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*UPDATE: “NEVER MIND!”* – Corporate Welfare Demanded for “Successful” Chrysler.

Joel JohannesenOriginally posted January 13, 2014, 2:04 PM PST  UPDATED BELOW – March 4, 2014 Chrysler or GM should come out with a new model called the “Abomination.” The Chevy Abomination, or the new Dodge Abomination coupe. How about a zippy new sports car (a hybrid, natch!) called the Dodge Rip-Off ? Better yet, a […]

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Hey is the CBC “thinly-veiled socialism”? Asking for a friend.

Joel Johannesen State-owned CBC has blown $110,650,634 of taxpayer cash so far this yr. Is that "just the way (socialists) are"? — Joel Johannesen (@JoelJohannesen) February 6, 2014 That was my perfectly reasonable response, tweeted on my own dime, to this craptweet from the state-owned, taxpayer-funded, socialism-reliant, and generally dreadful CBC this morning: Rob […]

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Sun News’ Ray Heard engages in one of those pathological liberal Sarah Palin hate-ons

Joel JohannesenUPDATED at bottom: A meltdown in action. I’m starting to think that compared to Sun News Network’s Ray Heard, the Ford brothers with their new weekly show on SNN on Mondays are going to sound reasonable. And this concerns me. Even more than the stupidity of Sun giving them that platform. For some reason, […]

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Toronto Mayor is Not a Victim

Theo CaldwellI voted for Rob Ford. Normally, I embrace the sanctity of the secret ballot and disdain columnists who announce their personal choices as if they were somehow important. But in this case, an exception is in order. Having recently described to a largely American readership how the mayor of Toronto brought Canada’s largest city […]

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Rob Ford: Resigning is Job 1.

Joel JohannesenDo I even need to say it? I’m saying this moments before Rob Ford has a news conference officially admitting he smoked crack while in office. When politicians do something illegal, they should quit. As if I had to say it. And they should probably be arrested and charged by the police, promptly. I […]

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Blogger whacked in head by big huge rule

Joel JohannesenI’d actually read an article about the freshly parachuted-in from New York federal Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland and thought  –  wow  –  she’s gonna be tough to beat, since she’s oh-so impressive.  Of course I’d forgotten my own rule about the mainstream liberal media being chock full of sh*t (I said the full word […]

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Joel JohannesenAs I fight to stay awake not-eagerly awaiting the results of the Ontario Liberal Party leadership race, which I don’t really care that much about, and which I’m only really watching because I’m waiting for Jo-Anne to come back from walking our dog Sammy, I’ve come across some of the usual things that bug […]

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Police politicization: Law breakers ignored while law-abiding protesters treated like criminals

Michael CorenWithin the propaganda and tawdry political theatre that is the Idle No More movement and the Chief Spence diet program, something rather magnificent occurred last week. A Canadian judge had the courage and consistency to question the police, and perhaps make himself politically unpopular with the liberal bloc that is the senior Canadian judiciary. […]

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Liberal Dalton McGuinty

Ontario Liberal premier quits amid contempt charge(s), doubling of debt, failure to lead

Joel JohannesenThe super-liberal Canadian mainstream media is twisting like fat-free, no-trans-fats pretzels today (in deference to McGuinty’s daddy-state Ontario food consumption laws and regulations), trying to whitewash failed Ontario Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty’s resignation as (for example) merely a “personal” decision. This is exactly as he risibly claimed yesterday. After all, the excuse has been […]

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Bullies or victims? Fairness and proportionality strike out in sport and sexuality

Michael CorenSo, a guy who plays pro sport is an idiot. Good Lord, I can’t believe it! I mean, who knew? Yes, Yunel Escobar was dumb enough to write on his face in Spanish something akin to “You are a faggot,” thus enabling every hypocrite and self-indulgent victim fetishist to moan about the horrors of […]

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Sympathy well runs dry

Michael CorenOntario teachers are giving us an education in groundless bellyaching  So there he was, the leader of one of Ontario’s largest high school teachers’ unions. He sat on national television and explained there was going to be a day of action, and his members would, in his words, “take time off from their volunteering […]

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Pampered prince

Michael CorenMichael Bryant has a new book out. Yes, the former attorney general of Ontario, a man tipped to be the eventual leader of the Liberal party and even perhaps prime minster of Canada, has just given us 28 Seconds: A True Story of Addiction, Tragedy and Hope. Appallingly pretentious and lazy title aside, the […]

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It’s about power: Al-Quds Day a celebration of hatred and terrorism

Michael CorenBeyond the hatred, the racism and the anger, there’s a certain irony surrounding Al-Quds Day, commemorated this weekend internationally and to its shame — in Toronto. The event was founded by the Ayatollah Khomeini, and is an overwhelmingly Shiite Islam event. Anybody who knows Islam will understand that the Shiites are despised in most […]

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Racism nightmare

Michael CorenPolitical correctness holding us back from facing gangster problem   There was a BMW SUV parked outside the house, the earnest reporter told us on the radio earlier this week, following the shooting of more than 20 people, and the killing of two at a Toronto party. But surely the reasons for urban shootings […]

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