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Conservatives making great strides in building Canada. Thus the name “Trudeau” invoked by lib media

There’s lots for liberals and their media to distract Canadians from these days.  Recent polling shows Conservatives on top; landmark Conservative government bills (that Canadians voted for) being stalled by leftist ideological partisan hackery; the Liberal leadership race displaying hideous divides, contradictions, and buffoonery; Layton’s you’ve got to be kidding party turning into a national embarrassment; and the left’s hideous effort to collectively lift their leg and pee on conservatives over an alleged remark made in jest now finally turning them into a joke even among liberals, and finally being seen by Canadians as nothing but a transparent effort to distract from the real issues, now wearing painfully thin. 

No wonder the liberal media is falling over itself taking polls about… a nondescript unqualified Trudeau offspring non-entity?

Watch for this kind of thing (“Dog-Gate” and other hideous efforts at distraction by the liberals and their media) when they need to protect liberals and shield your eyes from Conservative government progress. 

Featuring a totally irrelevant but clearly liberal person who has absolutely no qualifications to speak about anything beyond what any citizen does, the main page of, for example, the leftist Toronto Star is quite normal for these folks. 


They don’t see this sort of thing—repeatedly, favorably, featuring liberals—as a liberal bias in the media—they just see this as a normal thing to do.  Likewise, they see featuring conservatives negatively—and only negatively—as perfectly normal.  It’s “their job” as they see it. That’s the liberal media’s agenda-driven mentality revealing itself.

They not only featured him with a huge photo (now changed, perhaps out of sheer embarrassment) but they ask the important question of the day in an online poll.  No, silly, it’s not about that stupid AIDS thing that they instructed us was the most important thing on planet earth just a while back; and no, it has nothing to do with that whole “the world is coming to an end because of man-made global warming” thing; and no, it’s not about that annoying stupid war on terror in Afghanistan. 


Toronto Star poll of vital import today:

(…with a sad result for them no doubt—perhaps that’s why they changed the picture).

We’ve seen this before.  The liberals’ media invoking the name “Trudeau” when they’re in trouble—in desperate need to obfuscate from the truth about their liberals.  To distract.  For example they did it during the last election when it appeared as though the Conservatives might win.

Now, because of all the positive Conservative things I mentioned before, the liberal media like the Canwest papers in select Trudeau-friendly places also invoke a poll on the

AIDS abortion gay marriage Afganistan Iraq hunger terrorism building Canada productivity

a Trudeau, almost as if that’s a newsworthy thing that’s on the radar screen of any average Canadian soccer mom or dad who is currently sober and conscious and maybe even “at work”. 

Montreal Gazette (Canwest)

Ottawa Citizen (Canwest)

Note that Canwest’s papers in Alberta would never do such a poll, nor Vancouver’s two Canwest papers (yes I checked). 

Of course the bitter irony is that outside of the urban centers in Ontario and Quebec, the name Trudeau is largely despised, not revered as it is in the liberal media newsrooms.  But no matter!  The votes are in urban Ontario and Quebec.  And power for the liberal-left is ev-er-y-thing.

(Hat tip to Maureen for the polls)

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