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Hands up: Who knew there was a cabinet minister in Afghanistan today helping to make progress there?

Josee VernerI do realize there’s more important things to discuss:  Liberal Belinda’s latest temper tantrum over a silly personal remark made in fun; whether Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s belly is bigger this week than it was last week and whether he’s being “petulant” —unlike liberals and Belinda, and hey, poor poor women the world over, who are all now being victimized by the likes of that nasty Peter (“the schoolyard bully” to quote one liberal media source) MacKay; and whether or not Liberal Bare-Ass Bob Rae’s socialism is right for the new Liberal Party—and women! 

But actually more progress is being made in Afghanistan today by the Conservative government.  Damn those Conservatives, wreckin’ the liberal media’s agenda with this positive, progress nonsense!

Federal cabinet minister visits Afghanistan, announces funding for projects

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) – The federal minister of international co-operation is making a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

Josee Verner arrived in Kandahar today before flying to the capital Kabul, where she announced money for two new projects.

She announced $14.5 million for a girls’ education project that will be put in place by the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee.

The project involves building up to 4,000 community-based schools and training about 4,000 female school teachers.

Verner also announced $5 million for a program to help integrate women into markets, giving them small loans to establish their own fruit and vegetable home-based gardens.

And Verner announced $10 million for other ongoing reconstruction projects.

She leaves Afghanistan Monday.

And that’s the whole story!  There’s approximately 60 to 80 times that amount of coverage in the liberal media regarding the “dog” caper this week. 

Don’t worry about that Afghanistan progress crap though.  The CBC and most other liberal media sites are fronting their web pages with news of a rogue diplomat in the middle east who casually said in an interview on whadoyaknow, Al-Jazeera, that the Americans had acted “stupidly” before.  They love it because the man said “stupid” for them.  That way they can deploy their anti-Americanism without their usual liberal-left “nuance” and having to imply it themselves.  It’s a perfect start to the day! 

I noticed started carrying this annoying little story, but they colored it for you in an all is bad in Afghanistan frame.  Check out how they began this otherwise positive, progress-oriented story: 

Fifteen insurgents were killed in a gun battle between NATO forces and insurgents in southern Afghanistan Saturday—one day before the international cooperation minister paid a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

Two NATO soldiers were wounded in the firefight which took place in the Daychopan district of Zabul province. The militant fighters ambushed a NATO convoy, firing on them with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, NATO announced.

The nationalities of the two wounded soldiers have not been released.

Meanwhile, International Cooperation Minister Josee Verner arrived in Kandahar Sunday…

Don’t forget, Canadians, everything is bad bad bad about this Afghanistan thing!  And vote liberal! 


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