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On the liberal-left’s political correctness front: PC police turn “big brother” into reality

Imagine your government training and hiring police especially to simply roam around the streets and in stores and restaurants, listening in on private social conversations you’re having with your friends in a cafeteria or outside on a patch of grass in public.  And if these police hear something they deem “offensive”—presumably as listed on a sheet of “offensive” material that they and their far-left cohorts, in their infinite wisdom, drew up—then they will “intervene” in your conversation and possibly even take more draconian steps, like insisting you report for “mental thought rehab” at the nearest “social justice counseling center” where you will be told to read certain books or discuss the matter with your betters (them);  or be sent to a “thought reprogramming center”;  even reporting you to one of Canada’s now infamous “human rights” commissions where you may be fined, have your freedoms taken away, and be forced to “apologize” whether you feel apologetic or not.  FORCED to.  By LAW. 

You’d think these political correctness police or “social justice” (code for pro-left-wing-think) enforcers were the fanciful mental meanderings of a paranoid nutbar.  You’d think.

I mean it sounds totally nuts, right?  Sounds like Iran.  It sounds EXACTLY like Iran.  And North Korea.  And other heinous dictatorships.  Or worse in some ways. 

Welcome to the increasingly “progressive” liberal-left Canada, where it is already happening and increasingly so, as the “progressive” liberal mindset sets in, unabated by any active push-back from conservatives or traditionalists. 

Globe and Mail:
QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY: Conversation cops step in to school students

National Post:
Queen’s new ‘dialogue’ monitors
Speech Police Hired to Roam Queens University Campus
Conversation cops step in to school students (‘Hate Speech’ monitors)

This is all about the liberals and the liberal-left foisting their liberal world view on us all.  This is now becoming out of control in Canada. 

Already legally prosecuting non-liberal thoughts and written words and speech through their “human rights” commissions, liberals and the left now literally threaten to casually “intervene” against (yes, against) those whose thoughts or opinions in casual conversations amongst friends or family aren’t “approved” by them—which I can assure you will include issues they mandate, like: openly endorsing and empowering (not just “tolerating”) the gay lifestyle; and of course being openly pro gay “marriage” and never criticizing it publicly; and treating God as though He were a “fairy tale”, as CBC commenters regularly write on the state-owned CBC web site (after first being approved by CBC moderators); and forcing a pro-multicultural “mosaic” and a “diversity” group-think; and being forced to openly endorse a sexuality promiscuous morality generally; and being pro-abortion and forbidden from being openly pro-life; and being anti-war, no matter what; and being against, say, Republicans or Conservatives and their ideas and principles generally;  and where being anti-Christianity is perfectly acceptable but being pro-Christian is not; and so on. 

They—liberals—started out preaching that people need to be more “tolerant”.  Increasingly, however, tolerance is a one-way street for liberals.  They started out preaching that you need to be tolerant of their world view —but now demand it, under legal threat.  They pretend to be tolerant themselves but don’t tolerate any opinion or viewpoint but their own.  It’s liberal fascism. 

But don’t worry.  Just continue to sit there.  It will probably just go away.
University of Calgary Once Again Attempting to Censor Campus Pro-Life Club

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