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A Queer Need for Rejection

Whenever I write about the issue of First Amendment Freedom of Association, I defend the right of campus groups, not government administrators, to control their own belief structure and membership requirements. This often involves discussing real life cases with real life tension between religious groups and homosexual activists. This results in a slew of emails asking why a homosexual student would ever want to join a fundamentalist religious group. The short answer to the question is that homosexual activists don’t really want to join these organizations. Some want to use them for political gain before shutting them down altogether.

The homosexual rights movement is not a political movement seeking equality. It is a religious movement seeking affirmation. Conservative Christian organizations refuse to offer affirmation of the homosexual lifestyle. In fact, they actually condemn it. So they become targets of homosexual activism.

Paradoxically, homosexual activists also target conservative Christians because being rejected by them is an important part of the process of attaining affirmation from the general public. When a homosexual activist tries to “join” such a group, it is often done with the following goals in mind:

1. Using discrimination claims to strengthen the genetic argument (and using the genetic argument to strengthen discrimination claims). It is fairly obvious why homosexuals want to assert that homosexuality is genetic. If they are programmed to behave in a certain way then homosexuality becomes less of a behavior and more of a status. This helps advance efforts to include sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws, which are meant to give homosexuals equal power in relation to legitimate civil rights causes based upon immutable physical characteristics.

The only problem with the genetic argument is that it lacks supporting evidence. There is no more evidence for a gay gene than there is for Santa Claus or for legitimate feminist scholarship. The best the activist can do is to argue circumstantially that no one would choose a lifestyle that guarantees being subjected to discrimination. The argument is as silly as saying there must be an interracial dating gene because no one would choose to be subjected to discrimination for dating someone of another race.

But homosexual politics is not about logic. It is about end results. Activists need to be subjected to “discrimination” in order to advance their cause. So they join conservative Christian groups they do not like, engage in advocacy they know offends and disrupts the group, get kicked out of the group, and then claim to have been discriminated against. Finally, they lobby for stronger anti-discrimination rules that put them on a par with blacks and women.

2. Defaming the opposition. Homosexuals have a lot of options on campus. They can join a Unitarian Universalist group, they can join a United Methodist group, or they can start their own religious group that affirms homosexual conduct. But the very thought that someone on their campus disagrees with their lifestyle makes them angry. They simply cannot “coexist” (no matter what their bumper stickers say). This anger is probably due to awareness that they are engaging in a lifestyle that is both unnatural and immoral. So, if you can’t beat the Christians, just join them (and eventually destroy them). It’s always destroying, not joining, that motivates them.

After they join the group they don’t want to be in – and deny the stated principles of the group they never agreed with – the unable-to-coexist homosexual activist goes to the administration with a complaint. When the Christian group is expelled from campus under the anti-discrimination clause people ask “Why did the Christian group have to expel the homosexual?” Stated another way, the question becomes “Why can’t Christians coexist with homosexuals?”

In the end, the homosexual activist has made the group whose very existence he refuses to tolerate look intolerant. Another public relations victory!

3. Containing moral criticism. Of course, once the conservative Christian group is gone a clear message is sent to those who would dare to criticize the homosexual lifestyle. This exerts a powerful chilling effect on constitutionally protected religious expression.

But that isn’t the end of things. The homosexual rights movement continues to redefine homophobia in order to reduce any semblance of criticism directed toward the homosexual agenda. Isn’t this similar to what we have seen in the struggle for racial equality in America?

At first, the civil rights movement was about stopping lynching and racial segregation. After redefining racism (to include any disagreement with black leaders whatsoever) the movement has become little more than a mechanism used to suppress political speech. Racism went from being a social problem to being a political weapon. Redefining homophobia now serves the same function for the homosexual activist that redefining racism served for the civil rights activist.

But there is one crucial difference between the black civil rights movement and the homosexual rights movement. The former began by addressing real oppression before eventually (and incessantly) crying “wolf” as a means of punishing political speech. The latter began as an attack on free speech that becomes more pronounced with each and every concession.

The supreme irony of all this is that the NAACP is the organization that first won legal recognition of the right to freedom of association in 1958. They prevailed in a successful effort to keep the KKK from joining and destroying their organization. The U.S. Supreme Court sided with the NAACP saying they could keep their membership lists secret and even keep out those who disagree with their beliefs.

Today, in an effort to attain moral equivalency with the NAACP, the homosexual rights movement is adopting one of the old tactics of the KKK. Politics makes strange bedfellows – particularly when it demands affirmation of what goes on in the bedroom.

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Bullies or victims? Fairness and proportionality strike out in sport and sexuality

So, a guy who plays pro sport is an idiot. Good Lord, I can’t believe it! I mean, who knew?

Yes, Yunel Escobar was dumb enough to write on his face in Spanish something akin to “You are a faggot,” thus enabling every hypocrite and self-indulgent victim fetishist to moan about the horrors of homophobia.

Big money and big entertainment will do pretty much anything to not offend the gay community these days, and in this case their acts of ostensible contrition were positively nauseating.

Frankly, I don’t think Escobar intended a slur on homosexuals, and was probably not even thinking of homosexuality when for some perverse reason he wrote these nasty words beneath his eyes. It was probably some silly, jock, inside joke.

When it’s used by teenage boys, the word faggot generally means idiot or loser. I’ve heard kids who are trendily pro-gay and pro-same-sex marriage use the term “fag” with no apparent understanding that there is a connection. I’ve also heard gay people use it about other gays. The word will disappear naturally, as is right.

It should never have been written, and no professional sports team should allow an employee to write anything, even innocuous, on his face.

But the story ends there really.

Rogers, the owners of the Toronto Blue Jays, fined the guy $90,000 and suspended him for three games, which is fair enough.

Unlike in 2011 when television sports anchor Damian Goddard was fired from Sportsnet, also owned by Rogers, just hours after he tweeted his support for “the traditional and true meaning of marriage.” He had been defending a hockey player’s agent who was receiving death threats and abuse for refusing to support a pro-gay-marriage campaign.

It could have been a coincidence of course, but we’ll leave that to the human-rights commission where it is being considered. Goddard never used an offensive word, and merely expressed his opinion of marriage. Perhaps he should have written it on his face — he may well still be employed!

As for Escobar — bad word, move on. Stop the grovelling, stop the nonsense, get it in proportion. After all, it’s nothing like what happened to Peter Vidmar. You didn’t know? OK, let me explain. Vidmar is one of the most successful athletes in U.S. history. He was chosen to be the chef de mission of the U.S. Olympic team in the last Olympics, as was gay activist Mark Tewksbury for Team Canada. But Vidmar is a Mormon, and it was discovered that he had made a small donation to the Proposition 8 campaign, enshrining marriage as the union of a man and woman. He has never called anyone a nasty name, never treated gay people badly, is an example of a gentleman in sport. But he opposed gay marriage, and after relentless pressure he was forced to resign.

So who are the bullies, who are the victims, in sport and sexuality? Nobody should face or feel discrimination in professional sport, but can we please stop magnifying a dumb gesture into an act of sociological and moral barbarism?

Oh, and as for compulsory sensitivity training, the Jays are in far greater need of baseball training. The genuine victims are the fans.


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A hateful paradox: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid oppose what is really the bitter truth.

A homophobe writes, so to speak.

Actually I don’t hate anyone, and I’ve not been frightened of, or intimidated by, much since working in Belfast and the West Bank. But because I oppose same-sex marriage and some of the more aggressive aspirations of the gay community, I’m called all sorts of things.

It doesn’t matter. What does matter is some 6,000 gay men have been murdered in Iran and thousands more beaten, tortured and slaughtered in Egypt, Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Jordan and pretty much everywhere else in the Arab and Islamic world.

I mention this because once again Queers Against Israeli Apartheid are about to march in the Pride parade in Toronto. The term is a gruesome misnomer, a macabre political irony, a hateful paradox.

And it’s time for someone who is not regarded as a friend of the gay community, and who would never attend the parade, to make it abundantly clear that only a moral criminal would ignore the plight of gay people inside Israel’s neighbours, and pretend that Israel treated homosexuals with anything other than total equality.

Let me be clear. I do not approve of the Pride parade, and find the hedonistic displays, cross-dressing, nudity and self-obsession highly objectionable. I also know that the claims of more than a million attendees are a joke.

It is my right to disapprove, as it is the right of gay people to be treated with respect and to have the same freedoms and protection under law as anybody else. Discrimination in employment, housing or inheritance is wrong. End of story.

One of the reasons I so admire the Jewish state is that whatever its challenges — and few nations face more — it labours to guarantee these fundamental principles and laws. There are many Muslims, Christians and Jews in Israel who would prefer there were no Pride parades in Tel Aviv, Haifa and now even Jerusalem. But there are. There are some who detest the thriving gay scene in Tel Aviv, the welcoming of gay tourists, the presence of openly gay army officers, some of whom have won medals for the highest gallantry.

This disagreement is part of the democratic process. It does not, however, exist in any Arab country. Even relatively moderate Jordan or Lebanon have no protection for homosexuals. The first gay conference in the entire Arab world, held in Beirut a few years ago, had more police guards than participants. Gay Palestinians flee their homes for the freedom of Israel, gay Egyptians plead to enter Israel for a life of dignity.

Don’t believe this homophobe, go and visit.

So how dare they, how the hell dare they, try to exploit the parade in Toronto to spread their venom and their racist propaganda! They’re not queers against Israeli apartheid, but neurotics and extremists screaming at mommy and daddy, and using people’s ignorance or indifference to create an untruth. If you tell a lie often enough, said the fascists, people believe it. How right they were.

Remember one thing. The parade, and even the anti-Zionist fanatics in the parade, would be allowed and protected in only one place in the entire Middle East. Yes, Israel. L’chaim.

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Gay White House guests show their respect for, well, nothing.

Cross-posted from BoldColors.NET:

Gay activists showed their great respect for the Office of the President, the White House, human decency, decorum, tolerance, compassion, and inclusion, by graciously being invited to the White House this past week, and then using the occasion to pose in front of the portrait of the late great President Ronald Reagan, and flipping him the bird — with both hands. You know, like idiot children of bad parents.

As if to double-down on the asininity, “Yeah, f– Reagan,” wrote Matthew Hart, one of the insolent asses, on his Facebook. That Facebook page must an absolute delight. That’s Matthew “Matty” Hart. The other ass was a woman named Zoe Strauss, a photographer. No doubt a terrible one.

According to the Washington Times, (which opted, probably smartly, to not post the pictures, at least online), Hart is “national director of public engagement” at Solutions for Progress, which receives public and private funds to help “individuals and families working to overcome poverty and to build long-term financial stability,” according to its web site. Or at least he was, up until today. Since he’s clearly incapable of even a modicum of propriety in the area of “public engagement,” I would hope he’d be shown the door right quick, now. I know I wouldn’t let him work for me. I don’t think any self-respecting organization would. Nor would I seed his kind of hateful, extremist puerility with my donated cash.

Ms. Strauss is a photographer. Apparently she’s a photographer of the classic “ignorant ass” school. She also would never work for me.

According to the Philly Post, which did post the pics, their Facebook friends’ “Comments ranged from ‘you forgot to add with a chainsaw’ on Hart’s ‘Fuck Reagan’ note, to my personal favorite, ‘star wars … up yours,’ on Strauss’s.” Yeah. More gracious thoughts from the great respecter set.

FLASHBACK CANADA: It reminds me of a similarly fatuous gay magazine photography set shot in Canada by some ever-so tolerant, respectful gay folks, years ago. Fab magazine shot these delightful pictures, demonstrating their great respect for the then Opposition Leader of Canada, the Conservative Stephen Harper — now Prime Minister of Canada.

I’m not sure what happened to the lovely models who posed so moderately, but they didn’t rise to the office of Prime Minister. Nor will they ever come close.

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Church can’t be bullied into accepting homosexuality

So it’s happened.

In a sordid attempt to deflect from scandals and mismanagement, the Liberal government of Ontario has told the Catholic school system it has to do what it’s told, not be Catholic and embrace the lie that gay kids are perennial victims of bullying.

Be warned in the rest of Canada, this will likely happen to you as well.

First, the dishonesty of the premise that gay children are bullied. Some are, of course, but there is no objective study concluding gays are targeted.

Body image is the major reason for bullying and figures that indicate otherwise tend to come from gay organizations.

As for bullying itself, teachers have been trying to stop bullying since teaching, and bullying, began. Far too much time has been devoted to the bullying of gay kids, largely because the gay community seems to have an emotional hold over our culture and politicians right now.

There is no doubt gay people have often been bullied in the past, and — this is important — no child, no person, should be made to feel dirty or unloved merely because of their sexuality.

But let’s be serious here. Urban North America has become extremely gay-friendly in recent years, to the point where in some schools it is even a fashion statement to come out, and silly girls regard having a gay friend as the ultimate fashion accessory.

Teachers rush to the defence, even the affirmation, of gay kids and homosexuality, gay teachers often push an agenda, and students who from a Christian or Muslim perspective have any sort of objections to the homosexual lifestyle are made to feel eccentric, if not evil.

Back to this specific case. In Ontario, people are losing their jobs and people are dying on hospital waiting lists, and yet the government obsesses about an issue that even many in the gay community are not concerned about.

The minister leading the charge is Laurel Broten, who back in 2007, and much to the chagrin of neighbours, became slightly famous when she and hubby applied for a permit to build a large, two-storey garage monstrosity behind their home for their four — yes four! — cars. She was environment minister at the time! Now she’s at education, and appears similarly consistent.

It’s actually quite simple. Catholic schools are Catholic. Not very these days, with the influence of an often anti-Catholic teachers’ union and the majority of teachers being Catholic only in name.

But the schools themselves are still supposed to be committed to Church teaching: Jesus is saviour, Virgin Mary, Papal authority, turning the other cheek, marriage between man and woman, and all that stuff. If you object, fine. Go to a public school.

What the schools are being told now is not to stop bullying (they already do) but to affirm homosexuality (which they can’t).

The alternative to a gay kid being bullied is not a gay-straight alliance but an end to bullying.

But then this isn’t about children being bullied and hasn’t been from the beginning.

It’s about government and activists bullying others into acceptance of homosexuality.

Whatever happened to genuine tolerance?

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So Toronto mayor is going to skip the horrible “gay pride” parade again this year. Good for him.

I’m going to miss all the “gay pride” events as well because I’ve got more important things to do. Good for me.

Unlike the mayor of Toronto who will be spending that weekend with his family at the cottage as he has done all his life (and God bless him for that), I will be spending “gay pride” weekend (I guess it’s actually a whole month or two actually, not just a one-day march or weekend or even week, anymore) doing exactly whatever I feel like doing, including possibly nothing at all whatsoever. Or making out with my wife.

Mayor Ford says he’s skipping Pride parade again 




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