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Megan Leslie

NDP MP links 9/11 truthers with the supposed shameful “climate deniers,” and “anti-choicers”

Joel JohannesenYou know how they say it’s the coverup, rather than the crime, that get politicians into trouble? Here’s a twist on that. NDP MP Megan Leslie allowed her official NDP web page’s events calendar to be used for a promotion for a 9/11 truther event. If you can stomach it, cast aside the repugnance […]

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Nova Scotia dumps socialist party for less socialist party

Joel JohannesenNova Scotians not only “dumped” the socialists, but flushed them right out of the house. Sadly, they were using one of those “low-flow” toilets so beloved by the left, and therefore remnants were left behind. The socialist party’s leader and several top NDP cabinet ministers such as Justice, Education and Energy, failed to win […]

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Nova Scotia bloggers needed

Joel JohannesenWant to write in the Nova Scotia blog [new-blogger-notes newbloggernotes=""] Possibly related posts: Nova Scotia’s Supreme Court OKs gay marriage Nova Scotia extreme left catches up to Tories Ottawa fails to reach offshore revenue deal with Nova Scotia, Newfoundland Nova Scotia Progressive premier called “Conservative” by Globe and Mail Your tax dollars at work, […]

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?