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Another new porn channel coming to Canada; Margaret Atwood, CBC’s Don Newman: silent

So much of the progressive — the liberal, socialist, communist — set of political principles and their incessant social-engineering philosophy revolves around the orgasm.  And yet they’re so against smoking.  Being liberal is hard.  But apparently they like it that way.  This is about yet another new porn channel, and you can hear crickets chirping. […]

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Monday NewsQuips

Newsquips are updated through the day.  1.  HAPPY AND EXCITED CBC ANCHOR—The “R WORD”—complete with picture of Harper!  Look at that smile!  Yes it’s the CBC gleefully promoting “The ‘R’ Word”, year three.  This happy-looking screen capture at left from this morning on CBC Newsworld is graphically axiomatic.  It depicts, to me, a news anchor […]

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Wal-Mart clues-in: the “holidays” are “Christmas” holidays! (Shop at Wal-Mart!)

It was just yesterday that I started my annual campaign to reveal the stores and government agencies who have decided to make it their goal to join the secular progressives and politically-correct minions and other liberals in their effort to take Christmas out of Christmas.  Read it here!  And of course part of the annual […]

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It’s getting closer to joymas!

I’ve been doing this for a few years now—bringing to your attention the stores and liberal-dominated government agencies who seem to be making a progressive, incremental effort to take the Christmas out of Christmas, by, for example, changing the name of this traditional, time-honored, sacred, government-sanctioned national holiday to the likes of “seasonal festiveness oh […]

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?