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Liberal MP advocates police seizure of ALL guns from ALL citizens for no cause

What a liberal-left horror show we stumble onto on occasion in this country.

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Never mind that it’s legal.  This Liberal Party MP was caught on tape advocating the police seizure of all guns from all citizens in Toronto (and presumably all across Canada since one cannot discriminate), legally-owned or not, despite it being fully legal to own guns.  (Hat tip to “notasocialist”).

Listen carefully as the interviewer asks, incredulously, “so you would advocate seizing ALL guns in Toronto?”

Perhaps the Liberal MP should review all of the reasons that citizens should be allowed to own guns in the first place. 

John_MckayJohn McKay
MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR: Scarborough—Guildwood, Ontario
FORMER COMMITTEE MEMBER OF: Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights

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