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Caution: professional expert journalists writing things – #2

…and here’s my second cautionary tale about professional expert journalists writing things, the first one being here. 2. Media expert Ray Heard demonstrates his great journalism expertise Let’s analyze the absolute crap out of something just like Ray Heard does on Sun News Network, several times a day, tearing this or that apart, often yielding […]

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Sun News’ Ray Heard engages in one of those pathological liberal Sarah Palin hate-ons

UPDATED at bottom: A meltdown in action. I’m starting to think that compared to Sun News Network’s Ray Heard, the Ford brothers with their new weekly show on SNN on Mondays are going to sound reasonable. And this concerns me. Even more than the stupidity of Sun giving them that platform. For some reason, Ray […]

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Today in Canadian Moronics – Oct 1 2013

Some annoying-as-hell busy-body feminist leftybots who are demonstrably moronic want to change our national anthem. Because it refers to “all thy sons command.” I have one word for them: shutup. One more: idiots. Here’s a link to the story, but I suggest you avoid it because there’s a picture of the insufferable ass, Margaret Atwood […]

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Idea To Thwart Pain-In-The-Ass Left-Wing Protests

This featured article made my brain twitch. I got this great new idea that would serve mankind in fantastic news ways. Here’s the Twitchy item: “Priorities: Anti-Bush protest in Denver dwarfed by mob at free pot giveaway” You have to read that Twitchy page to believe how insane the constantly protesting and narrative-pushing and […]

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CTV online editor tweets_graphic

CTV “online reporter/editor” skips lede, blithely tweets her love for Justin Trudeau.

Cross-posted at This tweet from a CTV reporter follows nicely on the heels of my old YouTube video called Justin Trudeau is so Groovy! I mean it is truly laughable after you watch the video. Here’s Christine Tam’s tweet from moments ago, re this story: I include the screen capture of the tweet […]

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BC pipeline debacle? Just build it to America. Get ‘er done.

About Enbridge’s Northern Gateway oil pipeline proposal from Alberta through BC to BC’s west coast port: here’s a solution which might have the added benefit of it being a teaching moment for the left’s reflexive naysayers when it comes to anything “industrial” or anything owned by private citizens instead of the state. Just go south. […]

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?