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Oh look! The liberal media are being complete idiots again!

Joel Johannesen Some days, the liberals’ mainstream news media division provides us with more than reports of the current events of the day. They provide glimpses of just how callow and idiotic they are. Take today as an example. Today, at least two Canadian – Canadian, mind you – liberal mainstream news outlets, the Globe […]

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Globe & Mail Pundits: Canada is useless in the world; and Canada is leading the world!

Joel Johannesen Same day, different outlooks. Where they’re alike: One is dour, the other one more dour. Because… Conservative. The Globe and Mail’s liberal pundits can’t agree on where Canada and our Conservative (and that’s key) prime minister fits in the world. Which means there is a great division in the Globe and Mail which […]

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CBC’s Evan Solomon forgot half the Harper story. The positive half. Golly. Oops.

Joel Johannesen Synopsis: Prime Minister Harper made a historic speech to the Israeli Knesset today. At one point, Harper was heckled by a couple of pro-Palestinian, Arab members of the Knesset, who were themselves jeered and eventually they left. Most importantly, the entire Knesset then erupted into a standing ovation for Harper. Here is what […]

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Life looks different when unfiltered by the Obama-luvin’ liberal media

Joel Johannesen Naturally we see this — what I call enhanced intellect — all day long on conservatives sites, but I also see this other phenomenon amazingly often: when real people write their unfiltered comments about news articles on all those non-political web sites like Suddenly, you see a fresh and different viewpoint which, […]

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Israel: Decades-old conflict not about to cease

Salim Mansur Since 9/11, western powers have behaved more or less like Prince Hamlet, conflicted by doubts and stalemated by niceties that barely register with those who have mounted their version of “slings and arrows” against the West and its allies. A dozen years following 9/11 should have erased any remaining doubt that Osama bin […]

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Free speech distinguishes the West from the rest

Salim Mansur In Crowds and Power, the late Elias Canetti, a wonderfully gifted writer and Nobel laureate, brought a unique perspective in examining the human condition and history under the stress of mobs in politics. When individuals gathered together turn into a crowd and then erupt into a mob, the transition from one into another […]

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Religions not the same

Michael Coren This is a tale of two religions. On the one hand, Christianity: Regularly abused and slandered both in the western world and the Islamic heartland. On the other, Islam: Protected by blasphemy laws in Muslim-majority states, and by a blanket of fear, political correctness and the racism of lowered expectations in the west. […]

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PM shows leadership in cutting Iran ties

Salim Mansur Canadians of a certain age remember well the exchange between Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and reporters in Ottawa on Oct. 13, 1970, over troop deployment during the crisis then unfolding in Quebec. Trudeau responded to questions regarding soldiers on Canadian streets saying, “Yes, well, there are a lot of bleeding hearts around who […]

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A night with the fanatics

Michael Coren On Tuesday evening, I covered a 9/11 vigil in Toronto, and a counter-protest across the street organized by Islamic and leftist groups calling for the return of Omar Khadr. We didn’t know that as this was taking place, Muslim fascists in Libya and Egypt were murdering people who had in some way offended […]

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Arab Spring now a Christian nightmare

Salim Mansur In the 1990s, western democracies stepped forward to stop ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia by dispatching NATO forces in support of UN peacekeeping operations in the Balkans. The disintegration of Yugoslavia precipitated ethnic strife, and like all such struggles anywhere in the world, the Balkan conflict was complex and layered with history of […]

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Britain paid the price for world freedom

Salim Mansur On the final Saturday evening of the London Olympics, NBC presented Tom Brokaw’s tribute to Britain, “Their Finest Hour.” This no doubt irritated many viewers, as they scrambled for alternative channels to watch their favourite events. But NBC made the right decision to bring viewers, with faded or little memory of the past, […]

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It’s about power: Al-Quds Day a celebration of hatred and terrorism

Michael Coren Beyond the hatred, the racism and the anger, there’s a certain irony surrounding Al-Quds Day, commemorated this weekend internationally and to its shame — in Toronto. The event was founded by the Ayatollah Khomeini, and is an overwhelmingly Shiite Islam event. Anybody who knows Islam will understand that the Shiites are despised in […]

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