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Obama (the war criminal) lied; kids died?

In their latest video starring Al Qaeda’s number two Islamofascist goon Ayman al-Zawahri, which for once the liberal media never played because President Obama’s the president now, Al Qaeda says to President Obama, “God willing, your end will be at the hands of the Muslim nation, so that the world and history will be free of your crimes and lies.”

Huh.  “Crimes and lies”. 

That’s weird.

That’s what that “misunderstood” set used to say about President Bush, whereupon the Democratic Party’s (and further left’s) hard-left base picked up the cue, and started calling Bush a “war criminal” and a “liar” (and added “and kids died!”), whereupon all liberals and, in tow, all Canadians started aping them and saying exactly the same thing.

I haven’t heard “Obama lied and kids died!”, yet.  Should start anytime now.


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