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Ad Company warns us of sexual violation – and it’s due to CBC content! has been warned by what we’ll call “an Ad Company” that we’re in violation of a policy pertaining to lewd or pornographic content with regard to some content on our site — specifically one page or category of pages within our site.

Seems unlikely, right? We’re unabashedly conservative. Not a lot of porn being promoted here.

I won’t reveal the real name of the “Ad Company,” because they’ll probably shut us down somehow or other (we live in a world where institutions and companies are led by hard-core leftists and have been blessed with the power  — by lazy-ass or more often left-wing or hard-left governments — to basically control content and what you see and hear and read; and they do indeed have a propensity to shut down conservative people and sites, it seems excruciatingly obvious to us).

To wit:

[“Ad Company”] ads may not be placed on adult or mature content. This includes fetish content as well as sites that promote, sell or discuss sexual aids. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • sexual fixations or practices that may be considered unconventional
  • sexual aids or enhancement tools such as vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex games, inflatable toys
  • penis and breast enlargement tools

They might want to advise or warn the state-owned CBC instead of us. The Ad Company is referring to — and warning us about — material which we found on the CBC’s channels or websites, including photos from their channels and websites, which we wrote about — complained about — here, over the years. There were so many examples, we had to create a separate category just for them. So when we remembered to (and we didn’t always — there are far more than what we captured in this category), we categorized some of those articles about the CBC with the category “CBC Lewdity” — meaning those articles depicted examples of the state-owned broadcaster’s propensity to include lewd and basically pornographic or otherwise vulgar material — photos, videos, subject matter, etc — on their pages or channels. This “CBC Lewdity” category is exactly the category of pages the Ad Company is specifically referring to and warning us about:
Please check it out!

The Ad Company now specifically threatens to remove their ads — and therefore the revenue we derived from them — from our site unless we remove the “offending” material. Again, it’s material derived from our deadly serious critiques ABOUT THE STATE-OWNED CBC. Which leads us to wonder if they have “banned” the CBC as well.

Coincidentally, we all remember the salacious details contained within allegations against a certain (now former) employee of the CBC engaging in some weird sexual stuff. Here’s a snippet from this (now former) CBC employee Jian Ghomeshi’s own Facebook post, which, ironically, now likely places this website in further Ad Company “violation”:

[snip] … I have always been interested in a variety of activities in the bedroom but I only participate in sexual practices that are mutually agreed upon, consensual, and exciting for both partners.

About two years ago I started seeing a woman in her late 20s. Our relationship was affectionate, casual and passionate. We saw each other on and off over the period of a year and began engaging in adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission. We discussed our interests at length before engaging in rough sex (forms of BDSM). We talked about using safe words and regularly checked in with each other about our comfort levels. She encouraged our role-play and often was the initiator. We joked about our relations being like a mild form of Fifty Shades of Grey or a story from Lynn Coady’s Giller-Prize winning book last year. I don’t wish to get into any more detail because it is truly not anyone’s business what two consenting adults do. I have never discussed my private life before. Sexual preferences are a human right. … [snip]

… Let me be the first to say that my tastes in the bedroom may not be palatable to some folks. They may be strange, enticing, weird, normal, or outright offensive to others. We all have our secret life. … [snip]

Quoting the Ad Company here, it sounded somewhat like “sexual fixations or practices that may be considered unconventional,” and I imagine it just might have included the use of “sexual aids or enhancement tools such as vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex games, inflatable toys,” and perhaps tangentially even “penis and breast enlargement tools”. But if so, that’s on them and perhaps the CBC. Not us. I wonder if the Ad Company would similarly spank websites like Facebook, the site, and many others — which had a duty to report on that national story which was directly related to the CBC, and whose stories remain there, online, today.

We won’t remove the said content from our site because it is important information about a state-owned broadcaster — one which has been obsessed with sex and “sexual fixations or practices…” — and we feel as though we actually affected a change within that broadcaster resulting in their decision to stop broadcasting such total garbage. (But who knows — we have mostly stopped watching that far-left hellhole to save time and brain cells from destruction because most of the rest of their content remains “total garbage”).

Unfortunately, the Ad Company’s supposedly ingenious algorithms fail to understand even the most basic concept of “context” and so we must either dumb-down to their level, or lose their support and ad revenue. And dumbing down to their level would be a stupid editorial and managerial decision. So we will switch it up a bit and will change ad companies — or at least we’re hoping to be able to.  “Ad Company #2” has already turned us down without explanation.

And so here’s the link to support us:

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Far-left CCPA’s swank-fest: featuring CBC employee & former Parl Budget Officer Kevin Page

The far-left “think tank” called Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (wherein, as I’ve documented over the years, the so-called “alternative” is actually full-on socialism, but they’re too unctuous and opaque to just admit it), is having their annual “gala” shindig next month.  I’m invited!

It costs $90 each. You know, so the middle-class  —  sorry I think they call them “working families”  —  and single moms and the working poor can easily afford it, if I understand their notion of the “middle class” and “working families” and working poor correctly. The socialist advocacy group is not holding it in some swanky downtown hotel, but rather in an industrial area of Vancouver. Here’s a picture  —  it’s to the right of the collision repair place. Looks good and “working class,” right?


But just as with the CCPA’s name, there is an “alternative” reality here. Have a look at the inside. It’s no Trump Plaza, but see how the new “middle class” or “working class” and single moms and working poor attendees all suffer together as a community under crystal chandeliers and silken table cloths and fine china and silverware settings and crystal wine glasses with hardwood dance floors and a deluxe video and sound systems? “Raise the wage!”


Featured speaker? Kevin Page, the former taxpayer-paid Parliamentary Budget Officer. I’m not saying this says anything about his political leanings, but personally, I would not speak at a far-left rally. No matter what job I have or had. Ever.

Kevin Page

Kevin Page

Charles Demers

Charles Demers

The emcee? A patron of… guess who! The state-owned, taxpayer-paid CBC. Charles Demers, whose Twitter account profile reads like this: “Comedian; Author; Shrill Leftist; Creative Writing teacher; CBC’s The Debaters.

Strangely not at all strangely, the CCPA is sneaky here too. Here’s their description of Demers in their email to me, in which they leave out “Shrill Leftist,” together with “Creative Writing Teacher”:

“…Charles Demers—comedian, writer, and regular on CBC Radio’s The Debaters…”

A teacher and left-wing CBC’er coming to the aid of a another far-left-wing organization? That’s not new. Funniest line in Demers’ Twitter timeline?

So the CCPA does another head-fake, this time presenting the alternative reality that having this CBCer as an emcee is a new thing this year.

Wikipedia entry for state-owned CBC’s The Debaters?


I watched some video episodes of The Debaters, and found them to be exactly like the rest of the state-owned CBC. Asinine.  Here’s a line from the host of one episode of The Debaters, or Masturbators, or whatever they call themselves over there at the state-owned CBC, Steve Patterson:

CBC_Orb“It’s our celebration of CBC’s 75th anniversary! Yeah! That’s right! But CBC looks pretty good for 75, dontchathink? [tepid applause]  I think it looks like a ‘MILF’.”

Let me pause at this point in the taxpayer-paid CBC excitement, to explain to you what a “MILF” is, especially for those of you who aren’t regularly engaged in pig-like smut-talk and aren’t engaged in CBC’s apparent war against women.   According to pigs, assholes, and as described in Wikipedia, “MILF” stands for this:


The CBC anchor then went on to say:

CBC_Orb“Or as the Conservatives call her, ‘Mother I’m Loathe To Fund’.” [tepid audience laughter]


So will I attend? Yeah I might because $90 each is totally affordable for a conservative like me and my wife even after the mass-transit fares for the 2-hour bus trip to get there (a few miles away), and of course the sitter for our family of unicorns.

If you’re thinking of going, don’t forget this:

Thank you for your support. Tax receipts will be issued in early 2015 for a portion of the ticket price and the full amount of any donation.

Your tax dollars at work.

Vote liberal.


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Another new porn channel coming to Canada; Margaret Atwood, CBC’s Don Newman: silent

Anne-Marie LosiqueSo much of the progressive — the liberal, socialist, communist — set of political principles and their incessant social-engineering philosophy revolves around the orgasm.  And yet they’re so against smoking.  Being liberal is hard.  But apparently they like it that way.  This is about yet another new porn channel, and you can hear crickets chirping.

The last time we heard from the liberal-left progressive set (whose voices including even the left wing Order of Canada award-winning author Margaret Atwood), with regard to simple TV-watching, was when a new TV news channel was applying for a license.  They were outraged.  Morally. Outraged.  The TV channel was a conservative-tolerant news channel.  For shame, they cried, real loud.  Naturally the state-owned CBC’s politics anchor-slash-political opinion columnist and fellow Order of Canada award-winner Don Newman also chimed in with his own strong objections to a conservative-tolerant competitor to the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC.  That (opposing anything conservative) is what the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC is for, I have figured over time.

Today the Left are all silent on another TV channel.  It’s different.  This one is respectable to them, we are to presume.  It’s a sex-laden and all-out hard porn TV channel to further grace Canadians’ TV screens.  Apparently we don’t have enough gay sex, straight sex, group sex, porn, lurid, and salacious television yet in this country, in addition to MTV and the state-owned CBC’s own lewd ventures in sex-ridden broadcasting, which I’ve documented here over the years. 

By the way, I found out a lot about the woman behind the new channel, Anne Marie Losique (she’s seen at left, amongst the chains — I also have one of her amongst whips), at the state-owned web site, where they have a huge, glowing, gratuitous feature article about her for no apparent particular reason other than the fact that she’s a porn queen, and I guess they figure it behooves them to bring her to the attention of Canadian families.  It’s best for our nation to learn early on about the future Order of Canada award winners, I suppose! 

The CBC article begins, “Quebec television producer and star Anne-Marie Losique is no bimbo. But starting Jan. 12, the veteran cable TV host will star in Adventures of a Real Life Bimbo, a six-episode reality show…”, and goes on for over eleven hundred words.  They include two photographs of the porn queen, just to ensure we “Know more – know now” as their recent ad motto went. 

“It will be a blend of light and sexy fare, hard-hitting documentaries and late-night pornography,” the porno purveyor Anne Marie Losique swooned, according to a report about her plans for a new porn channel, at

As I mentioned, the Left — progressives, liberals, communist folks generally — recently once again demonstrated that they don’t tolerate — and demand that the government not tolerate — that they effectively ban — any voices (or even fully-clothed visages!) on Canadians’ TVs, other than far-left or “progressive” voices, and breasts, and other naked and intermingled body parts, apparently.  (If someone proposed a channel displaying naked conservatives or better yet, naked gay conservatives, would their heads explode?)

They fought tooth and nail and launched petitions and wrote letters and launched AstroTurf letter-writing campaigns to persuade their CRTC division, a beast of their own creation which was launched for just this purpose — not to allow SunTV’s bid to launch a conservative-tolerant TV news channel this year. 

Their CRTC division is not a mere licensing body.  It’s the authoritarian state regulator of what we’re allowed to watch on TV and listen to on radio and in what proportion of French and English and in what quota of “Canadian-made” and “foreign” (mostly American), and more.  Earlier this past decade, the Left fought to maintain the well-orchestrated liberal-left ban, through their CRTC division, against Fox News Channel and FNCs efforts to obtain a license to simply broadcast in Canada on a subscription basis to those Canadians willing to pay a premium to buy the channel.  The CRTC and its liberal/progressive masters were forced by likes of PTBC to finally relent –  more out of shear embarrassment and exposure of their censorable ways than anything, methinks. 

But that’s the progressives — the folks who claim to own the notion of “tolerance”, and claim to embrace freedom — for you. 

But back to porn!  Or not.  Well actually it is!  But not only porn.  Cooking! 

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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(UPDATED) SHOCKER II: CBC reports retail sales UP! (“But…”); and CONDOM sales are UP!


I believe they’ve turned a page.

In at least the second shocker of the day, the state-owned socialism-reliant CBC reported good economic news today, but again, they sandwiched it with “buts”.  Or maybe butt cheeks. 

Yes, U.S. retail sales were UP in January—and the CBC reported it.  You can tell, because their banner, which usually reads the likes of “RETAIL CRASH!” and “RETAIL TAILSPIN!” and “RETAIL DISMAL!”  and “CAPITALISM IS A FAILURE!”, to wit…

image  image
image  image

this sales are up story is accompanied by a banner which reads… “RETAIL”, to wit:


And of course the language is priceless. 

“And a surprising thing happened last month in the U.S.!…”  (Well not nearly as surprising as you reporting it, Mizzz Lee).

Shortly after she got over the “surprise”, Mizz Lee advised us (and I quote) “But it could just be a blip!” 

This was followed by the business reporter inventing all manner of excuses —on behalf of the capitalism is dead! set’s mantra, perhaps —to helpfully explain the “blip”…  such as the “fact” that it could just be (and I quote) “suddenly frugal Americans may have waited for the January sales to rummage through the discount bins for everything from food to clothing and electronics and maybe also to spend their gift cards!”  (Yeah it must be something weird, since you all have been trash-talking and FEAR MONGERING since I don’t know when). 

She went on:  “Some analysts don’t buy the idea that the January sales bump can be sustained. Stock investors aren’t impressed either, major markets are ratcheting up losses again today!”  [UPDATE AT STOCK MARKET CLOSE: Dow dropped all of 6 points.  That’s a “ratcheting up” of a loss of 0.08 percent or eight-tenths of one percent.]

Then the primal base liberal urges emerge, as she talks-up the favorite liberal-left cause of all: booze and sex.  Yes condoms and condom sales are “u-up, Nancy!”. 

image  “Two other business that do well in hard times:  booze and sex!!  Sales at Diageo, the world’s biggest spirits maker were up at the end of last year, Nancy, as markets were falling apart, and condom sales were also u—up, uh six percent in January—this is according to uh the Nielsen company which should know these things I guess!”  [Laughter and giggles from both]

CBC anchor Nancy Wilson:   “Not touching that—not touching that at all but interesting to know!!” [Laughter and giggles from both]

CBC business reporter Jeannie Lee:   “Well you know ‘personal stimulus package’ I say!” [Laughter and giggles from both]

CBC anchor Nancy Wilson:   “Oh very good!  Very good!  I can’t top that!  I won’t try!”  [Laughter and giggles from both]


As if to prove they’re just barely short of crass, depraved, sex-obsessed liberal asses from Saturday Night Live, with no sense of journalistic propriety on the supposedly serious taxpayer-owned and funded “news” channel, the ever so subtle Jeannie Lee, in her next “YOUR BUSINESS” segment update, expands on the, gee, golly, GIANT BIG AND LONG AND HARD AND WARM PENIS ERECTION? (there you go, clever Mizzz Faux Prude) theme.  In the next segment, she added this hard news: 

imageCBC Business reporter Jeannie Lee:  “If the soft economy has you staying at home, throwing an extra layer on to stay warm, join the club!  Sales of condoms were up… more nesting, more need for cheap entertainment … and more need to avoid a BIG and LONG expense nine months down the line!  ..One condom maker is … offering more coupons to print on its web site Andrew, if you want to play it safe, fiscally and physically!”

CBC News anchor Andrew Nichols:  [blushing and looking sheepish] “Aren’t they clever.  ‘Cheap entertainment’ though?“ 

Business reporter Jannie Lee: “Well cheaper than, you know, your $300 dinners that I used to go to!” 

CBC News anchor Andrew Nichols:  “All right Jeannie, thanks very much.” 

Great.  Now we learn about Jeannie Lee’s sexual escapades, in which she used to be entertained by $300 dinners, and now finds casual sex a cheaper form of entertainment. 

I’m not real sure the news anchor and the business reporter should engage in crass, cheap sex talk in the middle of my morning coffee, on a state-owned, publicly-funded news channel.  Actually I’m absolutely sure of it.

•  State-run media email contact form for complaints:
•  Find your MP Email and other addresses

No word so far from the CBC reporters and anchors about the actual joining of penises with VAGINAS, though, since that would be inappropriatepolitically incorrect— and no doubt strictly forbidden according the CBC style guide, in deference to the homosexuals, transsexuals, those who decry “sexual identity”, and the other elements of their viewer base. 

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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NDP candidate: “I like the part in Schindler’s List when the guard starts waxing the prisoners”

image Liberals complained that the candidate for Jack Layton’s you’ve got to be kidding party, Durham, Ontario candidate Andrew McKeever, posted some bad things on his MySpace page. 

They say he wrote:

“I like the part in Schindler’s List when the guard starts waxing the prisoners”.

Aside from MySpace, apparently in his FaceBook page (what is this guy—a girl?)  he indicates that his political views are “Baathist”, which is the political party of Saddam Hussein.  Surely the NDP would OK that since they would have Saddam Hussein in power right now if they had it their way…

But he wrote personal comments to folks like these:

“Answer a direct f**king question you c*nt. I can guarantee, if I ever see you face to face I will make you squeal for the same authority you have such a baseless disdain for.”

And this “tolerant” and “compassionate” “progressive” thing: 

“Boyd if I ever see you anywhere in Toronto I will kick the sh*t out of you.”

And on July 18, of this year he wrote: “I can say anything I want on here, as long as it is predicated properly, and avoids some of the more obvious subjects.I can type what I like.  I can also (as in this case) copy and save the entire body of this message to cover my ass, should you in fact choose to make an issue out of it.  Which you may or may not.  I would advise you not to bother.”

Hey I wonder if this is “predicated property”.  Huh.  Hey I wonder what “predicated property” is!  Well anyway, he also wrote:

“You people are f**king knobs.  You can censor me as much as you like.  I will keep posting.  I will not be silenced.  And, you will see, with the passage of time of course.that I will prevail.  Well, not me per se, but one by one the traitorcriminaldesters will be sent back down south to dance the music.”

Sounds like the NDP and Liberal Party and other lefties who try to wreck this place daily! 

And the Liberals complain that he lists his hero as “George W. Bush.”

Now, it’s unclear which of these things Liberals find most offensive or weird, or what exactly put the NDP leader Jack Layton over the top and made his candidate quit.  Or whether it was simply the fact that the guy and his opinions were made public. 

There’s scant information in the media about this.  Both the Toronto Star and the CBC posted the world’s smallest story about it today.  No reporters have been heard to ask Jack Layton repeatedly, over and over and over again, if this fella’s views “reflect the values and the policies of the New Democratic Party”, or whether this indicates “a possible hidden agenda” for that party, or if Jack Layton “shares his candidate’s views”.  You know, the way they absolutely would have asked Stephen Harper, over, and over, and over…


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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CBC afternoon show: host says “bullsh*t” three times, “up my as*” (…and that’s just the beginning)

Haven’t written about the CBC’s The Hour in a while because there’s so much other hate and salacious crap to cover at the CBC, I can’t keep up….

The state-owned CBC show The Hour, starring George Stroumboulopoulos, is apparently a show geared toward Canada’s young useful idiots, and seems to be meant as what the CBC suits must think is a groovy way to breed more of them;    to indoctrinate Canada’s youth to the liberal-left anti-Bush anti-America and anti-conservative world view.  A sort of “early learning” (—wink!) entertainment program.  Judging by the laughter in the audience at the mention of each Bush-bashing or conservative-bashing “joke”, they’re all on board, and it’s all working out marvelously.

It was shown today on the CBC Newsworld channel (it’s “news”!) at the hour of 2:00 PM PT.  When all the kids can watch it at home.  It’s great now that the kids are out of school. 

George Stroumboulopoulos proceeds to do a “comedy” piece in which he shows a Islamist jihadist cartoon which is routinely played in the middle east for the kids, which is clearly used to indoctrinate the kids there… to hate George Bush and America and the West in general and engage in Islamic jihad. 

This indoctrination is a serious threat, actually, it’s not a joke of course.  But George Stroumboulopoulos makes it a joke, this cartoon in which one character kills George Bush at the end (and The Hour audience laughs uproariously as egged-on by Stroumboulopoulos). 

Demonstrating his simple-mindedness, Stroumboulopoulos makes out like conservatives who speak out against this kind of crap should all just “chill:”, and “take a pill”, and “relax”, because after all, this is all just a joke—a cartoon—not unlike the Roadrunner cartoon.  He seems to completely fail to grasp —or at best he butters up— the notion that the cartoon is actually one that is designed to indoctrinate children in the middle east —it’s their own “early learning” (—wink!) program to get the kids to grow up hating the West and hating America and hating George Bush, and that they should kill Westerners in an Islamic jihad. 

What a gas. 

image - Stroumboulopoulos puts air quotes around 'mind'Stroumboulopoulos:  ”… Obviously it’s a pretty dickish move to brainwash your kids to kill people … But I know that a lot of American network people were going off on this one, yer

[Fox News Channel’s] Bill O’Reillys [he says it as sneeringly as is possible], and yer [Fox News Channel’s] Sean Hannitys [he says it as sneeringly as is possible], and some other guy, they were losing their collective mind [he said “mind” with over-emphasized air quotes around the word “mind” as seen in photo at right]

, so I mean it’s important for The Hour to take a stand on a show like this.  We here on our program do not advocate the killing of anyone on a kids’ show, unless it’s death by anvil or a piano falling from a cliff.”

[Uproarious audience laughter]

The cartoon is shown on a television station operated by Hamas—the Islamic Palestinian terrorist organization.  (Find it at or YouTube?).  And a sidebar question:  Is it CBC policy to mock and denigrate personalities at competing networks?  Is that in the national interest?  (Seeing as it’s Fox News Channel personalities, I imagine it’s another one of their “Canadian Values”).

Later, Stroumboulopoulos does a “news” segment—it’s of course news of interest to the his target audience—the useful idiot MTV set. 

• “…Stevo [of “Jackass” movie fame] has sent out an email to his friends and loved ones apologizing for hurting them with what he calls quote, a bunch of manic bullsh*t

[with Stroumboulopoulos saying the full word]

image - graphic says 'bullsh*t' but host says whole word anyway
• “…In a recent interview, DMX claimed he had no idea who Barack Obama is!!  Never heard of him!!  And I quote, quote…  I’mma tell this blank when I see him, stop that bullsh*t

[the on-screen graphic had the word typed as I did, as you can see from the screen capture at left, but George Stroumboulopoulos said the whole word on air anyway], stop that bullsh*t [saying the whole word again on air even though the graphic had it edited out]

• “…But seriously, Mel went on to say, I knew this girl was in trouble, so I sat down with her, and looked into those say eyes, and said, how can I help you, sugar tits?”

• “…remember that time you were supposed to stick a Taser up my ass and electrocute my colon, but you got so high didn’t show up, so Kevin the sound guy had to do it?… 

And so it went. 

The CBC:  Good family and Canadian values.  On your dime. 


Even the very liberal and anti-Bush and not-at-all pro-American MSNBC news network, which is prone to mock and make “comedic” jokes about Bush whenever possible, reviewed that same cartoon …with utter disgust.

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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PTBC readers wonder if CBC execs get free BALL WAXING with stay in luxury hotels

Thanks to several emailers like Lorna who wondered if at the prices the state-owned, state-run elites at the CBC pay, they get extra services like the ones promoted and presented on the CBC… like Ball Waxing

CBC executives live it up at taxpayers’ expense

OTTAWA—Executives at Canada’s public broadcaster have run up huge bills staying at luxury palace-like hotels in Europe where rooms go for a staggering $800-plus a night.

Documents obtained through Access to Information show former president and CEO of the taxpayer-funded CBC, Robert Rabinovitch, enjoyed a five-day stay at the posh Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel in Turkey.

The stay in September 2006 cost $4,377 to enjoy the hospitality of one of the world’s most luxurious resort accommodations.

The hotel’s website entices potential visitors with the promise of “a personal butler for each guest, award winning cuisine” and “luxurious facilities.”


Lee also billed the CBC about $200 for something called “Kosmetik” during her stay. Chambers could not explain the expense, but staff at the hotel said it was likely for the purchase of skin lotion or another cosmetic product.

State-owned, state-run media should be banned in this country, and that should be enshrined in our constitution. 

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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CBC Sunday (“news”): The perfect day to talk about the c-word (and I don’t mean Christ)

CBC gals Carole MacNeil and Evan Solomon PTBC reader Sammy writes in telling me that today, Sunday, on the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC News program called “Sunday”, the gals (Carole MacNeil and Evan Solomon) are chatting about the far leftist ass Jane Fonda.  As we know, Jane Fonda, who notwithstanding her American-ness, is a “Canadian Value” owing to her being a rabid conservative-hater and Bush-hater and a far leftist and possibly a communism-lover.  Yummy.  Besides, like so many liberals (there and here), she seems to hate America.  So she’s perfect

She’s in the news this week because on the NBC network’s “Today” show last week, she uttered the word “c_nt”, live for all the folks and their kids to hear with their moms and grandmas, to much giggling from the other gals on the set. [The fantastic blog writes it up with video—caution: language].  She was talking about her role in the vulgar feminist tripe called The Vagina Monologues.  (The gaffe went out live to the entire east coast but was bleeped out by the time the west coasters tuned-in.  Show host Meredith Vieira never called her on it, simply laughed, but later apologized on Fonda’s behalf.  Fonda remains unrepentant.)

The state promotes their fabulous upcoming segment about it on the multi-gazillion-dollar state-run which is open to one and all of all ages as follows:

The “C” Word

Is it really such a big deal that Jane Fonda said the “C” word on television? We debate whether the movie star and activist broke a taboo that’s outlived its purpose.


And golly, how “progressive” of the liberals and socialists at the CBC. You see, we’re baited by the state that we should really question whether it’s actually such a big deal to break down yet another barrier to decency, now that the left has broken down just about all but not quite of them yet.  And it’s established that perhaps not saying vile, disgusting things on public television has “outlived its purpose”.  Let’s chat about it amongst our families on “Family Day”! 

Hey by the way, the state?  They’re the ones who want to mandate a national, universal taxpayer-paid state-run child care (and “early learning” —wink!) social program and look after your kids, so as to set your children up right and “progressive”! (…and learn ‘em to be reliant on the state from age 2 onward, which is a “Canadian Value”… and perhaps learn all about the c-word!…) 

Anyway, I replied to Sammy saying that I think the “Canadian Value”-promoting CBC would rather have Canadian families talk about that c-word rather than what they consider to be the other C-word that some families talk about on Sunday, like at church. That C-word is absolutely verboten. Especially on Sunday.  And especially on the state-owned media, “church ‘n state”, and all. 

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

Coincidentally, they invited “our” columnist Barbara Kay, who is good and conservative (and an expert at language and literature and so on, and brilliant), who of course objected to the use of the word on TV and explained why very well.  And as the CBC and other liberal-left media nearly always does, they of course felt the need to buttress and debate and buffer and filter her good words with none other than a very “progressive” sex columnist.  A sex columnist would, apparently, according to the CBC, have something of value to add to the lovely Sunday morning chat for our families.  She didn’t.  She thought using the word was terrific. 


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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CBC mandate check: “Bisexual Virgins: Crossing the Line”—Tuesday on CBC Newsworld

It’s the liberal-left’s state-owned, state-run CBC.  It’s on their “The Lens” series.  On Newsworld. It’s news!  So it must be one ‘o them “Canadian values” the liberals are always on about. 

Checking the upcoming schedule for CBC TV asininity, and came across this gem which the CBC Newsworld—all news, all the time—channel (because nobody else in Canada but the state can do this newfangled “news” thang) is broadcasting next week: 

Tuesday February 19, 2008 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

Here’s a photo of what I guess we can expect to see.  It’s from the producer’s web site—but not included in the preview page about the documentary—which is a tad ironic since the big CBC series is called “The Lens”. 

CBC 'Canadian values'

Judging from the photo of mostly naked homosexual chicks making it on a bed, I’m quite sure it’s within the CBC’s mandate.  [sarcasm: off]

It does seem to assent to the CBC’s apparently insatiable (pathological?) desire for showing you and your family full-on nudity and new forms of kinky sexual prowess, not unlike their Ball Waxer video in which they explained to our nation’s young set, through graphic video, how our nation’s young men can get their testicles waxed.  (If you didn’t know ball waxing was a “Canadian Value”, you don’t watch the state-owned state-run media enough). [And there’s much more CBC lewdness here].

The web site about the documentary opens with a quote from an academic in Toronto. 

“I think bisexuals and bisexuality is quite invisible and it’s very likely that there are far more bisexuals out there than we know.  They may even be some kind of silent majority.”
– Corey Silverberg, Sex educator, Toronto

Yes you heard it here first, you dumb straight-laced Canadian clucks.  Bisexuals may even be the silent majority!  Again thats the majority.  Thank you CBC.  Newsworld. 

image Since I was so surprised that I was suddenly in the minority, I looked up the CBC’s quotable information source, and found that the good Corey Silverberg is, among other more erudite things, the founder of a “worker co-operative” sex toy shop in Toronto.  That’s a glimpse of one of the typical offerings at his online store, at left.  No, I didn’t order that Fleshjack, um, thing, Mr. Silverberg, even if you are “proud to present the Fleshjack Classic Jack Ass. The Fleshjack is the patented original Fleshlight insert, now with a bum-style opening and black stealth case.” ($75—available in pink and clear, rush delivery available for you liberals in a hurry).

One of his partners, Gill Lamon, organized the national “Masturbate-a-Thon”.  That’s nuanced, huh?  Hey I wonder if there were some o’ them big old liberal state government sponsorship of progressive things logos at the big festival!  Vote liberal!

There’s so much to learn about my Canada.  That’s why we need the CBC and Big Honkin’ Tits magazine. 

Anyway, the web site then helpfully teases (ahem) their big presentation:

Bisexual Virgins: Crossing the Line is a one-hour TV documentary filmed in Toronto that follows two young women, Tina Ames and Samantha Smith, as they finally break through their inhibitions to explore the world of bisexuality.


The film offers insights into the free-wheeling world of Toronto’s bisexual scene where two women, Tina and Sam, explore the complex issue of sex – they examine and act on their repressed sexual feelings to try and make the decision on their identity – are they heterosexual or are they bisexual?

“I’ve done the hot and heavy with men. It doesn’t interest me anymore. I’m looking for something more, something that’s deeper.”
– Sam Smith, 23, bi-curious

Oh thank God somebody in the media is finally exploring the world of gay sex.  It’s what’s missing in this country.  Thank God taxpayers pay in excess of one BILLION PER YEAR to the CBC to come up with this vital, essential service and essential product for me and my family.

The production was made by a private firm “in association with CBC Newsworld”.  Your tax dollars at work. 

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.  


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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State-run CBC new series—features nudity and stupidity; as nearly all CBC shows do.

Heard on the state-run CBC Newsworld (all news, all the time) channel (so you know it’s (a) “news” and (b) important for Canada and (c) being from the state, it’s gotta be true, and valuable for Canadian consumption on an intellectual level):  A new CBC TV series starring one of the CBC’s state-employed jokers or so-called “comedians” named Mary Walsh (so-called “comedian” by the CBC itself, of course—but as a Canadian with taste I can’t personally attest to her being in any way funny even though I am forced to pay her with my tax dollars to amuse me and my compatriots) asked for 500 folks in Newfoundland to show up at an outdoor spot and to then strip totally naked for the CBC cameras, yet again. 

SIDEBAR NOTE:  This is only the most recent in a very long list of blog entries about which the CBC has delved into nudity and/or pornography and/or sexual themes, or the like.  Recently, a “news reporter” injected herself into a story and ended it actually doffing all her clothes and blotting the screen with her own nudity.  I am working on assembling as many of my CBC-related blog entries into one category which allows me to provide on convenient link to them for all Canadians, but I’ve now decided to also created a sub-category which assembles just the ones which expose the CBC’s propensity to exhibit pornography and gratuitous sexuality and nudity and/or lewd themes.  I believe it will expose their obsession.  This little project will take some time as there are so many such blog entries to categorize.  Send money.

Only about two dozen (seemingly mostly fat old people) showed-up, but that’s OK because the CBC likes to shoot naked people from as close as possible without pubic hairs literally scraping the taxpayer-owned camera lenses, so it looked like there were lots of naked people.  (As usual, whenever the call goes out—normally from some nutbar and self-proclaimed “artist”—who is inevitably fully government-funded—the people who show up for these nude shoots are all the community’s fattest, oldest, personal grooming-challenged, or butt-ugliest people.  All the women seem to have copious armpit hair, and it always appears to me that from appearances alone—to say nothing of the smell which I mercifully know nothing about—few of them have showered in days. I guarantee you none of them vote conservative in any election, ever, and I’ll bet few of them pay taxes. 


Here’s a screen-capture of the valuable Canadian culture (which even the state-employed CBC’s state “comedian” acknowledges was an idea modelled after an American “artist’s” idea.
Please note that despite all the “man-made global warming”, the nudist nutbars all complained about the bitterly cold weather.

The state-run CBC and the people who work there, as I’ve shown over and over, are obsessed with showing full nudity, and crass, cheap crap-posing-as-art, repeatedly.  On “Newsworld” and on the normal 800 other CBC channels nation-wide.  On your dime.  On national television.  They’re really raising the bar over there at the state-run state-owned state-funded CBC!  Providing Canadians with a much-needed government service.  Living up to their mandate. 

It seems to me: they keep trying —and they have for years— to break down the last remaining barriers of decency and to continue to lower the standards of broadcasting; They dig, hit bottom, then dig some more;  They tear down the church—even at Christmas, they build up pot smoking;  They tear down conservatives, they build up liberals and socialists and other “progressives”;  They append “so-called” to the term “war on terror”, but ensure that there’s no ambiguity on “man-made global warming” by talking it up 800 times per day (even while accepting ads at their multi-gazillion-dollar web site for jet-fueled vacations in far-away places);  They tear down morality and standards at every opportunity (or invent new opportunities using their state-funded creative genius as above), and they promote gratuitous nudity, cheap valueless entertainment, radicalism, and anti-establishment behavior;  Nearly every single thing they do—every word, every news report, every documentary (or repeats, as in the case of the Michael Moore documentaries which have been repeated 8,000 times), every “special” they produce—seem to come from a liberal-left or far, fringe-left political and social standpoint.

I could go on, but since I’ve already written tens of thousands of words exposing the CBC for the disgrace and embarrassment and for the damaging to our national psyche and culture agitprop institution that it is, only abject far-leftist/socialist sycophants and totalitarians without standards do not agree with me by now that state-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.


You know it’s news because the news report ended with the sacred CBC News logo

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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A state-run CBC replete with an infatuation for sex, nudity, leftist propaganda

UPDATE (March 20, 2008): Relevant screen captures, which illustrated the reasons for my comments in this review, and which exemplified the main thrust of my critical arguments, have been removed, due to a threat of a lawsuit (citing “copyright” violations) from the law firm representing the documentary’s host and the documentary’s production company—see below.

I’m sure if an officer of the law walked in at that moment, I’d be arrested on the spot and thrown in jail for some sort of sexual/pornographic assault or some such crime against the young neighbor girl who was visiting us.  If her mom or dad walked in, I’d be whacked flat onto the ground instantly. And I’d have understood completely. 

This past Friday evening at 7:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (and the time is key), me and the neighbor girl from down the street were chatting and watching the state-run (also a key fact) news channel called “Newsworld” (also a key fact), when we were presented with video of a man, totally frontally naked, running in extreme slow motion (also a key fact) just past the CBC cameraman, thus enabling an excruciatingly painfully close, detailed view of the man’s appendage flopping around as he ran, with the camera following him as he ran past a line of women who were also totally naked, standing there in protest against something.  Again, this was all in slo-mo. 

The young neighbor girl was shocked and then amused.  I was not.

It wasn’t a “news” story per se, as most things on the CBC—“Newsworld” or not—are not.  It was another brilliant CBC “documentary”.  Upon later review, I found it was called “Naked”.  It was all about naked people being naked in public.  The entire “documentary” was filled with scores of naked people—which the CBC showed us in vivid full-frontal graphically nude fashion. 

It wasn’t entirely about naked people though—it was manifestly another excuse to show methods by which Canadians and Americans can protest George Bush, and anything else you find offensive.

The “documentarian”, Mary Bissell, didn’t simply educate us objectively about these protest methods, as a proper journalist would do on any porno channel run by far-leftist militants.  No no.  She injected herself right into the story by—you guessed it—taking off all of her clothes and then posing for the cameras—leg lifted and spread in some weird tree-hugging photo-stunt, and most everything exposed, albeit mercifully from some distance so we couldn’t see absolutely everything her gynecologist sees.  On the state-run CBC Newsworld channel at 7:00 PM on Friday.

She was one of them.  A protester herself.  This time the protest was fallaciously portrayed as being against the B.C. government totally ruining a whole geographically significant whack of owl and eagle-laden Canadian land near Vancouver—in order, they reported, to do nothing but cut the drive time to Whistler by three minutes.  Which of course is a total lie.  But who cares?  I’m quite sure most sensible people with taste simply switched channels at this point, but some watched her getting her picture taken for a nude calendar, and watched as she wrapped her nude body around a tree in a twist on “tree hugging”.  I guess this was a sort of “tree fornicating”. 

And in fact, I really don’t see what is stopping the fringe leftists at the insane state-run CBC from doing a documentary about that next.  A “documentary’ about folks having wild monkey-sex in the middle of parks and our streets and all over our public squares.  Simply find “a good reason” for doing it—like protesting morals generally, or Christian (or plain old normal) traditional Canadian values—or hey I know—protest parents who try to raise their kids to be such suck-up innocents, and get them into the real world of “progressive” liberal bare-ass and bare-sex-organ state-run TV “news”. 

What’s to stop them? 

Here are some screen-captures of the “documentary” on CBC called Naked, broadcast at 7:00 PM on Friday September 21 2007.  In each case, I “blurred-out” the frontal nudity—the CBC did not—they showed it all:


The documentary’s host/star and production company (the CBC merely commissioned the piece) had their lawyers send a “demand letter” to me threatening to sue me if I failed to remove the relevant screen captures from this article.  They cited the fact that I failed to get permission from them to include them.  In my critical review of this documentary.  Which was shown on the state-owed CBC.  In prime time.

My feeling was and still is that under Canada’s “fair dealing” laws, fair use of such material is permitted when the purpose is fair, and it is a review or a criticism of the material; and in this case the relative importance of screen captures to exemplify the validity of my editorial arguments is rather obvious.

However, since I have lack the funds necessary to fend off this, the latest PTBC-related legal threat, I chose to abide by their demand and remove the screen captures, which were below.  I left some of the illustrative text where the screen-captures were.

The “documentary opened with this sight—which the CBC showed with full frontal nudity in very slow motion.  Why?  I think it’s because they’re perverted and don’t care about you and your family and what you think.  I blurred-out the frontal nudity—the CBC did not. 


“No Bush” refers to President Bush—but I’m sure the perverts at the CBC enjoyed the pun. 


Here is our “documentary” host Mary Bissell—second from left—injecting herself right into the story by taking off her clothes and posing with some other moonbat protesters for a cause she thinks everyone should believe in.


Here is our “documentary” host Mary Bissell injecting herself right into the story by taking off her clothes and doing a tree—for a cause she thinks everyone should believe in.


Here we see the ubiquitous big nanny-state liberal government propaganda logo logo—other “sponsors” were of course the state-run CBC and state-funded Telefilm Canada—which Canadian law forces private cable and satellite distributors to contribute to monthly.  Also as you can see, additional help was provided by tax breaks from the Liberal B.C. Government and the liberal Canadian government—on top of all the other government/taxpayer cash to present this total crap.  It was pretty much a totally state-funded (that’s communist-style) propaganda piece for you Canadians—and your children. 


As we can see here, it was actually “commissioned by” the state-run CBC Newsworld.


Here are some other blog entries exposing the CBC and their perverted notion of what they think are “Canadian values” and their mandate:

State-run CBC in new sex series… 

The CBC Prez: We did NOT have sexuality on that network, the CBC (except testicle waxing…)

CBC is the depraved channel

“Canadian Values”, liberal-left style, again

Depraved programming accessible to our nation’s kids; brought to you by…

Once again let me remind Canadians of the obvious:  State-run and state-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

You can write a comment to the CBC here.  Or maybe just take off all your clothes, get someone to take your nude picture, and send them that picture in protest.  (I’ll bet you’ll get a call from the police if you do that—so maybe you shouldn’t.) 


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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State-run CBC in new sex series…

…because as I keep telling you, so much about liberalism revolves around the orgasm.

I’ve previously reported on the state-run CBC’s obsession with sex, lewdness, promiscuity, and of course their more general promotion of gay “marriage” and the gay lifestyle as healthy modern Canadian values in their world view. 

Previous blog entries – (some a tad surprising):
Link 1 | Especially Link 2 | Link 3Link 4

Now they appear to be set to expose all there is to expose about sex from a feminist woman’s perspective.  Apparently a sex-starved horny woman’s perspective.  Because that’s the kind of information that we’re lacking from those darn private stations these days.  Yes, folks, that’s what the state deems important for Canadians to be taught. This is why we need to spend in excess of one BILLION dollars per year of taxpayer cash on the state-run media through which the state competes against its own citizens and their values; and against their own citizens and their citizen-owned TV stations and networks and web sites for attention, for viewers, and for profits. (What kind of government does a thing like that?  You really should think about the answer.) 

But hey: It’s a documentary!  So it’s important!  It makes you “think”… about sex and orgasms!  And in the way that they want you to!  And it’s the state-run media so it must be right!  It’s the CBC!   

Here’s a blurb from “their” multi-gazillion-dollar web site about the latest sex series: 


Six-part series starting Wednesday August 15, 2007 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

SEX, TRUTH AND VIDEOTAPE is a bracing, new, six-part documentary series about women and sexuality from acclaimed journalist and filmmaker Francine Pelletier.

Everywhere you look, women are flaunting, claiming and exhibiting their sexuality. In books, in documentaries, in movies, on television and in the work place, women as sexual conquerors are no longer an anomaly but the norm. Billed as the “second sexual revolution,” women today are taking over when it comes to sex. It is the most visible change in women”s [sic] lives in the last 50 years. In fact, nothing has changed quite as much, or as quickly, as attitudes towards women and sex. But how does the cultural explosion of female sexuality translate in the lives of women? What does it mean and how far does it really go?

In each hour-long episode, six women tell it like it is, reflecting on various aspects of sex, love and lust. Their stories are riveting, funny and exuberant and, at times, heartbreaking. These personal histories are consistently remarkable – frank, explicit, startling and, above all, human.

The women in SEX, TRUTH AND VIDEOTAPE reflect a wide diversity of ages, sexual preferences and experiences, and social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Men and women alike will be amazed at how candid these women are in sharing their most personal stories – pivotal moments in their lives, and their most intimate needs and desires.

Sex And Celebrity (Aug 15 – 10 pm ET/PT)
Famous Canadian women, including Mary Walsh, Susan Swan, Measha Bruggergosman, Sandra Shamus and Margie Gillis, discuss what sex has been like for them.

Sex And Beauty (Aug 22 – 10 p.m. ET/PT)
Is sex in a beautiful body better?

Sex And Matches (Aug 29 – 10 pm ET/PT)
Does being single, or with a partner, change the nature of sex? A discussion of the joys and pitfalls of being part of, or not part of, a couple.

Sex And Age (Sept 5 – 10 pm ET/PT)
Does sex get better for women as they get older? Women from both sides of the sexual revolution tackle the nitty gritty.

Sex And Libertines (Sept 12 – 10 pm ET/PT)
These days, more than “just some” like it hot. From younger male partners to erotic massage, many women are exploring new sexual frontiers.

Sex: The First Time (Sept 19 – 10 pm ET/PT)
From great to ho-hum to tragic, women talk about their “first time.” And their first orgasm.

SEX, TRUTH AND VIDEOTAPE is written and directed by Francine Pelletier; produced by Mary Armstrong and Monique Simard for Virage Productions, in collaboration with CBC Newsworld and Canal Vie.

Here are some still-captures from their TV ad running today on the state new media channel, “Newsworld” (because it’s news, good ‘n corrected for YOU and your needs!). 





Note on Mizzz Francine Pelletier:

Mizzz Francine Pelletier is a founder of the feminist journal La Vie en Rose.  She was Quebec City correspondent for Le Point, CBC’s French language network current affairs program, and a commentator for both CBC Newsworld and the PBS program, The Editors. In March 1995, she became a correspondent for CBC’s National Magazine then joined CBC’s flagship current affairs program the fifth estate, which she co-hosted for five years.

Vote liberal.


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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The CBC Prez: We did NOT have sexuality on that network, the CBC (except testicle waxing…)

Now that the Chairman of the CBC has, in a hilarious twist, been relieved of his job following repeated comments he made about relieving himself, we are being asked to eat a fecal movement by the President (and temporary Chairman) of the CBC, in which he seeks to relieve the CBC in other ways. 

Here’s the poop:

Sex, plastic surgery and people eating insects have no place on reality shows airing on Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC president and acting chairman Robert Rabinovitch said on Wednesday.

Pausing for laughter. 

OK.  Maybe today, Thursday, he could address the issue of the video flick on the CBC (still at today!) about the kids getting their testicles waxed, in a flick called “Ball Waxer”, in which they show a CBC-shot video about a kid getting his balls waxed.  Oh sure I know, it has little to do with “sex”, any more than Bill Clinton having sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky, that is, her performing oral sex on his sexual organs in his office… was about sex or sex organs.  And reality TV?  It was and is sureal that we pay for this crap.  So he’s right. 

Here’s an excerpt from a blog entry I made back in February about the CBC’s “Ball Waxer” literally unreal reality programming involving sex organs of young people for the benefit of all Canadians (there’s other prime examples there too):

Ball Waxer

Young teen boy goes to a waxing parlour to get his balls waxed.  CBC camera man follows boy into parlour where the waxer asks him how often he shaves his balls.  He answers, “I guess I shave my balls about once a week…”. 

He’s then asked to drops his pants, and he lies on the “operating” table.  All of this is captured by the astute CBC cameraman who is employed by the state with your tax dollars.

The waxer then proceeds to wax his balls while the CBC camera films the event for the youth of our country at taxpayers’ expense.

They hope you and your children learn some of those liberal “Canadian values” from this.

It really depends how much crap you think Canadians can stand, I guess. 

Speaking of things coming out of anuses, there was this one CBC film that depicted a pickle coming out of the anus of a young girl.  Of course, she was, in her apparently (to me) totally drugged-out state, talking about stuck-up people.  That’s ironic, see?  Not sex!  It’s all very tasteful, inasmuch as it involved pickles.  And as we know, pickles are yummy.  And coincidentally, the young apparently high girl is named “Peaches”.  Yummy tasteful Peaches. 


A mid-teens girl who appears to me to be completely strung out on drugs talks about people who are all, you know, like “judgmental” and stuff.  Like yuck. 

She says that judgmental people should “take that pickle right out of your ass”.

She then demonstrates how exactly that might actually look, if they were to pull a pickle out of their ass, as she turns around, and the CBC cameraman zooms in her said “ass” and the demonstration occurs.

She pushes a pencil through the front of her jeans and pulls it out the back, as if to portray a pickle being extracted from her ass.

I prefer them out of a jar, personally, thanks.  But my my this was tasteful.  No doubt. 

But let’s “progress” up to today’s story again:

[…] Although Rabinovitch had told the committee last October that the public broadcaster did “not do reality programming,’’ he explained that the CBC has already done and plans to continue shows with “redeeming graces,” such as the Greatest Canadian and Hockeyville.

…and those we heart Trudeau biographies and the anti-Christian ones and pro-union ones and pro-environmentalist industry ones and pro-liberalism ones and pro-gayness ones and pro-gay-marriage ones and George Stroumboulopoulos and the one gratuitously bashing Fox News Channel…!  Redeeming graces.  Somebody hand Rabinovitch a bidet. 

That flick about the young man (boy?) running around in a public parking lot on the CBC sure was redeeming and graceful, inasmuch as it involved God’s creation which speaks of redemption and grace, I guess, but I know I know “church and state!”, “church and state!” (™liberal-left), that’s quite a stretch.  A fully naked young young man running around fully naked isn’t redeeming to most folks, and yet it’s CBC fare.  And yet they don’t “do” this sort of thing.  Smell the feces! 

Naked Guy

A young mid-teens boy in a nearly full public parking lot—with people present—screeches like Howard Dean to the CBC camera, yelling that he doesn’t “believe in clothes”. 

He then turns and takes his clothes off, cameras rolling.  The kid takes all his clothes off.  All of them.  Cameras rolling. 

The CBC camera follows him running around the parking lot completely naked, often zoomed-in on his butt.

This, the liberals do not consider to be kiddy porn.  It’s just normal to them.  This is what they call “Canadian values”.  Vote liberal.

The state-run CBC’s mandate apparently allows for this, and the CBC’s liberal-left ass bureaucrats apparently thought you needed to pay for this, and for our kids to see this.

Let’s get the exact quote again from today:

“What we will not (broadcast) is shows like Fear Factor, Extreme Makeover, Survivor particular shows that stress plastic surgery, sex … eating of insects,” said Rabinovitch, who was questioned about the decision by NDP heritage critic Charlie Angus. “I just think we have to do our shows much more carefully and with taste.”

Taste.  Yes.  Like their show “Zed”.  More on that in a second.

How about the flick about cramming meat hooks into the back of a man, and then hanging that man from meat hooks in a rave bar?  That was tasteful—it has to do with meat, see!  That’s your state-run CBC pooing on you. 

Body Modification

Shows a tattooed young man who goes to a skanky body-piercing parlour, and gets his back pierced—with giant meat hooks.  Then the CBC shows that man being hung like meat—from his new meat hooks which are pierced into his back—and swinging back and forth from those meat hooks, in a public bar of some kind. 

The CBC thought this was good stuff to help normalize our youth to the values of getting giant meat hooks installed into your kids’ backs, then of course hanging like meat in rave bars.  Simple piercings in the eye-lids, nose, lips, tongue, nipples, and sex organs…. are simply passé now.  The CBC news host George Stroumboulopoulos with all his face piercings is “lame” now by comparison. 

Good values. 

Liberal values.

That’s fantastic.  How about that “art”  “film” (you know “art”—that’s what liberals call pure crap that is taxpayer-funded) called Cashback (read my blog entry about that here) that they still inexplicably promote to this day on their web site even though it’s a film that was shown on their now cancelled (due to lack of…. what?) “Zed” program.  This film features fully nude women with shaved sex organs close-up, from the front and rear!  The young boys just love this stuff. 

I wrote a blog entry about that “Zed” show which included this excerpt:

The next show is on Wednesday March 15 on CBC TV!  Be sure to tune in!  But of course you can watch all the flicks on the giant!  Here’s a teaser for the next show supplied by email to me by the state-run CBC (I’m on their mailing list!):

March 15th – This week on Zed Candid, the short films “Prophylaxis”, “Ouch!” and “Cost of Living” inspire Trish, Suzanne and Zorana to get really, really, really personal. Anal masturbation, circumcision and immortality all in one night! Um, those are the themes in the films, in case you were wondering.

Yummy liberal tastefulness! 

And here’s more from today’s news article in which they question nothing of this man, indicating to me that they are taking a position in his favor and that of the CBC:

[…] The Conservative government has postponed a review of the CBC’s mandate until an ongoing CRTC study concludes in December on the impact of new technologies in the broadcasting industry. Rabinovitch said the review is essential to re-evaluate the role of public broadcasting in the future.


By “re-evaluate the role”, you can be sure he’s not talking about the toilet paper roll as he should be.  But watch the CBC’s Passionate Eye enough, and you’ll want to keep a roll handy to wipe down your TV screen or the floor beneath it. 

And from the state-run web site itself:

Faced with this unstable situation, the senior managers are calling for a long-term funding commitment from the federal government, for instance a 10-year funding plan versus the current system of year-to-year approval.

Well we all like to be regular. 

Other suggestions they made to the Canadian Heritage committee include regular mandate reviews and the ability to collect fees from cable and satellite subscribers.

I don’t even know what that means.  But I can assure you, it’s fecal. 

Here’s a partial list of exposés about that ever-so tasteful CBC programming I’ve provided here at PTBC:

** “Canadian Values”, liberal-left style, again

** Depraved programming accessible to our nation’s kids; brought to you by…

** LifeSite follows up on my exposé of “nerve”

** CBC is the depraved channel

** CBC to broadcast anti-religion polemic tonight on state-run “news” media

Clearly, this is another good time to remind readers that state-run and state-owned media should be banned in this country, and it should be enshrined as such in our Constitution.


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Taxpayer-funded CBC star stars in sex romp

Sook-Yin Lee is a former Much Music VJ and now host of a state-run CBC radio show (and possible Governor-General someday!).  The show is called Definitely Not the Opera, which is definitely not on my radar screen.  The program starts at 1:00 and ends at 4:30.  Yes that’s right, three and a half hours of brilliant taxpayer-funded official state programming.  It turns out I have some reading to do during that time.  The funnies, The New York Times, cereal boxes—anything.

Her bio at the massive multi-gazzillion-dollar taxpayer-funded web site devoted to her show and her show alone, says this about her:

Sook-Yin Lee is widely known throughout Canada as a gifted musician, actor, filmmaker, television host and producer. She first garnered national attention as the lead singer of the influential Vancouver alternative band Bob’s Your Uncle…

… which got me thinking that I’m pretty out of touch and I should read the news even more than I do, because I don’t know a Sook-Yin Lee from a stick of gum.  I looked her up on Wikipedia, and the bottom line is that she’s a “bisexual”.  No I mean literally the last line in the article is “Lee has also identified as bisexual.”

Listen to this MP3 (link from multi-gazzillion-dollar people’s web site) of a past show.  Embrace how it’s obviously a taxpayer necessity!  More important than anything like fighting “George Bush’s” (™ Toronto Star) “so-called” (™ CBC) war on terror!  And tell me, as you’re listening, that I’m wrong about my oft-repeated warning about becoming dumber by the second as you listen to or watch the state-run CBC. 

Click to listen

Now, according to a Toronto Star article, the stick of taxpayer-employed gum is starring in a pornographic movie.  Well actually of course the Toronto Star doesn’t call it pornographic—I don’t know what it would take for them to do that—but they do admit: CBC host in sex-filled role, in their headline. 

Sofia, the orgasm-challenged “relationship counsellor” played by Lee is not only seen having vigorously athletic real sex with her husband (played by Raphael Barker), she also engages in various forms of auto-erotic stimulation to try to get past the portals of the big O.

I think “the big O” is an orgasm, which is what is at the heart of liberal thinking on most every matter.  And also at the heart of every liberal’s thinking is that the U.S. President is a Republican and he’s trying to run a theocracy, Iran-style, down there.  “In America today, there is a theocratic repression of sex,” says the director of the film.  Well of course there is.  Of course there is. 

In an article written by New York Times writer Dinitia Smith on the web site, they headline their article about it thusly: A movie full of sex, nothing simulated

The working title of Mitchell’s film is “Shortbus,” from the name of a salon where the characters meet to give readings and performances, and sometimes to have public sex. It is modeled on real-life salons in Downtown Manhattan.

[…] “Escorting is the new temp job,” Mitchell [the director] said. The story features a dominatrix who lives in a ministorage unit because she can’t afford an apartment, a sex therapist who can’t have an orgasm and a gay man who feels trapped in his relationship. They attend the salon “to find redemption,” he said.

[…]  Sook-Yin Lee, host of an arts show on the Canadian Broadcasting System, is playing the sex therapist. Lindsay Beamish, an actress and dancer, is the dominatrix. Paul Dawson, an actor and writer, plays the gay man.

Who’d have thought the movie would have a sex-crazed sex therapist, a dominatrix, and a gay man, what with all the “theocratic repression of sex”?

[…] When Mitchell sent out a casting call asking people to send in videos describing their sex lives, he got 500 submissions. Some people had sex on their videos. Only a “smattering” were porn stars, he said, adding, “They trusted I wasn’t doing something sordid because of ‘Hedwig.’ ” So far, only the men have had real sex in the film’s long-running rehearsals, Mitchell said. “These gay men will have sex at the drop of a hat.”

As for himself? “I’m totally not a public sex person,” Mitchell said.

At the moment the script calls for Sofia, the sex therapist, to have an unsuccessful sexual encounter with her boyfriend, and to masturbate on camera. “It’s rather moving,” Mitchell said. “It’s in Central Park in winter.” Sian, the dominatrix, witnesses another character masturbating. The script is still evolving, he said.

One day recently, rehearsals were held in the bedroom of one of the producers – in Howard Gertler’s, apartment in Williamsburg. Sian, the dominatrix and Sofia, the sex therapist, meet in a sensory deprivation tank to discuss Sofia’s problems having an orgasm.

Sian: “So, you’re a sex therapist?”

Sofia: “I prefer the term ‘couples’ counselor.’ “

Sian: “But you’ve never had an orgasm?”

Sofia: “I’m an idiot savant.’ “

Mitchell said: “Trying to get an orgasm for two hours every way she can is farcical at times. But if you look at the underpinnings of the search, there is poignancy and pathos.”

Lee said she was prepared to have sex on camera if necessary. Her boyfriend has no objection, “‘cause he trusts me,” she said, adding: “John is a fantastic creator. This is a gift.”

Beamish, however, said, “I have no desire to have sex on screen.” The reason: “I think I’m an ugly cow.” And her boyfriend also objects. Still, she said, “acting-wise, aside from the sex, this is by far the best project I have ever had.”

Better than the CBC gig, even, apparently. 

In an earlier venture, the state-run media’s Sook-Yin Lee directed a film lebian-oriented film called Girl Cleans Sink.  Plot Outline: “A lonely couple meet in a Laundromat, where their clumsy attempt at a sexual liaison leads to revelations, embarrassments, and a little bit of compassion.”  The London (U.K.) Lesbian and Gay Film Festival web site wrotes:  “Lesbian life is getting our heroine down. Will she resort to boys?” 

She also directed “Five Feminist Minutes” a project of the state-run National Film Board of Canada (your tax dollars at work….. again!) and described as “A collection of short films by Canadian women that display an awareness of the feminism of social injustice and everyday life.”

The CBC is the depraved taxpayer-funded media outfit that features on its taxpayer-funded web site, to this day, available to all the kids anytime, a flick called “Cashback”, which is devoted to full-frontal female nudity including close-ups from bare front and bare rear of shaved vaginas (blogged here), which as it turns out is a favorite theme of the CBC, which also features a film called “Ball Waxer”, about a boy/young man whom they show, on taxpayer-funded video tape available to all the kids anytime, getting his testicles waxed at a testicle-waxing parlour.  I wrote about that here.

Vote liberal. 

(Hat tip to conservativegal for the Toronto Star article)


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
**Link to this article alone ** Posted under the categories(s): Canada, CBC, CBC Lewdity Joel Johannesen on TwitterFollow Joel Johannesen on Twitter

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