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Despite obvious liberal media effort Bush maintains lead in new poll

Despite the recent liberal media convergence against President George Bush, he has maintained his leads over Kerry in a new Reuters/Zogby poll released hours ago. 

One week before the Nov. 2 election, Bush led Kerry 49-46 percent in the latest three-day national tracking poll of the race for the White House. Bush led the Massachusetts senator 48-45 percent the day before.

Kerry still has big leads among key Democratic constituencies like African Americans and union members, but now trails Bush among women, youth and seniors.

The state-by-state results: In Colorado, Kerry led 49-47 percent; Florida, Bush 49-45 percent; Iowa, tied 45-45 percent; Michigan, Kerry 49-44 percent; Minnesota, Kerry 46-44 percent; New Mexico, Bush 48-43 percent; Nevada, Bush 49-46 percent; Ohio, Bush 46-44 percent; Pennsylvania, Kerry 49-45 percent; and Wisconsin, Kerry 48-46 percent.

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