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Liberal Anything-Gate Just Four Sunny Weeks In

Nanny-Gate could and should be a name for the Liberals’ coming new Nanny State. But until that sticks, it applies directly to the Royal Couple themselves – the Trudeaus – and their hiring of their other kind of nanny – two of them  –  for their three kids. At taxpayers’ expense.

Despite all the specious nonsense Justin Trudeau nattered on about in his election campaign about rich people “like me” not needing those silly child care tax credits that the Conservatives introduced, he has hired these two at taxpayer expense. Even though the trust-fund couple just got a job paying $335,000 per year plus free room and board and armed security. How deliciously liberal.

It’s an act so glaringly deceptive and hypocritical and malodorous that even the Liberals’ usually Gaslighting mainstream media division has to cover it. So you know it’s bad. “Gate” bad.

But remember that “Nanny-Gate” is a name only the 14 conservative people in Canada are using, and only in the media available to them: blogs and Twitter. You won’t hear it anywhere else. The Liberals’ sycophants on CTV and state-owned CBC, and in the Globe and Mail and National Post, etc. (who collectively got him elected), all gleefully applied “-Gate” to just about everything the Conservative government or Stephen Harper did, but they stopped doing that at approximately 8:01 PM on the date of the Liberals’ election. Until the last election, it was all they could do to prevent themselves from calling it “The Economy is Growing and Canada is Stronger Than Ever-Gate“. Now it’s just sunny ways days. No Gates.

In their sheepish, latent, apparently grudging reporting on this, um, scandal (oh sorry that word is so February 6, 2006 – November 4, 2015  –  the word for this sort of thing is now going to be distraction) they steadfastly avoid the term Nanny-Gate. The National Post (for example) knowingly buries yet another lede: the fact that the Trudeau Liberals have already failed in another campaign promise, which was to be “the most transparent, open, media-friendly… ever.” The National Post’s own reporting stumbles right over the blatant non-transparency – the stonewalling – and then just moves right along as if they didn’t even notice their own reporting, or as if they’re suffering from early-onset Stockholm Syndrome:

National Post luvs them some Justin

Don’t worry, the Trudeaus and all Liberals will still be lauded for their new openness and transparency, even though this is an early and totally “evidence-based” indication of precisely the opposite. Glad they have two science ministers now, so they can spot the perfidy within. I bet they’ll find that the science isn’t settled in this one particular case.

“Sunny ways” have clouded over already. Forecast: a good Gaslighting by the media.

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State-Owned CBC Promotes “Dreamy Trudeau.” (Seriously). But Don’t Worry, They’re Not Biased.

There might be a million photos of Donald Trump. But when you as an employee of a news agency take the time to find and then settle on the photo below to attach to your latest sneering tweet about Donald Trump; for you as a “professional” to abandon any semblance of journalistic neutrality and choose instead to demonstrate your hate in as public a way as humanly possible… you could only have a job at the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC.


Apparently job security is not an issue for the clearly anti-Trump (etc) employees of the state-owned CBC. Any remaining pretense of neutrality is now apparently completely out the window thanks to their Liberal Party victory. It seems demonstrating their anti-conservative, pro-liberal bias is now more an editorial policy, if anything.

That journalistic malfeasance is from the news agency that avoids the use of the term “Islamic terrorist” because it might be seen as “taking sides,” and says “holidays” instead of “Christmas” to avoid “offending someone.”

Let’s compare that to how they carefully chose an ever so neutral picture of their true love, also from today. It has almost exactly the same editorial tone as the Trump one above:


I must be dreaming.  I have no words.


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Canadian soldier killed by Islamist nutbar – in Canada

Today we hear that one of the two soldiers run over with the car of an Islamist ass in Quebec, has died. Oh and here’s a clue that left-wing politicians refuse to acknowledge:

On Sept. 21, ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Adnani explicitly called for attacks against Canadians. In his 42-minute audio taped message, Adnani urged his fanatical followers to single out a victim and “run him over with your car.”

The far-left NDP leader Tom Mulcair is suddenly very, very cautious about calling what appears to any sane person to be Islamist terrorism, “Islamist terrorism.”

He’s still looking for root causes, possibly in his pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, with fellow leftist/pacifist/terrorism denier Justin Trudeau.

I think it’s a mistake to start drawing conclusions on such limited information, especially as to motive. … Let the police do their job and then we’ll know whether we’re dealing with the type of situation they’ve described.

But Mulcair is only so cautious and protective of Islamist terrorists. He’s never so cautious or shy when it comes to calling Stephen Harper or any random conservative a liar, a cheat, corrupt, inept, or otherwise destructive of Canada.

So we have to ignore such ignoramuses.

A National Post article says:

A Twitter account under the name Ahmad Rouleau featured the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham, the terrorist group that last month called on its followers to kill Canadians because of Ottawa’s role in the anti-ISIS military coalition. …

… As recently as Monday, calls to attack Canadians for joining the anti-ISIS coalition continued to surface. A Canadian extremist who converted in 2010 and now goes by “Abu Khalid Al-Kanadi” posted a message inciting attacks on Canadians. …

But Mulcair and Trudeau will just wait and see. Because this Islamist terrorism thing is all so new to them.



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Liberal Party of Canada now the ABORTION PARTY; JT says candidates MUST embrace abortion.

What an abomination. The very concept of “liberal” is now unceremoniously aborted from the party, and tossed like garbage into the trash, exactly like so Justin_Trudeaumany real life abortions.

Abortion opponents not welcome to run for Liberals in 2015, Trudeau says

The Canadian Press
Published Wednesday, May 7, 2014 3:26PM EDT

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau says opponents of abortion need not apply to run for the Liberal party in the next election.

And if they do apply, the Liberal leader says they’ll be weeded out during the vetting process for nomination applications.

… Until two years ago, Liberals did not have a party position on abortion, considering it a matter of conscience that should be left to each individual. …

Abortion is, of course, the most disgusting thing ever thought of by humans. For a party leader to embrace it and dictate that candidates running under his leadership be banned from the party if they don’t embrace abortion, is simply otherworldly.

The Liberal Party will now be called The Abortion Party.

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Mulcair blames Harper “regime” for computer virus. Reporters come to Mulcair’s aid.

Here’s a snippet from a revealing scrum with reporters today.

The socialist leader Tom Mulcair, NDP, went on a nonsensical verbal rampage, hitting every single aspect of the Harper/Conservative government that he could think of. And the reporters helped him along. If Stephen Harper had spoken like this, the media would be all over it like a Russian computer virus. The CBC would do a six-part series on “The Passionate Eye.”


Clearly unhinged, throughout the episode, Mulcair continuously referred to the Harper government as “the regime.”  This is something I do when I’m referring to a government I hate. Like North Korea’s. Or more jovially, Obama’s. But here’s a protip: a man who (fancifully) imagines himself as prime minister one day, would be well-advised to tone down the harsh, unstatesmanlike rhetoric directed toward the current prime minister.

The reporters kowtowed to Mulcair, and following his lead, referring to the Harper government as “the regime” in some of their questions. These reporters are what we refer to as “lemmings,” or “useful idiots.” And ironically, this is exactly how socialist or fascist authoritarian or totalitarian regimes are formed.

But I digress.

Reporter:  I understand what you’re saying, but is it their fault that they were hit by a virus?!  What can they do to fix it?

Mulcair:  In terms of public administration, Marie, the priority is service to the public. When there are cuts and Mulcair-pyramid-1(200px)rationalizations and things like that that have to be done, there’s a whole ‘pyramid’ of people [Mulcair makes shape of pyramid with hands] who are working for the public but ultimately you come to direct service to the public so that should be the important at best protected. That should be the most the highest priority but since the Conservatives don’t have any priorities, they cut there. And that’s not surprising. But certainly it’s their responsibility, and if they’ve introduced a system that isn’t well enough protected, yes it is their responsibility.

Mmmkay. What?

I mean I comprehend the Truman line “the buck stops here,” but that’s not really what Mulcair is saying. He’s implying that the virus happened because of the Harper/Conservatives. The Conservatives are responsible for a global computer/internet virus now?  And not knowing about any future virus like this, the “regime” is to blame for not protecting against it? What about the unionized government workers who run the system? Are they to blame too? Of course not. Don’t be such a regime. Or such a big old pyramid. Or something.

Then another reporter, whom you could credibly call a certified NDP booster, came up with this leading puffball question meant to suck up to dear leader Mulcair, instead of asking one appropriately slamming Mulcair for being so irresponsible in his previous answer:

Reporter/Supporter:  So what they should be doing is reassuring the public, is that what you’re saying?

Again: What?  I didn’t get anything like Mulcair saying that in his previous answer.  But anyway, here’s his “answer.”

Mulcair:  Well first of all they need to believe in public administration and make it a priority to give services to the public so that they can do that. And here it’s a service to the public because they have to send in their tax returns but it’s also a service to the government the government has to be able to collect taxes!

I “believe” in a lot of things  —  God, and so on. But I don’t really “believe” in public administration. It’s a necessary evil. But trust the socialists to “believe” in, and have an unending love for… the tax collecting department of government. Personally, I believe in a tax system so simple that we don’t even need the existing behemoth of a tax department. But potatoes, Marxists.

Different Reporter/Supporter (still love-baiting their man Mulcair):  So do you think they should be more proactive?

Mulcair: Well I think Conservatives are such poor managers that they’re not even capable of communicating. Uh, on an issue like that. Usually they just tell people to buzz off, and when something like that happens, they just don’t know what to do. But basically what they should have done was make that a priority previously, uh, working upstream instead of downstream!

Well that was an excellent communication. Uh, non-answer. If you like idiotic answers to stupid questions. And by the way, what’s “working upstream instead of downstream?”  Never mind, I don’t want to know. Still trying to figure out pyramids.

Then this answer to a question by another hack reporter who you’d think was Mulcair’s BFF:

Reporter: …It sounds like they’re only going to provide daily updates, it doesn’t sound like they really have this under control yet!

Dear God. The obsequiousness and leading aside, what utter tripe. But bask in this Mulcair gobbledeegook:

Mulcair:  No of course the Conservatives don’t have it under control they haven’t made it a priority, they can’t reassure Canadians about their private and personal information, and ya know these are huge issues because you have an obligation to provide all of that information to the government and there is a SECRET surrounding that that is always been maintained but since the Conservatives have never respected ANYTHING to do with personal information, they’ve against BOTH side of that. There’s an equation that says on one side you’ve got to protect peoples’ personal information and you have to render public what people are entitled to make that accessible! They’ve fought against both of those they don’t care about protecting private information and they don’t like to see things made public! THAT’s the Conservative method! This is just the ultimate example of that.

I kid you not. That’s exactly what he said. If you can make absolutely any  sense of it, I’ll vote for your “regime” Mulcair-regime(sq) in the next election, I mean if the current “regime” ever lets us have any more elections, that is.

They all  —  Mulcair and his fawning media  —  failed miserably, whatever their “priorities” were.

For what it’s worth, which isn’t much, miraculously, when asked, the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who is widely seen as vacuous, claims he will simply fully support the government in its effort to kill the nasty virus. It’s literally the only sensible thing Justin Trudeau has ever said, and in contrast to the buffoon Mulcair, he sounded almost statesmanlike.

Astonishing display today.


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Grand display of decorum and respect: Liberal Justin Trudeau drops F-bomb at cancer charity event.

Real nice. A grand display of good judgement, huh? What a class act. What leadership quality.  How proud I would be to have this F-ing darling as my Justin_Trudea_F-bomb-markednation’s leader.

While I try to avoid the F-bomb even at home in front of the dog (she’s a lady), Justin Trudeau, according to himself, is super special. He doesn’t even hesitate to go full potty-mouth in front of a large gathering of nice people supporting a cancer charity event  —  and he said it emphatically. I mean he really hung on to the word and it spewed out slowly and with purpose. This was no slip of the tongue  —  not that he’d be excused if it was.

His F-bomb and the weird preceding remarks start at the 1:30 mark. He actually sounds like he might be, well, you know, a little “off on something.”

Does he even care anymore? Is this him just flipping Canada off? Is he so arrogant as to think that nothing he says or does matters, and the media’s got his back, and that Canadian people outside of Quebec are so stupid they’ll vote for him anyway? Are people really that stupid? Do I have to reassess my judgement of Canadians?

Imagine the wall-to-wall sneering and caterwauling by the mainstream media and the other liberal-left punditry that would ensue if a Conservative had made this enormous career-ending gaffe. How is this not being absolutely torn apart by the liberal-left’s mainstream media division? (Oh I just answered that.)

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Sun News’ Ray Heard engages in one of those pathological liberal Sarah Palin hate-ons

UPDATED at bottom: A meltdown in action.

I’m starting to think that compared to Sun News Network’s Ray Heard, the Ford brothers with their new weekly show Ray_Heard-2013-11-15_114746on SNN on Mondays are going to sound reasonable. And this concerns me. Even more than the stupidity of Sun giving them that platform.

For some reason, Ray Heard (who is usually at least nominally sensible even if he is a liberal) started in on one of those weird, almost pathological hate-ons for Sarah Palin, circa 2008, on Twitter yesterday (circa 2013). This is just as all the dumber liberals did back in the day, and as some of the dumbest ones still do, with careless, intolerant and idiotic abandon.

I don’t know exactly when Heard started oozing brain poo over this, but I picked it up here:

Oh yes. So dismal. This Liberal Party “War on Women” is dismal indeed.  Sadly, this army of one Heard is inadequately armed against Sarah Palin.

It’s “cosdwallop?” For one thing I think he meant codswallop. But don’t worry, he’s not a moron, he’s just an intolerant lout. What’s British for “guttersnipe?” Is it scurvy scallywag? I don’t know. I’m still learning to speak moron.

“She’s bimbo!”  Heard illiterate!  And also sexist. @Brenda_inBC noticed, along with many others.

Absolute codswallop” this time. Paging Sun News Network: We may have an obsessive-compulsive Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome and intolerance problem here, with one of your liberal talking heads; to say nothing of his liberal-sexist and insulting “bimbo” remark.

The true nature of liberals, revealed yet again.

There’s no explaining this liberal’s obsession with getting the socialist NDP candidate, Linda McQuaig, to slam the Liberal candidate, Chrystia Freeland, over this, especially when Ray Heard is himself a Liberal.

Then again he’s a Liberal. He’s left-wing, and Sarah Palin is normal and conservative, and she has a normal world view, so yeah, I guess that does explains that.

It goes on.

Oh dear. Get him some help. Perhaps Rob Ford could counsel him on Monday.

Along with dozens of others tweeps, @Katewerk shot back with several volleys including this fact-backed goodie:

Undeterred, Heard was on Sun News this morning, still yammering on with the smear Sarah Palin blather.

Well that was fun. But in fact, this now fully discredited, well-past-its-best-before-date hate Sarah Palin herd mentality (fun pun) is boring, boorish, unimpressive, churlish, and lazy intellectually. Palin has more than proven her bona fides, is still a huge draw and important political figure five years after the likes of Ray Heard started calling her a “bimbo” and other such dismissive, condescending crap.

More facts: I’m a fan of Sarah Palin. I admire her and trust her instincts on almost every issue because the fact is, she’s proven to be right, 99% of the time. If I were a woman, whether or not I was a so-called “feminist” (I wouldn’t be  — I’d just be a “woman”) I’d view her as a role model. And I’d be thrilled to see my daughters look up to her as an icon. Palin is in fact a good role model for everyone.

On the other hand, I’d cringe if my daughters saw Ray Heard’s sexist, exclusive, obsessive, irrational, smear-tweets about her, and viewed his dubious and vacuous comments on Sun News today. He’s no role model.

And by the way, my daughters wouldn’t be watching the Ford Bros show either.



Oh for goodness’ sake. He’s still on it. We may be witnessing a meltdown.

Ah the liberal love. The moderation. The civility. The intelligence.

That last one wasn’t Ray Heard, but Ray Heard retweeted it. It was implied by a liberal-leftist ass, Martin Bashir, at America’s liberal-leftist-central, MSNBC.  I’m ever so sure Heard doesn’t endorse the sentiment. Even though he retweeted it without comment.

Another day, the attack continues. Saturday, November 16, 2013:

And it’s still going on: Monday, November 18, 2013

This obsession is officially whacky.  This often happens with those suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome. They start out claiming she’s a nutbar, but end-up getting hit in the ass with their own boomerang. Hoist by their own petard, as they say.



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Justin Trudeau in $250 Ladies Night of Sexism, Condescension, Pandering

Let’s get the enormous elephant out of the room right off the top: can you just imagine if Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper did this? When you finish laughing, read on.

Trudeau Sexist + Condescension PosterThis is not made up on Photoshop or whipped-up like another Canada-mocking Washington Post-style satire piece (yesterday’s was excellent). This was taken directly from the Liberal Party of Canada web site. It’s an actual event, for real, not satire.

Appealing to women  —  exclusively  —  and doing so by portraying himself with (and/or his party’s) what is obviously a self-perceived dreamy sensuousness and good looks and his sexuality? What do we call this? Well first we call it hilarious idiocy, politically, but then we move onto the rampant sexism, and pandering to women, egoism, idol-worship, personality politics (contra substance), among other things. All that and more in one poster.

It’s the hypocrisy that gets me.

Smart women don’t buy into this kind of sexist, pandering, crap. So go ahead and read deeper. It’s obviously meant to appeal to the really easily-manipulated women. Nice.

I extend the logic: this is how he thinks of the electorate  —  well women, anyway. Easily manipulated, because they’re just so dumb. Like most liberals, socialists, and other progressives, he thinks he’s smarter than the rest of us, and we’re really just dumb clucks. He’s actually playing to that right here.

And so much for another phony Justin Trudeau canard  —  his fake appeal to the supposedly downtrodden “middle class” that he harps about incessantly, as if the millionaire-who-didn’t-earn-it really has a clue what “middle class” is  —  or cares. At $250 a pop for this exclusive (and that’s a key word, here) event, all of that BS about caring only about the “middle class” is out the window. Of course it clearly always was BS, as everybody in Canada except progressives and his fawning liberal mainstream (non-Sun News) media has noticed.

“What’s your favorite virtue?” What the hell does that even mean? It does sound like something a liberal would ask though.  Kind of in the same arena as “let’s start a conversation.”

“Who are your real heroes?” Dear God. (And actually, I’m pretty sure “God” won’t be suggested as hero #1  — unless they pronounce it “Justin”).

A night of “curiosity-inducing ideas”? What?! Again with the typical liberal cringe-inducing blather.

“What’s the biggest issue facing women?” How about “what’s the biggest issue facing anyone Canadians?” Why segregate and treat women as a protected class or a group that needs any big-brotherly protection. He must think women need his and his big government help because they can’t make it on their own. This really is at the root of the liberal-left, progressive mindset. This sexism of lowered expectation is at the root of liberal thinking and one of the root causes of their overt sexism, as seen here.

Disconnected much? Yeah, much. But moreover, he obviously doesn’t even have a clue how utterly disconnected he is with mainstream Canada. And given this level of condescension and pandering to women  —  he’s disconnected with even the hipsters and the other cools in the liberals’ trend-centric, politically-correct Canada.

So it’s a FAIL, and useful for the rest of us because it reveals so much about the character of liberals and Justin Trudeau.


 See my next post, which is related, as well.


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Trudeau Jr., uh, won’t, uh, support BC Liberal Clark in BC Libs’, uh, re-election bid. Duh.

Trudeau Jr doesn’t realize he’s doing Clark a favor;
Clark claims she doesn’t care if her liberal love
has just been formally unrequited.

Both Joyce Murry (the failed federal Liberal Party leader contender from BC) and Justin Trudeau (the already failed but newly minted Liberal Party leader from Mars) have rejected the opportunity to support BC’s failing Liberal Party leader, in the current BC BC_Liberals_rejected_by_fed_Liberals-JT(250px)election campaign, which is going very badly for the BC Liberals and its leader, Christy Clark (ie., it’s failing).  This according to reports from Sun News.

From my own recorded clip from Sun News, here’s what he said (the written report at Sun News online cleaned-up his “uh”s):

“I will not be lending my support to any party we have an awful lot of work uh here, and I trust uh that the people of B.C., uh, to make, uh, make uh, their decision.”

Uh, yeeeeah. Too busy for that big endorsement, the rejection of which, uh, took longer than a five-second, uh, endorsement and “bonne chance!” would have, indicating, uh, Trudeau’s innate, uh, inherent, grip, uh, on the most important uh liberal skill, which is to, uh, BS the people because actually liberals don’t trust, uh the people, and liberals think the people are actually uh, too stupid, uh stupid to make “their decision” on, uh, any, thing.  Um, Duh.

Let me explain to the state-owned CBC, Global, or CTV news-watching Canadian: Liberals manifestly don’t trust the people of anywhere to make any of their own decisions on anything, including even how to spend their own money, tend to their own healthcare needs, or even raise their own children *cough* beer and popcorn *cough*. Governments must do things  —  including spending their money  —  for them. That’s a large and most fundamental part of what makes them the big-government, nanny-staters and progressives that they are.

Also, Justin Trudeau not supporting you is actually a bigBC_Liberals_rejected_by_fed_Liberals_JM(250px) plus. So it’s a bit of a two-fer from young Justin.

For her part, Joyce Murray said this:

“No I will not be involved in that, no I’m a uh, federal Liberal and uh so I have support on both sides of the uh, of the uh, divide in British Columbia.”

This is also a bit of a two-fer. It seems to be about her personally, as she indicates that she can’t support Clark because notwithstanding her very tight party affiliation, which extends so deep it’s the party which she wanted to lead, SHE (Murray) has support on “both sides.” But there’s also this “I have supporters on both sides of the divide” line. For those of you outside of BC, the “divide” is not really a “divide” at all  —  it’s more of a progressive morass, (with an emphasis on the more and ass). She means the socialist BC NDP on one side, and the not-quite-as-socialist BC Liberals on the other. That line says nearly all we need to know about Liberals federally, and their hidden agenda (well not so much “hidden” in Murray’s case, inasmuch as she tacitly embraced the idea) of eventually coalescing with their brethren in the federal socialist party and other progressives against the Conservatives.

(In case you’re wondering, as British Columbians and outsiders alike may be: the BC Conservatives are, even after all these years, out in the political wilderness, apparently incapable of launching a productive election campaign or becoming a relevant player in this election, despite this rare opportunity wherein BC voters lament both of the progressive choices of the left.)

This lack of federal Liberal embrace is not as shocking as you might think. As most right-thinking conservatives in BC know, Clark is a social and economic liberal, barely able to truthfully lay claim to the “free enterprise” bone fides which she nonetheless claims anyway. BC_Liberals_rejected_by_fed_Liberals(250px)And Clark is well-known to be a federal Liberal as well. So this lack of support from fellow progressives in Ottawa has to be at least a little embarrassing for her. But (air quotes) You know what? (air quotes off) She isn’t embarrassed.

“You know what I haven’t asked anyone… You know what I generally I think it’s important in British Columbia to make our own decisions aboat [yessir, she said ‘aboat’] this.”

“You know what” Christy Clark? You don’t know “aboat” that at all. The very next thing out of your word-hole was to boast “aboat” two other federal pols who did endorse you. So.

As I said, Clark fancifully paints herself as a coalition leader of free-enterprisers, confusing some low-information voters  —  like Justin Trudeau  —  into believing she really is about free enterprise, thus, apparently, disqualifying her from the loving embrace of the swells in his federal progressive smart-set.

But to those of us who, unlike Justin Trudeau, really understand, this is more of a long-standing, made-in-BC, Machiavellian ruse. It’s a line that we real conservatives lament every time we hear it, which turns to a scowl as we pay our car insurance to the state-owned, state-run car insurance politburo, review our losing lottery tickets purchased from the state-owned, state-run gambling monopoly, and enjoy a sip of our taxed-to-the-hilt scotch purchased from our state-owned, state-run liquor stores (made available to us after the state has chosen which scotch will be made available to us), as we sit under gaudy florescent white light coming out of government-mandated twisted idiot-bulbs, energized by power from the state-owned, state-run utility (etc…). BC Liberals are as liberal  —  not conservative  —  as can be, in almost every which way, on almost every issue. They’re progressives.  They should all just get a room  —  possibly a state room on one of the state-owned ferries.

In my quest for further amusement, I would also like to add to the confusion and note the slightly inappropriate backdrop to Clark’s big stump speech, in which she dismisses the need for hugs from her federal leaders on the left. It’s as if the NDP planted several fellas dressed in their famous NDP “orange wave” or “orange crush” (or whatever it was the news media advocated on their behalf) uniforms right there, just to show their love, and confuse the people in their decision-making even more.

BC_Liberals_backed_by_orange_wave     Dix_lawsign

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Fashion over debate: Sonny days ahead if Justin Trudeau gets Liberal leadership nod

The world didn’t end recently, and it’s unlikely to come to a conclusion in 2013 either.

Rumours of its demise tend to be greatly exaggerated, either from Christian fundamentalists, Latin American tribes, or assorted conspiracy theorists. Odd how all of these types claim supernatural wisdom but do so badly in their own lives!

What we will see in Canada is the triumph of the mediocre and the mob.

Justin Trudeau. Of course he will become Liberal leader, and in spite of the complacent boasts of his critics he may well become prime minister. And if he does, it will be a disaster not only for Canada but for democracy.

You see, Trudeau is extraordinarily unqualified and vacuous.

He’s not evil, not even malicious, perhaps even good and well-meaning in a suburban, banal, CBC type of way.

He has no ideology other than a vapid trendiness — he has never said anything fresh or even left-wing about economics, foreign policy or governance, but knows we have to marry gay people and abort babies. As I say, childish fashion over serious debate.

But if he wins, he will be a mere face for a more substantial and altogether more sinister body.

First are the old Liberal hacks who were brought to political maturity by his father, and who want to rule again vicariously through the meagre son. They are moderate pragmatists, but are also unscrupulous, cynical and care nothing for democratic opinion.

Next are altogether more worrying individuals; not careerists but driven partisans. They were the people determined that Trudeau should speak to a conference of Islamic radicals. Sources claim that while the old advisers were urging their boy to listen to moderate Muslims, Jewish groups and gay organizations, the young Turks — or would Iranian be a better word? — were obsessed with a “new alliance” of voters.

Any Trudeau victory will be little more than a preamble to the battle within for who controls the Liberal party and its new leader.

Trudeau has very few formed opinions, simply doesn’t understand world politics and chants “middle class, middle class” to any substantive question about the future of one of the greatest nations on earth.

One conservative Canadian television commentator has described him pejoratively as “our Obama.”


Conservatives may dislike Obama’s policies, and he is certainly not the intellectual his supporters claim, but the man does have experience beyond the drama class, and has studied and read hard.

Trudeau is in fact “our Trudeau,” the modern version of Pierre. Of course the father was bright and well-travelled, but his ideas were nothing more than an extension of his own hobbies and fetishes. Daddy controlled, Sonny is controlled. Daddy wanted change for change’s sake, Sonny wants change because his brother and some of his handlers want change.

Successive governments, Liberal as well as Tory, have worked to restore financial and political stability to Trudeau’s Canada, but his son as prime minister would govern in a far more fragile and dangerous age.

Vote even NDP rather than Liberal, and hope a coalition of silly girls, political fanatics and old men longing for former glories do not win the day.


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CTV “online reporter/editor” skips lede, blithely tweets her love for Justin Trudeau.

Cross-posted at

This tweet from a CTV reporter follows nicely on the heels of my old YouTube video called Justin Trudeau is so Groovy! I mean it is truly laughable after you watch the video.

Here’s Christine Tam’s tweet from moments ago, re this story:

I include the screen capture of the tweet just in case she is instructed by her liberal bosses at CTV News or Team Justin to delete it. (UPDATE – 11:00 AM PST): it’s already been deleted)


I always say many in the liberal media are so liberal they don’t even know how liberal they are anymore; and that liberals speak as though everybody in the room agrees with them, but really. Do they have to spell it out for us in quite so obvious a manner? I guess they really do think we’re stupid.

Here’s a graphic of her Twitter bio:

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Justin Trudeau thinks only Quebecers can run Canada properly; Canada belongs to Quebec!

Sun News busts out another of the Liberal-exposing stories that matter to Canadians this week, forcing the liberal-luvin’ Canadian lamestream media to once again — very reluctantly and begrudgingly — follow their lead. Well, “follow their lead” with copious whitewashing, and excuses, and those ever-important “context” filters applied. Sort of like how the state-owned CBC treated Sarah Palin, (as in when Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head: “Many people say that Sarah Palin … must share part of the BLAME!”), only exactly the opposite in every which way.

Justin Trudeau:

“Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work.”

Then he was asked if Canada was “better served when there are more Quebecers in charge than Albertans?”

 “I’m a Liberal, so of course I think so, yes. Certainly when we look at the great prime ministers of the 20th century, those that really stood the test of time, they were MPs from Quebec… This country – Canada – it belongs to us.”

In sane-ville, this absolutely kills one’s chances of winning the leadership of any national political party, in this case Trudeau’s pursuit of the Liberal Party; and obviously his chances of being the leader of my country would now be construed as a joke. And in fact the whole party has sufficiently revealed itself this week, as if it hadn’t already, as being a party of elitist Ontario and Quebec-centric asses.

And at the very least, this would obviate his immediate resignation as an MP.

But then the media is only just now coming to his and their rescue. By the time they’re done, you won’t even recognize this story.

But at least this gives me the opportunity to once again trot out my old Justin Trudeau is so Groovy video!

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Justin Trudeau is so groovy. Therefore libs will vote for him.

All this renewed talk about the shallow, sandal-wearing intellectual lightweight, Justin Trudeau, and his running for the leadership of the progressive left’s near-dead Liberal Party reminds me of the video I made about when he first ran as an MP. The liberal media was, how shall I put it… agog. Joyful. Fawning at the mouth.

And let’s face it: He has accomplished so, so much since then. So much. So, so very much. I can’t even begin to list the contributions he has made since he became an MP. Can you?



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Justin’s not ready

Let’s be honest here. Justin Trudeau is not exactly the most intelligent guy in Ottawa.

Nice hair, good looking, cute smile, famous and clever dad, “interesting” mum, but he’s not likely to be passing any difficult exams in the near future, is he? He’s a lightweight, a privileged beneficiary of Canadian political nepotism, and he makes all the old guys in Canadian media feel good as they remember their sex and drugs days during father Pierre’s reign.

But he may well become leader of the Liberal Party, and perhaps even prime minister. Which is more than a little worrying because he is, as I say, not enormously bright.

A few days ago he went to speak at yet another school, because there is apparently no need to have lessons and learn things when you can hear a politician with a famous daddy and good hair prattle on. He was at A.Y. Jackson Secondary School in Ottawa, where he responded to a student’s question about “the Catholic backlash against provincial anti-bullying legislation.” The dauphin said Catholic opposition to gay-straight alliances was “repulsive.”

Now, you might disagree with the Catholic position, you might oppose it, but “repulsive?” The inescapable logic is that everybody who opposes gay-straight alliances is repulsive, which is not very inclusive or tolerant, Justin.

The boy wonder then went on to say: “There’s not a religion in the world that says ‘tolerate thy neighbour.’ No, they say ‘love thy neighbour.’ Acceptance, respect, building friendships, being open to each other, that’s what we have to build on in Canada.”

Not sure where to start. First, Justin clearly has no idea what religions teach and believe. Islam, for example, which is a pretty big religion, calls exactly for tolerance instead of love, and that’s if you’re lucky. Christians and Jews, people of the book, are to be tolerated as long as they pay a head tax and are obedient and respectful to Islam and Muslims. Hardly unconditional love. As for pagans, those who do not worship one God, they’re not even to be tolerated.

It’s only Christianity that clearly speaks of loving your neighbour, even if you disagree with him, and that doesn’t mean encouraging your neighbour to indulge in what you consider a dangerous and immoral lifestyle. That would not be love but convenient and sugary disregard.

Then there’s the obvious logical implosion of what Justin said next — accept each other, respect each other, be open to each other. But you just called your critics repulsive! Hardly encouraging of respect and friendship, and harshly intolerant and arrogant.

Which brings us to why Trudeau was there in the first place. Jamie Hubley, who was just 15 when he killed himself last year, attended the school. He was gay, but we now know the poor kid had suffered from depression for years, and while certainly feeling isolated as the only homosexual student at the school, the bullying was more because he was a figure skater and rather flamboyant. His father has said that gay-straight alliances would not have helped matters and would probably have made things worse. So, the father of the boy opposes GSAs, so he is repulsive.

Justin Trudeau. Not ready for prime time; actually, not really ready for playtime.

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Swoon, media, Swoon. Simper. Fawn. Pump up that Trudeaupian liberalism & progressivism. Trudeaumania, again.

Maclean’s magazine’s latest cover: Cheap marketing move? Or serious journalism?

Here’s a hint: It’s a cheap-ass marketing move. See, I added “ass” for accuracy purposes. And here’s another hint: from a consumer’s standpoint, it’s a bit of an insult to my intelligence and indeed to serious journalism itself.

Then again, most of the liberal-luvin’ media is an insult to all of our intelligence, and to serious journalism itself. But they don’t care. All pretense of serious news journalism and its inherent objectivity went out the window years ago.

The Maclean’s brain trust, which is apparently dominated by aging liberals longing for the past (which means pre-Harper), and by 30 to 40-year-old Toronto marketers, know only too well how most people outside of Toronto and Quebec and some urban centers don’t take seriously the notion of Justin Trudeau as the leader of the increasingly progressive-left Liberal Party, much less as the prime minister of our country. So that’s a trollish statement to make on the cover. The fact that they felt the need to add “NO, SERIOUSLY!” in bold red, hints at that lack of seriousness. But you know, whatever. This is how “grassroots” movements start.

And this is apparently why Maclean’s is there. To take non-starters, and start ’em up. Without them and the fabulous information services of the rest of the liberal-left Canadian news media  —  people like Justin Trudeau (and the NDP, and much of the increasingly progressive, leftist acculturation in this country) would simply be a non-starter, and we’d be back to the actual progress enabled by small government, lower taxes, capitalism, a free, free-market economy, and our usual conservative lives. And that won’t help them! They’re in the information business, see? Carefully selected information, carefully presented, to be sure, but information nonetheless. That’s partly how they justify getting government handouts for their weekly publication, I guess.

Moreover, they know how any talk of any Trudeau strikes a discordant tone in the hated west and suburbia and the ridiculous rural bits. Yummy, they say to that.

And therefore this week they chose to plaster this extreme close-up  —  and a carefully-chosen, wonderful one it is  —  of Justin Trudeau’s ever so handsome mug on their magazine cover (see above right). I wonder. Maybe they’re hoping more than the usual 40 people will notice Maclean’s at the checkout line at Safeway as organic groceries are placed into their hemp eco-bags, and boost their sales! Well let’s break the suspense: of course people will notice. Hemp bags, having to buy groceries with your own money, unlike health care which “the government” pays for; and a ha-yuge close-up of a new, fresh young Trudeau… quasi journalism and sales and liberal-left advocacy mission accomplished!

And they know how liberals and leftists across the land, in juxtaposition, love and admire (let me see if I can find some of the right nouns here) the brilliance  —  nay the genius  —  and of course what’s even more important, the warm and wonderful feelings and the emotions  —  the romanticism  —  (all of which is what it takes to “run a country,” am I right liberals?) of the wonderful, dreamy Pierre Trudeau years.  Yes those wonderful years of government-growing, and the massive built-up of state-welfare programs and entitlements a-plenty in every pot  —  and for that matter, pot itself; the left-wing Utopia-building and growth of the progressive state. And growth of national debt which, by the way, not that it matters one whit to them, we are still burdened with today, and will be for the foreseeable future.

(A debt which, I note, thanks to a “Conservative” government so spendthrift today, is still growing. You’d think that sentence was an accidental non sequitur but due possibly to years of progressivism advanced by, oh, say, nearly all of the media, much of the country has cottoned onto the positive vibes of entitlement spending and various welfare, born and boosted during the memorable, progressive Trudeau years, but continued apace in all the years that have followed).

And those folks will not just notice this week’s Maclean’s, but will also buy the magazine.

No matter what consumers choose to do about the specter of Justin Trudeau’s extreme close-up mug glaring at them in the checkout line, even us marketing dumb-dumbs can suppose the proverbial bug will be nicely placed in the ear of romantic liberals the land over  —  people who have been carefully cultivated and nurtured and yes, “informed,” by a liberal media, and by a well-trained academia division, who seem to be teaching not just journalism students but also our young children to adopt a culture of progressivism.

And just try to remove that bug! Forget about it. Liberals have been sure to make it hard to irradiate this sort of bug, by banning pesticides, and by, for example, meddling in the erstwhile free market by making it a law that the state-owned, systemically left-wing, socialism-reliant CBC be mandatory on every cable and satellite providers’ basic services, while not doing the same for conservative-tolerant Sun News Network, and by treating the license application of Fox News Channel more harshly than AL-Jazeera, and by preventing Ann Coulter from even speaking in this country. Not that I’m suggesting this Trudeau/liberal, progressive-left advocacy thing at Maclean’s is just more of that kind of piling on by liberals. Nope.

Maclean’s knows Justin evolved (well half evolved, anyway) from his creator, Pierre the hated/loved, and is an even more yummy progressive and liberal-leftist than even his father was. So stick him on the cover. Pump it up. Then watch it work. That’s progressivism at work, by its useful idiots.

And of course this is another great time to reflect on my YouTube video which I made back in 2007.

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