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Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau questions capitalism. Must be Thursday.

It all reminded me of this video of mine from a year and a half ago. 

Click to watch (Windows Media – 2 minutes)

Seems the old stories and lessons from dad Pierre and the mental images of Fidel Castro being a pallbearer at his dad’s funeral stuck with son Justin. 

Here’s what Justin Trudeau said in his latest revelation of his inner thoughts, just yesterday: 

Justin Trudeau

On the CTV Newsnet’s Mike Duffy liberal hour just now, fellow Liberal Martha Hall Findlay, who ran for leadership of that party, explained it all away, saying that his comments were “positive”.  A good thing! “A positive message … positive and forward looking”.  It was all OK, no worries, she said, because he was only speaking to a group of students.  Students.  And actually she’s right.  They could learn that kind of message in public schools already anyway, so it’s such a waste of time. 

The (other) socialist Joy McPhail of the you’ve got to be kidding party stunned us by not seeming to care much about the sentiments (“you almost want to say ‘these crazy kids today!’”, she laughed) except to advise the Liberals to put him on something of a leash.  Perchance the Left don’t want their true intentions or “hidden agenda” known, just yet.

And of course here’s the requisite and ever popular Justin is so Groovy video:

Click to watch (Windows Media – 3 minutes)
click to watch

Ironically enough, in another Mike Duffy Live segment today, Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis informed Canadians that ”[Prime Minister Harper] exercises nothing but dictatorship”.    Funny choice of words, especially inasmuch as it’s total BS. 

Jim Karygiannis


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