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Liberal CTV uses the tired old ‘American, Christian bad guys -vs- Canadian Liberal good guys’ trick

The old liberal media is getting tiresome, honestly.  They’re becoming so transparent that this isn’t even fun any more. 

Here we see a further effort from the liberal media to portray the current gay ‘marriage’ issue as one being fought between good, normal, benevolent liberals, also known as “Canadians”, and evil American Christians. As if it’s all about religion, and Americans, and Christians, against good innocent liberal Canadians. 

For further reading, read this editorial column I wrote about this phoney war three weeks ago. 

In the meantime, in this ridiculously biased, phoney story, I made


in blue:

U.S. Christians help lobby on same-sex marriage News Staff
[Sun. Feb. 20 2005 7:49 AM ET]

Christian groups in Canada say they are welcoming lobbying help from their U.S.-based counterparts in the fight against same-sex marriage.

Rookie Conservative Party MP Rona Ambrose is amazed at the mail she’s received on the issue, especially from south of the border.

“I guess they have the freedom to do that. I find it unusual,” she says, adding, “I wouldn’t be influenced by a campaign that came from the United States. This is Canadian legislation and I’m listening particularly to my constituents.”

Ambrose, who represents the Alberta riding of Edmonton-Spruce Grove, says she’ll vote for the Tories’ “made-in-Canada” decision to protect traditional marriage and extend equal rights and benefits to gay couples.

Debate over second reading of the Liberal minority government’s legislation—which would make civil same-sex marriage legal, in response to numerous court rulings—began in earnest this week.

[*** It’s not “in response to numerous court rulings”, it’s in response to the liberal-left’s social re-engineering and extreme liberal agenda, but thanks for the added “information”. There’s still no law on abortion in Canada since a 1988 court ruling.

No law



. ***]

Some American groups want to influence that debate.

[*** Both ways?  Or just one way? No American gays are helping their brothers and sisters here?  None? No companies, no interest groups?  No entire industries *cough*Hollywood*? None? *** ]

“We have more than 240,000 members who are waging this campaign who are distributing the postcards, who are sending them in and encouraging their friends to send them in,” says Patrick Korten of the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Conn.

“It is a Canadian effort from start to finish. All we did was contribute some postcards.”

Canadian Christians approve of the help.

[*** Are you sure the approval is limited to “Christians”?  Did you ask any Hindus?  Any non-religious people? It’s only “Christians” who welcome the help? ***]

“I think that’s no different than Canadians getting involved in their politics,” says Tristan Emmanuel of Christians for the Public Square.

“What’s proven is that our precedents, court decisions in Canada, are influencing court decisions in the United States. Thought [sic] we are different sovereign states, we influence each other.”

As an aside, when filmmaker-agitator Michael Moore issued a plea for Canadians not to vote Conservative, Queen’s University student Kasra Nejatian, who is also president of Ontario’s Campus Conservatives, tried to get Moore prosecuted under Canada’s Elections Act.

[*** “As an aside”?  Well OK, reporters, thanks for that helpful “aside” in your news report.  But in fact, there is a specific law in Canada against doing what he was alleged to have done. It was a law created by the Liberal government as part of their election campaign gag laws. ***]

During the presidential election in the U.S. last fall, the left-leaning British newspaper The Guardian urged its readers to write undecided voters in Clark County, Ohio, urging them to vote against President George W. Bush, the Republican incumbent.

One of the responses started out: “Dear Limey (sphincter) …”.

[*** So this story is now about how one American person rudely responded to the leftists in the U.K. now? And what about Carolyn Parrish and officials within the Liberal Party calling the President an idiot, a moron, et al? And countless anti-Bush statements and rhetoric form liberal-lefties here…? ***]

Same-sex marriage was an election issue in the U.S. Eleven states voted to ban gay marriage and Bush campaigned for a federal constitutional amendment.

[*** Actually nearly every state has voted against it—eleven just during the last election. Is your typewriter running out of ribbon? ***]

Federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, who is responsible for shepherding the bill through Parliament, was okay with U.S. lobbying.

[*** He “…was okay with…”?  That sentence got by your editors?! OK! ***]

“Americans are free to enter into the debate as we live in a globalized society,” he says.

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett is a gay marriage supporter. She says U.S. opinion won’t sway her.

“People have come to a different decision on Iraq, a different decision on a lot of things. As Canadians, we want to make up our own minds,” says the junior cabinet minister from St. Paul’s. It’s an affluent mid-Toronto riding.

CTV’s Rosemary Thompson says it isn’t just religious groups involved. Gay rights groups are also looking to their U.S. counterparts for support.

[** You don’t say! Thought you’d save that tidbit for the last sentence, hmm?  So how come you didn’t write anything in your news report about THAT, or include even one sentence about it or one quote or one source report about THAT? You may also have forgotten that the Liberal Canadian government also supports pro gay ‘marriage’ groups in Canada with our own tax dollars—mine for instance.  And they consider that to be “fair”. ***]

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