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Good TV-related news: CRTC approves 24-hr Jewish TV channel

More good news on the broadcasting front:  the CRTC (Canada’s state-censor) has approved a Jewish TV channel called JTV, (Jewish Television) this week.  It will be available on the digital tier, much like Fox News Channel.  I’ll take both, ASAP!

Liberals may very well need still more liberal media to counter all this Godly conservative and pro-Israel media leaking into Canadian society (which is to say these two channels).  Perhaps a new gay porn channel.  Oh!  Whadyaknow!  “Maleflixxx Television”, a gay pornography channel, has also been approved and will be for all your gay pornography needs soon! Liberals can rest easy—until those darn Christians (or, indeed, the Joooos) come up with another one! 

OTTAWA – The CRTC has approved a television channel that will broadcast Jewish programming around the clock.

JTV, (Jewish Television) — is “directed particularly towards young Jewish Canadians [and would] offer programming that reflects the Jewish religion and lifestyle,” the CRTC said in its decision.

JTV was granted a Category 2 licence, meaning it will be distributed only on the digital tier of channels. As well, the licensee, Toronto-based MediaNet Canada Ltd., still must convince cable companies and satellite services to carry the service.


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