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Indian rep: We have guns and we’ll use ‘em. Against police. Have a nice day.

Segment found deep within a story at

Earlier, the Mohawk protesters near Deseronto parked an old school bus across Highway 2, forcing a steady stream of traffic and heavy trucks to turn around. Brant warned his group was armed with firearms and was ready to use them.

“We’ve made no secret that we have guns within this camp,” Brant told The Canadian Press in an interview.

“…aggressive tactics by the police need to be met with equal resistance by the people that they’re bringing those against…”

Well golly, CBC didn’t tell us anything about that in their stories informing us that this was a “rally”. 

Meanwhile, the liberals’ Globe and Mail has already declared, well in advance, just after they got done eating their brunch, in a story written around noon, that the day has been a total success, and wonderfully peaceful.  They mean across the whole country (I can tell because it says “across the country”), notwithstanding the three hours earlier time where I live.

Peacefully armed with guns pointed at drivers?
Who knows!  Who cares!
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It’s Michael Moore Pride Week!


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