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PTBC Speed Round for Saturday, January 2, 2010

1.  Thanks to Donna for her $100 contribution to PTBC.  And thanks to Bernie S. for his $25.  And thanks to the others who have visited the PTBC Cashier or bought PTBC flag pins at the obviously total rip-off price of $10 and thereby offered up their support during the Christmas spend-a-lot season, when it can be especially hard to cough up money for non-gifts.  Or is this site a gift …to the world?  Yeah, let’s go with that.  No returnzees! 

2.  Compare and Contrast!

New York Times isn’t afraid of PTBC, despite our constant lashes against them as we pinpoint their anti-conservative bias.  The Canadian media is scared though.  But maybe that’s good.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
— Thomas Jefferson


“When the people fear their left-wing agenda-driven phony news media, there is fascism; when the left-wing fascist media fear the people, there is the possibility of some half-ass objective conservative-tolerant news reporting.  Burp.  Sorry this is the Speed Round and I’m in a hurry.”
—Joel Johannesen


I love to point out when USA Today or the New York Times or other paltry media organizations like that have the balls to link to ProudToBeCanadian columns and blog entries.  I do this when I notice it because practically no Canadian media of any kind mentions ProudToBeCanadian or me by name, or link to me or it, even if they do borrow things from the site.  I think it’s because they secretly love me and don’t want to admit it.  Or they could be scared to draw attention to this site.  Hmm.  I wonder which one it is.

Nah.  I must be paranoid.

I did this routine just last week vis-a-vis a USA Today link.  Today, the New York Times links to our columnist Salim Mansur’s column, “Canada a beacon in a troubled world”

So hello New York Times readers.  Please enjoy our Ann Coulter columns!  She loves the NYT! 

3.  CTV article today:  “Obama blames attack on al Qaeda”.  Well that’s fantastic.  Especially after al Qaeda has already taken the blame themselves —without President Obama’s official “stimulus”!  And what’s more, it now appears as though even non-Americans are capable of —what do the Obamatons call them now instead of what they really are (terrorism)… “man-caused disasters?”  Golly.  Before you know it, the ridiculous CBC (whose motto is “we take no sides, not even Canada’s!”) will stop calling it “George Bush’s so-called war on terror”


4.    I’m stopping for a beer now. It’s Saturday for goodness sake.  What are you even doing reading this?  Well, since you’re here, do read more stuff. 

I may pick this up again later.

Looking back, I didn’t.

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