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Mark Burnett’s new series “The Bible” draws eloquent reaction from Globe & Mail reader: “FU god”

Personally, as a long-time web site owner, I’d have removed the comment, or at least used it to make another of my epic demonstrations of the level of hate and intolerance toward Christians from among the usually left-wing or far-left secular-progressive tribe. You’ll remember these are the folks who pride themselves on their (obviously mythical or imaginary  —  or utterly deceptive) “tolerance” and “acceptance” and “diversity” and “inclusion.”

One of the tolerant set’s anti-Christian/anti-religion tribe members was the very first to launch his hate-on for anything that isn’t anti-Christian, with this comment to the Globe & Mail’s article about Mark Burnett’s upcoming epic series The Bible. Notice how the comment isn’t directed at the Globe & Mail, Mark Burnett, or even the reporter, but God Himself. The additional metaphor of God riding in on a horse exhibits his great mastery of intelligent thought.

The commenter named DJD wrote "F U god, and the imaginary horse you rode in on."

The commenter named DJD wrote “F U god, and the imaginary horse you rode in on.”

The commenter, “DJD”  —  surprisingly, such a coward he can’t use his real name  —  is a frequent contributor to the reader comments at the Globe & Mail.  He has made other such remarks about Christianity and religion generally there. Several of them have been removed by Globe & Mail moderators (“DJD’s comment is abusive and has been removed”). One can only imagine what was said in those comments if this one stands.

One of his grander comments reads:

God isn’t real which makes the whole thing a misguided freak show. Only when people realize that god is imaginary will the World start to make sense and we can get on with saving the planet before some delusional freaks overbreeds the World thus wrecking it for everybody. Overpopulation=religion……IMO.

Perhaps this is his way of commemorating the Pope’s resignation.

Shockingly, this wasn’t from the far-left website of hate, where I’ve carefully documented countless such examples of hate and intolerance.

But you had to know I’d check out the for their readers’ usual extreme hate-on. Here are just some comments to an article there:

• “Well, should be right up his alley. The bible contains about as much “reality” as Survivor does.”
–by reader “Aetheist

• “Another science fiction movie–all about nothing—
Weird for Mark to go from Reality to Fiction…
And he can get Snookie to play God….”
–by reader “diesel69

• “After all the horrors, idiocy and venality that continue to be exposed almost daily in the media about religion (especially whacknut Christianity and whacknut Islam) I wonder if this series will be a horror/comedy combo, sort of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with a different use for the crosses?”
–by reader “TonyKeene

• “Bible stories are not historical. At best they are historical fiction — metaphors and myths mixed in with bits of real history — at worst they are lies.

“The Bible is not historical, it is hysterical because it creates hysteria in people who think it is true (hysteria: a mental disorder characterized by emotional excitability etc. without an organic cause)

“The History Channel exists to make money, not to educate viewers with actual history, and what better way to make money than to promote the Bible to the gullible. It’s what god-frauds have been doing for centuries.”
–by reader “PerryBulwer

• “Thanks for the warning! An oxymoron if ever there was one: Bible & reality!”
–by reader “WhiteLakeDan


Roma Downey

Roma Downey

This is just what these extreme secular fundamentalists from the atheist religion say in public. Imagine what gets left unsaid  —  what thoughts go on inside their heads.  It must be a very, very dark and dour and angry and hateful and intolerant place they live in.

Anyway, on the bright side, the series starts on Sunday March 3 at 8 PM eastern, on History Channel, and is a five-part, ten-hour series.

It features Mark Burnett’s wife Roma Downey as Mary.

I’ve already set my DVR.


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Whiny Atheists Protest Charlie Brown Christmas Special

The atheists I grew up with in Texas were a tad bit pluckier than today’s lardy hagfish atheists who file lawsuits every winter when they see a child wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Yep, the anti-theists I used to hang out with in the Lone Star state were rugged individualists who were so busy milking this existence that they didn’t have time to bleat like a stuck sheep because a plastic baby Jesus statue endangered their delicate beliefs.

My other non-believing buddies who weren’t the robust Hemingway types were usually heady stoners who were into physics, Pink Floyd and Frisbee and were completely comfortable around people of faith versus today’s reflexively irate, touchy atheists who pop a blood vein in their forehead if they accidentally hear “Silent Night” playing at Macy’s.

For God’s sake atheists, übermensch up why don’t you?

The latest hissy fit thrown by the anti-theist this Christmas is over Charlie Brown. Yep, according to Fox News “Charlie Brown is in the middle of a contentious religious fight. A group of parents are fighting an Arkansas elementary school over a field trip to see a stage production of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ at a church. Fox News religion contributor Father Jonathan Morris weighed in on the controversy yesterday on Fox and Friends. Father Morris asked, “Who would be afraid of their children going to watch a classic Charlie Brown story like this?” He said, “The fact that we have the right to free speech for all means that there’s going to be also an opportunity and a probability that there will also be people who will do stupid, ignorant and totally out of line things like protesting the fact that Charlie Brown is going to be presented, and his Christmas story presented to kids.”

According to the 21st century metrosexual atheist motif, anything that offends the pouty atheist should now be banned. That makes me scratch my head because I thought the atheists were the tough-minded ones who could stare death in the face and mock God and His dictates, but now a silicone statue of Yeshua in diapers puts them in a tailspin. Hello, sweetie.

FYI to the spindly atheists: You’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to scrub culture of its Christian influence because we have rubber stamped this planet via the arts and human expression for many, many moons. Have you ever heard of Bach, van Eyck, Vermeer, Handel, Mendelssohn, Haydn and a writer named Billy Shakespeare? What about the artists of the early Italian Renaissance or the tens of thousands of other artists, writers and composers throughout history who were either die-hard believers or at least worked within the framework of a Christian worldview? Are you going to take a belt sander to their works because they remind you of Hey-Soos?

You know who did atheism right? The late Christopher Hitchens. He didn’t whine or sue schools for singing “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful.” What did he do? He vigorously argued his point of view, engaged the brethren without being a shrill priss and left it to the audience to decide what path they were going to take, and I dig that kind of robust character. That said, as you can tell, I have no respect for atheists who want to ban Christian symbolism because they don’t happen to buy it.

Merry Christmas.

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