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Liberal’s nightmare: Loaded guns found at a “medical” pot-growing operation. Guns now A-OK, Jack!

image  Liberal dilemma: federally legalized, licensed, registered “medical” pot-smoking and growing: good!  But guns at a federally legalized, licensed, registered “medical” pot-smoking and growing operation: yucky!  And oh so totally incongruous and amazing! 

Maybe they’ll make exceptions for guns in this particular instance, in order to protect the pot grow-op.  You know, like liberals and socialists and other progressives think private clinics in the otherwise strictly government-run “health care” system are absolutely evil, but oops — they are perfectly acceptable and encouraged as long as they’re abortion clinics!  (I imagine guns would be OK there too!)

Anyhoo.  At least they weren’t churning out cigarettes or trans fats.  Am I right, liberals?  ‘Cause that would be bad fer ya!

And golly gee whizzakers.  Who coulda saw this coming?  Especially when you plant your noggin’ deep into the sand, such that you can’t see anything coming, at least that which you don’t want to see coming;  and ensure that you learn utterly nothing from the past. 

image  On the plus side, the big guns at the pot-smoking operation story apparently so distracted the normally excruciatingly progressive politically-correct media and its reporters and editors that they accidentally said the normally taboo word “Christmas” and “Christmas tree”, right there in the story. 

Dear. God. 

No, they did not call them “happy trees” as in “the pot plants were the size of happy trees”, nor even “the size of green trees of the colourful winter solstice festivus of happy values”

So it’s all very confusing in the end.

Being liberal is hard.

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