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NDP MP links 9/11 truthers with the supposed shameful “climate deniers,” and “anti-choicers”

You know how they say it’s the coverup, rather than the crime, that get politicians into trouble? Here’s a twist on that.

NDP MP Megan Leslie allowed her official NDP web page’s events calendar to be used for a promotion for a 9/11 truther event. If you can stomach it, cast aside the repugnance of the 9/11 truther conspiracy idiocy, and even the fact that a sitting MP would allow that kind of promotion on her official NDP web site. And even try to tolerate the fact that she has decided to keep that promotion in place, even after she’s been made aware of it. Try to forget all the 9/11 victims and their families, and all the soldiers who fought terrorists in Afghanistan and were killed or maimed (and to that last point, I still wear red on Fridays).

Megan_Leslie MP NDP 2014-03-28_event-detail

In this case, it’s not the crime  —  I don’t have a clue if Megan Leslie is a 9/11 truther or not  —  nor her making the patently stupid mistake of allowing 9/11 truthers to promote that disgracefully insulting and insensitive nonsense on her official NDP web site; and then leaving it there seemingly to prove her arrogance and stupidity.  It’s her response that irks me.

Here’s a Canadian NDP MP’s defense of herself after allowing her taxpayer-subsidized NDP web site’s events calendar be used to drum-up support for a 9/11 truther event, and being called on it (with my highlighting):

Megan Leslie
meganleslie_webHi Facebook friends,

Yesterday I got attacked by a Conservative MP for my events calendar on my website. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know that it is full of all kinds of events from the community. This MP raised the fact that there is a 9/11 Truther event on the site. Partisan trolls on Twitter got all excited, and all of a sudden, it was a story.

I keep this aspect of my site as a service to the community. I’m proud of how many people use it, and the way it supports our community. I won’t post anything that is illegal, and I won’t post events about hate, but otherwise, I don’t judge what goes up. If there were a climate denier rally or an anti-choice talk, I would post them. I have a process for dealing with complaints from the community. There is also a disclaimer on the site saying they events may not reflect my views or the views of the NDP.

What do you think? Where is the line? I’ve been accused of showing poor judgement, and damaging my good name by associating with groups like this. But I don’t just represent people I agree with. Would you judge the posts? Would you not post at all? I’d be interested in hearing what you would do.

Condescending much?

First, if you are concerned by this and call her on it, you’re “attacking” her and you are a “partisan troll.” But you gotta love how Megan Leslie, MP, puts “climate deniers” and “anti-choice” people (using purposely derogatory terms) in with the same lot as megan leslie_partisan-trolls9/11 truthers. She will now also put me in the “attacker” camp along with the other “trolls,” as she calls people who criticize her, in addition to the “climate denier” camp, and the “anti-choice” slot.

But don’t worry, she’s not “partisan.” And she doesn’t “judge.”

She has quite the mentality for a Member of Parliament. People who don’t agree with her free abortion stance, and her “man-made global megan leslie_i-dont-judgewarming” theories, are cast as the ills of society akin to the disgraceful 9/11 truthers, and marked by her with her derogatory, bromidic labels. Yet she “represents” you and all, she says.

You and all definitely pay her salary. This is a Canadian MP calling other Canadians who pay her exorbitant $160,200.00++ salary, “trolls,” and who attempts to reduce earnest ideological opponents into tendentious categories of supposed shame: “climate deniers,” and “anti-choice.”

She makes the passive-aggressive claim that in order to be absolutely fair, and balanced, and open, and “I don’t judge,” she allows event postings by radicals like 9/11 truthers  —  because she also represents people she doesn’t agree with.  Like “deniers” and those “anti-choice” dictators, I presume.

This is all emblematic of the inconsistent application of principles, and the peculiar hypocritical style of “tolerance” that is the left and far-left, particularly the far-left NDP.

She as an MP thinks a 9/11 truther event is a “service to the community?” Apparently she’s utterly tone-deaf and incapable of perspective. Or she really advocates it. I cannot begin to explain how someone who pretends to be full of compassion has absolutely no comprehension of how insulting and disrespectful that kind of thing is, to so many people, particularly those involved  —  which include many Canadians. And there is no rationalizing how she thinks it is appropriate to lump those 9/11 truthers in with good, honest people who have studied the climate science and simply don’t agree with the failing theories of “man-made global warming;” and lump those 9/11 nutters in with those who are simply pro-life and against free, limitless abortions.

Yeah. And yet, we’re the “trolls.”

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Nova Scotia dumps socialist party for less socialist party

Nova Scotians not only “dumped” the socialists, but flushed them right out of the house. Sadly, they were using one of those “low-flow” toilets so beloved by the left, and therefore remnants were left behind.

The socialist party’s leader and several top NDP cabinet ministers such as Justice, Education and Energy, failed to win their seats back. I love it when that happens. Yes a mere seven seats were won by the far-leftists of the NDP.

That’s seven seats too many. I’m not sure what went wrong with the less socialists’ messaging, to enable (or “empower,” as I’m sure is their preferred verbiage) the socialists to win even seven seats. The Liberals should Stephen McNeil“begin a conversation” about that to ensure it never happens again, and the NDP is entirely wiped-out next time. I’m sure they will say only that they intend to “begin a conversation” with the NDP. Because that’s how progressives roll.

The opposition will be the Progressive Conservative party, or what most people will mistakenly call “the Conservative” party. I will go ahead and call all parties with “Progressive” as their first and foremost half of their name, the “Progressive” party.  And by the way, that party should take no comfort in their position as the opposition party, since in fact the socialists won more votes (fewer seats but more popular votes) than the Progressives.

So all told, I’m glad the far left socialists were booted out of office so forcefully.  And I am “empowered”(!) by  the Liberal leader’s promise to end Nova Scotia’s socialist ownership and monopoly over the province’s power generation industry. His plan is to open the market, and allow private power producers to sell directly to customers. All provinces should follow his lead. And then they should join together and move to end all other state-ownership of businesses, including the health care juggernaut.

But I will end on this (even more) dour note: Liberal leader and premier designate Stephen McNeil campaigned in Nova Scotia with Justin Trudeau.

Drops mic.


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