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Canadians prefer to call it Christmas. Not “holidays.”

I don’t just like their poll results, I like that a large media outlet is bothering to poll on it, and then report the findings. In this case, Sun News in Canada.





Some right-thinking Canadians will remember that I’ve been on this Christmas case for many years. I’m grateful that others are now taking it up.

Merry Christmas.



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Whiny Atheists Protest Charlie Brown Christmas Special

The atheists I grew up with in Texas were a tad bit pluckier than today’s lardy hagfish atheists who file lawsuits every winter when they see a child wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Yep, the anti-theists I used to hang out with in the Lone Star state were rugged individualists who were so busy milking this existence that they didn’t have time to bleat like a stuck sheep because a plastic baby Jesus statue endangered their delicate beliefs.

My other non-believing buddies who weren’t the robust Hemingway types were usually heady stoners who were into physics, Pink Floyd and Frisbee and were completely comfortable around people of faith versus today’s reflexively irate, touchy atheists who pop a blood vein in their forehead if they accidentally hear “Silent Night” playing at Macy’s.

For God’s sake atheists, übermensch up why don’t you?

The latest hissy fit thrown by the anti-theist this Christmas is over Charlie Brown. Yep, according to Fox News “Charlie Brown is in the middle of a contentious religious fight. A group of parents are fighting an Arkansas elementary school over a field trip to see a stage production of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ at a church. Fox News religion contributor Father Jonathan Morris weighed in on the controversy yesterday on Fox and Friends. Father Morris asked, “Who would be afraid of their children going to watch a classic Charlie Brown story like this?” He said, “The fact that we have the right to free speech for all means that there’s going to be also an opportunity and a probability that there will also be people who will do stupid, ignorant and totally out of line things like protesting the fact that Charlie Brown is going to be presented, and his Christmas story presented to kids.”

According to the 21st century metrosexual atheist motif, anything that offends the pouty atheist should now be banned. That makes me scratch my head because I thought the atheists were the tough-minded ones who could stare death in the face and mock God and His dictates, but now a silicone statue of Yeshua in diapers puts them in a tailspin. Hello, sweetie.

FYI to the spindly atheists: You’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to scrub culture of its Christian influence because we have rubber stamped this planet via the arts and human expression for many, many moons. Have you ever heard of Bach, van Eyck, Vermeer, Handel, Mendelssohn, Haydn and a writer named Billy Shakespeare? What about the artists of the early Italian Renaissance or the tens of thousands of other artists, writers and composers throughout history who were either die-hard believers or at least worked within the framework of a Christian worldview? Are you going to take a belt sander to their works because they remind you of Hey-Soos?

You know who did atheism right? The late Christopher Hitchens. He didn’t whine or sue schools for singing “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful.” What did he do? He vigorously argued his point of view, engaged the brethren without being a shrill priss and left it to the audience to decide what path they were going to take, and I dig that kind of robust character. That said, as you can tell, I have no respect for atheists who want to ban Christian symbolism because they don’t happen to buy it.

Merry Christmas.

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Another new porn channel coming to Canada; Margaret Atwood, CBC’s Don Newman: silent

Anne-Marie LosiqueSo much of the progressive — the liberal, socialist, communist — set of political principles and their incessant social-engineering philosophy revolves around the orgasm.  And yet they’re so against smoking.  Being liberal is hard.  But apparently they like it that way.  This is about yet another new porn channel, and you can hear crickets chirping.

The last time we heard from the liberal-left progressive set (whose voices including even the left wing Order of Canada award-winning author Margaret Atwood), with regard to simple TV-watching, was when a new TV news channel was applying for a license.  They were outraged.  Morally. Outraged.  The TV channel was a conservative-tolerant news channel.  For shame, they cried, real loud.  Naturally the state-owned CBC’s politics anchor-slash-political opinion columnist and fellow Order of Canada award-winner Don Newman also chimed in with his own strong objections to a conservative-tolerant competitor to the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC.  That (opposing anything conservative) is what the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC is for, I have figured over time.

Today the Left are all silent on another TV channel.  It’s different.  This one is respectable to them, we are to presume.  It’s a sex-laden and all-out hard porn TV channel to further grace Canadians’ TV screens.  Apparently we don’t have enough gay sex, straight sex, group sex, porn, lurid, and salacious television yet in this country, in addition to MTV and the state-owned CBC’s own lewd ventures in sex-ridden broadcasting, which I’ve documented here over the years. 

By the way, I found out a lot about the woman behind the new channel, Anne Marie Losique (she’s seen at left, amongst the chains — I also have one of her amongst whips), at the state-owned web site, where they have a huge, glowing, gratuitous feature article about her for no apparent particular reason other than the fact that she’s a porn queen, and I guess they figure it behooves them to bring her to the attention of Canadian families.  It’s best for our nation to learn early on about the future Order of Canada award winners, I suppose! 

The CBC article begins, “Quebec television producer and star Anne-Marie Losique is no bimbo. But starting Jan. 12, the veteran cable TV host will star in Adventures of a Real Life Bimbo, a six-episode reality show…”, and goes on for over eleven hundred words.  They include two photographs of the porn queen, just to ensure we “Know more – know now” as their recent ad motto went. 

“It will be a blend of light and sexy fare, hard-hitting documentaries and late-night pornography,” the porno purveyor Anne Marie Losique swooned, according to a report about her plans for a new porn channel, at

As I mentioned, the Left — progressives, liberals, communist folks generally — recently once again demonstrated that they don’t tolerate — and demand that the government not tolerate — that they effectively ban — any voices (or even fully-clothed visages!) on Canadians’ TVs, other than far-left or “progressive” voices, and breasts, and other naked and intermingled body parts, apparently.  (If someone proposed a channel displaying naked conservatives or better yet, naked gay conservatives, would their heads explode?)

They fought tooth and nail and launched petitions and wrote letters and launched AstroTurf letter-writing campaigns to persuade their CRTC division, a beast of their own creation which was launched for just this purpose — not to allow SunTV’s bid to launch a conservative-tolerant TV news channel this year. 

Their CRTC division is not a mere licensing body.  It’s the authoritarian state regulator of what we’re allowed to watch on TV and listen to on radio and in what proportion of French and English and in what quota of “Canadian-made” and “foreign” (mostly American), and more.  Earlier this past decade, the Left fought to maintain the well-orchestrated liberal-left ban, through their CRTC division, against Fox News Channel and FNCs efforts to obtain a license to simply broadcast in Canada on a subscription basis to those Canadians willing to pay a premium to buy the channel.  The CRTC and its liberal/progressive masters were forced by likes of PTBC to finally relent –  more out of shear embarrassment and exposure of their censorable ways than anything, methinks. 

But that’s the progressives — the folks who claim to own the notion of “tolerance”, and claim to embrace freedom — for you. 

But back to porn!  Or not.  Well actually it is!  But not only porn.  Cooking! 

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Monday NewsQuips

Newsquips are updated through the day. 

image1.  HAPPY AND EXCITED CBC ANCHOR—The “R WORD”—complete with picture of Harper!  Look at that smile!  Yes it’s the CBC gleefully promoting “The ‘R’ Word”, year three.  This happy-looking screen capture at left from this morning on CBC Newsworld is graphically axiomatic.  It depicts, to me, a news anchor who appears almost pleased with her success—a bit of a fait accompli as they say in The Nation Of Quebec—in pushing and then finally achieving a goal.  It’s just another CBC scene today but one which has been repeated all day every day for the past three years.  The state-owned, socialism-reliant and left-wing advocating CBC has been reporting on a “possible” “recession”and “SAYING THE ‘R’ WORD”—as I’ve shown here with screen captures—and/or totally ignoring historic record-breaking rising stock markets and general economic good news—for at least two or three years… pushing, pushing, mindlessly pushing that potentiality… and stoking fear and diminishing consumer confidence and firmly planting doubt in people’s minds as best they possibly could… and then pretending they’re nothing but bystanders and earnest and altruistic reporters of “facts” when it finally happens.  As I’ve said before, the pessimistic talk will magically ease on January 20, 2009.  Happy-talk will appear on the liberal media landscape. The “R” word will be redefined to mean “RECOVERY”.  … Think this “MARKET MELTDOWN” capture was from this week or last week?  No—it’s from a year and a half ago when markets were booming to historic highs:

2. Partisan liberal Obama election workers are simply “normal” and not biased

Recount observer on two sides
Amy Dalrymple, The Forum
Published Sunday, November 23, 2008

BRECKENRIDGE, Minn. — A woman who worked for [Democratic Party Senate candidate] Al Franken earlier this week during the Senate recount in one county ended up counting ballots as a nonpartisan volunteer here Saturday in a recount that grew heated at times.

Maggie Vertin, who spent two days in Fergus Falls for Otter Tail County’s recount as an observer for Franken, was one of eight volunteers who assisted with the Wilkin County effort in Breckenridge.

Bob Westfall, who was in Breckenridge on Saturday as an observer for [Republican incumbent Senator] Norm Coleman, said he had concerns when members of his team learned a ballot counter had worked for Franken.  “I don’t understand how you can switch from being partisan one day to being neutral today,” Westfall said.

It’s easy to understand:  liberals and leftists think being a liberal is “neutral” and “non-partisan”.  They think that’s the middle ground. “Bias” is only a conservative person, or a conservative thought or idea.  The far-left CBC is, for example, “normal” and “neutral” and “non-partisan” to most Canadians.  To some on the CBC-luvin’ far, socialist left, media which isn’t state-owned and state-run is inherently “right-wing” and “biased” simply on the basis that they’re not state-owned and don’t rely on and embrace socialism.  That’s how twisted and misinformed and unsophisticated—indoctrinated by the left—both our nations have become.  This concept is ingrained in their inner core beliefs as a result of decades of liberal-left indoctrination by a liberal (and further left) media who present conservatives as not normal—as suspect; or as “extremists”, or as the “Christian-right”; but liberals as perfectly “normal” and “balanced” and “progressive” “thinkers” who are “smart” and “nuanced”.  It’s taught in schools as a fact of life.  Socialism is normal and good.  It’s capitalists that you have to watch.  It’s ironic because conservatives are the ones who are generally traditional, meaning exactly that:  normal

The media and academia are so liberal and left they don’t even know how liberal and left they are anymore.  That’s why they glibly mock Fox News Channel as “biased” and “unfair”  and “not balanced” and “right-wing”.  It’s on the basis that FNC presents both sides—it’s not just the “normal” left and far-left seen in nearly all other media.  FNC allows conservatives to present their point of view… which I guess if you think about is of course not fair to the liberal-left.  I’m sure you see their point.  Liberals and the left don’t have a chance when conservative ideas are allowed to be presented and debated in public. 

3. Obama causes market drop, right media?  I’ve pointed this out before (item 7 in this post), because the liberals’ media division constantly did this same thing whenever President Bush spoke, claiming the market dropped whenever he spoke.  Since Friday, the media — including the socialism-reliant CBC which knows SO much about free market capitalism and the stock market — has been crediting Barack Obama with the nice Friday rise in the markets (both in the U.S. and in Canada) simply because he came up with his Treasury Secretary choice.  Today, I wonder if they will blame him for people losing billions, because as I once again tracked it from the moment he started talking this morning until the minute he finished, the market lost BILLIONS in value—well over a hundred points or about 1½ percent.    Here’s my screen captures, in order, over the course of just a half an hour of Obamaspeak, in which the point was to re-assure the world that he’s on top of the economic turmoil.
(When he zipped it, the market went back up a bit.)

4. Fair and balanced Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes show to lose the liberal half, Colmes.  Alan Colmes says it’s time to move onto other projects, including building a new weekend show on FNC.  He’ll carry on with his Fox Radio show and will be a regular commentator on other FNC shows. No word on his replacement.  Golly where are they going to find another liberal? 

5. Do like these folks and avoid businesses and organizations that avoid “CHRISTMAS”.  Try a little PUSH-BACK on for size, you delightful hyper-secular “progressive” fundamentalist “inclusionists”. 

New York Christmas Boat Parade Changes Name, Loses Fans

Monday, November 24, 2008

PATCHOGUE, N.Y. —  An annual parade of boats on a Long Island river that dropped “Christmas” from its name has apparently lost lots of supporters.

About 1,000 people showed up Sunday for the Patchogue Boat Parade of Lights. That’s 500 fewer than usually showed up when it was called the Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade.

Brookhaven-based fireworks company Fireworks by Grucci dropped its sponsorship after the Greater Patchogue Foundation removed “Christmas” from the parade’s name. The change was made after some residents complained the name wasn’t inclusive enough.

Grucci vice president Philip Butler opposes the secularization of Christmas. His supporters encouraged area residents to stay away from the parade on Patchogue River.

Organizers say the parade still was a success.

It successfully “included” 33% fewer people, and lost a major sponsor, but it was still a “success”.  That’s success, liberal-style, because at least they dumped “Christmas”.

6. Currently working on the annual PTBC “It’s called Christmas” thing.  Get your good, borderline, and bad stores and organizations !  We need to know who to patronize and who to avoid.   



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Zogby poll proves PTBC is right to push for the Christmas in Christmas!

Our annual PTBC drive to keep the Christmas in Christmas (see right column for this year’s PTBC Christmas List of Fame and Shame, and many forum posts and blog entries about it) got a good boost today thanks to a good PTBC contributor, “parem”, who spotted this in the National Post today and posted it in the relevent Town Square discussion forum thread:

Neutral ‘Happy Holidays’ does not sit well with American shoppers

Published: Friday, December 08, 2006

Americans are ready to put “Merry Christmas” back into holiday shopping. The majority of Americans surveyed—95%—said they were not offended by a “Merry Christmas” greeting in stores, according to the poll by Zogby International. However, 32% said they took offence at “Happy Holidays,” the religiously neutral alternative promoted over the last few years as inclusive and inoffensive. A good gauge of the national mood may be retail giant Wal-Mart, which reversed its policy of limiting the use of “Merry Christmas.” Wal-Mart’s change of heart this season could help bring more people into their stores—35% said hearing “Merry Christmas” makes them more likely to shop there this season, Zogby found.

Merry happy-tree festivus!  And may the deity of your choice (or lack thereof due to your humanistic non-deity value system preventing you from having one) bless you and yours this holiday season of color and gayness (in that good old-fashioned sense of gayness)!

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Wal-Mart clues-in: the “holidays” are “Christmas” holidays! (Shop at Wal-Mart!)

It was just yesterday that I started my annual campaign to reveal the stores and government agencies who have decided to make it their goal to join the secular progressives and politically-correct minions and other liberals in their effort to take Christmas out of Christmas.  Read it here!  And of course part of the annual campaign is to feature the folks who are sensible and who honor our great traditions and values.

Now CNN reports that Wal-Mart has joined the ranks of sensible and honorable traditional Americans and Canadians this year! 

Naturally, therefore, they go RIGHT onto our Christmas List of Shame and Fame (see the growing list it in the right column and help us out with it please!).

(Hat tip to “DC In YOW”)

Wal-Mart: We’re not afraid to say Merry Christmas

No. 1 retailer has decided to abandon its generic ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting in favor of ‘Merry Christmas.’

NEW YORK (CNNMoney)—Wal-Mart has told its employees that it’s OK to once again greet shoppers by saying “Merry Christmas” this holiday season instead of the generic “Happy Holidays.”

CNN confirmed that Wal-Mart will announce Thursday that it plans to use the phrase “Merry Christmas” in products and around its stores this holiday season.

The announcement comes a year after religious groups such as The American Family Association and The Catholic League boycotted retailers including Wal-Mart last holiday season for excluding the word “Christmas” from products sold in stores.

“We, quite frankly, have learned a lesson from last year,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Linda Blakley told USA Today in a separate report. “We’re not afraid to use the term ‘Merry Christmas.’ We’ll use it early, and we’ll use it often.”

[…] To support its Christmas deals, the report said Wal-Mart will launch TV ads next week that trumpet “Christmas.” It’s changing the name of its seasonal decorations department to “The Christmas Shop” from “The Holiday Shop.”

Moreover, Wal-Mart stores will play Christmas carols throughout the holiday period and about 60 percent more merchandise will be labeled as “Christmas” rather than “holiday” items, the paper said.

imageThey even have a video at CNN about their story! 

Shop at Wal-Mart!

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It’s getting closer to joymas!

I’ve been doing this for a few years now—bringing to your attention the stores and liberal-dominated government agencies who seem to be making a progressive, incremental effort to take the Christmas out of Christmas, by, for example, changing the name of this traditional, time-honored, sacred, government-sanctioned national holiday to the likes of “seasonal festiveness oh happytime of joy and holiday happy-tree jingle fun”, or at least anything but “Christmas”, which is what it is by the official law of our land and by way of our most foundational roots and our heritage. 

It’s liberals and the their secular-progressive politically-correct minions who are responsible for this, in their effort to take all Christianity out of Canada and won’t be happy until they make everything on earth totally Godless. 

Most of us have already received one of the first salvos of this secular progressive liberal Godlessness by way of Canada Post, who just spent a gazillion taxpayer dollars to send out a booklet replete with nothing. 

Shown here: a “joy” present which, if you’re careful, will arrive and be set under the happy-tree of light and festivity in time for “the season”!

Look inside, and you’ll be informed as to how to send “joy”—not Christmas presents, although the pictures look suspiciously like Christmas presents (not “Kwanzaa” presents or traditional Muslim offerings).  And if you follow their booklet’s powerful message, you’ll get your “joy” there in time for “the season”.  That’s liberal-leftist code for “Christmas”. 

I’ve never see so much use of the word “joy”:  “Imagine the joy”, “Add joy”, Send joy”, “Receive joy”, “Holiday joy”, and finally “Joy—you’ll find it in the mail”. 

One time they called Christmas presents “a festive surprise wrapped in the excitement of the holidays…

And of course the whole point is:  “To send your gifts and greetings in time for the 2006 holiday season, use this … chart”.  (And the chart suspiciously shows how you get all your “joys” delivered by one particular date:  December 25th —just another day of seasonal happy-joy!  It’s a Monday this year, ya know!)

And then they did the whole thing in French of course.

Not once in the entire production did they use the word “Christmas”.  This is not an accident of course.  This is on purpose.  And what purpose does this serve?  I already told you. 

They had to have tried awfully hard to not use the word “Christmas” in their “Christmas” brochure. 

Anyway, I’ll be adding our annual list (called “Christmas Shame and Fame”) of stores and government agencies that refuse to use the word “Christmas” and those that do honor our nation’s traditions properly, and inserting it in the column at right, soon.  So please gather those brochures, be observant as you shop and watch TV, and let me know about the goodies and the baddies by email to ItsAQuestion (at)  I’ll add them to our annual list of Christmas shame and fame.

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