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Liberalvision CTV does ad on behalf of Canada’s liberal-left this morning

Today on liberalvision, the liberal media producers decided that the best thing to do would be to assemble a whole segment devoted exclusively to a panel of three people who are by profession against the Conservative Party and everything it stands for, to talk about the Conservatives’ Clean Air plan which was released this past week.  CTV’s “Question Period” has no Conservative Party member on the panel of geniuses, nor anyone who isn’t a critic of the plan.  They have the Green Party leader, an NDP member, and a Liberal Party member. 

They have the show’s co-host Jane Tabor lob leading, anti-Conservative government Clean Air Act softball questions to the critics, who even if they were completely drunk, could easily answer each question with “I agree, Jane.”  Liberalvision producers could almost be heard to exclaim (in much the same way Peter MacKay could almost be heard to say anything about a “dog”):  Oh that should provide Canadians with a the kind of “balanced look” at the damn Conservatives’ “Clean Air Act” that we want to provide Canadians! 

Shockingly, the panel members all take turns bashing the Conservative government, smearing them in various and sundry ways, mocking them, ridiculing them, marginalizing them to the unrecyclable trash-heap of nutville, seemingly at one point even questioning the very sanity of Prime Minister Harper, who the NDP representative said wasn’t even sure bought into that whole man-made global warming thing —all in answer to the ridiculously leading softball questions being asked of them by Taber, their apparent pal.  Each time any of them talk, they all, including Taber, nod their heads approvingly, agreeably.

Eureka!  The Conservatives (hopefully!) look like outcasts and idiots out of touch with reality, certainly unworthy of your consideration at election time.  Job well done. 

Note that Jane Tabor never argues with any of the extremely contentious —sometimes outrageous—things being said.  Never.  No, not even when she must surely know that what is being said is ridiculously unobjective and all of it is being put forth by people who are by definition professionally in opposition to the Conservatives and everything they stand for in every way.  Some of them rabidly so.

It’s a hideous display—and a blatant free political ad for Canada’s liberal-left if ever I saw one. 

Earlier in the program, co-host Craig Oliver had Conservative Minister Gary Lunn on to explain the Clean Air Act, and he set up his “interview” this way:

Craig Oliver:  “Every viewer of this program will have to wait 44 years  before they see substantial reductions in greenhouse gasses.  As for smog reduction?  Well, wait for about three years of “meetings”, and then we’ll see.  Critics are calling this a sort of “business approach” to environmentalism… well Mr. Lunn, why didn’t your government do more, and is this legislation, as critics are all saying, “dead on arrival”…?

Gary Lunn:  First of all Craig you know your opening statement that people will have to wait 34 years is

absolutely utter nonsense.  Our government’s bringing in legislation that will allow us to regulate both greenhouse gases and pollutants and pollutants are the things that impact Canadians’ health…

Gary Lunn deftly swatted back every time Oliver put forth another of his entirely ridiculous assertions—which were in fact almost word-for-word the talking points we’ve heard from the liberal-left since the moment the thing was announced by Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. 

Oliver argued with Mr. Lunn on most every point Mr. Lunn made.  Mr. Lunn had to debate him rather vigorously. Debate him.  Yet with the opposition parties and their pal Jane Tabor, she simply nodded as they spoke, as they all did in unison. 

This was an example of the worst kind of political bias being demonstrated by an agenda-driven liberal-biased media.

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