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Labor union posts sample “letter to editor”: Includes need to end “the capitalist economic crisis”

Here’s part of a labor union’s campaign to support the left-wing coalition and help bring down the elected Conservative government without an election:

Letter to the Editor,

Don’t discontinue a session of Parliament.

Faced with a political crisis that he and his government are responsible for, prime minister Harper is rumoured to be contemplating asking the Governor General to prorogue the House of Commons. Shutting down Parliament is tantamount to suspending democracy, and will do nothing to resolve the current crisis. This is especially true when the opposition parties have put their partisan differences aside and agreed to form a coalition government to make Parliament work.

If anything, proroguing Parliament, twice in fourteen months, would create a governance vacuum at a time when Canadians are looking for urgent relief to a capitalist economic crisis that is threatening their jobs, their retirement savings and their future.

The Governor General must exercise her powers, under the Constitution, in the best interests of the vast majority of Canadians. Allowing Prime Minister Harper to shut down Parliament would be playing into the hands of the Conservatives and their deeply partisan and divisive political games.

Governor General Michaelle Jean must seriously question Harper’s motivation for proroguing Parliament. By the same token, she must be prepared to permit the opposition parties to demonstrate that they are capable of leading Canada through the current economic crisis.

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Meanwhile, the Liberal-Left’s dinosaur labor union division (which are extremely wealthy—making the Conservative war chest pale in comparison—and are, in reality, political parties today, and which virtually own the you’ve got to be kidding party) like the BC Federation of Labour division —are mobilizing their extreme-left political units again for their political party comrades, now at war once again with anything but far-leftists.  These folks are affiliated with and/or represent government workers unions — teachers union, provincial and federal government staff unions,  nurses’ unions, the postal workers union, firefighters union, Newspaper Guild of Canada / Communications Workers of America  —among others.




Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen

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