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Don’t call a police horse “gay”, or you might be arrested

Can you call Svend Robinson “gay” and not be arrested?  Just checking.


Police officers who arrested a student for calling a police horse “gay” have been accused of “absurd heavy-handedness and over-reaction” by a leading campaigner for homosexual rights.

[…] Mr Brown, 21, a student at Balliol College, was arrested for causing harassment, alarm or distress and fined ?80 after asking a mounted police officer if he knew that his horse was homosexual.

The student made the remark during a night out in Oxford where he was celebrating completing his English Literature degree.

[…] The undergraduate had approached two mounted policemen in the city centre after leaving a bar where he had been drinking with friends. He was then handcuffed and taken to a police station where he was given a fixed penalty notice after spending the night in a cell.

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