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Canadian TV’s All-American Ratings for Dec 1 2016: Where’s the State-Owned CBC?

I used to present these charts or lists all the time, but I haven’t for a long time. It’s English Canada’s TV viewing habits in a snapshot.

This is the Canadian (english-language) viewership ranked from number 1 to 30 for the week of November 14 to November 20, 2016.*

2 BULL – Global
3 NCIS – Global
9 HAWAII FIVE-O – Global
14 MACGYVER – Global
18 CHICAGO PD – Global
20 CHICAGO FIRE – Global
24 TIMELESS – Global

As you can see, the state-owned media is almost utterly ignored by most Canadians. Just why it is that so many Canadians insist on paying for it anyway — is beyond me. Logic flies out the window on this one.

The CBC pops up on line number 10 but it’s a hockey game. You can make your own mind up as to whether we need to provide $1.5 BILLION per year to the state-owned CBC in order to broadcast hockey games. Others can do it just as well or better I think.

If there were no hockey game, the CBC would have to wait until you got down to line 17 with MURDOCH MYSTERIES. That’s a show which started on Rogers’ CITY channels, and was later picked up by the state-owned CBC to run in competition against citizen-owned CTV, Global and the others. The CBC did not create this show, they merely pay for the right to broadcast it, just as the other Canadian channels all routinely do — and did — to get onto this ranking list. But of course the private companies did it with their own money rather than with taxpayer cash.

So also note that almost every single show on the list is an American-based and American-created show, which Canadian channels buy. Canadian news does rank in the top 30, and the CFL playoffs sneaked in at number 30. Apparently I was right when at age 14 I figured out that the state cannot social-engineer a state-sanctioned “Canadian culture,” and that it’s actually something that evolves organically — and among the people individually, rather than from the government down to the masses.

It’s not that there aren’t Canadian shows out there. There are. It’s just that nobody watches them. Here’s a personal anecdotal tidbit: Corner Gas (CTV) was a good show until the star, Brent Butt, who I used to think was funny, started seriously slamming religion — all religion generally — on Twitter, in light of the radical Islamist jihadist terrorist attacks in Kenya. He used the hashtag “#yayreligion”. Brent Butt tars Christians with the exact same brush as radical Islamic terrorists, so I stopped watching his show. His show is cancelled now but is in reruns still. I won’t watch it. I watched Corner Gas and those sorts of shows — like NFL football (Go Seahawks!… unless you go all “Black Lives Matter” on me before every game), to get away from left-wing politics. I think a lot of people do, which might help explain the CBC’s dismal ratings.

Finally, note that the CBC News is not on the list. Canadians prefer the privately-owned CTV News by a huge margin. I call CTV “Liberalvision.” The CBC is even further left. I think I’ll call them “Alt-Left.” I think that may be why nobody watches CBC News. I’m surprised Global doesn’t show any news presence here. Global might want to try a conservative-tolerant model, which seems to appeal to Americans — if Fox News Channel’s #1 ratings are any indication and I think it is. For years, FNC almost constantly beats CNN and the far-left MSNBC by double their numbers – combined. Sometimes, they have ranked as the number one cable channel period — not just cable news, all of cable.

The list goes as far as 30 and CBC News is obviously somewhere below that rank. It could be number 31 or 81 — I don’t know. But if they can’t ever crack the top 30, it seems quitting the news business might be the best option for the state-owned media, strictly from a financial standpoint, as the network news business is extremely expensive, and they’ve obviously utterly failed after all these many years and countless billions in taxpayer dollars. I guess you could and should say the same for the rest of their network. They’ve clearly failed. And there are other reasons aside from the purely financial for the state to remove itself from news and politics and entertainment which always skew left or far left — “Alt-Left” as I now call it. For example, the state shouldn’t compete against its own citizens in business for profit and their livelihood and that of their family. There are other examples.

* Information courtesy of Numeris

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Crooked Hillary move over: Trudeau Liberals sound like the corrupt Clintons; and our media love them all the same

I’ll give the Globe and Mail credit for at least breaking from their Donald Trump smearing obsession for five minutes today, to mention one of our nation’s biggest stories (and one that’s true, too!). They’re suggesting today what could be massive political corruption, in our country, associated with the Trudeau Liberal Party. Yes, them, again. (Don’t worry, they still smear Donald Trump plenty today, with delightful lines like this line in a hard “news” report: “…Mr. Trump’s simplistic and angry campaign rhetoric may be much more difficult to accomplish…”).

Here’s their cover story, which continues way back on on page 15 (anti-Trump stories first, doncha know).


The Globe and Mail’s effort today is a lot more than I can say for the National Post or Trudeau’s state-owned CBC division, which mentions not one single word about what really could be a huge story of nation-changing political corruption.

It’s all very Clintonian.

But like the Clinton’s corruption and the media’s response (“yawn, wink”), I suspect the liberal media here will give their beloved Trudeau an absolute pass as well. Which makes the liberal media as corrupt as the Liberals.

For the record, the left-wing Toronto Star and liberalvision CTV also fail to mention one word about this, even though it’s about potentially enormous political corruption affecting the governance of our country, to say nothing of a major election promise being smashed to smithereens.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the top draw at a $1,500 Liberal Party cash-for-access fundraiser at the mansion of a wealthy Chinese-Canadian business executive in May. One of the guests at the event was a well-heeled donor who was seeking Ottawa’s final approval to begin operating a new bank aimed at Canada’s Chinese community.

The Globe and Mail has learned that wealthy Chinese businessman Zhang Bin who, with a partner, donated $1-million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the University of Montreal Faculty of Law weeks after the fundraiser, also attended the event. Mr. Zhang is a political adviser to the Chinese government in Beijing and a senior apparatchik in the network of Chinese state promotional activities around the world.

Chinese Business Chamber of Commerce chair Benson Wong played host to Mr. Trudeau and 32 other people at his Toronto home. Among the donors was insurance tycoon Shenglin Xian, the founder of Wealth One Bank of Canada, and several Chinese billionaires…

There are no lines in the news story like “Mr. Trudeau’s simplistic and angry campaign rhetoric was obviously a lie and was obviously much too difficult for him to even pretend to give a shit about…” But at least they wrote something. Now they can go back to Trump-bashing. Hey maybe Ivanka’s dresses are too summery or something! And surely that makes her a racist!

So yes I think it’s important to think about why virtually none of the other news media in Canada is covering this story of potential Justin Trudeau/Liberal Party political corruption (again). Even if this latest revelation were exclusive to the Globe and Mail, other media can certainly report on the Globe and Mail’s findings. The Globe and Mail does that all the time. They all do. God knows if a story about Stephen Harper ever appeared in the Toronto Star as an exclusive, every single other news media reported on it. Just like they do with Trump stories.

The fact that they have chosen not to in this case needs to be investigated. Especially the failure of the state-owned CBC, since we pay them $1.5 BILLION per year to do…. whatever it is we pay them to do.

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CTV “online reporter/editor” skips lede, blithely tweets her love for Justin Trudeau.

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This tweet from a CTV reporter follows nicely on the heels of my old YouTube video called Justin Trudeau is so Groovy! I mean it is truly laughable after you watch the video.

Here’s Christine Tam’s tweet from moments ago, re this story:

I include the screen capture of the tweet just in case she is instructed by her liberal bosses at CTV News or Team Justin to delete it. (UPDATE – 11:00 AM PST): it’s already been deleted)


I always say many in the liberal media are so liberal they don’t even know how liberal they are anymore; and that liberals speak as though everybody in the room agrees with them, but really. Do they have to spell it out for us in quite so obvious a manner? I guess they really do think we’re stupid.

Here’s a graphic of her Twitter bio:

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Hideous Canadian Obama suck-up news media helps Obama mislead folks

In case you’ve been away for the past four years, let me fill you in: most of the Canadian lamestream Obamamania media is still backing their man. Nothing’s changed their blinkered outlook. Not even Obama’s failed record and his increasingly obvious promise of an American ruination. It’s just getting funnier now.

The President took to the stage today in Oklahoma, where he mendaciously spoke in favor of “the Keystone Pipeline”  —  err… the bottom quarter of it  —  and promised to, well, git ‘er done, to use a decidedly southern conservative tone, which Obama adopts whenever he’s in the south. And he did it as if he had anything to do with that portion of it.

CTV obamawashes facts

Just what do the news media think Obama is posing in front of? Apparently they're not at all curious as to why those pipes are there and what they're already planning on doing with them in a few weeks.

Which he doesn’t.

Of course being the brilliant Harvard-trained great speaker of all get out™ liberal media, he didn’t actually say “git ‘er done,” he actually said “The southern leg of (Keystone XL), we are going to make that a priority and go ahead and get that done.”

Well then.

That portion requires no federal approval. And “get[ting] that done” is already well underway. Thanks anyway, Mr. President.

He says he’s instructing his regime to “fast-track” that portion through all the massive bureaucracy, and all those nasty regulatory hurdles, and that government “red tape” (his words!).

For those of you playing the home game, yes, that’s the same massive bureaucracy and nasty regulatory hurdles and government “red tape” which he and his regime adore, and grow, and build upon, every single day.

And which is, in itself, shining testimony to the economy-slowing idiocy of big progressive governments and the regulatory hurdles they’ve set up. Naturally no media picked up on that shiny gem either. But don’t worry, I’m not calling them “sluts.”

Obama still hasn’t reversed his first massive error in judgement on this file, wherein he rejected the Keystone Pipeline writ large, earlier this year, in a pure ideological and power-seeking political play to his far-left base of enviro-nitwits.  That’s the only part which requires federal approval  —  the part from Canada   —  the one key component of the whole Keystone project.

So he takes to the stage and pretends as if he’s now giving approval to something which is already approved, and vows to somehow get through all that government red tape, which he grows exponentially all day long to prevent things like pipelines and refineries from ever being built.

And the media lap it up like the useful idiots they are.

The lamestream media (in both countries) took that stump speech (apparently totally oblivious to the specter of the enormous stacks of oil pipes behind him, ready to be laid) as a jumping off point, and leaped right into the great abyss of lies with their man Obama.  Take a look at liberalvision CTV’s headline at above-right: “Obama changes course, fast-tracks Keystone pipeline.”

The Globe and Mail did the same, tweeting this as soon as they could:

Globe and Mail tweet kiss to Obama

Globe and Mail tweet kiss to Obama

That’s a load of crap.

He’s reversed nothing, and has not fast-tracked the “Keystone pipeline.” The accompanying story written-up at  is equally appalling and galling in its blatant promotion of the Obama lie.

Other greasy lamestream media used a similar Obama ass-kiss tactic. The state-owned CBC (for whom Obama must surely be too right-wing, but he’s the best they’ve got down there in ugly gun-‘n-God-land), also seem oblivious to the mass of ready-to-bury oil pipes Obama was posing in front of, and goes with the Obama-speak effort to obfuscate the fact that Obama was only touting the extreme southern portion of the pipeline (for which he has no control anyway), and not the larger “Keystone” project as a whole, thereby misleading readers:

CBC fails to notice pipes

CBC fails to notice pipes

Exceptions? Sun News alone mocked the Obama effort to deceive voters with their reporting today, and included this quote-adorned chiron in their far more full, truthful, and therefore fair-to-viewers coverage, which was properly critical of Obama’s abject mendacity:

Sun News capture of Obama mendacity

Sun News captures Obama mendacity using quotes around the word APPROVES.

Here’s a snippet of Sun News’ reporting on the farce that was:

Obama expediting part of Keystone pipeline

By Bryn Weese, Senior Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Using stacks of pipe as a backdrop, President Barack Obama told an Oklahoma audience that he is fast-tracking part of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

But the southern section he is touting — from Cushing, OK, to Houston refineries — does not need his approval and is scheduled to begin construction anyway this June. …

Just so.



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