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Ontario braces for liquor strike as big labor unions hit at big gov’t

Ontario’s big left-wing labor unions which control the huge Ontario government’s state-owned and state-run Soviet-style liquor sales and distribution operations, will be taking on the innocent citizens of their province as they threaten them with a strike, right in time for the height of summer fun. 

Smug thug-like talk from the huge, rich, powerful multi-million-dollar public-sector labor union bosses always inspires comfort too! 

[…] In the event of a strike, [John Coones, chairman of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union’s liquor board employees division] said workers will not only stop working at the stores and in warehouses, they will also make sure no one from the outside takes over by physically blocking any vehicles trying to move stock.

“We’ll have secondary pickets, and any truck that wants to try crossing that line, well, that’s up to them, but I don’t think it’s in their best interest to do that.”

Coones said other unionized workers, including those who carry alcohol to stores and those who pick up and deliver money, have also told him they won’t cross picket lines.

Gosh.  They’re toughies, and yet they’re from Canada. That’s not very “Canadian liberal-like”!  They should go to Iraq and do some good there too. Perhaps guard the border with Syria and prevent the REAL enemy trucks from crossing there. That’s what public employees should do—not compete against their own fellow citizens, I mean unless those citizens are terrorists or something. 

But this is a delicious comeuppance for the huge liberal-left government of Ontario, which itself relies upon the donations and votes of the public-sector unions.  As I wrote last week, a report released last week recommended privatizing the socialist Soviet-style system, but the liberal-lefties would have none of it, vowing instead to completely ignore that sage and almost capitalist, free-market (yikes—private enterprise—ain’t that American?!) advice, and choosing to just go ahead and retain their big government, Soviet-style socialist system.  That’s designed to secure the big union cash and votes.  Working out great!  But you know, that’s how liberals think.

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