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State-owned CBC spins story about a botched branch of government —as a “company” story

CBC success in helping fake people outAt left, a comment from a state-owned commenter.  At the end, I’ll show you today’s example of hypocrisy and hypo-irony.

More on the blurring of lines between actual companies, and what are actually 100% state-owned branches of the government merely posing as “corporations”.  Like the CBC poses as a “corporation” as if it’s just like any other media company with shareholders and the problems associated with running a normal business in an supposedly free country.

This story reminds me of the quintessential one I wrote-up a while back, about the unhinged “customer” of the BC Lottery Corporation (yet another 100% state-owned, state-run monopoly posing as a “corporation”, which once again competes against citizens), who had totally bought into the progressives’ deception.  He was launching a law suit against “the corporation”, claiming (and reported, unquestioned, in the sycophantic media) that

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