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Liberal-lefty: allow old folks over 70 to just die - save taxpayer money

Darn!  Just as I completed my “How liberals think” post, I found more liberals thinking, or to put it another way, more liberals blowing smoke.

Marc EmeryThis one would probably appeal to liberals because it’s about the pro-pot-smoking angle of their attack on Canada that they seem so proud of.  After taxpayer-funded unlimited abortions and gay marriage, pot-smoking is the tour de force of liberal ideology.  The liberal way to a Mo Liberal Canada

The subject is Marc Emery, who is the leader of the BC Marijuana Party. 

This is the same Marc Emery who I wrote about when he interviewed NDP leader Jack Layton on his “” web site last year during the election campaign.  Yes, there was smiling Jack, explaining his admiration of pot and getting high on drugs and promising to legalize pot-smoking.  That’s his way, apparently, of nurturing Canada’s youth and attracting the best and brightest to our nation.  That’s liberal!  It makes sense if you’re high on drugs. 

Watch Jack’s interview on Pot-TV right here!

However Emery is now busy preparing himself for the BC elections coming up in May, and he’s throwing his platform out there.  His platform seems to include just letting old people die rather than, you know, caring for them.  You see, old folks don’t dig the ganja so much, so they might just as well die.  Possible new election campaign slogan:  Get on board the liberal wagon train, or we’ll abort you too! 

[…] Langley is filled with “old people who are intolerant and bigoted and hate young people,” and those old people support marijuana prohibition, said Marc Emery.

[…] Emery’s first public foray into Langley was at the recent marijuana forum hosted by Langley MP Mark Warawa [Conservative].

After being uninvited from the forum panel, he showed up to voice his opinion anyway, and was met with the “raw hatred of the seniors” there.

“Old people like complacency and conformity,” Emery said, “and they don’t want anything to change in their community, and Langley is perhaps the most embarrassing example of it, because I saw more ignorance and more hatred vented at that meeting by largely white seniors than I’ve ever seen anywhere else in the province.”

Emery does’t like seniors’ healthcare, either. He is advocating a system in which no tax money is spent on hospitalization of anyone over the age of 70.

“Old people are the biggest welfare recipients of our medical system,” he said. “We spend far too much of our taxpayers’ money on a rapidly growing population of old people. We’re spending lots of money keeping—many many millions of old people—alive when it would be much more honourable to let them die in a dignified way.” […]

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