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Christmas won

Many people (OK, two or even more) who have followed PTBC over the years have written asking why PTBC isn’t on its pro-Merry Christmas kick this year. In case you’re new here, it’s Christmas, not “The Happy Festive Tree Celebration of Seasonal Values Holiday,” or any other secular-progressive left-wing Merry Christmascrap like that.

For years, PTBC was on the front lines of the left’s ideological War on Christmas (it’s much like the left’s accusatory, made-up “War on Women” that they claim conservatives are waging, except it’s real).

We won the war. The left-wing politically-correct losers, well, lost. They’ve mostly stopped calling it anything but Christmas, which they used to do simply to call attention to their irreverence for or actual hate of Christians and Christianity, and/or their abhorrence of Canada’s traditions and values.

Even the liberal-leftist Toronto Star has a Christmas section, which they call “Christmas,” not their “Happy-Tree Holiday” section. (Alas they still have Heather Mallick, totally ruining the Christmas cheer.)


We still see companies that have been taken over by progressives – socialists and other liberals – which insist on avoiding the word Christmas at all costs, one of them wishing us all “merry holidays” (seriously).

In Katy Perry’s new barf-inducing “Christmas” video, she actually wishes you a “happy and merry holiday.” That’s right, not merry Christmas, “merry holiday.”

It was obviously quite a studious effort on behalf of her and all her accomplices, managing to never say the word Christmas even once in the two-minute-long erstwhile Christmas advertising video. It’s two minutes of what is obviously a Christmas-themed thing, replete with Christmas references: Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, typical traditional Christmas baking, toys and fables, and moreover, the fact that the whole thing is actually an H&M ad to get you to buy her crappy music to give out as Christmas presents.


At the end she says “happy and merry holidays.”  Who the frick says “merry holidays?”

The left-wing Huffington Post misses the whole point. They write, “Christmas-themed video’s got everything: dancing ornaments, hot dudes in Santa hats, Katy Perry in multiple extravagant outfits, and giant gingerbread men.” Their headline about the video is: “Katy Perry’s New Christmas Song Will Get Stuck In Your Head.”  Well no, Katy Perry carefully avoiding the word Christmas in that commercial for H&M is what is stuck in my head. But at least those lefties got sucked into writing “Christmas” right in their headline!

Merry Christmas Katy. I’ll be buying something by Taylor Swift this year.


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Radio station tweets the word “CHRISTMAS”, remains on air, no riot, Muslims seem cool with it so far

We thought they were called “Festive Holiday Lights of Season Values!”
This tweet occurred this morning, in which we find a radio station blatantly uttering the word Christmas, to no apparent negative effect that we have heard about. (Of course we don’t monitor the CBC like we used to.)
ckwx - 2015-11-26_084320-closeup

Apparently Vancouver radio station CKWX News 1130 has not received the memo or any of the fascist directives from the PC police or any liberal-left think tanks. No claims of “this is exactly what ISIS wants us to do!!”

Or they did get them, but summarily tossed them in the garbage where they belong (and we hope they didn’t sort them into the correct recycling bin!). Which of course means we heartily endorse CKWX News1130 (for now… we reserve the right to rescind in the next hour if they tweet some left-wing bullshit).

LATE UPDATE: All staff are OK as far as we know. No reports of any planned pot smoke-ins or “peaceful protests” or boycotts by disaffected Muslims or atheists or any haughty sneers from CBC reporters or anchors claiming “racist!!” or the ironic “intolerant!!!!” label on them, that we know about.

So far.

Godspeed, you brave common sense normal Canadians manning the Twitter feed.  Merry Christmas CKWX! (Or have we now crossed a line?)

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Canadian told by employer: “Don’t say merry Christmas.”

From my inbox:

Hi Joel,

I know you’ve done articles before about the war on Christmas, and although I wish to remain somewhat anonymous because I am still working for this company, I wanted to let you know that the Canadian company … just sent out an email to its employees forbidding the use of ”Merry Christmas” over the phones to customers, or via email/chat. I’ve attached a relevant screenshot. Feel free to (and please do) publish this as you wish.

Thanks, and have a merry Christmas and happy New Year.


Apparently the company in question is clueless.  Sadly, I am one of their customers. But luckily, both cluelessness and my being their customer can both change. Easily.

Here’s some clues for the clueless:

1. For one thing, Christmas is a federal holiday. A legal, national, statutory, government-sanctioned, federal holiday for all the people in Canada. The company is Canadian. Hello.

2. Christmas is, by historic fact, whether that company likes it or not (and I guess they don’t), a favorite Canadian tradition dating back to Canada’s very beginnings. It might even be Canada’s most favorite tradition. The company purports to be Canadian, not North Korean, a country where Christmas is not allowed to be celebrated, because they’re led by an authoritarian dictatorship which mandates an intolerant, mono-cultural, communist, atheist state with no freedom whatsoever. That’s why we choose Canada.

3. Studies have been done proving that people prefer to be greeted by “merry Christmas” rather than “happy holidays.” Here’s one!  Here’s another one!

• One of those links is about a Canadian poll done just last year, which says 76% of Canadians prefer “merry Christmas” over “happy holidays” (17%) or worse, “season’s greetings” (3%)

• Another one says 68% Prefer “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays.”

• Yet another poll says this:

81% Who Celebrate Christmas Celebrate as a Religious Holiday

Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Americans than ever say they celebrate the upcoming holiday of Christmas as a religious one.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 88% of American Adults say they celebrate Christmas, and 81% of this group celebrate it as a religious holiday. Just 16% of those celebrants regard it as a secular holiday.

This comes on the heels of a poll which suggests that 70% of Americans prefer to be greeted with “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays.”

4.   Do a survey asking non-Christians if they are offended by “merry Christmas” in any way, shape, or form. I will personally give you the shirt off my back if you find they are offended in any way, shape, or form.

5.  Wise-up, all you people who issue all these idiotic mandates. Nobody appreciates this nutty, PC-fundamentalist zealotry —  in fact people are mostly offended by it. That includes both your customers, and your employees. I know this, because I’ve been tracking this for years, in a serious way, and have documented much of it, and I can’t even count all the emails I’ve received  —  none of which laments “Merry Christmas.”  Exactly the opposite.

Obviously the supposedly Canadian company doesn’t care about Canadian laws, its great and beloved traditions, or even the polls scientifically documenting how Canadians feel. What kind of a business is that?  If the company prefers instead to maintain some weird PC-fundamentalist cult-like behavior, then they are just a very poorly-run business.

Merry Christmas


 UPDATE – Friday Dec 6 2013:

Today’s trending Twitter hashtags don’t include #holidays. But does include #Christmas. But then I suppose Twitter isn’t very popular or anything.



 UPDATE Wednesday Dec 11, 2013

“75% Think Christmas Should Be Celebrated in Public Schools”

Despite school administrators’ concerns nationwide, Americans strongly believe that Christmas should be a part of public schools. They feel just as strongly that religious symbols should be allowed on public property.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of American Adults think Christmas should be celebrated in public schools, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 15% disagree, while 10% are not sure.


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Canadians prefer to call it Christmas. Not “holidays.”

I don’t just like their poll results, I like that a large media outlet is bothering to poll on it, and then report the findings. In this case, Sun News in Canada.





Some right-thinking Canadians will remember that I’ve been on this Christmas case for many years. I’m grateful that others are now taking it up.

Merry Christmas.



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CTV online poll: 93% indicate they celebrate CHRISTMAS —by name; just 7% say they don’t

At least 93% of Canadians in this poll celebrate CHRISTMAS by shopping for Christmas gifts. Not “the holiday”, no, not “the festive season” gifts. 

When asked, and even given the choice to answer “I don’t celebrate Christmas”, 93% indicate they do celebrate CHRISTMAS by shopping for Christmas gifts and only 7% chose the option “I don’t celebrate Christmas”. 

So why do so many media propagandists, school teachers and their militant far-left labor unions, ad execs and marketing execs, and so many retailers, appear to so plainly have their heads up their butts?  What’s with the “holiday” and “happy-tree fest” and the asinine “seasonal values” meme?

Why do nearly all media propagandists, school teachers, ad and marketing execs, and so many retailers insist —and I mean really go out of their way — to try to eradicate the word Christmas from the consciousness of Canadians and Americans?

The root of their hostility toward Christianity must be very deep to allow themselves to be so co-opted by far-left secular progressives like that.  Or they have such a distorted world view that they’re pathologically out of touch with their own constituents.  Their own market, or classroom. 

Actually, I’m convinced that many of them are so arrogant, so self-assured, so invested, and so reluctant to give up their drive and zealous advocacy of their secular progressive vision, that they’ll react to this sort of poll by redoubling their efforts to obliterate Christmas from the lexicon. 

These are the ones who should be summarily fired, of course, for being completely incompetent.  For example, the CBC reported on “holiday lights” just the other day, wherein nearly all of their far-left commenters bashed them as the ridiculous idiots.  Even they know better.  I mean the CBC has provably failed in every regard, if even their own fans rebuke them and their propaganda and PC idiocy.  If I were in charge, they’d be fired.  Then I’d have my morning coffee and plan the rest of my day at CBC HQ. 

At the end of the day (6:26 PM PST), Total Votes: 2642, and the “I don’t do Christmas” crowd hasn’t grown much.  It’s all the way up to 8%.  Meaning 92% celebrate Christmas.

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Secular progressive PC liberals in media stuck on…dot dot dot…

It’s beginning to look a lot like “dot dot dot!”

I can’t even really figure out their usually easy-to-identify obsequious adherence to the liberal-left’s political correctness mantra, in this one.  They just seem to be inexplicably incapable of actually publishing the word “Christmas” on their front page.

INSIDE THEIR DARK PAGES OF OVERT DENIAL AND REVISIONISM, dot dot dot, we find that the liberals and leftists at the Sun finally call them exactly what they aren’t“holiday bulbs.”  Just like the totally out-of touch state-owned CBC and its own stuck on progressive PC lunacy propagandists and social-engineers did, much to the chagrin of their own left-wing readers (and a response that was much to my shock).

But merry “dot dot dot” everybody!  And have a happy new hyphen!

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HOLY CHRISTMAS! CBC commenters PUSH BACK on CBC/progressive/liberal political-correctness idiocy

I started out writing this blog entry as just another item in one of my trademark multi-part, numbered, “newquips” entries — it was going to be “newsquip #1” for this morning, and it was going to read, simply,

1.  Actual headline featured on the front page of the nanny-state’s learnin’ ‘n media division, the ever so essential state-owned CBC:

“Outdoor holiday lights pose fall risk”

Oh OK, no problem, we hang CHRISTMAS lights at our house. 

I have a feeling folks like the CBC are really mostly concerned about the illuminated Star of Bethlehem lights like on the house in the video at right.  Or most anything that helps us celebrate Christmas.

You know, standard newsquip fare.

But Molly, I do believe we’re helping make a positive pro-Christmas and pro-sanity difference!  And so this deserves its own blog entry.

When I read some of the online comments at the state-owned media web site behind their stupid headline and story that I noted above, I was floored.  Here are some of them.  These are actual comments by the normally blinkered, CBC-nurtured, far-left CBC fans! 


What the f are holiday lights? If I offend ANYone by saying Christmas lights, Christmas tree, Merry Christmas, etc. than it sucks to be you. I will not shop anywhere that sells holiday trees, lights, decorations, etc. Even in the USA they are coming around and bringing back Christmas in their ads. If the word Chrismas offends you please feel free to ask your employer that you will work the HOLIDAYS at regular pay and let the people who are not offended enjoy the Christmas time off with their family and friends. PS Merry Chrismas to all.


Oh good. For a moment there I thought this story had something to do with the Christmas lights I just put up but apparently it only affects ‘Holiday lights’, whatever those are.


I suppose some nanny stater, supported by some Christmas-hater, will push for legislation banning the outdoor display of Christmas lights.

You know, to guarantee no one will get hurt – or insulted.

Why is this news?

Hang ‘em high, hang ‘em proud, but hang ‘em. I mean the Christmas lights.


This just in!!! Getting out of bed may cause falls and broken bones!! Making breakfast may lead to cuts, burns, fires, and even death!!

As a general statement toward this paranoid attitude society seems to have taken, in our ridiculous efforts to “prevent” every possible misfortune in life have sucked the life out of… well… life! Common sense… of course; follow it. But in all seriousness, if we all followed every “warning” or “safety recommendation” doled out by the likes of government bodies and the Canada Safety Council we’d simply lay in bed all day being fed sterile nutrient slurry in a tube. At least we’d all be “safe”.


This ultra-political correctness is so boring. We have become a lawsuit-fearing pack of whimps.


gliblib wrote: Thank god big brother is watching out for us

It might make more sense to thank big brother.


Holiday Lights ??



And yet no where in the article is the word CHRISTMAS !!


I don’t put up “holiday” lights or send “holiday” cards or buy “holiday” presents and I certainly don’t decorate a “holiday” tree. These are all CHRISTMAS activities and I don’t care who I offend by saying this. Remember that political correctness is saying one thing while thinking another. In other words, political correctness is nothing more than people lying to themselves for fear of being criticized. It is sad when honesty becomes a perceived liability.


Holiday lights? Oh, those must be what goes on a seasonal festive tree. A note to the writer – political correctness can be dangerous – you might get smoted by a deity who’s still pissed off about Sunday shopping in PEI.


I believe these risks could be eliminated by the following::

Mandatory training for anyone wishing to use a ladder.

Ladder purchase only possible if one has a gov’t issued ladder possession & acquisition permit.

A ladder registry whereby the RCMP could trace stolen ladders or to make sure they weren’t being loaned to untrained friends and neighbors.

Don’t get me started on the actual lights……….


HOLIDAY lights?? They’re CHRISTMAS lights. They’re not associated with Hannukah, Kwanza, or any of the other occasions that we’re being forced to abandon the C-word for.

I love the way merchants and officials use all the symbols of Christmas (decorated evergreen trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, lights, ornaments, ribbon etc. etc. etc.) and yet refer to it as “holiday”. If you can’t call it Christmas, don’t use Christmas imagery, OK?

I’m not religious, it has nothing to do with Christ for me beyond a manger scene for the kids, but it’s Christmas, pure and simple. Grow up.


tdot34 wrote:
“What are holiday lights… I don’t put up lights on the following holidays:”

“The only one I can think of is Christmas…. I am not even religious and I find this ridiculous”

At least they didn’t refer to it as “seasonally appropriate illumination” – which I have in fact seen.

There is however a lesson to be learned from this article:
November would be a good month in which to buy shares in private orthopaedic surgery clinics!


What are holiday lights… I don’t put up lights on the following holidays:

Victoria day
Canada day
BC day
Labour day
Remembrance day
New Years Day

The only one I can think of is Christmas…. I am not even religious and I find this ridiculous.



Outdoor holiday lights pose fall risk: CSA should be Outdoor Christmas lights pose fall risk: CSA


I never realized decorating was so dangerous. How come our government isn’t doing more to protect us from this very dangerous practice? There should be some tighter regulations on when you decorate and how high you can climb before you need a restraining device. Also, making people get a permit will allow local bylaw to properly monitor this to reduce injuries. wink


At the CBC.  Dear God. 

I might even go so far as to say my persistent, years-long badgering of the asses in the media like the far-left CBC, the public school teachers (religious clerics in the church of progressive politics), the mindless PC business owners and managers who have been suckered by secular progressives in other businesses and media and governments, the progressive politicians, and all the other sycophantic sheeple — especially those who are actually trying to help banish Christmas from our existence and replace it with strictly non-Christian, secular progressive, atheist, liberal-left, crap-a-palooza fest that they yearn to call “the holidays” and “happy-tree fest” and

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Chilliwack school trustees vote to call it the CHRISTMAS holidays! Our new Canadian heroes!

“Christmas?”  How dare you?!  Extremists! 

Just because that’s what it’s called, and it’s an official federal holiday endorsed by all governments but far more importantly by Canadians as a general matter, doesn’t mean you can call it that, does it?  I mean sure it’s a holiday of historic and traditional and sacred significance, embraced by all normal, inclusive, Canadians and nearly all people living in the western world.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to abide by the dictates of the blinkered fringe — the pathologically politically correct progressive set.  Or so we are constantly told by them, in no uncertain — and often angry and dismissive— terms.

But here comes the clear thinking of a rare down-to-earth woman in politics today, Chilliwack trustee Heather Maahs

Yesterday the Vancouver suburb of Chilliwack and its school board adopted the motion put forward by Maahs, to go ahead and officially call the upcoming school holiday what it was.  Christmas.  Imagine that.  No, not “happy-tree fest”, no, not “inclusiveness and organic meandering through unidentified time”, no, not “the winter solstice of all-get-out”, and no not even what they were officially calling it up to now so as not to irreparably mangle the tender sensibilities of the obsessively politically-correct fringe, “winter vacation” (much related to the above-mentioned “winter solstice of all-get-out”). 

“We’re not having a holiday because it’s winter,” trustee Martha Wiens is quoted this morning in the reports in the Vancouver Sun and the Province newspapers. “We are having a holiday because it’s Christmas, so why not just say what it is.”  Well of course the militantly left-wing teachers’ unions can think of a dozen reasons why not, but let’s not spoil the good pre-Christmas buzz I’ve got going right now with the dictates of the left-wing militant unions and their progressive politics advocacy and their political-correctness mantra.  Calling it Christmas makes me want to shop! 

“I say let’s take a walk on the wild side…” Heather Maahs is quoted as saying at the meeting.  Imagine having to classify yourself and those who vote with you as some kind of wild rogues for simply calling Christmas what it is — in Canada (you’d think we were living in Iran).  And for once, for respecting Canada and its own sacred, and purely historic, and time-honored, traditional celebrations and holidays.  And for not constantly kowtowing to that ridiculous progressive fringe, and what they wrongly presume (on behalf of others) to be some sort of an egregious racial or religious insult to every non-evangelical and white-skinned Christian, or new Canadians —or some other such phantom menace as dreamed-up by the progressives.  This is how far we’ve let the progressives set us back in this country.

This is why we need to push back at them.  Push hard.  Get us back on track. 

Heather Maahs tells me in an email that already the response to her has been overwhelming, with enthusiastic messages on her phone and email.  “I think people have just had enough,” she wrote to me. 

She is absolutely right.  And I’m in a position to know. 

Congratulations to the Chilliwack school board and Heather Maahs.  Welcome back to Canada, Chilliwack.  Bring your friends. 

And merry Christmas.  Let me say it boldly and big:

And I really mean it.

Apparently incapable of departing from the template of the exemplary PC liberal media reporter, at all-news radio station CKWX in Vancouver Tamara Slobogean presumes to speak for “the rest of us”

Even after calling the original “holiday” wordage “PC”, she concludes this way, obedient to what she seems to feel are her government masters:

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Here comes talk of the “happy-tree fest of diversity & multiculti tolerance… except Christianity!”

Liberalvision posted an article this morning about a survey conducted by the rainbow-flavored Royal Bank (RBC) on the spending predictions of Canadians over the ….. wait for it….. “holidays”.

Yes, all you “holiday” celebrators, they carefully employed the word “holidays” ten times in the article, including the headline, and managed to use the word “Christmas” not even once.  That takes some doing!  Even when speaking of your Christmas bonus —they refer to it as your “holiday bonus” now, folks! 

I loved this bit:

…Of course, holiday shopping is about more than just the gifts….

But if you thought they were going to say it had anything to do with Christmas, you’d be mistaken.  It’s about…. “holiday travel” too! 

Interestingly, there are nine comments about the boring article.  Within those nine comments, the word CHRISTMAS is used SIX TIMES.  One of them reminded the CTV and RBC that it’s actually called Christmas, not “holiday”.

But since we’re on stats:  the word Christmas occupies 66% of the comment space, but 0% of the article space.  That bodes very poorly for the acceptance level, this Christmas, of the kind of claptrap that secular progressives like the folks who wrote and edited the CTV article, and RBC, put out, ahead of this Christmas season.

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Everybody go to IHOP! They love Christmas!

It’s my new favorite restaurant, simply because of their sign, which I stumbled on today while Christmas shopping — yes that’s right, Christmas shopping.  Not “holiday” shopping, or “happy-tree festivus” or “seasonal” shopping, as those of you with that annoying passive-aggressive, secular-progressive, politically-correct, possibly anti-Christian, possibly Communist or possibly simply that typical left-wing lack of respect for our country’s history, values, heritage and traditions, or merely useful idiots or agitprops in the abnormal and aggravating socialist set, or hell’s bells I don’t know what your problem is crowd… all say.


So it’s pancakes at the IHOP tomorrow baby!

Plus, thanks to them, I can write off my cell phone with its handy camera as a PTBC business expense, now.  So I’m gettin’ a side o’ bacon too.

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You’re invited! To the Communist-Socialist “Winter Solstice” fest! No not in North Korea, in Canada!

It’s like a Christmas miracle!  Not minutes after I threw our Merry Christmas image greeting up on our pages, I received this “Winter Solstice” greeting from the communists/socialists of Canada, in my non-communist-invented email system on my capitalist-invented computer over the free-people’s creation, the internet!  How festive! 


It’s on…. SUNDAY!  God bless you all!  Let us strike. 

Oh, merry communism, to one and all, atheist “sisters and brothers” — errr…. “comrade”!  May your green pseudo-god of non-eternal totalitarianism and egalitarianism and hate and oppression bless you and yours at this “holiday”, or “happy-tree festivus”, or “seasonal values”, um, “winter solstice” time of year!  Oh and “greetings”!  “Greetings” is the word isn’t it?  Yes, seasonal values greetings for the winter solstice holidays! 

For those of you playing at home, the “People’s Voice” they refer to in the email is the same one my 17-week-old puppy Sammy has recognized (after some experimentation and getting caught literally sleeping with the communist enemy at an earlier age), as being a target-rich (by which I mean for pooing) socialist/communist rag.  In it, they extol what they think are the virtues of cutting off our freedom, and invoking communism and socialism in Canada.  They do this by launching class warfare attacks in Canada, and a more general war against, for example, our heroic troops fighting for freedom abroad, and against business people, and people who aren’t union members but dare to work anyway, and private-sector anything, and our God-given freedom, and against our way of life as a general matter.

Samra Update: Surveillance video reveals effort to dig tunnel to Communist China
Samra update: Sleeping with communists
Sammy update: mentally maturing; starting to see things our way
My dog Samra:  rips into latest edition of communist rag…. I’m so damn proud!

Be sure to bring a Canadian flag to the open house!  Oh and apparently your cash too, as they plan to use Christmas time —errr… “Winter Solstice” — to raise cash from you!  How merry and fortuitous the timing!

So merry happy-tree festivus of color (mostly red!) and darkness.  Oh and Allahu Akbar!

What better time to start reviewing who among our corporate and government set is passive-aggressively more akin to the communists/socialists, than to normal Canadians like us?  And so it I will begin my annual review in subsequent posts today, filed under the PTBC Category “It’s Called Christmas”.

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It's a question.