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NDP bigotry, lies, on display in latest fundraising email

Bigotry? Yes. And more. The NDP are liars. And if they’re liars, they’re probably thieves, and unethical, and immoral, and they obviously can’t be trusted.

Don’t take my word for it  —  that’s how they revealed themselves in their own email to me.

They can’t be too smart.

The socialists’ latest festive holiday of seasonal values and multicultural greeting (or whatever their political correctness squad demand they replace “Christmas” with this week), was hideous, as usual. They plead for money from me because they suggest that money will buy them power. They won’t allow you to spend your own money on your own health care, but to buy them the power they seek over you and your family and engineer your whole life —  priceless.

Their festive greeting includes this line:

Stephen Harper has already raised millions this year from his Conservative base – a wealthy group of big oil and gas executives.

Well wah wah.

But let’s see. They think it just stinks that Harper and the Conservatives raised all that cash, yet the NDP  —  the socialists  —  want to get even more of that awful cash, for their own campaign. Weird. So cash is bad, but it’s cool if they get the cash… to fundamentally transform Canada into a socialist state.  How honest. How socialist. How progressive. But hey thanks for exemplifying the progressive mindset.

NDP_LIESBut here’s more: “Stephen Harper has raised millions… from a wealthy group of big oil and gas executives.” At $1200 a pop —  the legal limit?  Let do math! No no don’t run away, socialists  —  math ain’t that bad once you grow up and need to use it!

The Conservatives do raise millions. They do an excellent job of raising cash with which to fight off the socialists hordes. They do way better than the left-wing parties. But assuming by “millions” of dollars the NDP mean at least two million, well, at $1200 per person, that amounts to 1,666 people donating the maximum legal amount. Corporations aren’t allowed to donate anything at all.

Are there even 1,666 big, rich, fat-cat executives of any kind in Canada, let alone “big oil and gas executives” in Canada? I really doubt it. Sixteen? Sure. But a hundred times that number? Nope.

But for the sake of science (again  — stay with me, socialists  —  you’ll learn to love real science too!), let’s be more liberal (spit) with their language. Since the Conservatives will probably raise something close to $18 million this year, let’s assume by “millions” the NDP meant just five million dollars. That would be 4,167 “big oil and gas executives.” Let’s go right to the extent of their lie: at $18 million, that would mean 15,000 “big oil and gas executives.” Science is fun! Lies are not.

But this garbage email stinks-up the place in another way. Notice how the NDP display their utter contempt for oil and gas executives (whoever they are)? They used that phrase “a wealthy group of big oil and gas executives” as a term of derision. A derogatory term. A smear of oil and gas executives and Conservatives. It is meant to demean. They think it’s an insult! They are using it as an insult! They are using a group of perfectly nice Canadians as an insult  —  as a weapon  —  in their fundraising junk mail.

Why would a federal party, which hopes to govern the whole country, try to segregate and demean those whom even the NDP contend is a huge number of Canadians?

Why? Because they’re awful. They’re trying to divide our country. They are divisive people.

They’re actually trying to create a hate-on against a lawful segment of our own society  —  an important segment, and a successful one.  Omar Khadr they love  —  but successful, lawful Canadians? Hate ’em! What a bizarre construct.

It’s a hate-on against people they don’t even know, much less understand. It’s a display of intolerance. They want you to despise these Canadians. Despise them because they’re successful bigotry-2013-12-23_095240people who have made good choices in their lives. Furthermore, by innuendo, they seek to have you join them in hating these nefarious “rich” “oil and gas” people in general, and those awful Canadians who work in that industry  —  an industry which they appear to hate in general. So they’re evangelizing, as left-wing fundamentalists.

They are clearly intolerant. And so they are also liars in this regard, because all day long they portray themselves as the tolerant ones. The compassionate ones. The inclusive ones. The ones who love the diversity. Lies, lies, lies.

They’re jealous. They’re envious. They’re hypocrites, and they’re liars. Actually, as I’ve just explained, they’re bigots.

More on that “base” lie: the Conservatives’ base is obviously not “oil and gas executives.” Again, math science shows there’s not enough of them to make for any kind of a political “base.”  They don’t understand science or math, but they do know they are lying. What they’re trying to do here is make you hate Conservatives, by linking them with a group they’ve deemed despicable  —  the oil and gas industry employees. They want you to hate Conservatives, using people they hate as bait, because Conservatives’ ideology differs from their own.

They’re like children. They’re really just seething at the science  —  which is that three or four times as many Canadians support the Conservatives, compared to the lying NDP. Maybe that’s because Canadians know the NDP lie all day long. But lying about the facts, as the NDP is blatantly doing, hoping you’re so stupid you won’t ever find out about their lies, won’t change things. You’d think they’d know this by now and make actual progress.

So yeah, vote NDP! Good, positive things are sure to come of that.


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BC nanny-state may allow citizens to do grownup things soon.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but the progressive-left liberal BC Liberal government is setting the stage for allowing citizens to buy consumer products like liquor in regular stores, almost like the free world grownups down south and to our east in Alberta do.


The question asked was: “Do you think retailers such as Costco should be able to sell alcohol in their B.C. stores?”

The progressive BC Liberals aren’t making this move on account of any political principle of theirs. Certainly not. BC still has a monopoly state-owned car insurance politburo, a mammoth lottery businesses, and of course welcomes state-owned and state-run heath care. And much more. Even the liquor monopoly will continue to be state-run, including keeping their state-owned, state-run, public-sector union-staffed retail stores to compete against taxpayers, and including maintaining all the buying decisions, such as what citizens will only be allowed to consume. You know, like in North Korea.

They’re simply reacting (if a half century late) to an increasingly pissed-off public which is demanding this; and possibly trying to avoid being mocked and laughed at by the rest if the civilized world, as if BC were in fact the sort of backward, Soviet-style, nanny-state, and rather authoritarian regime, which its progressive government does sometimes seem to be trying to replicate, at least in certain areas of consumer life and business life.

What caught my eye today was a story in the privately-owned Global News’ web site which the (federal) state-owned CBC competes against. The story has to do with Costco, along with 7-11, and Real Canadian Superstore, wanting to sell booze in competition with the provincial state-owned Soviet-style BC liquor stores. The massive government public service unions are naturally against it, since they enjoy the idea of state-owned, state-run liquor stores  —  or anything that involves huge, enormous, growing government intrusion into our lives, all staffed with big union’s workers.

The attached Global poll indicates a slight majority (snark) of normal people who still remember what freedom is, still exist in BC, despite the socialists, liberals, public-sector unionists, and whatever other progressives still wield power in BC. By a margin of ten to one, most people favor allowing Costco to sell alcohol in BC stores.

You’d think this sort of thing were a wake-up call to progressives. It isn’t. It’s a call to action.


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Canada’s taxpayer-subsidized Maclean’s magazine calls PM Harper a “turd.”


UPDATED at bottom


As much as any of the other crap emanating from the progressives’ increasingly Harper-hating liberal media division, it’s the blatant hypocrisy —  the double standard. It spews out like liberal media diarrhea., November 26, 2013
Macleans-2013-11-26_071748Since there is a shortage of words due to the man-made global warming, and all of the rich people have eaten all the good words, Maclean’s magazine, which is subsidized Turd-2013-11-26_074637by taxpayers (because one of the richest corporations in all the land, Rogers Media Inc., needs support from “the 99%” in order to be as clever and creative as we see here), they had only a couple of possible words to choose from.

“Turd” is the word they landed on to describe the Prime Minister of Canada. On the front page of their taxpayer-subsidized web site.


Paul Wells of Maclean’s magazine

I’m as irreverent as the next guy. And I think the media should exercise its duty not be toadies for government or politicians  —  even including their boy-leader, Justin Trudeau. But this crosses a line even for the shittiest of journals.

Lines are crossed when a lack of even a modicum of respect for the office of the prime minister, in a taxpayer-subsidized national news magazine, is flushed down the toilet.

Which naturally leads me to imagine the reaction Paul Wells or any other mainstream media politics writer might conjure-up if, say, People magazine (for lack of an appropriate American similitude), called our neighbor’s leader Barack Obama a “turd.”  I’d really enjoy the righteous indignation from our ever-so civil-tongued liberal friends. I imagine they might officially be called “racist” by the Maclean’s brain room, since that is the mainstream media’s farcical game, these days.

Or what’s even more fun is to imagine anyone at Maclean’s calling the former NDP leader Jack Layton a “turd.” It’d be fun watching many of Maclean’s writers attack and be attacked from all corners, wouldn’t it? Want to go even further? David Suzuki: TURD. I’ll bring the popcorn.

Underneath that thick layer of troll, Maclean’s is clearly just full of contempt and disdain  —  or what liberal media hacks often refer to as “hate” when it’s conservatives who disagree with something progressive  —  for the elected MANURESleader of our nation.

Back to that taxpayer subsidy that Maclean’s magazine gets every year: it’s pegged at $1.5 MILLION this year. For a privately-owned publication it would still be crass and intellectually lazy  —  and just plain bad journalism  —  to call our prime minister a “turd.” But when taxpayers subsidize corporations, I would hope we could expect them to live up to a higher standard than, literally, shit. Sorry cronies and corporate welfare recipients, those are the rules. If Maclean’s doesn’t like our rules, they should stop taking our money.

Maclean’s knows  —  or at least it thinks it knows  —  stupid things that government spends money on. Maclean’s ran one of their click-bait articles last year called “99 Stupid Things he Government Spent Your Money On,” which, hilariously, included neither the $1.5 BILLION taxpayer subsidy to the CBC (Rogers’ new hockey partner), nor the $1.5 MILLION to Rogers Media for Maclean’s weekly turd.

So Maclean’s drums up 99 problem subsidies, but CBC and Maclean’s ain’t one of them? This, my friends, is the very definition of a crock.

Isn’t it ridiculous enough that the state-owned CBC gets an annual $1.5 BILLION bail-out, and it behaves like the progressives’ very own anti-conservative propaganda network? It’s exactly a thousand times more ridiculous, but consider that the journalistic baseline is Maclean’s. (My position on CBC is certainly clear now!)

CBC being a thousand times more ridiculous doesn’t make it easier to polish Maclean’s’ turd.


UPDATE – Wednesday November 27 2013
Paul Wells, as much as admitting he is a troll and savors the attention it gets him:


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If PC idiocy were PB ’n J on white bread, then beggars would feast


My failure to come up with a gem-quality idiom is obvious, but I was trying to invent a clever new one for this growing kind of liberal-left PC idiocy, along the lines of the famous “If ifs and ands were pots and pans, there’d be no work for tinkers’ hands,” and the related “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride”

Here’s a snippet from the article in question (my highlighting of the idiocy):

…“Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year,” the Tribune said.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” Gutierrez asked. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

…The Tribune noted that the school started the new year with “intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives,” to help educators understand their own “white privilege,” in order to “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.””Last Wednesday, the first day of the school year for staff, for example, the first item of business for teachers at Scott School was to have a Courageous Conversation — to examine a news article and discuss the ‘white privilege’ it conveys,” the Tribune added. …

But after lunch, which will be a PB sammy on white, and a chaser of pork ribs left over from last night, and possibly some KFC, and maybe a hot dog followed by apple pie and a Coke, I plan to try again.

I will need the strength given me by white bread and animal products after seeing this doozy from the UK’s Daily Mail, which I actually looked up on to verify it wasn’t satire:


There is no idiom to describe this level of idiocy.  Except maybe “the idiocy you let theses liberals and progressives get away with, you deserve.”


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The Science is Settled: Pathological Progressives Are Man-Made; Obama Helped Build That.

It’s not a debate. The debate is over. The science is settled. There’s a consensus. In fact I just wrote the article at called Pathological Progressives, and it’s peer-reviewed by my peers. And my findings confirm the other science I’ve sourced, which is comprised of my other writings. Pathological progressives are “man-made.”

And yes, Obama did (help) build that. So you know it’s legit and it will work just marvs once the kinks are worked out and the lies are whitewashed by the media. Oh and another billion or two are blown.

These things happened after I wrote the article, as if to prove its bona fides:

1. A left-wing extremist nutbar, Hollywood’s Sarah Silverman, auctioned off her used feminine napkin, in support of abortion. It’s like she was trying to find the most offensive things to say or do in one sentence. Maybe she should have worn an Obama t-shirt!

Now don’t worry, the napkin wasn’t “used” in the conventional way  —  she merely wiped it on her vagina, then put it in a Ziplock bag for the big auction. Because that makes it better.

The pro-abortion fundraiser and telethon was Sarah_Silverman_napkin_for_abortionhosted by Silverman, so supportive of abortion is she; along with The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead. Joining them were Joan Walsh of MSNBC talking-head infamy. Like three peas in a pod, or a tampon.


2. Meanwhile, another show-biz lefty, Watch What Happens: Live host Andy Cohen, (can’t solidly verify his political leanings, but its apparent to me that he’s not exactly a Ronald Reagan conservative, at any rate) is selling Lady Gaga’s urine  —  in perfume form.

Because like most normal people I didn’t have the foggiest clue who he was, I did like most liberals do (I’m fair and balanced!), and appealed to Wikipedia:

Andy Cohen (born June 2, 1968) is an American television executive, host and author. As of 2012, he is the executive vice president of development and talent at the Bravo cable television network, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal. He is also the host of the network’s nightly live talk show Watch What Happens Live and the author of a memoir, Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture. He is the first openly gay host of an American late-night talk show.[1]

Apparently during his show on Bravo, Lady Gaga pissed in a garbage can back stage. Because that’s what regular folks do. The liberal-left’s Huffington Post division quoted him on this, because it’s important in order to get the proper context and not be just another anti-Andy Cohen hack: “She can pee wherever she wants, as far as I’m concerned”.  So.

Cohen then instructed his staff to gather some of her piss, and bottle it up. Again, regular folks are familiar with this crap (speaking of which, let us count our blessings: “number one”). He then added some alcohol to it, realizing it was toxic and was sure to get moldy (liberals really are scientists!). His top-quality staff complied with this request to gather someone’s piss. Please re-read that last sentence. I could end this story here.

But Huffington Post goes on, breathlessly, as if holding back their yearning to finish the piece and go pee, which is where Gaga comes back into the story, sadly:

So he told some members of his staff to bottle it up so he could put it in the “WWHL” clubhouse. Ultimately, after realizing that urine is toxic, his team discovered that it can be transformed into perfume with some alcohol so it will keep forever. So that’s what they did.

Lady Gaga was actually supportive of the idea, though she warned her fans to avoid Andy Cohen should he try to spritz them.

By way of reminder, Cohen is executive vice president of development and talent at the Bravo cable television network, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal. And your children are influenced by him, and by Lady Gaga.

We can at least consider ourselves lucky the perfume making ass didn’t get hold of Sarah Silverman’s vagina-rubbed sanitary napkin.


3. MSNBC host Martin Bashir insinuates that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth. I’m not even going to try to put this in context, because there’s no context in which it makes it better, or sane, or acceptable in any way, shape, or form. It was not an off-the-cuff remark, in fact he read it off a script, which was obviously cleared by NBC or MSNBC higher-ups.

He’s unhinged, he’s a pig, science settled. Debate over. They all are over there at NBC, if this is the accepted standard, and it appears to be.

He did apologize, but I don’t care. He wrote that, checked it for spelling, thought about it, then said it on national TV. He was not fired. He still works for NBC. That’s NBC News.

Moreover, left-wing shills continued to back-up Bashir on Twitter, possibly unaware that he was roundly bashed even by fellow leftists for his asinine remarks, and he even apologized on his show the next day:

“My words were wholly unacceptable. They were neither accurate, nor fair. They were unworthy of anyone who would claim to have an interest in politics. And they have brought shame upon my friends and colleagues at this network, none of whom were responsible for the things that I said…”

(And yet he wrote those vile words, thought about it, and then read them out on national TV. He’s “sorry?” I don’t think so. I think he’s only sorry MSNBC made him apologize.)

For example on Twitter, messes like @BohoBougie:

She later retweeted a gem tweeted out by Michael Moore. So I can indeed end this story right here.

Remember these are the ones who decried all the uncivil talk going on these days, and who’s icon, Barack Obama, lamented the incivility in today’s political dialogue, quite publicly (only to devolve into guttersnipe himself, hundreds of times. No wonder his masses are so confused).


It’s only 10:45 AM where I am. So to my detractors  —  all three of you  —  tell me again how progressives are not pathological, man-made, and that Obama didn’t help build that.



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Here’s the Epitome of the Liberal Political Correctness Squad in Action

Hat tip to The Natural Truth, by Michael Graham, for this example of liberals at work.

Hot on the heels of Michelle Obama’s big push to get kids “moving,” which is a noble enough effort (better than her “drink water!” hilarity, but not nearly as good as my “don’t cling to the government teat all your life like Barack is telling you to!”), the state-owned, state-run US Postal Service commissioned scads of  postage stamps, seen below.

But now, after the fact, the liberals’ political correctness goon squad has analyzed them for, um, safety  —  yes, safety.  Therefore they will be destroyed.

But trust the government, you guys.

Why are they doing this? Well don’t be so ridiculous, you sane, normal sensible conservative person. It’s because some of the pictures are scary and dangerous. Like there’s one where a kid is standing on his head  — without a helmet!  Without a helmet I tells ya. For the love of head safety!  And hells bells, there’s a kid skate-boarding  —  without any freakin’ knee pads on! Boys with scratched knees are so 1950! And not very progressive!


I love the teaser from LINNS.COM (LINN’S stamp news):

Just Move stamps to be destroyed
The U.S. Postal Service plans to destroy its press run of the unissued commemoratives because of concerns raised about the stamp designs that show children being active.

More “unsafe acts” include a cannonball dive (spullassssshhhh!), a batter without a batting helmet or face mask or even any padding WHATSOEVER!, a girl balancing on a slippery rock (possibly on an 8,000 foot cliff!), and a soccer player without knee pads or shin pads or elbow pads, and no friggin’ helmet, which as we know can cause bruises or hurt feelings (even though nowadays in the most liberal, progressive neighborhoods, all players get trophies and no score is kept at their games, in order to not exclude anyone or make them fell poorly.

You haven’t had a good laugh yet? Head over to and look at some of the Photoshop mocking.

As usual, I leave it to Twitter’s @Iowahawkblog to sum it up perfectly:


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Today in Canadian Moronics – Oct 1 2013

Some annoying-as-hell busy-body feminist leftybots who are demonstrably moronic want to change our national anthem. Because it refers to “all thy sons command.”

I have one word for them: shutup.

One more: idiots.

Here’s a link to the story, but I suggest you avoid it because there’s a picture of the insufferable ass, Margaret Atwood on it. And she’s (sorry, it’s) bloviating and pointing and wagging her (sorry it’s) finger at another idiotic thing, again.

Also, do they have an email newsletter? I would them to let me know when they’ve changed God Save The Queen, to, well, “Unremarkable Deity of Ambiguous Sexuality Save The Current Sexually Ambiguous Monarch.”

I imagine all those idiots would love this tweet by their brethren (oops!) in the Obamacult party.


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Left-wing activist David Suzuki wants to jail “climate deniers.” Seriously.

“If we don’t listen to what scientists are finding, what are we going to do?! Listen to the Bible?”
– Left-wing “man-made global warming” alarmist David Suzuki in Australia this week.

David Suzuki mocks Christians?

Suzuki asks in jest: “If we don’t listen to what scientists are finding, what are we going to do?! Listen to the Bible?”

That was just one of the juicy bits of left-wing idiocy spewed by David Suzuki.

I just blew an hour of my life watching a video of the left-wing science/politician and blowhard.

Socialists, liberals, and all other progressives agree Suzuki is an icon and a genius, on account of his kneeling at the alter of the “man-made global warming” dogma, socialism as a general matter, and his rabid anti-industry and business activism. Oh and Gaia.

I don’t see him as a hero. I think he’s a left-wing fascist.

And a religious zealot. See, he believes in the phony goddess “Gaia.” So much so, that it seems to have blinded him to science. I happen to believe religion and science can coexist, but not when you’re as absorbed in the “Gaia” dogma as he is.

The video was of Suzuki in a Q&A in the friendly Australian airwaves. By “friendly Australian airwaves,” I mean their state-owned, taxpayer-funded ABC  —  which is the Australian comrade of Canada’s left-wing CBC.  State-owned, taxpayer-funded places are the only places leftists like Suzuki ever feel comfortable.


As quoted atop this page, at the 19:30 mark, Suzuki mocks people who believe in the Bible (instead of science, as he’d have it).  Then this doozy came up at 20:50.

Caller: David, you urged at least twice, that legal ways should be found, to jail politicians for denying what you call the science of climate change. David, do you still hold that view?

Suzuki: You bet.

Then at 21:50

Moderator: Are you seriously suggesting that politicians should be tried and even jail for exercising free speech?

Suzuki: …Well I haven’t really thought it through…” [but yes].

Later, he accused “deniers” of “inter-generational crimes,” for which he re-emphasized that they should be prosecuted.

Then at 28:00 Suzuki suggests that Prime Minister Harper is building jails for the sole purpose of jailing climate activists (like him.)

Suzuki: I wonder if our Prime Minister thinks he’s going to be creating new categories of crime like eco-terrorism!” (protip: it already is a crime, numbskull).

At 34:18, Suzuki is asked if he’s an atheist.

Moderator: Incidentally are you an atheist?

Suzuki: I AM an atheist.

Suzuki then declares that he’s a quiet atheist who doesn’t go around trying to convert everyone to his atheism. Sure, David.

Then this:

Moderator: Does “Gaia” exist for you?

Suzuki the atheist: Sure! I think “Gaia” is real! …

Gaia_definitionOK stop laughing. This is science! No, actually, Gaia is a mythological goddess of the Earth. That’s a scientific fact, Suzuki, you Gaia-believin’ atheist scientist.

At the 35:50 mark, Suzuki repeats the now firmly debunked notions surrounding DDT, the banning of which (at the hands of extremists like Suzuki) is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people (some estimates go much higher). It’s almost as if Suzuki refuses to read about the science proving him devastatingly wrong, which is all around him. That’s hardly the mark of a true scientist.

At the 53:00 mark, Suzuki repeats his idiotic and rather ironic “Canada is full” mantra.

Suzuki: We are way over the capacity of Canada to support the population we have!

Notwithstanding such idiocy, like most progressives, Suzuki boasts some sort of superiority about the level of knowledge he possesses surrounding, well, anything, but certainly “climate change.” But Suzuki has apparently sheltered himself from all the science, such as the vast opposing science, which proves the alarmists’ science faulty, and exposes the models used by them as wrong. Again like most progressives, Suzuki seems utterly ignorant of the full breadth of the science on the subject. Therefore, you could say Suzuki’s actually a fundamentalist. A left-wing or atheist fundamentalist.

And of course I have to remind you that like almost all progressives, Suzuki is a hypocrite. For example, I’m quite sure that he didn’t swim, or build a birch-bark canoe to paddle down to Australia.  I’m pretty sure he flew in a massive jet airliner, thereby spewing all manner of pollutants into the air, and dumping CO2 all over the Pacific ocean.

It sort of reminds me of when he embarked onto his mammoth diesel-powered luxury motor-coach for his cross-country enviro-political campaign several years ago.


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Ford: taxpayers being played is job one?

Even as I write this post (Thursday afternoon) about a couple of different examples of the failures of corporate welfare and crony capitalism that came across my desk, Sun News Network is broadcasting a report about… the failures of corporate welfare and crony capitalism.

It seems we need a team approach to keeping up with all the idiocy from progressives.

Corporate welfare and cronyism

Canada is awash in corporate welfare and crony capitalism. It takes team work for conservatives to keep track of it all. Hilariously, even the state-owned, taxpayer-funded, socialism-reliant CBC reports on it.

For Sun News it’s about Blackberry  — that great Canadian success (?) story, which has become, err, overripe.

But not before the socialist Nova Scotia government had texted $10 MILLION of taxpayer cash to them in early February of this year, on the proviso Blackberry promise to keep 400 jobs there.

How good was that bet? Today the rotting Blackberry is rumored to be poised to slash 40% of its berries workforce.

I’d love to play high-stakes poker with the genius progressive “investors” in the Nova Scotia government.

But hey Joel, how did Blackberry wind up in Nova Scotia anyway?! Well that’s easy, reader! More o’ that corporate welfare and crony capitalism, of course! Here’s a quote from a CTV article about that:

…The company was lured to Nova Scotia in November 2005 by millions of dollars in payroll rebates and grants. At the time, the province offered $19 million in subsidies, including $14 million in payroll rebates and $5 million for training and recruitment. …

Turns out they only got $8 MILLION of taxpayer’s cash that time, since they only created 540 jobs instead of the 1240 jobs they’d all estimated, in their prescient wisdom,  would be created. And now how much have they gotten in total? Who knows. Anyway, it’s only your money. Or as the genius Hillary Clinton says, “What difference, at this point, does it make?!”

North Korean version of CBC state media

Wonder if all the Canadian corporate welfare and crony capitalism is being jealously reported in North Korean state media!

The only good part of that CTV story and my quoting of that article is that it wasn’t from the state-owned, taxpayer-funded, socialism-reliant CBC, because then something would be sure to explode on account of all the socialism. Oh darn the luck, here’s the CBC’s version. Hey I wonder if it’s being reported in the North Korean state media too!

But this blog post was started as a rant about an article I read yesterday, wherein BC’s Liberal Party finance minister Mike de Jong was lamenting over his notion that Hollywood is “playing” Canada  —  province against province  —  for tax breaks, etc.

Gee, ya think?

In the article I read about that, he’s on about all the ridiculous tax credits and breaks and write-offs and sundry other fascistic corporate welfare and cronyism taking place in Canada, in this case just to buy more movie business (with taxpayers’ money). Well actually, alas, “ridiculous” and “fascistic corporate welfare and cronyism” are my words alone. Not his. And this is unfortunate.

As he says here in this article, he’s totally cool with the concept of corporate cronyism and corporate welfare as a general matter. Check the last paragraph (my bolding).

BC’s Finance Minister says Canada’s being “played” by Hollywood

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980
Marcella Bernardo
September 18, 2013 08:09 pm

Saying he still believes Canada is being ‘played’ by Hollywood, BC’s Finance Minister says he’s not ready to keep giving film producers big tax breaks in order to compete with better offers from other provinces.

Mike de Jong was speaking at a cabinet panel on jobs and the economy at this week’s Union of BC Municipalities Convention in Vancouver.

“I think we’re being played in Canada. Candidly, we’re being played one province against another, and the time has come to get smart, sit down as provinces and say, here’s what we agree to do in Canada.”

George_ClooneyDe Jong says it’s great to have huge stars like George Clooney making movies in BC, but he doesn’t think the film industry deserves more subsidies than other industries providing good-paying jobs.

So he’s A-OK with (what I alone call) crony capitalism and the corporate welfare  —  he just wants to level the playing field?

As they say in Hollywood, or even in that very-expensive-to-taxpayers Hollywood North, “That’s a wrap, de Jong.”  Or as they say at the CBC, “more cash please!”

The epitome of being “played” (aside from Obama being played by the Russians and Putin and Assad on Syria; oh and how we’re being played by our liberal-left agenda-ridden news media), is the example of GM and Chrysler and their unions, when they played Obama and his administration, and Harper and McGuinty, and all the taxpayers of the U.S. and Canada, and you bailed them out… just before you tried to bail your own selves out without any help.

Ford Escape

Apparently I will have to “go Galt” using my Ford Escape. It will be ironic.

I was impressed that Ford never got any of that state bailout money  —  in fact I was impressed enough that my wife and I made a point of buying a Ford Escape to replace a car whose time was up at that time. (First of all, we made sure it was not made by the militantly anti-conservative, and possibly Marxist CAW union  —  which it wasn’t).

But now the state  —  in fact two levels of government: the Ontario government and the federal government, is being played again. And whadoyaknow, it’s Ford this time! Have you driven a government lately? Ford has!

I’m now thinking of going Galt.

Feds, Ontario give $142.5M to Ford Motor Company

11:22 am,September 19th, 2013

OAKVILLE, ON – The federal and Ontario governments are pumping up to $142.5 million into the Ford Motor Company to upgrade its Oakville assembly plant.

The investment comes just days after RBC warned the province could be losing ground to the southern US and Mexico in auto manufacturing.

The Ontario government has offered a grant of up to $70.9 million, while the federal government has committed $71.6 million.

The project, which will update the plant’s manufacturing facility, comes with a total sticker price of about $700 million and will “secure” more than 2,800 jobs, the provincial government said.

Calling CAA is a waste of time on this matter. Maybe the CTF? Or does the tea party government_car_smallmovement have a service? Sign me up of they do.

What a crock. From the far-left Liberals of Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne I understand this kind of crony capitalism and corporate welfare and liberal fascism; but I still get choked when it’s from the so-called Conservatives we elected in Ottawa just to end this kind of progressive crap. Sadly I’ve become accustomed to this kid of insanity even from them.

All of this is all about political progressives.

I’m a conservative: I would take all the tax breaks, subsidies, grants, and any other government corporate welfare, and run them over with my SUV. I would stop crashing the free market. And stop engineering a false economy and fake business climate.  Government has no business being in business  —  or being in the business of betting our taxpayer cash on winners and losers.

We the taxpayers are the ones being played. As total suckers.



Just now, Obama is making a campaign speech (yeah, I know he’s not running, but that’s what he’s best at), at none other than the FORD plant in Missouri, at exactly the place where our Escape was built, and he actually mentioned that he bought an Escape. I will now have to sell our Escape, for it is tainted.



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QUACKS! Here come the race-baiters and their canards


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Let me get this out of the way just to help stymie the idiot race-baiters: Martin Luther King was an American and in fact a global hero, worthy of all the respect he receives; and a black man being elected as president is one of America’s greatest achievements, so far.

And by the way, nobody needed to tell me that. Least of all the race-baiting idiots and fascists.


Some of the speakers at this week’s MLK memorial (or what I call the August 28, 2013 edition of the near-daily public speaking series called “Race-Baiting Canards and Utter BS for Progressive Power and Democratic Party Votes”) have calculated that it is more politically expedient for them to regurgitate their victim card and their racial division card, and their income disparity card, and duck_canard_card_deck-4 other phony cards from their stacked deck of left-wing canards — than to speak the truth. And that goes for all of the race-baiting industry, like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and most other Democrats and progressives — who were all in attendance.

Is it just me, or was that memorial almost identical to the last Democratic Party convention?

But at this actually important MLK event, the speakers (virtually all of whom were Democrats or progressives) missed the opportunity to become real heroes, once again. On purpose, in some cases.

On this historic 50th anniversary of MLK’s speech, the speakers could have used the opportunity to finally admit that the problems within the black community and the racial problems they incessantly caterwaul about are almost entirely of their own making — or at least that of their own making with the help of their brethren on the left — the progressive movement.

They could have used this historic occasion to become heroes to an entire nation (like MLK himself), rather than just heroes to the members of their well-nurtured and mollycoddled ministry (a word I used advisedly).

Instead of solidifying their status as annoying charlatans and shlubs according to most of right-thinking America (which I like to think is at least half of America), they could have made the historic announcement that they, and nearly everything they have stood for, have been an abject failure. They could have acknowledged their abject failure as leaders of the liberal or progressive politics that caused this, over the past half century.

But some of these people are just incapable of doing that — or they haven’t yet matured to the required level. Others purposely don’t do it.

For those “others,” this is business. It’s a race-baiting industrial complex of which they’re the captains. And as a part of their huge compensation packages, they’re taking home the same size piles of cash that the so-called “1%” — the real captains of real industry (who actually create jobs and GDP) that they so disrespect and despise, are earning.

As another part of their pay package, they continually have their egos stroked with the fawning, cheering accolades of the liberal white-guilt media, liberal Hollywood, liberal academia; and, alas, by what are ironically Obama-canard-speakthe modern day serfs — serfs of the government and of the myriad entitlements, which they helped create. These serfs are further beholden to these captains of the race-baiting industry.

The serfs have become reliant upon society, and moreover the left — the progressive — leaders within.

Progressives did this. And the captains perpetuate it.

The captains of the race-baiting industry don’t want this to end. They’re lying about wanting all the racial tensions and inequality to end. They need it to continue. They covet all this inequality and racial tension — they help build it, in fact. That’s why they’re called “race-baiters.” Sadly, they are so self-interested and greedy and scurrilous and nefarious that they seek only to continue this much ballyhooed racial animosity and disparity and inequality — to further their scornful careers.

This passage from Bernie Goldberg’s latest column revisiting some of the speeches, helps exemplify my rant.

… There was lots of talk about the progress that has been made over the years. And lots of talk about how the dream is still unrealized, how the struggle must continue. They talked a lot, too, about the great “wealth gap” between blacks and whites today. President Obama said, “The gap in wealth between races hasn’t lessened, it’s grown.” But neither he nor the other speakers talked about why, in Jesse Jackson’s words, “We’re freer [today] but less equal.”

And no one talked about what just may be the single most important explanation for poverty in America. A while back, William Galston, an advisor to President Bill Clinton, took a hard look at why some people are poor, and he came up with what appears to be a simple solution to avoid a life of poverty. Just do three things, he said: finish high school, marry before having a baby, and marry after the age of 20. Only 8 percent of families who do this are poor while 79 percent who don’t do these things are poor. …

Conservatives didn’t do this. We all know that. There is no argument. Democrats progressives caused people to become reliant upon and dependent upon the government. They taught people that there is no consequence to acting irresponsibly in their personal lives or within a family. In fact, they’ve so diminished the value of “family” that now, a huge number of people place no value whatsoever on the concept of or the institution of traditional marriage and family. It’s been cast as not fun, and not “cool” to them. Moreover, it’s not what their idols in the rap and R&B music industry do, or what the cool set in Hollywood do. Liberals actually see it as a badge of honor for women to have babies without fathers in the picture at all.

So they own this problem of 72% of black babies being born-out-of-wedlock, and the myriad social problems that naturally flow from that.

And they all know this, and they all hide it. They lie, obfuscate, and if you dare cross them, they of course call you a “racist,” which in the era of Obama, ironically, has become so overused and boring that it’s lost all meaning. Almost like the liberal-left version of marriage and family.

It it walks like a canard and quacks like a canard, it’s another canard.

See this video of Juan Williams and The Five discussing this issue almost exactly along the same lines as my rant here:


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Protect freedom; call-out the mainstream media

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Here’s a double dose of grassroots: a reader comment made by a grassroots citizen after reading Michelle Malkin’s latest column at, called Colorado’s Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers.

Malkin’s readers are like Malkin and the Coloradans she writes about: they’re revolted by the Award-grassrootsmindless excesses and extremism of today’s liberals, socialists, left-wing fascists — progressives generally — including those within the mainstream media. This reader comment gets the award:

Moonbat Exterminator wrote:
The media tailors its coverage to match the ever changing agenda of the progs. Actually, I think they must have a scorecard that lists facts vs how to cover them. To wit

Black victim, white or hispanic perp = Racism!!!!
White victim, black perp, gun = Gun violence
White victim, any perp, no gun = no coverage
White blonde little girl kidnapped and or murdered = 24/7 coverage wall to wall, but only if the victim is cute.

That pretty much covers it.

Call it a scorecard, or call it a manual. The liberal-left mainstream media use a kind of style guide or code, whether it’s in the form of a written manual or the code is simply wafting around in their media clubhouse’s ether. This code determines their level of coverage, tone of coverage, and even the words used in their coverage of events.

Usually, the determination of how, when, or whether to cover any story, just glibly goes without saying in mainstream media newsrooms and editorial offices. The rules are usually unwritten simply because they need not be written. How and when or if to cover a story, and the words used, is all obvious to them. The newsroom is of like minds. No manual is required.

And that’d be great if their agenda was to fully, truthfully, and without bias, inform citizens. The problem is that mainstream media is not an objective place anymore. They’re now more like campaign offices for the progressive movement.

The mainstream media is now systemically infected by liberals, or even further leftists, and so a sort of automated, reflexive liberal-left group-think takes place in media bullpens and offices in response to events. They all reflexively follow — sometimes unconsciously, sometimes not — the kind of code spelled-out more succinctly than me, by Moonbat Exterminator.

Like all liberals, no matter where they are — somebody’s house, a restaurant or bar, anywhere — when they say something, they think everybody in the room agrees with them. But in the case of the media, it’s actually true.

The brutal reality is this: the mainstream media generally cast aspersions, scandalize, hammer, smear, castigate, and mock the Right, whatever the truth; but they aggrandize, iconize, coddle and featherbed the Left, and whitewash their scandals (i.e., calling them “phony scandals”), in order to advance their progressive agenda. They are progressives.

Because they’re so stuck in that liberal-left mindset, or they’re peer-pressured by their co-workers, they also habitually, robotically, reprint — like they’re Obama’s own steno pool — the talking points of the Obama administration, or any left-wing organization, for that matter. And speaking of “matter”, the far-left and rabidly anti-conservative organization Media Matters is a favorite source of info and quotes for the mainstream media steno pool. Mainstream media also refer to the reliably pro-Obama, progressive mouthpieces like the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC,, Barack Obama’s cult-like Organizing for Action, or any number of other systemically infected liberal-left-advocating outfits.

And they’ll do it without question. Gone are the intrepid investigative, prodding, or even the mildly curious journalists — unless of course the story concerns, as Moonbat Exterminator said, a white-on-black crime, any gun crime, any conservative — a Republican, or worse, a tea party patriot.

For example, virtually no (non-Fox News Channel) mainstream media dare question Obama on any of his radical left-wing policies, his obvious hypocrisy, his blatant, outright lies, or the many stupid things he says or does, least of all the biggest and stupidest thing of them all, Obamacare; or about the stagnant economy, post the economy-wrecking trillion-dollar “stimulus” that we were assured would cure it. Yet Associated Press relied on a team of 11 reporters to try to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin and her best-selling book. Mark Steyn explained at the time:

Rogue’s Eleven

By Mark Steyn
November 14, 2009 7:19 AM

If you wonder why American newspapering is dying, consider this sign-off:

AP writers Matt Apuzzo, Sharon Theimer, Tom Raum, Rita Beamish, Beth Fouhy, H. Josef Hebert, Justin D. Pritchard, Garance Burke, Dan Joling and Lewis Shaine contributed to this report.

Wow. That’s ten “AP writers” plus Calvin Woodward, the AP writer whose twinkling pen honed the above contributions into the turgid sludge of the actual report. That’s eleven writers for a 695-word report. What on? Obamacare? The Iranian nuke program? The upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

No, the Associated Press assigned eleven writers to “fact-check” Sarah Palin’s new book, and in return the eleven fact-checkers triumphantly unearthed six errors. …

…and the “errors” were hideously inconsequential.

With few exceptions, the only people who “fact-check” Obama or the Democrats or any in their mob of sycophantic media, are grassroots, non-mainstream media folks. Or at least that’s all who actually commit their findings to words or print. So keep doing it, people.

Everybody knows all of this, which, if you’re keeping score at home, makes this article pretty redundant. But redundancy works well for the Left who shout “RACIST!” all day long at any Obama or left-wing opponent, to the point where the liberal media has now become emboldened by the phony mantra, and glibly, routinely, call conservative groups like the tea party “racist.” So more people need to write the truth about the corrupt media, and say it out loud, and turn the tide.

As Michelle Malkin points out in her column, it’s freedom which is at stake, and it’s the grassroots that need to rise up to protect it. Forget the mainstream media. They’re against you.


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Example of typical liberal media “news” report: “It’s even more bad news!!”

In today’s news across Canada, we find that there are sensible Canadians responding to the left-wing progressive-advocating media’s advocacy  —  in the papers’ own comments sections! It’s what makes Wednesdays tolerable for me. Well that and Bill O’Reilly & Dennis Miller’s segment on Fox News Channel’s O’Reilly Factor.

(My two examples of sanity will be separated into two blog entries, because I made a promise to myself to try to limit the word-count in my blog entries to something less than Biblical proportions. So here’s the other one.)

This is what makes the internet so pernicious to the Left. I can only imagine how annoying left-wing media must find this. I mean the Left, what with their mobs and their hysterically hypocritical betrayals of their supposed liberal-left “inclusiveness” and “tolerance” and their grand allusions to their “intelligence,” can and do shout down or physically block perfectly normal, good conservatives or “right-wingers” at events in confined communities, as they did Ann Coulter and Dick Cheney and others when they have visited Canada (and then not report any of it, at least not fairly).

But preventing sensible voices from presenting their good, common sense and not-at-all socialist values on the internet can be tricky for a supposedly fair and balanced and objective news organization. I mean stuff leaks out all over the place against their will, in places like blogs, and Twitter, and Facebook, and on TV like Sun News Network in Canada, Fox News Channel, and on Rush Limbaugh’s fantastic radio show (9 AM-noon PT). So they’re forced to allow open reader comments just to maintain their pretense of openness, and to keep up with the Joneses (or the Wall Street Journals), to increase business (damn that capitalism! Why can’t we all be like the state-owned CBC?!).

No fair! People wreck their whole narrative sometimes. Media-driven narratives are expensive, and Joe Blow being allowed to contradict them just willy-nilly can spell doom for them. We see this all over the liberal news media industrial complex (snarf!), wherein the jig is up, and the power of the liberal media over the electorate is failing. They have failed in doing their jobs, and so many of them are going out of business. Just to end any confusion: this is a good thing.

The "man-made global warming"-advocating photo of ubiquitous BS accompanies their "news report."

The “man-made global warming”-advocating photo of ubiquitous BS accompanies the Vancouver Sun’s “news report.” The picture’s caption reads, “Climate change has sparked fears about the survival of the polar bear, seen in Churchill, Man., in this file photo.”

So for my part in this destruction, here is a good example of narrative-busting. This is for those of you interested in helping regain control of the proper, fact-based narrative, and actually building our nation again instead of allowing it to sink deeper into the progressive morass.

First of all, let me set this up for folks in not-Vancouver: The Vancouver Sun’s coverage of the daily news, like most or all of the Canadian media’s, seems to start with the premise: “Let’s see what we can present today to advance political progressivism and socialism as a general matter.”

Then they carefully allow a tiny bit of space for just a couple of non-progressive voices and non-full-on socialists, to pretend they’re actually not progressives or full-on socialists, but really just fair-minded and ever so objective and balanced and so earnest and full of common sense. It’s sort of like they do on the Jon Stewart show, only it’s even less funny.

Oh hang on —  this article is in fact funnier than most Jon Stewart “news” items. Get a load of this tendentious, leading headline, which also serves as an indication that the Vancouver Sun thinks their readers are idiots:

Results signal more bad news for the planet

By William Marsden, Postmedia News August 6, 2013

WASHINGTON — The year 2012 signalled more bad news for the state of the Earth’s climate as global land and ocean temperatures continued to rise, accelerating the decline of Arctic summer sea ice, the melting of ice sheets and glaciers, and the raising of sea levels, according to a peer-reviewed scientific report…

…Karl said that over the past 50 years average global temperatures have been increasing consistently at a rate of about 1.5 C per decade…

Here’s a reader’s response:

So many errors in the first paragraph. Temperatures didn’t ‘continue’ to rise because they have indeed stagnated for 16-17 years. And don’t blame the El Nino in 1998 [which they did  —  see below.  — ed] because the IPCC’s models accounted for it, and still failed miserably. The decline of Arctic ice isn’t accelerating – it’s at its greatest extent since 2006, according to Denmark’s Center for Ocean and ICe ( Sea level has been increasing at the same pace since the end of the Little Ice Age centuries ago, paused for a few years recently, and upticked again in line with previous trend.

This one is especially laughable: “Karl said that over the past 50 years average global temperatures have been increasing consistently at a rate of about 1.5 C per decade.”

Really? A 7.5 degree C increase in five decades! Amazing. You should headline with this.

The Sun’s coverage of this issue is truly horrible.

Yes it is, sane Canadian. Yes it is. And you just cost them a zillion dollars in lost, failed, narrative-building. Drinks are on me.

On the Left’s “climate change” meme itself, I always love how progressive, left-wing media like the Vancouver Sun purposely misstate or confuse or obfuscate the facts to suit their worldview, and not just with regard to the stats or the science in general. For example, this “skeptics of climate change” line they always churn out, as used in this paragraph:

“Skeptics of climate change often point out that since a record high global temperature was reached in 1998, temperatures at first decreased, then did not rise as quickly over the next 15 years despite increased greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists note that in 1998 there was a fairly intensive warming from the natural El Nino cycle, followed by a natural La Nina cooling cycle.

For one thing, they present this contra position for the sole purpose of refuting it. But moreover, calling people who aren’t buying their crap “skeptics of climate change” is sort of like calling pro-life people “anti-choice,” or calling them “foes of women’s ‘reproductive health choices'” or “enemies of ‘reproductive rights’,” or accusing them of engaging in a “war on women.” And it’s like branding people who think traditional marriage was just fine the way it was, as “homophobes.” And as we know, if you don’t dig Barack Obama, it’s because you’re a “racist.”

See, there are “skeptics of climate change,” and that includes plenty of scientists, and then there are also skeptics of the larger left-wing meme, which if you remember correctly, the Left started out calling “man-made global warming.” And there are people  —  including thousands of scientists, who are simply “skeptical” that global warming is in fact “mad-made”  —  at least to any great extent. It’s a moving scale  — there exists no simple line of demarcation between “believers” and “non-believers.” (This is what elitist liberal-left “thinkers” used to call the smart-set’s far more advanced “nuanced thinking,” which, you see, conservatives could never grasp, on account of their being “idiots” and “Neanderthals,” which was their way of showing their great respect for “celebrating the differences” and their love of engaging in “a conversation.”)

We who are among that latter group of “skeptics” note that the climate change alarmists like the Vancouver Sun and its “reporters” on the subject, actually changed the terminology they started with, from “mad-made global warming,” to “climate change,” ever since it became obvious that the science behind their BS theory wasn’t behaving properly, and the “man-made global warming” “scientists” were actually advocating a scam; and when the curtain was pulled back, they were revealed in little-reported news to be scarcely more than socialist political scientists, like the multi-gazzillionaire jet-setting Al Gore and his li’l Canadian sidekick David Suzuki.

But enough of that tangent. The job has been done wrecking that idiotic narrative. I also want to edify you with this bit of sanity from another Joe Blow reader, from another source. This one is written-up in the Globe & Mail, which is no different really  —  they’re both progressive-advocating liberal media sources. At least this headline isn’t as insulting to its readers (although I’m quite sure if they sided with IKEA with regard to its offer to its unionized employees, like they side with the “man-made global warming” “scientists,” they’d have left out the “company says” part, thereby instructing us as to their version of “facts,” just as the Vancouver Sun tried to do):  “Rejected IKEA offer spoke to inefficiencies, company says”.

Sure, the “company says” that. But it’s also irrefutably true! So why include that, as if to imply it’s debatable?

For more on that one, read this other blog entry.


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Guns: bizarre anti-gun illogic from low or no-knowledge Canadians

A story in Toronto’s Globe & Mail about a gunman firing a couple of random shots into the street in Vancouver, last night, inspired some of the usual, reflexive crazy-talk from anti-gun zealots  —  the likes of which I’ve become accustomed from the progressive left.

“…Is this another case of an NRA hand gun being smuggled into Canada to be used by one more criminal or mentally ill person? It is time to start suing the NRA, the gun dealers and the manufacturers each time one of their guns is used in a crime…”

As another, more sane commenter was quick to ask, what’s an “NRA hand gun?” As I might have added, since it’s a pro-pot-smoking and pro-prostitution and pro-government-run illegal drug injection site (and pro-those annoying bike lanes) Vancouver story, “What are you smoking or injecting?”

Anti-gun zealots are always quick to find a straw man where facts and common sense and reasonable arguments fail them. It’s a wonder the commenter didn’t refer to the gun as an “NRA George W. Bush Republican Party Sarah Palin Dick Cheney Halliburton millionaire and billionaire Fox News Channel hand gun, with a carbon Smith_and_Wesson_640_hand_gunfootprint scope and a 1% trigger.”

Moving to snappy new legal remedies, as they are always wont to do when the people or facts or science or the concept of freedom aren’t on their side, the anti-gun dumb-dumb also suggested suing the NRA for this incident of gun shots fired.

Suing the NRA. Seriously.

How about suing Hollywood  —  yeah that’s right  —  just Hollywood in general. Or the manufacturer of the car he was driving. How about the oil company which refined the gasoline used in the car he was driving.

Note that the story contains absolutely nothing about the gun coming from the US, nor the gunman coming from the US, nor his having ever been in the US, nor his membership in the NRA, or even any knowledge of the NRA.

That didn’t stop another anti-gun commenter from suggesting this:

“…How about checking all vehicles from the US for smuggled weapons and refusing entry to all NRA members for a start?

Note that this denial of entry to Canada of NRA members is just a “start.” And oh, by the way, what if I’m a long-time member of the NRA (I actually am), and I live in Canada as a Canadian? What would he do with me? Systematically cleanse the country of the likes of me, I guess! (And whose fascist plans does that remind us of?)

The notion of blaming Republicans, or gun manufacturers, or any other straw man for gun violence, is systemic in the cult-like and very left-wing-dominated Canadian anti-gun clan. After the shoot-up involving US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, a reporter named Susan Bonner from the state-owned CBC (biased to the left in every which way) said this in her reflexive, breathless, super ginned-up report:

“There’s a lot of focus on Sarah Palin now! …  She, on her web site, put TWENTY DISTRICTS IN CROSSHAIRS! In the GUN SIGHTS!  Saying that these were districts that the Republicans had to win back…!”

Having already hit bottom, she dug deeper:

”…Many people say that Sarah Palin really EMBODIES the sort of TOXIC CULTURE of the talk… and that that talk is now PROVING to be DANGEROUS that it at least must share part of THE BLAME for what happened…”

Of course, to the extent that violent gun-shooters get their insane ideas from some outside influence, they certainly don’t get them from Sarah Palin, or the NRA  — they get them from Hollywood liberals. See my article written after I heard a kid on my street, playing with his friends, yell “5…4…3…2…1…BANG, you’re dead!”. I wrote in part:

…Here’s what stuck: that kid didn’t learn what today’s liberals would deride as horrible, red-neck, right-wing, conservative whackjob-style, pro-gun rhetoric from the NRA, as liberal leftists the continent over would love you to falsely believe. No, rather, he almost certainly learned it from today’s liberals in Hollywood. Yes, liberals from the blathering liberal-left anti-gun, anti-conservative, anti-NRA set in notoriously liberal-left, Obama-supporting Hollywood (or “Hollywood North”  –  Vancouver, or Toronto  –  which is the exact same class of weapon). He got it from a TV show, movie, rap or hip-hop “song”, or video game from liberals in what we all know to be that hypocritical-on-nearly-every-issue, holier-than-thou, liberal Hollywood and their liberal-left media industrial complex.

The NRA doesn’t teach “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BANG, you’re DEAD!” or anything like that kind of theatrics. They don’t advocate for alarming, penultimate warnings to the end of innocent life at the hand of kids role-playing an awesome man with cool, fearsome weaponry. Hollywood does. Liberals do.

So own it, Hollywood. And moreover liberals. Own what you created. …

As to the legalities, here’s a more sensible commenter’s points to the Globe & Mail‘s anti-gun nonsense:

“…Canadians who are “known to Police” normally have a criminal record but would not qualify for a valid RCMP firearms licence. It seems laws that affect the law abiding do not affect criminals? Not what gun control advocates want us to believe!
IMO, this criminal broke 100+ laws.

It is already illegal to:
1) possess a firearm without a valid firearms licence,
2) to have a loaded gun on City Streets or car,
3) transport a restricted firearm like this handgun without the proper CFO – ATT (authorization to transport) only to and from a CFO approved range, gunsmith etc…,
4) this is a restricted / could be a prohibited firearm requires an extra safety course, licence,
5) shooting in Public,
6) pointing a firearm at a Person,
7) discharging a firearm in an unauthorized location
8) ++++++++

I wonder what new law the progressives could think up that would have prevented this????

And another sensible Canadian adds this:

“But….but…I thought we had gun control laws in place to prevent this type of attack.”

Still another sensible one reminded us (as our Ann Coulter has done numerous times, including her “GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, THE MENTALLY ILL DO” and “LIBERALS GO CRAZY FOR THE MENTALLY ILL”) that it’s really more a mental health issue  —  one which has been exacerbated by liberals starting in the 1970’s when they all but shuttered mental health institutions, and abolished the laws helping us get people like insane gun-shooters into them.

I have a gun license and so does my wife. We have one that allows us to purchase and possess semi-automatic handguns. I also have a Nexus pass, enabling me to go across the US/Canada border with hardly a question being asked of me. Which means I must be in one of those Sarah Palin-esque “gun sights” of that Globe and Mail anti-gun zealot and his anti-gun group-think non-thinking brother. These licenses are like more bullets in my magazine. They help prove I am sane and law-abiding and skilled in and have knowledge about guns and gun use, and that I am of no risk to the public. We cannot be that sure about people who aren’t gun license and Nexus pass holders. They haven’t been screened by the state and their various border and law-enforcement bodies on each side of the border like I have and had their finger prints taken and their eyes laser-scanned for security purposes. Perhaps we should turn them away at the border, or sue their mothers and fathers, or cleanse them from our country. Yeah. That makes sense.


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To the NDP, I’m not a good, hard-working, individual Canadian. But they want to represent me anyway.

The Canadian NDP leader, Tom Mulcair, said this, among other nonsense, in his latest email to me, as part of the NDP’s apparently desperate (certainly extremely repetitive and annoying) campaign to raise money, in apparent competition with Conservatives:

NDP-1C“Unlike the Conservatives, our support comes from individual Canadians like you.”

“Unlike the Conservatives?” Really?

If I understand Mulcair correctly, Mulcair and his NDP are advancing the idea that the Conservatives don’t get  support “from individual Canadians like [me],” and the NDP are unlike the Conservatives. I would call into evidence the fact that he wrote “Unlike the Conservatives” as the preamble to his claim.

As Bill O’Reilly might say at this point, I’m a simple man. So I’m not sure what he means (or at least I’d like to pretend I don’t, in order to make my very lucid and argument-winning point in a non-threatening manner for the benefit of the faux tender sensitivities of the “progressive” readers of the Left who have just been caught trying to BS me again, and to avoid their next reflexive “argument,” which is to call me a homophobe, or a racist, or a millionaire and billionaire, a carbon polluter, or of launching a “war on women.”

Does he mean that the Conservatives get support not from “Canadians like me,” but rather from those big nasty, evil, possibly Mulcair_askancecapitalist, and dammit, hardly-at-all socialist corporations (cue horror movie sound track)? That accusation would be weird, since it’s illegal for donations to be received from corporations, just as it is illegal for Mulcair to get their NDP “support” from crony and faux capitalist corporations which have come to rely on big huge nanny-state governments, and also those  —  oh Gaia forgive me for speaking more of that awful truth  —  that other kind of corporation: the equally big, multi-million or multi-billion-dollar, public-sector labor unions, which, if I may borrow some of the Left’s own rhetoric, are sometimes also even multinational (and can I please add the words “industrial complex” too?).  And we know that doesn’t happen, right? I mean it would be against the law. And Mulcair would report that, right?

So, is he accusing the Conservatives of something, and if so, why hasn’t he called the RCMP? Unlike the NDP, or, say, Tom Mulcair, I would call the cops if I thought someone was, or was trying, to break the law.

Surely the NDP isn’t trying to BS me as if I were a total idiot. Right? I mean they respect regular individual Canadians so much, ‘n stuff.

Lest there be any doubt, the charge seems to be reiterated here in a different email on a different day:

NDP-1C“With the help of well-connected insiders and big corporate donors, the Conservatives don’t have trouble raising a lot of money.”

Here’s some other language used in emails to me in the past few days:

NDP-1C“New Democrats do things differently. We rely on the support of hard-working Canadians – one grassroots donation at a time.

Conservatives apparently rely only on all those wealthy layabouts, the rich lazy asses, all those millionaires and billionaires, the rich trust-funders, and lottery winners. Not the “hard-working,” set like the NDP do. And Conservatives aren’t “grassroots.” They’re some sort of nefarious AstroTurf group-think clan. Well as long as the NDP aren’t bigots or anything!

And just to make sure they’ve imprinted their class warfare rhetoric with sufficient vigor, they emphasize this in another email:

NDP-1C“You can bet his deep-pocketed friends will help make that happen.”

“Deep-pocketed!” Oooh! That’s bad, right? You should never be “deep-pocketed! That’d be bad and wrong! The message is clear though. Conservatives are all deep-pocketed, lazy, bad folk. NDP supporters are shallow-pocketed (that’s good!), yet “hard-working,” and good folk. Divide the nation, create hate and animosity throughout the land, win the next election, and conquer. Lovely message.

Weird that they assume I’m one of them, though, addressing each email as “Friend”  —  I mean for the purposes of their fund raising  —  especially considering I’m so not. They seem to hate every ounce (or whatever Euro-measure) of me otherwise.

Conservatives keep contacting me too, asking for support from ordinary and hard-working Canadians like me. And God knows I am ordinary (except for my extraordinary good looks and charm). So (aside from that) they think I’m ordinary, and obviously an “individual,” and they’ve never suggested I’m a lazy-ass (nor do they suggest the NDP members or supporters are).

Not to ruin the ending by introducing inconvenient truths… OK I am: I know for a scientific fact that Conservatives do get their support from individual, hard-working, sometimes shallow-pocketed Canadians, just like me. I’ve actually looked at their donation lists and the official reports, and have seen the amounts that the enormous numbers of individual Canadians have donated to the Conservatives. Fact is, the Conservatives get most of their support from plain old Canadians like me, who each donate very small amounts of money. Like $5, or $20. It’s just that they have done it far, far more effectively than the NDP  —  possibly because more individuals Canadians want the Conservatives to win elections. I mean that’s certainly a logical conclusion.

And here’s a message for my “friend” Tom Mulcair, and his NDP: I’m a conservative, which in no way precludes me from being every bit a good Canadian. I’m not rich (or “deep-pocketed”), but rich is something I aspire to be. I’m hard-working (certainly at least as hard-working as most public-sector union members, and those folks who have been nurtured to be totally reliant upon the state and various social welfare entitlements and government social “support” programs and schemes). And I am certainly an individual. But this is where I get confused. Isn’t that something you and your socialist party would be against, inasmuch as you seem to want to create a nation built on the notion of the “collective” rather than the individual?

I don’t know. Maybe check all of your verbiage. None of it really rings true, in any which way.


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