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Hey liberals, I know—let’s try somethin’ diff’rent!

No—too radical.

But constant contributor Marc got another of his excellent letters to the editor published in the London Free Press today.  This makes it several times now that he’s gotten a letter published.  We can all learn from Marc’s active effort to promote clear sensible right-thinking.

Canada all wrong on native issues

Many letter writers, including me, don’t know the full account but support the natives’ right to protest in Caledonia.

However, destroying public property as well as endangering private citizens and taunting police officers as a means of protest is unacceptable and illegal.

I have no problem with natives exercising their Canadian right to protest if they also submit to Canadian law. Unfortunately, this particular native issue, like all others, is being used as a political posturing mechanism. The government historically takes the “feel-good” path of least resistance and benevolently shovels more money at the problem in hope that it won’t resurface until after the next election. Then the cycle repeats itself.

Canada needs, once and for all, to abolish the welfare-state reserve system, embrace our native brothers and sisters and welcome them into society with all of its opportunities, challenges and rewards. We cannot change the past but we can learn from it.

We need to stop giving out fish and start giving out fishing poles. I believe many people’s hearts are in the right place but we can’t solve this problem at the level of thinking that perpetuates it.

Marc Mielhausen
St. Thomas

As usual, Marc will no doubt follow this up with one or two of the frankly unbelievable responses from the public—from people who don’t want to believe that there’s another way to think besides “liberal”.  Those folks get their letters published with amazing regularity.

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