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I vote for Team America to take this nutbar down

imageThere is no way I will ever be able to think of North Korean communist nutbar Kim Jung Il without thinking of him caricatured in the cartoon movie Team America World Police (it’s excellent—go rent it—funnier than Fahrenheit 9/11 by nutbar Michael Moore yet more truthful and “real”). 

Second nuclear test imminent

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea said Tuesday it considered U.N. sanctions aimed at punishing the country for its nuclear test “a declaration of war,” as Japan and South Korea reported the communist nation might be preparing a second explosion.

The North broke two days of silence about the U.N. resolution adopted after its Oct. 9 nuclear test with a statement on the official state news agency, as China warned Pyongyang against stoking tensions.

“The resolution cannot be construed otherwise than a declaration of a war” against the North, the statement said.

Along with the Islamo-fascist from Iran and a communist fruitcake in Venezuela, we have us an axis of nutbars.

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