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How to call someone an a**hole with aplomb; and other newsquips for January 7, 2011

In an otherwise pretty slow news week, if we read between the lines, we find some gems.  And this is the part where I post newsquips


“This guy sounds like a bit of an ‘a-bomb’ himself.”

—Megyn Kelly, Fox News Channel
(Reason #2 why I love Fox News Channel)

Heh.  “A-bomb”.  That’s funny.

Said in a panel discussion over the firing of an ESPN guy for treating women in general like, well, like an a-bomb would. 

2.  Obama to cut troops to save cash.  Fantastic idea!  Because if you have to reduce the size of the mammoth army of useless government workers you’ve hired over the past two years, the best place to start is to fire a bunch of Marines and Army “workers” who aren’t doin’ nuttin worthwhile. 

The Pentagon will have to cut spending by $78 billion over the next five years, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Thursday, forcing the Army and Marine Corps to shrink the number of troops on active duty and eventually imposing the first freeze on military spending since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

3.    As if #2, above, wasn’t enough:  Or, “How to actually BE an “a-bomb”
We have yet another stupid Democrat Congressman saying, as other Democrats have, that the war in Afghanistan is lost, useless, not worth fighting, too expensive, stupid, etc. — in the middle of a war, and even while our men and women are over there fighting and being maimed and being killed for our countries.  Makes it all so worthwhile for those folks and their families, huh? 

Dem Congresswoman: Afghanistan Is A “National Embarrassment”

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) talks about the “disastrous” war that is Afghanistan. “This war represents an epic failure, a national embarrassment and a moral blight,” Rep. Woolsey said.


And “moral blight”, my a-bomb.  She’s a “moral blight.”

4.  The NPR (National Public Radio (in the U.S., as distinct from the even more egregious 100% state-owned and federally-funded state media, the CBC, in Canada) — fires the executives (well, OK, they’re “resigning” —wink) who fired Juan Williams.  (See my blog: Juan Williams

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