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Shirts and shoes optional in Ontario gov’t offices? It’s a “global warming fighter”—wink!

Is there any dumb idea that comes out of liberals’ pie-holes that the Toronto Star doesn’t love?  In an editorial today, the liberal-leftist Toronto Star fawns over their man’s latest groovy idea.  The first sentence provides a clue. 

Premier Dalton McGuinty has a cool idea. 

He is urging government workers to leave their dress shirts, ties, jackets and other bulky business attire at home and wear summertime casual clothes at the office. It’s a sensible suggestion that should be adopted by employers across the province.

Cooler clothing could ease the demand for air conditioning in many buildings, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As part of his summertime casual clothing drive, McGuinty is ordering air-conditioned temperatures in government offices to go no lower than 26 degrees Celsius. Those who insist on wearing traditional business attire to work will presumably have to sweat it out…

In the winter, the people will no doubt be instructed to wear socks and some sensible mittens at their desks. 

Atta boy, Dalton McGuinty. 

Vote liberal.  Go casual.  Because “we don’t care”.

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