except about Hillary.


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Special Delivery for Justin Trudeau: Boondoggle, Fifth Notice. Please Respond.

The smart business decision by the Harper Conservatives to reign in the state-owned, money-losing dinosaur Canada Post, changing postal mail delivery from door-to-door to community boxes, was ridiculed by the Trudeau Liberals (and then of course by their mainstream news media division) during the 2015 election campaign.

It was a huge plank in their election campaign. It was celebrated by the media. The Liberals would reverse the Conservatives’ decision — effective immediately after they were sworn-in — that’s how important they said it was. Damn the costs to Canadians! I’m handsome! 

Trudeau’s snarky post-election “Because it’s 2015!” was a ruse. The year is always 1947 when it comes to liberals acting irrationally to protect the big unions, state-owned businesses, taxing and spending, and any other liberal-left/progressive ideology.

The Liberals would add cover to their irrationality (and their media division would totally buy into it) by promising that after they resumed door-to-door delivery, they would set up an official federal task force (they’re liberals!) and order an official report, presumably proving to all the idiot conservative voters in the country that the Liberals were right. And then with the “science settled,” the debate would be over, much like with their “man-made global warming” “science.”

Today the report was released, totally refuting the hair-brained decision by the Trudeau Liberals to reverse the direction for Canada Post that the Conservatives had rightly begun.

…The task force said the post office could generate $762-million a year in savings or revenue gains from measures that include resuming the phaseout of delivery, selling 800 of its busiest postal retail outlets to the private sector, delivering mail every other weekday, and closing more processing plants.

… Reinstating home delivery for all Canadians would cost $1.2-billion a year. The task force said that, to do that, the post office would have to charge as much as $124 a year per home or raise stamp prices by another 50 cents on top of the increases it already needs to make. …

But it’s gotten to the point where when one of these things come up in the news making Justin Trudeau and the Liberals look even more ridiculous than we already knew they were, the question I have is where the Liberals’ media division — the Globe and Mail, National Post, CBC, CTV, etc., will bury the story, if they will even cover it at all. The Canadian news media takes its news-reporting cues directly from the instruction book of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s campaign industrial complex.

Luckily I found an article about the report, deep within the G&M this morning, under the “POLITICS” heading. Other headlines in that section: “Peter MacKay will not run for Conservative leadership,” and “Kevin O’Leary writes off Kellie Leitch’s candidacy.”

See it’s not really “news,” it’s just politics, implying that it’s just Conservatives making politics out of this — it’s not really serious “news” like it was during the campaign. The article was featured way below the web page scroll, past the business section and way under these important real-news stories which were featured as their top stories of the day:


Their man Obama is so very dreamy, but my golly I too hope Trudeau’s popularity can survive this post office story, because what I worry about more than anything is how Trudeau will look after news about his repeated failings are begrudgingly reported.

The state-owned CBC was even funnier but for different reasons. Yesterday they ran a Canadian Press story featuring the notion that Canada Post could be saved if only they were given the job of distributing…. POT!  Yessir, like this:

The four-member panel issued a discussion paper Monday that suggests a number of ways the letter carrier can turn its business model around, including distributing legalized marijuana and cutting back on door-to-door delivery in favour of community mailboxes — an initiative launched by the Conservative government in 2013 but scrapped by the current Liberal government.

No word on distributing crack, liquor, condoms, or porn… and cutting back on door-to-door delivery in favour of community mailboxes.

But here’s what they will deliver: whatever the liberals and the unions want. The idea that Trudeau or the Liberals would ever cross the postal workers’ union, the teachers’ union, the auto-workers’ union, or any left-wing outfit, is ridiculous. It simply doesn’t matter what Canadians generally think. Never mind this, because they won’t:

In spite of the controversy over phasing out door-to-door delivery, the task force report includes polling data suggesting a majority of Canadians (67 per cent) actually supports the idea of shifting everyone to community mail boxes.

I know 67% of Canadians don’t send money to the Liberal Party of Canada. But unions and their members do (or they donate to their Canada_Post_Mail-n-Burgersbrothers and sisters in Tom Mulcair’s like-minded you’ve got to be kidding party) — especially the unions and members working in state-owned “businesses” like the CBC and Canada Post. And even if these people didn’t donate, big labor unions and state-owned “businesses” are what makes liberals liberals. So eventually this will all be crafted to cede not to common sense, or to all Canadian taxpayers, or even to their sacred federal task force “report,” but to big labor unions and another state-owned “business.”

This union-related quote from the’s story, and second one from the G&M, stand out (my bolding):

CUPW also suggested a number of possible business models for revamping the mail carrier, including offering payday loans.

• The task force also rejected the idea of the post office getting into the banking business – an option the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is pushing hard.

So let’s watch for state-owned banks and state-owned loansharking on a national scale. (In Canada, not Cuba or North Korea.)

These extreme left-wing (can we say communist at any point?) ideas for state-owned banks and payday loansharking aside, thanks to the Liberals’ big federal task force, they will have to tackle the thorny issue of the science being settled and the debate being over. Oh but wait! They’ve ordered-up a months-long, cross-country chit-chat and chin-wag, in order to get feedback about this ever-so complicated matter from every Canadian! This will afford them the opportunity to “interpret” the “findings” any damn way they please. Bravo, Liberals.

Make no mistake. The Liberals will do what they set out to do. Yes, damn the costs. And it will pretty much be based on “I’m handsome,” and “it’s 2015” (or 2017, or 2020, or whatever).

I just hope Trudeau looks good and his precious popularity survives after all of this.


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Chinese call Justin Trudeau “little potato”. Well that’s one name.

potato-headThey said it was because his name sounds like potato in Mandarin (“tudou”).

So cute. Brings to mind Mr. Potato Head. Which is funny because Justin Trudeau always brought that moniker to mind even before being officially renamed by the Chinese.

poke-poppin_fresh_pillsbury_doughboyHere in Canada, Trudeau sounds like “true dough.” Like he’s real dough. So like the Dough Boy. Which is also appropriately emblematic.


But what do you call a prime minister who goes to China, where they have a terrible human rights record, and instead of firmly demanding changes, he equivocates and makes a weaksauce moral equivalency argument — an argument that only the dumbest of the Communist Chinese regime’s sycophants would make about Canada as a counterargument?

“(I) talked about the challenges, but also talked about the fact that Canada is not immune to criticisms on human rights, either,” he said during an on-stage interview during the event, hosted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

… He said he pointed out how a United Nations rapporteur put out a “scathing report” a few years ago on Canada’s treatment of Indigenous Peoples, of missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls and other challenges.

I’m not sure you call this potatoes or dough. I think there’s actually another word for this kind of thing. And it sounds like the english word for “total bullshit.”

While Conservative Stephen Harper was PM, the liberals harangued him at every turn, demanding he take the firmest possible stand against China and their record. The Liberals and their media division were all about the human rights. They lived for it. It was their thing. Pretty much their only thing. Liberal Irwin Cotler, the Liberals’ Critic for Rights and Freedoms and International Justice, wrote an op-ed as recently as the end of 2014: “Canada, Hold China Accountable For Its Suppression of Human Rights“.

When Harper visited China at about that same time, Canadian Press wrote this up:

Eight years after a newly elected Harper vowed not to sell out to the “almighty dollar” in China, the prime minister said he’s hardly let the Chinese off the hook despite inking an array of trade and currency deals worth as much as $2.5 billion over the weekend.

“You can rest assured that every single item that is important in the area of consular issues, human rights, governance, the rights of minorities — I have raised every single one of those,” he [Harper] told the media shortly after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Those are things on which we will continue to follow up and have ongoing dialogue.”

The case of Kevin and Julia Garratt is chief among those issues, Harper said after meetings at the majestic Great Hall of the People, located alongside Tiananmen Square, best known as the site of violent pro-democracy protests in 1989.

“That particular case is of significant concern to us, to Canadians, that’s why I raised it,” he said.

The Garratts, who have lived in China for 30 years, have been held without charges since August. Their detainment came just days after Canada accused the Chinese of spying on federal government agencies.

The couple’s son, Simeon, said Sunday that he had feared the Canadian government wasn’t putting enough pressure on the Chinese to release his parents. But later in the day, Simeon Garratt said those concerns had been assuaged after hearing from embassy officials.

“I am really glad with … the leadership role that Harper and I think the rest of the government has taken on my parents’ case,” he said in Beijing, where he travelled last week to time his visit to Harper’s.

“I know they are doing the best to get my parents released and get this resolved.”

I think I’ll just call Trudeau useless.

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Music class in Canada’s schools: I’m hearing an eh. But it sounds like an M.

Here’s the flat Globe and Mail headline this morning, the first day of classes:Mandatory music classes hit a bad note with some Muslim parents“.

The headline strikes a bad chord. A sour note.

Or to start this another way, Hi liberals! Your multi-culti country is changing its songbook, just like you ordered! Hope you like it! –Just don’t answer “YES!” too melodically so as not to offend anyone.

This demand on Canada and its schools by some Muslims would have Canadians singing a different tune from now on. Actually, no tune at all. For example…

…they cannot allow their children to be in the same room where musical instruments are being played…

One parent named Mohammad Nouman Dasu will send his children home from school (just to reaffirm: a Canadian school in Canada) rather than hear any music or learn about music in school. That’s because he said Muslim faith means hearing and learning about no music ever. Even in Canada.

Mohammad Dasu is a Koran teacher who also sometimes leads prayers at Scarborough’s Jame Abu Bakr Siddique mosque.

“We here believe that music is haram [forbidden]. We can neither listen to it, nor can we play a role in it,” said the mosque’s imam, Kasim Ingar.

Get that? It’s not like it’s just “haram” to play music  —  it’s “haram” to even hear it. Yes, he means in Canada! And by the way imam, we here in Canada say “forbidden,” instead of “haram.”  He went on:

…some matters, such as teaching music, are beyond debate.

“We do not compromise with anyone on the clear-cut orders and principles conveyed by the Prophet,” said Mr. Ingar, who also leads the Scarborough Muslim Association.

I love the “We do not compromise with anyone…” part. Which leads me to wonder wonder what else he teaches at that mosque, and what that Muslim association is all about. How many are affected by these ever-so moderate teachings?

And now here is the part where we amuse ourselves with the liberals. They will all be rolling their eyes by now, wagging a finger, and advising us all this freaking out over this is just so ludicrous! It’s just about music! It’s but another “isolated incident,” just “one guy,” an “extremist,” a “lone wolf,” and “you can’t lump all Muslims into the same Muslim pot” (or something equally as discordant), and of course that old refrain, “Most Muslims aren’t like this.” Then after about ten seconds, all of them will join together in a loud shrieking chorus of “racist!!!” — and another ten irrational seconds later, one idiot will say “Christians are even worse!” And then they’ll tootle off, back to to the website to click a thumbs-up on every yummy Justin Trudeau story.

Conservatives will see this is another installment of, well, what this guy wrote in the Globe and Mail article’s reader comments:

I suppose ‘reasonable accomodation’ [sic] is a euphemism-abbreviation for ‘gradual accumulation of gains until you finally obtain what would otherwise have been considered outrageous’.

They (conservatives) could point to any number of things as examples of this gradual accumulation of gains from one liberal corner or another: our ever-growing taxation; the ever-growing national debt; the size, influence and power of government over us generally across what is now the entire spectrum of our lives, including even our death and the pre-born too; the number of and scope of government regulations; the change in the very definition of our most fundamental cultural institution: marriage; the new government rule that being male or female is merely a “social construct” and “how you self-identify” or “how you feel about yourself,” and therein, the associated Islam - Bass Clef - F accommodations mandated upon us; and so much more.

And conservatives will also point out that it didn’t start with the school music classes, and it doesn’t end there either, and music is not even the point.

I’ll agree with liberals that this would be ludicrous and not even a thing, if Mohammad Dasu was a lone actor. One extremist. But he’s not (a lone actor). For one thing, Dasu teaches and sometimes leads his mosque’s congregation. And he’s collected 130 signatures on a “Petition for Accommodation of Religious Beliefs of Muslim Students.” He’s apparently working with Kasim Ingar, the imam of Dasu’s mosque, and Ingar also leads the Scarborough Muslim Association. So that’s officially a whack of people, and it’s exactly not a lone actor situation.

The only thing that would make this ludicrous –is that music is a hell of a foe to pick a fight with. It’s a cornerstone of our western civilization, and one of the foundational elements of Canada’s history and its culture. It’s a huge part of our way of life. I don’t care if 1,000 Muslims protested against hearing music — I think music’s place in Canada is pretty solid. Their efforts are hideously — ludicrously — stupid.

Except the foe they chose isn’t music. It’s our way of life. That’s the point. And liberals are tone-deaf when it comes to figuring that out and acting appropriately.

Scarborough’s Jame Abu Bakr Siddique mosque

Scarborough’s huge Jame Abu Bakr Siddique mosque

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Special Delivery! One Piece of Non Junk Mail!

Every once in a while, a little truth about unions and their tactics leak out a tiny little bit. You have to look for it. It’s like sorting through your mail — there’s so much total crap and junk, but the odd time, you find an actual piece of legit mail.

It usually has to come by special delivery. Like in the comments to the Globe and Mail article today on Canada Post’s labor union strife:

I am a female Canada Post letter carrier and I find it insulting how our union has misrepresented the term pay equity. Letter carriers walk over 20 km a day carrying mail door-to-door. It is very physically demanding, as a result, as we get older many of the female carriers transfer to inside clerk positions. Male letter carriers often make it to retirement walking. Most of us however, retire with major physical issues. The Urban carriers who drive deal with heavy traffic and higher mail volume have a significantly more challenging workload than the rural routers. Remember “rural” means country roads, farms, small towns. It is a lot different from driving in downtown Toronto.

The strife was partly about pay equity —  with the union demanding that rural postal workers (who are mostly women for whatever reason) be paid the same as posties who work in the cities.

To a normal person, pay equity means pay equal to those doing the exact same work with the same seniority and experience offering the same value. But the big unions are not normal people. They are referring to pay equity more like in the communist model, wherein every worker (and they yearn for all workers to be state workers, much like yummy Canada Post workers are already) gets paid the same — no matter what the difference is in the job, or the value provided. That’s “pay equity” for them.

< And here’s a gratuitous picture of Karl Marx. Karl_Marx-color-small

Both the union and the reporters writing about this know what the commenter knows. The jobs are not the same. But they don’t care. they’re driving an agenda.

It’s no wonder near the end of the article, they (1) bother to include; and (2) breeze right by the pertinent facts about an organized campaign supporting the union’s position, included some of Canada’s just oh so totally normal folks like “author” Naomi Klein, and “social activists” Maude Barlow and Judy Rebick. If you don’t know who these women are, I’m glad, but I’ve said in posts over the years that each of these women sound very much like communists to me (Maude Barlow | Naomi Klein | Judy Rebick –all posted by me eight or ten years ago but still worth their weight in gold delivered by CanPar).


The Globe and Mail doesn’t even bother attaching a “left-wing” or “progressive” or “socialist” to their names. That’s what you call junk mail. But hey Ann Coulter’s got a new book out  — guess they’ll simply call her an “author” too, in their upcoming review. (1) Yeah, as if; and (2) there will be no review, ever.  Oh and I imagine they’ll stop being so careful to warn its readers that the venerable old Fraser Institute is the “right-wing” Fraser Institute (eg., “…the Fraser Institute (right-wing or libertarian, depending who you ask)…”).

But let’s open our special delivery: “The union misrepresented the term pay equity.” You’d think that would be a news story worth looking into. A union member — a woman — is claiming that her own union is misrepresenting the facts, on an issue which we have been led to believe through years of left-wing rhetoric and propaganda (by the likes of Klein, Barlow, and Rebick, labor unions, left-wing parties, and
the news media) is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. Their multimillionaire Justin won’t stop talking about it, multimillionaire Hillary Clinton won’t either, and the you’ve got to be kidding party of Tom Mulcair won’t shut up (but then at least we’re on to them by now — they’re socialists; see above definition of “equal pay”).

So yeah, it’s a story.

But let’s not sit by the mailbox and wait for Mr. Postman to deliver us a letter. It will never be a story in any mainstream newspaper in this country, or on TV news. This is an industry totally consumed by liberal or even further left activists or sympathizers. All stories are written by one or more unionized reporters who belong to a massive and powerful union very sympathetic to liberals, socialists, or any left-wing, progressive politics generally. They are actually not mere unions but political parties. The Globe and Mail’s union, on a post at their union website: “As a Union, we worked hard to defeat the Harper conservatives…”. Think about that parcel post.

This is a story about a huge, unionized, state-owned, government-run operation, Canada Post, as written-up by unionized writers who belong to a huge left-wing union with an overtly left-wing, anti-conservative political agenda, in a typical liberal media newspaper. It’s a liberalfest.

Good thing there are still some union members willing to speak up and non-union websites (unlike news media sites) like PTBC, or we’d never get the whole truth delivered to our door.

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Globe & Mail’s John Doyle in reruns

In yet another episode of spot the smug disingenuity, we find the Globe & Mail TV critic John Doyle wishing Stephen Harper well, then, next sentence, bashing him over the head on the way out as a “master of attack ads”. Hang on –this could be a rerun. It’s so hard to tell because every episode is almost the same!

John Doyle fares poorly

Based on this nastiness and several previous Doyle episodes I’ve seen, I remain extremely skeptical that Doyle cares a whit about Mr. Harper’s future —  Harper being a Conservative and all.

This episode opens with this cynical “farewell” to a Canadian Prime Minister:

So farewell then, Stephen Harper, once Our Glorious Leader and, once upon a time, known to the more cruel among us as the man who appeared to put his hair in the fridge at night.

Nice. So maybe it’s all a big joke to him. But nothing says funny like the liberal hypocrisy of commenting on a man’s looks and mocking him on it. Do that to his Hillary — and it’s suddenly all deadly serious misogyny. (But call Sarah Palin an Alaskan hillbilly, as he did, and that’s fine. It’s a confusing series.)

Then Doyle tries again to pretend to wish him well but then not. Next paragraph:

Farewell then, and let us consider the legacy. Attacks ads, mainly.

Really? That’s “mainly” the Harper legacy? Political ads that attack the Liberals Doyle adores? He might be taking this a tad personally. The legacy Doyle would describe as “nearly a quarter century of honorable service to Canada” if he were any random government worker, all boils down to “attack ads,” for conservative PM Harper, in his esteemed TV critic mind. No wonder TV critics can’t write history books or successfully run the country for a decade, or, say, for even five minutes.

At least Harper’s attack ads had a limited run. I first noticed John Doyle’s in 2004, and they’re still in reruns, over, and over again in almost every article he writes about anything conservative that pops up on his TV screen and ruins his day. 

Doyle has long been a hostile attack ad against anything conservative — be it a person (his newest target: Donald Trump of course); a business (Fox News Channel — hates ’em!); or a political party — Conservative, Republican (a recent column is cheerily entitled Hell looks an awful lot like the Republican convention). If something conservative is on TV, Doyle reflexively writes something negative and condescending about it, usually something including snarky remarks about the subjects’ lack of intellect, or their “racism” or “sexism.” Or as he describes Donald Trump in one of many multiple-insult-a-paloozas:

…an amateur, right-wing racist demagogue…

I think it’s like the liberal who keeps calling conservatives racist, not because they really think they are, but because the liberal thinks it shields them from being accused of being a racist. How could I be a racist if I’m calling you one?!

It goes on with John Doyle: Hockey’s falling TV ratings? Blame Harper! And Conservatism!

…Further, hockey has been oversold as an aspect of patriotism. The Conservative government of Stephen Harper attached itself to hockey as a way of presenting itself as benign and in touch with so-called “ordinary” Canadians. And the NHL went along with this.

The upshot is the younger demographic associating hockey with old age, conservatism and the past…

If this Harper theory really works, I hope Harper writes a book about the CBC!

Like the rest of the newsrooms in Canada, after constantly and increasingly hating on conservatives, Doyle then overtly blames conservatives for being hated by the liberal media — for example in today’s effort, describing the retiring Harper as “increasingly hostile to all reporters during his years as prime minister…”.

Golly I wonder where in tarnation any “hostility” toward the media could possibly have come from! What an arse!

I mentioned 2004 being the year I first noticed Doyle’s attacks on anything conservative: That was when he attacked Fox News Channel on the mere possibility of it being un-banned in Canada by the Liberals’ CRTC division. Example: Fox News. Not here yet, but already hilarious.” FNC’s Bill O’Reilly commented on-air about the Doyle hostility.  He had every right to after Doyle charmingly wrote of O’Reilly:

We’ll find out if this Bill O’Reilly fella is as stupendously pompous and preening as he appears to be in the rare clips we see of Fox News.

That “Bill O’Reilly fella” now has a legacy of being one of the most successful and enduring anchors, authors, documentary producers, and charity fundraisers in recent times. And there’s more TV facts sure to displease John Doyle: a full dozen years after the Doyle attacks against Fox News Channel started, FNC is by far the number one cable news channel in the U.S., often doubling CNN and MSNBC combined in viewership; and it is obviously still doing well enough in Canada to remain on air, despite Doyle’s laughter at the sheer prospect of it, and his useless attacks. I suppose he’s still laughing now, but it’s fake laughter. Oh come on it was then too.

So he might need to reflect a little longer on Stephen Harper’s actual legacy (and then keep it to himself because he’s a TV critic).

Meantime, in some circles (besides mine) Doyle and his paper aren’t faring very well at all after their long run. The website recently ran a (tongue-in-cheek) article ending with this lament:

There’s more to media in Canada than the Globe and Mail, and the Globe is fading away as the media that matters. John Doyle won’t stop the rot.

Ouch. Hoist by his own petard. Not a great John Doyle legacy-building slam there, and not really a fair comment (and possibly not even supposed to be taken seriously —  apparently I have no idea what “hilarious” is). Take the politics — and maybe the hockey —  off of John Doyle’s TV and he’s a fine enough TV critic. But if actual facts and serious stories about the trend of the dying newspaper industry are believed, we might soon be bidding a farewell of our own kind to John Doyle and all the other staff at the Globe & Mail.

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“Lexus Liberals” – a funny by Conservatives… and then even funnier: the state-owned CBC comes to the Liberals’ rescue.

A Conservative Party with a sense of humor. In today’s email:


Dear Joel,

Last week we told you about the Liberals getting up to their same old tricks.

The Liberal Health Minister was caught red-handed doling out more than $7,000 in taxpayer dollars to one of her Liberal insider friends that worked on her election campaign.

We have an important update though!

When it was reported that Minister Jane Philpott was charging taxpayers for limo service around Toronto at an obscene rate, the Liberals moved quickly to ensure everyone got the story right, and pointed out that it was actually a Lexus, and not a limousine.

So to be clear: it wasn’t paying over $7,000 in taxpayer dollars to her insider friend’s limo company for a limousine rental – it was over $7,000 in taxpayer dollars to her Liberal insider friend’s limo company for a Lexus rental!

When we originally called Minister Philpott a Limousine Liberal, we should have called her a Lexus Liberal.

The confusion is understandable. We figured charging taxpayers $1,700 for a one day ride around Toronto from a limo company owned by her campaign worker was obviously for a limo.

We stand corrected. It was, in fact, $1,700 for a one day ride around Toronto from a limo company owned by her campaign worker – in a Lexus.

We regret the error.

Apparently the CBC gets these emails too.

Almost as quickly as the opposition Conservatives took to the offence and drove their email-list putt-putt to their subscribers, the Liberals’ state-owned CBC division got behind the wheel of one the mammoth taxpayers’ trucks and drove it right over the Conservatives and tried to kill ’em in a hit and run — apparently unaware that their hideous Liberal sycophancy is painted all over the side of the state-owned truck.

The CBC is smugly playing the silly-bugger here, just as the Liberal minister is  —  both of them on the taxpayers’ dime. They set about “reporting” not on their Liberals’ waste of taxpayer cash and their hypocrisy and possibly lies and certainly their overt lack of transparency, but focus instead on whether the Conservatives are justified in calling Liberals “Limousine Liberals.

The crack CBC team of investigative journalists went into action, simply repeating the minister’s own words in explaining whether or not this chauffeur-driven Lexus is, in fact, a “limousine”:

Philpott’s office has repeatedly refused to tell reporters what kind of vehicle a Toronto limousine service used in shuttling the minister around, saying only that it wasn’t a limousine.

Again, whether it’s called a limousine or not is not the point, and they all know it. But your trusty CBC continues to mow down the Conservatives, purposely missing the actual point. Reminder: they are being serious here, not joking:

While it can often be found in the fleets of limousine services, the Lexus ES 300 does not generally fall into the category of limousine.

Well thanks for that dynamite research on something utterly immaterial. But again, they’re playing on the false notion that what matters is whether or not it is a limousine, rather than the huge dollar amount blown, and the principle, and the hypocrisy, and lack of transparency….

They then try… to again continue to fake you out and make out like it’s all about whether it was a limo or not, using actual investigative journalism-looking techniques like using a special subheading within their report just to make their point, which is actually utterly immaterial (I had to use a screenshot here just because it is hard to believe):


Well they already instructed you previously that the “Lexus ES 300 does not generally fall into the category of limousine.” So this lecture is just getting boring.

But since the state-owned CBC failed, we come to your actual rescue:

Dictionary – Limousine
1. Any of various large passenger vehicles, especially a luxurious automobile usually driven by a chauffeur and sometimes having a partition separating the passenger compartment from the driver’s seat.

(And also, that’s exactly not the point, and they’re hypocrites, they’re unprincipled, they lack transparency despite their campaign promises… there, you’re rescued.)

The limousine science sides with the Conservatives. The CBC could have just looked it up. (Oh right…so they probably did look it up!). Can we agree it wasn’t a staffer driving her around in a Dodge Dart, or a taxicab — a Prius or Corolla driven by a taxi driver and costing $129, and instead it cost many thousands of dollars? No! They are stuck on stupid, or spurious.

And the CBC seems to realize that they can’t convince anybody about the veracity of either the Liberals’ claims or their own, so they just go right after the Conservatives directly, instead of going after the Liberals at all:

However, the promise to write a cheque and the revelation that the vehicle was a luxury Lexus hasn’t silenced the Conservatives, who have dubbed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government “Limousine Liberals” in fundraising pitches to party supporters.

Imagine those Conservative hacks not being “silenced” and continuing to call them “Limousine Liberals” — and trying to make money off this  — when the CBC has already stated quite clearly that the “Lexus ES 300 does not generally fall into the category of limousine.”

More stuff not covered in epic CBC investigative journalism:
Just in case you don’t know, a Lexus car is fancy. Liberal fancy. Most cost $60-90,000. Their top-of-the-line SUV goes for well over $105,000. Lexus is a Japanese car, and the ES300 is made in Japan. Not in Canada. So watch for the eight-part Passionate Eye series on how the Liberals hate Canada. Also, Lexus has a hybrid ES300 model called the ES300H. The environmentally-obsessed Liberals allowed their minister to drive around all day in non-hybrid car? Someone get Suzuki on the horn! That’s an abomination worthy of at least three weeks of reporting outrage about how the Liberals hate the environment.  Or at least it would be if we were talking about a Conservative minister.

Lexus ES300 like the one Liberals get driven around in for $1700 a day.

UPDATE (Aug 24 2016)

Ethics commissioner to examine Philpott’s use of car service

… “The issue of getting caught and paying the money back is secondary to the larger issue that ministers of the Crown are obliged to follow very clear rules on ethics to make sure that they’re not being seen to be giving preferential treatment to friends and insiders,” [NDP MP Charlie] Angus said.

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