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Can’t make this up: tax ‘n spend NDP MPs caught not paying their own FAIR SHARE of taxes.

Joel Johannesen Hypocritical much? MONTREAL — The NDP has suspended a member from its shadow cabinet because of his chronic, long-term failure to pay taxes. Tyrone Benskin has been stripped of his role as official-languages critic until he pays the taxes he owes. The announcement follows a report that Quebec’s revenue agency has contacted […]

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Justin Trudeau thinks only Quebecers can run Canada properly; Canada belongs to Quebec!

Joel Johannesen Sun News busts out another of the Liberal-exposing stories that matter to Canadians this week, forcing the liberal-luvin’ Canadian lamestream media to once again — very reluctantly and begrudgingly — follow their lead. Well, “follow their lead” with copious whitewashing, and excuses, and those ever-important “context” filters applied. Sort of like how the […]

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Golly! Who’ll win in The Nation Of Quebec? A “progressive?”

Joel Johannesen I don’t care. The candidates are all socialists/progressives, including the current premier, “Liberal” Jean Charest. It’s only a question of degree, and wordsmithing. (Yes, that means you, CAQ. If I may quote Canadian Press’s Jonathan Montpetit from an article at  “So the difference between the CAQ and its rivals, especially the Liberals, […]

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A Canadian provincial government threatens more socialism to prevent a corporate takeover?

Joel Johannesen The so-called Liberal government of the far-left Nation Of Quebec, in a stunning display of the ease with which it is willing to slide, full-on, into abject socialism, threatened to buy another means of production today. This time it is the home improvement retail chain Rona. This is ostensibly to prevent a non-government-owned […]

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Church, state, hijabs

Michael Coren Lots to write about this week, so I have to be a little eclectic. In Quebec a girl was told she couldn’t play soccer while wearing a hijab and the usual suspects screamed “Islamophobia.” Actually there are two very simple solutions to this. The young lady must either remove the hijab, or she […]

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The Quebec mobs explained in 16 words.

Joel Johannesen The mobs of spoiled pseudo-students in The Nation Of Quebec? They’re liberals*, raised by liberal parents, taught by liberals, and entertained and informed by the CBC. And now you know the truth.   * the word “liberal” is interchangeable with progressive, and in many cases socialist. Some are Marxists.

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?