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Liberal: “Well by golly maybe we need conservatives running this show”

OK that headline is a joke. A dream for me, but alas, a joke.

No matter how badly things are going — no matter how many FAILS they are forced (by the likes of me but never the news media) to face up to, they will continue to do the same thing, double-down, even, and make the same mistakes, over and over. Call it what you want, but Einstein called that insanity. I just call it liberalism.

For example, over at their own state-owned CBC division, this headline today will be utterly ignored by all liberals and the even further leftists:

Trudeau doubles Canada Summer Jobs spending, but student employment stays flat

If it isn’t already obvious, the FAIL we’re talking about this time is the summer youth employment program. Another of the 8,000 government programs to help Canadians survive life.

It’s a story of government failure, but they run this pictures atop their story:

liberalism run amok

I think I might have gone with the one below, and maybe they would have if the state-owned CBC weren’t such Trudeau/Liberal suckfaces:liberalism FAILAll leftists —  progressives, liberals, socialists, communists — believe the only way to fix a problem in society (even right inside your house, including buying your house) is for the government to take over responsibility, and for the government to fix it, which always, always, always, involves throwing more government money at it, and more big government policy. If any government program is failing, they throw more government money at it, citing as the only problem the notion that there wasn’t yet enough money being thrown at it. In this case, as I alluded in my opening, they are literally doubling-down on their stupidity.

Last spring, the Liberal government doubled the amount of money available to subsidize student wages under the Canada Summer Jobs program [which was already $107.5 million].

But despite the boost, Statistics Canada found student summer employment rates for 2016 stuck roughly where they were in 2015.

What’s even funnier (I’m not bipolar, but I’m never sure if I should laugh uproariously, or cry like a baby over these things) the sub-headline reads like this, which I paste here without one bit of editing:

‘There’s a real danger in artificially creating jobs,’ youth employment chair says

He went on, “That’s generally not sustainable … We need employers making their own hiring decisions.”

We on the right have been saying that for decades. For example, in the last election campaign! So now we see, in other words, that conservatives were right all along. And the Left was always and still is — in fact ever more so — wrong, and this proves it? Well yes. But this is the eight millionth time we’ve proved it.

Now don’t do as I did and assume the “youth employment chair” is one of those shouty hipster Trudeau “youth” who, along with (most of) the rest of today’s youth, tongue-bathed Trudeau’s face during the entire 2015 election campaign, and “got out the vote” (wink! — it’s to vote only for Leftist candidates! Vote for… more programs! More subsidies! More free stuff! More government!) 

No this is a middle-aged guy who chairs a U of T program which studies the issue of youth employment. (I won’t even get into the fact that the U of T is a federally-subsidized university, and yet the federal government apparently failed to ask this guy anything, which could have saved the taxpayer well over a hundred million dollars in literally five seconds.)

After saying “There’s a real danger in artificially creating jobs,” he added another layer onto the cake: “Are students taking the job of someone else who could do the work?”

So in other words, it’s likely even worse than it looks, since some of those wonderfully taxpayer-bought jobs likely resulted in someone else not getting a job which wasn’t bought with taxpayer dollars.

We’re not done yet:

Recently tabled responses to questions put on the House of Commons order paper by both Conservative and New Democrat MPs reveal how $107.4 million in new money was allocated across Canada. (Employment and Social Development Canada says the difference between this and the $113 million announced is the cost of administration.)

In other words (and yes I do have to highlight this for you since the state-owned CBC fails to do its job and merely puts the tidbit in brackets as if to try to hide it), the government administration cost — just for spending that extra $107.4 MILLION, was $5.6 million. So $5.6
million in extra government cost, to spend that extra $107 million, which achieved exactly NO increased benefit.

So, to complete the work the state-owned CBC failed to, a total waste of taxpayer cash, and an utter annihilation of liberal-left policy and ideology. Worth a story or two? Maybe at least a sub-heading? Yes, but not to the leftists and their media as we can see here.

Do you understand, liberals, why conservatives keep railing on about the inefficiencies of government — and about the left-wing bias of the media? (Yes, they do understand, and this is why leftist ideology — this leftist experiment they’re conducting on you — is so pernicious).

The rest of the article then simply skips over the fact that the Trudeau liberals doubled the taxpayer’s cost — the  budget — and got zero in return; returning instead to their comfort-zone: tongue-bathing liberalism, using more reliably left-wing university economists and their bon mots about how wonderful government-bought jobs are in general for the economy.

University of Ottawa labour economist David Gray says the effectiveness of the program is about more than the unemployment rate.

This spending is a “tiny drop in the bucket” of the total Canadian economy, he said.

Thanks. Great job, teacher at a federally subsidized university.

Still not done:

Public sector, not-for-profit organizations and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees can apply…

Public sector employers are among those “businesses” eligible to hire students under the program. Hello? Taxpayer-funded jobs for taxpayer-funded government departments?

A taxpayer-funded program to subsidize taxpayer-funded government departments: this is the progressive Left’s dream come true.

Would I cut off funding for youth employment programs like this? Would I fire the government employees and cabinet ministers responsible for this disaster including Justin Trudeau? Faster than I’d sell the state-owned CBC.

I’ll leave you with this Tweet from the National Post:

Three guesses as to what the action-plan will be from the Trudeau Liberals.

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SICK. CBC sends ambulance to revive their Hillary

Too much talk of Hillary Clinton being ill (and more to the actual point, lying about it) has caused a giant panic attack at the state-owned CBC. They did an official state media “Analysis” about this concern. cbc-sept-20-crop-hl-1

Don’t worry, ALL U.S. presidents have ALWAYS had HIDDEN health issues!

Here’s how the article begins:

Some critics have questioned Hillary Clinton’s fitness to be president of the U.S. because she came down with pneumonia. You gotta be kidding!

The state-owned CBC starts a supposedly serious “analysis” in this way, and WE’RE the ones who “gotta to be kidding?”

Even without a state-financed analysis of the situation, the CBC knows only too well the problem is not pneumonia (or even “the ‘flu,” as Bill Clinton tried to lie it off) — it’s Hillary and Bill Clinton’s (and team’s) constant lying and covering up. That’s the far bigger sickness. The CBC has no idea what other health issues (or other issues) she’s lying about or covering up. The CBC just takes it on faith that there’s nothing else, in spite of evidence of his and her past lying and covering up as a chronic problem.

The CBC knows they’re wrong on the very premise of this thing. And the really sick thing is that they know they’re wrong and go with it anyway, to try to infect you, the reader.

So here we have the state-owned media actually stepping up to protect liberals with a joke of an analysis — and put down her political opposition. Sounds un-Canadian to me — more like North Korean. But that’s just my analysis, and it wasn’t paid for with tax dollars so take it with plenty of water on an empty stomach.

Among the 43 U.S. president who they discovered through their exhaustive analysis to be just the same as Hillary Clinton are these six (yes six): Reagan, Kennedy, Cleveland, Wilson, Lincoln, and Washington.  No that’s it’s not “always,” but if you expect a fair “analysis” from the CBC on a political matter, you gotta be kidding.


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BRILLIANT take-down of CNN, a CNN reporter, a CNN anchor, and its hideously biased agenda-driven editing

I’ll get to the point in a second. But first (and I promise this is related), I read my usual National Review articles this morning and copied this nugget:

Conservatism must be about explaining to non-conservatives why they should be conservative not why they can’t be. This is politics 101 going back to Aristotle: Persuasion.

~ by JONAH GOLDBERG, August 18, 2016

I’ll take that as good advice from someone (Goldberg, I mean, but yeah also Aristotle, whoever he is) who definitely practices what he preaches; and as a reminder that I should do more of it here.

If you read that NP article and the others I read over the past couple of days (see short list below), you’ll see they’re all related, and they all lend themselves to the video that I’m on about here (which is actually unrelated to the articles). See how I tied that all together? Well I think it’s a good package.

So if I’m doing my homework correctly, I’m at least persuading non-conservatives to see that (1) we’re a diverse group of actual thinking people, often self-critical among other things, and (2) what we’re up against is huge and it isn’t actually made up or delusional. I’m trying to engage some of Aristotle’s (whoever he is) logos, pathos, and ethos (look it up like I did).

The video is done-up by Anthony Brian Logan. He describes his YouTube channel as  “Current events from the perspective of a young black male conservative and news/political junkie.” I like his perspective. It’s truth.

This CNN anchor, above even their others, should be one of the most prolific apologizers on air today, but 99.9% of the time she fails to apologize for anything. I suppose she thinks she’s simply “sticking to her guns” — well OK actually that brings up a great point (thanks, me): she’s plainly, rabidly anti-gun, so she’s literally “sticking to her anti-gun rhetoric,” or something  –which she seems to find to be a good quality in a supposedly unbiased journalist. (Sidebar: See an interesting article here about how one news station legitimately stuck to their guns.)

I’ve written her up in my own effort at exposing her bias, but I’m pretty sure someone could make a go of a website devoted just to daily examples. Her anchoring is replete with self-satisfied, anti-conservative bias both in undertone, and hell, sometimes right-in-your-face conservative mockery (for which she never apologizes, even in the face of a Twitter onslaught). But quite apart from her anchoring, as I recall them, her all-too-few trite apologizes are smug, insincere, and serve only to increase the aggravation level generated in me by the bad reporting for which she is supposedly apologizing. Nothing in her “apologetic” delivery speaks to her sincerity, and in fact quite the opposite. Every apology comes off as forced, delivered extremely begrudgingly, and quickly read off a teleprompter as written by some poor CNN schlub who was forced to write it equally as begrudgingly. Gosh it’s shocking that CNN ratings are still faltering.

I’m just glad Costello is white, since it shields me from being called a racist. Oh who am I kidding. I’ll be called one anyway.

National Review Short List for Friday August 19 2016:

  1. ‘New Nationalism’ Amounts to Generic White-Identity Politics
  2. Trump’s Coalition: Nationalism, White-Identity Politics, or Justice-Seeking?
  3. The Folly of White Identity Politics
  4. Up From White Identity Politics
  5. Equal Justice, White Identity Politics, and the Battle for the GOP’s Future


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CNN Apes CBC: Bias is Over The Top

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were watching the CBC. But no, it’s CNN. And this is ostensibly not a CNN opinion piece: This is how CNN introduced their “news report” about Trump achieving the 1,237 delegate votes needed to secure the nomination, on Wednesday May 26, 2016:


If you think CNN was using the occasion to ever so delicately imply Donald Trump is “OVER THE TOP” with all his egregiously inaccurate and tendentious wordplay, you’re obviously wrong, since if you ever watch CNN, they clearly abhor inaccurate and tendentious wordplay. They bitch about Trump doing it all day long, and if you’re paying attention, among other Trumpian things which are ruinous to America and the American way of life, this wordplay apparently also forces people who are otherwise upstanding citizens (well OK, a great many illegal aliens too) who want America to be a giant “safe space” and want world peace ‘n stuff (and basically mostly just smoke pot) — to violently protest outside of Trump rallies, smashing car windows and throwing rocks at cops on horses.

Yeah, no. It’s just who says it that matters to these people. They, as news reporters, can be the tendentious wordsmiths any damn time they please. Republicans cannot. Got it? Now you’re thinkin’ like a liberal!

After CNN themselves finished being over the top or “climaxing,” as you might say if you, too, were as unserious as them, Wolf and his PAC smoked a cigarette, pulled their big boy pants up, and then had to get on with pretending to be objective reporters, which is a task so not puerile (#boring!). So, using that same picture of Trump, a far more odious banner for them: “DONALD TRUMP CAPTURES THE GOP NOMINATION” more accurately described the actual news.


And then those ever so sober and never over-the-top journalists naturally went on, and on, discussing Trump’s words, and his honesty, and how important words and honesty and transparency are, these days.

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Liberal Anything-Gate Just Four Sunny Weeks In

Nanny-Gate could and should be a name for the Liberals’ coming new Nanny State. But until that sticks, it applies directly to the Royal Couple themselves – the Trudeaus – and their hiring of their other kind of nanny – two of them  –  for their three kids. At taxpayers’ expense.

Despite all the specious nonsense Justin Trudeau nattered on about in his election campaign about rich people “like me” not needing those silly child care tax credits that the Conservatives introduced, he has hired these two at taxpayer expense. Even though the trust-fund couple just got a job paying $335,000 per year plus free room and board and armed security. How deliciously liberal.

It’s an act so glaringly deceptive and hypocritical and malodorous that even the Liberals’ usually Gaslighting mainstream media division has to cover it. So you know it’s bad. “Gate” bad.

But remember that “Nanny-Gate” is a name only the 14 conservative people in Canada are using, and only in the media available to them: blogs and Twitter. You won’t hear it anywhere else. The Liberals’ sycophants on CTV and state-owned CBC, and in the Globe and Mail and National Post, etc. (who collectively got him elected), all gleefully applied “-Gate” to just about everything the Conservative government or Stephen Harper did, but they stopped doing that at approximately 8:01 PM on the date of the Liberals’ election. Until the last election, it was all they could do to prevent themselves from calling it “The Economy is Growing and Canada is Stronger Than Ever-Gate“. Now it’s just sunny ways days. No Gates.

In their sheepish, latent, apparently grudging reporting on this, um, scandal (oh sorry that word is so February 6, 2006 – November 4, 2015  –  the word for this sort of thing is now going to be distraction) they steadfastly avoid the term Nanny-Gate. The National Post (for example) knowingly buries yet another lede: the fact that the Trudeau Liberals have already failed in another campaign promise, which was to be “the most transparent, open, media-friendly… ever.” The National Post’s own reporting stumbles right over the blatant non-transparency – the stonewalling – and then just moves right along as if they didn’t even notice their own reporting, or as if they’re suffering from early-onset Stockholm Syndrome:

National Post luvs them some Justin

Don’t worry, the Trudeaus and all Liberals will still be lauded for their new openness and transparency, even though this is an early and totally “evidence-based” indication of precisely the opposite. Glad they have two science ministers now, so they can spot the perfidy within. I bet they’ll find that the science isn’t settled in this one particular case.

“Sunny ways” have clouded over already. Forecast: a good Gaslighting by the media.

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Macleans writer, politics editor Paul Wells tweets that Americans are “whack jobs”

Oh! Oh! Paul Wells for prime minister!

Macleans magazine (subsidized by taxpayer dollars!) may need to explain to Canadians whether they support this sentiment of their Paul Wells, their politics editor, after this, what… is it pedantic to call it hate speech? At a minimum, it’s xenophobic. It’s also kind of embarrassing.

4:48 PM PDT, October 22, 2014:

Here’s the link to the tweet. We included a screen capture instead, because we sort of hope he deletes his tweet.

Oh yeah and here’s Paul Wells is with his bud Justin Trudeau, being, well, not-at-all whacky: 


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Today in ACTUAL hidden agendas, National Post editor quietly helps write Trudeau campaign book, thinks that’s OK.

Each new day gives me fresh reasons to reiterate this: the mainstream liberal media has given up even the pretence of impartiality and objectivity and fair and balanced reporting.

Today, as if to prove it yet again, Jonathan Kay, an editor in charge of the editorial division of the National Post, is caught hiding the fact that at least six months ago, he was paid to help write Justin Trudeau’s book, which was released amidst much ongoing liberal media fanfare, just this week.

As they say, it’s not (just) the “crime,” but the coverup. And by “they,” I mean liberals in the liberal media, when they’re making random accusations against conservatives of scurrilous coverups and that mystical, pernicious, “Hidden Agenda®.”

Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Kay, a National Post editor who helped write Justin Trudeau’s book, without telling us. The book was timed to be released just in time for the election campaign. (Wikipedia photo)

Trudeau’s book, Common Ground, was clearly a design of Trudeau’s political campaign team, and meant as a campaign book, timed just right, and written only to boost the political campaign of a political candidate – a candidate for an important office: prime minister of Canada.

And an editor of a national newspaper helps write it, hides that fact from readers, and thinks that’s OK?  Yeah no. It’s not OK.

It’s so obviously not OK that today, Jonathan Kay dutifully took to his own newspaper’s editorial section – which he edits – to apologize and resign. No sorry, I was dreaming of living in a sane world, and got that wrong. He wrote, dismissively, absurdly, in defence of his actions.

After all, he says, since he’s employed as a professional by the news media, he is, therefore, fully impartial! He says it as if it’s a universal truth. I imagine if we don’t agree, we’re “deniers.”

…Nor was I working to promote any particular political agenda: As a professional writer and editor, I am merely a gun for hire, so to speak. …

See? Which reminds me of another thing I say: liberals think everybody in the room agrees with them.

The absurdity mounts with almost every sentence he types.

… Yesterday, critics on social media described my work with Mr. Trudeau as “secret,” and claimed that the Star’s naming of me was a “bombshell.” Not quite: Mr. Trudeau lists me on the book’s Acknowledgements page. …

So it’s not secret, um, after we find out. That’s true, I guess. In a very twisted way, kinda like when that cop tried to give an idiot a speeding ticket, and the idiot said “but you’re giving me a ticket right NOW, and I’m not speeding right NOW.”

What he indicates now, today, is that any fanciful machinations from you stupid neocons about any funky ridiculous conflict, ended exactly when he cashed his check for helping to write that book – “Full stop,” he writes, reminding us of Barack Obama’s lie, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan, PERIOD.”

And then magically – no really you guys – he is no longer conflicted. Like now, for instance, he has no interest in the sales of the book, or in the political prospects of Justin Trudeau. That’s totes for real you guys. Because, journalism.

Do you believe that? Do you believe that he doesn’t hope Trudeau wins the next election? Or that the book he worked on for this politician, which the politician wrote to help him win the election, sells really well?

In a staggering bit of obfuscation, logical incongruity, and a strident effort at moral relativism, he name-drops Ezra Levant, of the Sun News Network. This is a failed attempt to turn us “cons” around. As we know, although Kay doesn’t mention it today, for once, so many self-anointed elites like him in the liberal media cartel, collectively and in unison, as if by sheer coincidence and not at all by covert design, all have a hate-on for Sun News and Ezra Levant.

I have worked as an editorial assistant on a wide variety of books — including, ironically, Shakedown, Ezra Levant’s own 2009 manifesto against Canada’s human-rights commissions.

Ironic? It was an excellent book. (And yeah, I tend to use the term “book,” rather than “manifesto.”)  Oh and Ezra Levant is not running for political office. Wasn’t then, isn’t now. And Justin Trudeau is. So Kay’s “irony” falls flat.

You want irony? OK here’s some irony: the likes of Jonathan Kay constantly, and like so many left-wing hack bloggers, accuse the Sun News Network of being in the pocket of the Conservative Party – like it’s a covert “neocon” operation which is actually bought by the CPC. And yet here’s the National Post editor helping to write a Trudeau campaign book. Getting paid to do so. And all while remaining on the job – then, and now. That’s irony.

We all hear the media blather on about politicians and the government being open and transparent and accessible to the media and therefore the public. The public’s right to know, and all that. But liberals and their media apparently have a completely different set of rules for themselves.

And that is today’s example of the perfidy of the liberal mainstream media.

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UPDATED: Hideous anti-Fox News Channel, liberal bias exposed at National Post

Updated below

This is real.

This actually happened.

No, this isn’t about the far-left CBC, but I do understand the confusion.  Yes, Canada, this is what passes for objective news reporting, today, from what is purportedly a reputable, supposedly neutral or objective, national newspaper. And it’s also an excellent explanation for why the liberal-left news media is going bankrupt  —  financially if not journalistically.

'Fox News anchor stops ragging on Obama long enough to get arrested in drunken airport encounter'

It’s an Associated Press story brought to you by the National Post, which clearly spun it by pulling that headline out of their nether regions, to make it more to their liking. The National Post is displaying some of the same juvenile proclivities it displayed when “reporting” on Sarah Palin,  Ann Coulter,  and the tea party, and anything else remotely conservative (or, in the case of Fox News, tolerant of conservatives). Maybe we can just blame it on some unpaid summer interns or students who are apparently running the place right now. Or maybe they’ve just given up over there. I don’t know.

AP didn’t create that headline. Here’s how the AP delivered the story:

'Fox News Anchor Charged After Airport Arrest'

From “Fox News Anchor Charged After Airport Arrest,” to “Fox News anchor stops ragging on Obama long enough to get arrested in drunken airport encounter.”

I imagine this will eventually be seen by one of the grownups at the National Post  —  or a shareholder, or something. Perhaps Andrew Coyne or Kelly McParland or Terence Corcoran will tap one of the kids on the shoulder, and the headline will be corrected, since opinion is really their domain, not the news department’s.

It should be noted that the National Post’s parent, Postmedia, is struggling, certainly journalistically if not financially (it lost $25.3-million in just this year’s second quarter), and in terms of readership (NP is ninth in Canadian circulation); while Fox News Channel is by far the most-watched cable news channel in America  —  usually doubling the audience of CNN and MSNBC combined, in every hour of every day. Oh and also, FNC is the only major news outlet that doesn’t give President Obama a tongue bath all day long. Obviously that deeply offends the balanced set at the National Post, who might want to get a clue.

So for their own good, the National Post should stop ragging on Fox News Channel like obstinate children of liberal parents  —  and actually, stop ragging on all conservatives and conservative-tolerant organizations  —  since it’s really just embarrassing for them, and stupid in every way I can think of for a newspaper today. It’s like they’re drunk.


As predicted, sort of, they’ve changed it. Sort of.  It’s like they’re stubborn, belligerent little children…

Belligerent Fox News anchor arrested at airport bar after apparently drunken run in with police

The URL remains as


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Caution: professional expert journalists writing things – #2

…and here’s my second cautionary tale about professional expert journalists writing things, the first one being here.

2. Media expert Ray Heard demonstrates his great journalism expertise

Let’s analyze the absolute crap out of something just like Ray Heard does on Sun News Network, several times a day, tearing this or that apart, often yielding utterly nothing as a result.

Here’s a tweet, leading to the question How could you fall for this crap?

Answer: you fall for that crap when (as I’ve demonstrated), you have an obsessive hate-on for Sarah Palin, as Ray Heard does. “She’s bimbo,” to quote Heard precisely.

It doesn’t look like Heard is clued into the fact that the story is total BS. It’s satire.Ray_Heard-2013-11-15_fb-meme An urban myth.

The expression usually used is “You can’t make this stuff up,” so I’m inclined to think Heard didn’t even get that part right, asking instead, “How could you make this up?”, because everybody already knows how media can make crap up. Especially about Palin and other conservatives they hate.

It would almost pass as simply good humor if Heard linked to the story at a satire web site —, or something like it, as a benevolent gesture so we could all be in on the fun. But he linked to, a supposedly serious, non-satire, “real news” web site. By the way, they reprinted the farce, in full, with no byline, no source/author credit, and no indication of it being satire. Now that’s some good journalism, right there! Good source, Heard!

Have we blathered on and on and on about this enough yet? No! More now!

Ray Heard isn’t known on air for his spontaneous comic wit. He isn’t a jokester on Twitter either. I don’t think he did, but let’s just say he did know the BS story was in fact satire, and that he’s then merely joining in like a good old boy and smearing Sarah Palin as some sort of a joke we would all “get” and enjoy. Because smearing good, innocent people — is always a great joke. If so, well that’s just fantastic. It’s not the mark of a serious journalist. It’s the mark of a hack. But at least we got to blather on and on for minutes on end about nothingness.

He never answered me.

Ray Heard, a liberal media expert, didn’t bother to engage his journalism expertise to investigate the veracity of the story. Or worse, he did.


That is all. Now back to more important things.


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Caution: professional expert journalists writing things

Two examples come to mind. And then they are quickly ejected with vigor, to make room for smarter things from smarter people.

1. Media hackery
Here’s how you say “creates jobs” when you’re a liberal-media outlet with an ax to grind about oil pipelines and the shipping of oil, and don’t want to admit it creates jobs, and you’d rather cast a negative spin on it, even though it makes you look like a total hack.


What I said on Twitter:

2. Media expert Ray Heard demonstrates his great journalism expertise

…that one is on a separate page. Because I pay myself per article.

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Activism disguised as journalism: the CBC

No, the tweets below, from the state-owned CBC’s “News” account, are not part of an effort to reignite the far-left’s shitty (literally) “Occupy” movement. It just looks like it. And they definitely aren’t part of a campaign to promote Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-left progressives, even though the themes are exactly the same. And they’re also not just a helpful nod to the socialist NDP’s campaign to divide Canadians into classes and sectors and get them to hate each other. No the real answer is that it’s all those things at the same time.

Yeah we are the 1%, says Amanda Lang and the CBC, complete with a photo of her beside a sign saying so. We can’t say it enough!

They tweeted this promo over and over. I counted nine times that this was tweeted on @CBCNews, just one of the state-owned CBC’s many Twitter accounts. Since March 14 the account has tweeted about the protests against the militant, murderous socialist regime in Venezuela, once.

That state-owned media would organize such a politically-charged “event” is a farce, since  the outcome is preordained by the CBC’s systemic left-wing bias and left-wing audience. But like so much of the “Occupy” idiocy, or Justin Trudeau’s/Tom Mulcair’s progressive-left blather, or the obsequious left-wing advocacy from their CBC division, the premise is mostly a farce.

The former chief economic analyst at Stats Can, Philip Cross, was quoted in a recent article speaking in direct contradiction to the CBC (et al) and their false narrative and leftist agenda:

“I would say that [the real statistical evidence] contradicts the idea that all the wealth in the last decade was hoarded by the 1% and the rest of us are fighting over table scraps.”

Here’s more from the article that was published at the Financial Post:

The ‘paycheque to paycheque’ myth: How Canada’s middle class is getting richer, a lot richer

Canadian politicians have been trying to make the middle class out to be a poor huddled mass of declining fortunes, but a landmark study from Statistics Canada paints very much the opposite picture.

The study, released Tuesday, shows the median net worth of Canadian families jumped 44.5% to $243,800 in 2012, up from $168,700 in 2005. Over the past 15 years, the median net worth figure leaps 80%. The numbers are adjusted for inflation and measure the amount of money left over if all debts were paid and all assets were sold.

“This shows the middle class isn’t withering away,” said Philip Cross, research fellow for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and former chief economic analyst at Statistics Canada. “It shows Canadians have money to set aside for savings, so it’s not like they are living from paycheque to paycheque, which is the way a lot of the narrative surrounding the middle class has recently been framed.”

… Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said in an ad last year that the current Canadian economy tends to overwhelmingly benefit “a few” at the expense of Canada’s middle class.

This idea was not borne out in the StatsCan study which also showed the middle class sucking up a bigger portion of the country’s overall wealth. …

The big CBC Q&A about “the 1%” and “income inequality” comes at the same time the Liberals and the even more socialist NDP are advancing exactly those themes as the central part of their election campaign platforms. For example, see “Kelly McParland: Trudeau and Mulcair need to convince middle class Canadians their life sucks.” So the CBC joins them, as do several other left-wing and far-left organizations that are advancing exactly the same themes at the same time. I’ll be called a whack-job conspiracy-theorist for saying that they are seemingly acting in concert; even while they are actually working, uh, amazingly together on the same theme at the same time; and even though they’re flying in the face of the statistical science which proves them wrong about their whole premise, and bastardizes their political platform.

In her pallid answers, even the CBC’s Amanda Lang says that this isn’t actually about the 1% that she and her CBC tweeted about more than a dozen times.  It’s about the top 1/10 of the 1%. Yup. That many people.

The real problem is at the very top end of the 1% – the 1/10th of 1%, or the uber rich.
— Amanda Lang “answers your questions…”

What is that  —  like eight people in Canada? As we say in my house, holy crap that’s a small number with which to invent a false crisis especially when it’s based on pure crap politics and idiocy, and now let’s change channels from CBC back to Fox News please.

cbc-square logoThe other answers that Amanda Lang featured, by the way, were mostly fluff and bromides designed to appeal to the typical “Occupy” left-wing whiner. In other words, their base audience, and the Liberal/NDP voter base.

The “1%” (ore more accurately, the 1/10 of 1%) I worry about are not the people who made it in this world. It’s those people who have the controls of a state-owned 1.5 billion-dollar per-year multi-platform media behemoth, and use it like a tool to advance a political agenda, at our own expense, not their own.  Like they did here.  They are much, much more powerful. And they didn’t earn it. And it’s not even their money, or their tools. The CBC is what should be “occupied.”


State-owned media should be banned in Canada, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

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Globe & Mail Pundits: Canada is useless in the world; and Canada is leading the world!

Same day, different outlooks. Where they’re alike: One is dour, the other one more dour. Because… Conservative.

The Globe and Mail’s liberal pundits can’t agree on where Canada and our Conservative (and that’s key) prime minister fits in the world. Which means there is a great division in the Globe and Mail which will ultimately lead to their humiliating defeat and utter demise!… if we apply the same standard to them as they do to the Conservative Party anytime one Conservative MP says something slightly different from the rest.

Jeffrey_simpsonG&M’s Jeffrey Simpson, perpetually down on Harper and the Conservatives no matter what, has a column today headlined “Canada is not engaged in this new world,” which is weird because Canada is exactly engaged in this new world, forcefully, and for me, proudly. Simpson is not proud, or happy, or optimistic, or even sane. Read this and weep into your sweater:

…Canada no longer tries, however feebly, to help resolve or mediate international disputes. Rather, Ottawa chooses sides and then offers little beyond rhetoric and finger-pointing…

…which, by the way, is dead wrong; but describes, exactly, Barack Obama (erstwhile the leader of the free world) and Obama’s incessant finger-pointing and useless, effete rhetoric read off a teleprompter after being written by a hack, and perfectly describes Obama and his unwillingness to take absolutely any hard action, ever, on anything of global importance. Glad I could clear up Simpson’s obvious confusion. Now someone hand him a hanky.

For Simpson, no test, including this one, is ever a test of Barack Obama’s leadership. Obama is not even mentioned in this entire column, possibly because Obama is not engaged in this new world. But, for example, September 4, 2013: “Syria is not a test of U.S. leadership.”  Let’s be clear: this, like Syria, is another test of Obama’s leadership; and once again, Obama and his regime get an F on foreign policy. And Simpson an F for fair analysis.

Weirdly, everything, including Syria and this matter, is a test of Canada’s leadership under Stephen Harper, to Simpson.

margaret_wenteBut the other columnist sees, uh, brown, where Simpson sees black. G&M’s Margaret Wente‘s column is headlined “Harper goes Cold Warrior, Putin laps Obama,” and sees Stephen Harper and Canada as leading the western world.

The crisis in Ukraine has pushed Stephen Harper into full Cold Warrior mode. This week, he jets off to Kiev to tour Independence Square and meet with the new anti-Russian government. No Western leader has talked tougher. “What the Putin regime has done cannot be tolerated and can never be accepted,” he said this week. …

…Mr. Harper will visit the heart of Ukraine as an outspoken champion of freedom. There is no posturing in this. …

Alas the remainder of Wente’s column is a grave lament about Canada and the world, and even Obama and the world. Note that she’s not as clear as colleague Simpson on Obama’s Syrian test score:

The biggest loser in this drama is, of course, U.S. President Barack Obama. His “reset” strategy toward Russia is in tatters. Mr. Putin has been running rings around him, first in Syria – where Bashar al-Assad is now more entrenched than ever – and now in Ukraine, where Washington was caught flat-footed. …

… Mr. Putin is looking like the stronger horse (even though that’s not really true), and Mr. Obama (not for the first time) is looking out of his depth. …

In contrast, Jeffrey Simpson said this about Obama and the Russian takeover of Crimea:

“nothing,” in Russian]


I would think their curiosity would compel them  —  at least Simpson  — to ask what Justin Trudea, the Liberal’s alleged “leader,” would do, were he the PM, since everything is so dismal now Justin_Trudeau-squnder the Conservative. But that’s not the game being played here. Apparently the game is hackery.

I shudder to imagine what their Liberal Justin Trudeau would actually do in a situation like this, short of an Obama-lite version of another useless, pedantic, pedagogical, paean to peace and love, possibly culminating in a judicial inquiry into the “root causes” of Putin’s power grabs and the spread of communism. Would Trudeau be judged by the same testing standards as those applied to Stephen Harper (and not Obama)?  No.

I’m guessing for Simpson it would go something like “[such-and-such crisis] is not a test of Trudeau’s leadership.” But he will then vigorously question what the opposition Conservative leader’s position is on the matter, since that’s so obviously all-important; then headline it as a “test” of his or her mettle… and lament it as a failure, naturally.

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Just what kind of “environmental justice” is raw sewage being dumped by our huge nanny-state government?

Hey producers at, oh, for example, CTV News!  I have this story of “environmental crime” that I want to pitch to you. A pipeline spilled 3,000 barrels into some of the most pristine waters and the beaches off of the iconic Stanley Park in Vancouver!  Go crazy!

Today I happened to stumble onto a tiny article at one of your competitors, Global TV, about the Metro Vancouver government pleading guilty to charges that they negligently allowed a raw sewage spill from a government-owned sewage pipeline to occur. Onto pristine beaches. Just off of iconic Stanley Park  —  one of the most beautiful places anywhere. Around 3,000 barrels of raw sewage! The guvment! Holy shnikies eh?

Oh what? You aren’t that interested really? Huh. Weird.


Katharine Hamnett of the Environmental Justice Foundation

Katharine Hamnett of the Environmental Justice Foundation wants you to save the future. See? It says so right on her shirt.

OK! I’ll start! If it were an oil pipeline owned by an energy company, and it spilled 3,000 barrels of Texas Tea, you can be sure the enviros would call this an “environmental crime” and deploy several of their left-wing “[fill-in-the-blank]-justice” bromides like “environmental justice now!”  White_House_enviro-justice-2014-03-13_102306The you’ve got to be kidding party would be all over it, with leader Tom Mulcair even more spitting mad than usual, and Olivia Chow decrying industry as a general matter, in favor of state-controlled windmills and copious regulations against, well, everyone.

All of the non-Sun News media would carry their water too, tweeting and retweeting the “BREAKING” news (“breaking” for at least a whole day), bespeaking the horrors of the pipeline. They would go ape-shit raw-sewage and report the raw sewage out of it  —  almost always with a jaundiced eye meant to project their anti-oil, anti-pipeline, anti-any private industry agenda. And as if I had to tell you, the state-owned CBC would do a plaintive six-part series about the “crime” on their “The Passionate Eye.”

Katydid Scudderia cricket.

Katydid Scudderia cricket.

But it wasn’t an energy company’s oil pipeline. It was a government pipeline, carrying raw sewage. So we hear crickets. Or at least we would hear crickets if all the endangered (well let’s just call them endangered) Katydid Scudderia weren’t killed-off by the government’s raw sewage spill, am I right fellow occupiers?! Hey someone whistle that “Hinterland Who’s Who” tune! Can they do one of their infamous 60-second vignettes, this time about all the crickets?

As it was, the state-owned CBC division did sheepishly report it online, shockingly enough, but only in one of their outlier sections  —  the local enviro-justice-4BC section  —  of their massive oil-watch site. You’d be hard-pressed to find out anything in the rest of the mainstream media. Do a Google search for “metro Vancouver pleads guilty sewage.”  I found two or three tiny articles in all the mainstream media. Search CTV: Nothing. Globe & Mail  —  even their BC section: nothing. National Post? Nothing. Vancouver Sun or Province?  Nothing in the two main Vancouver newspapers! Remember, we’re still playing “CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE IF…”

A national news organization’s local, provincial Twitter account, @GlobalBC gently tweeted it out, once, this morning. So nice of them to maintain their composure in this one instance, and effectively whitewash a story of disgraceful government ineptitude, huh? They’re very cooperative and accommodating to the nanny-state.

twitter_73x73_CBCalerts_biggerCBC’s local provincial @CBCnewsBC Twitter account likewise carried it, utterly nonplussed. It wasn’t re-tweeted 80 times by their national account  —  in fact not even once this time  —  nor at their urgent red-alert @CBCalerts account, even once. They did tweet this urgent red-alert news alert this morning about an urgent story from, uh, 2009, though:

So the media and the Left at large is hypocritical and full of raw sewage. That’s not new. But here’s the penultimate conclusion to the story: this additional turd was uncritically reported in one of the two articles: “The district has agreed to pay $5,000 in fines and contribute $100,000 to an environmental damages fund.”

You enviro-conscious nanny-staters can borrow this pic!

You enviro-conscious nanny-staters can borrow this pic!

Well how agreeable of them. Good sports, huh? The government has agreed to pay a fine, with my tax dollars, to another level of government, Environment Canada, as a penalty for doing exactly the opposite of what I already paid them to do, with my tax dollars. Very generous of them. Now my tax dollars can help all Canadians pay their fines when their governments screw-up and commit what the left call “environmental crimes” when the private sector commits them.

Furthermore, do any kind of research on this, and you’ll find the government has been in breech of the government’s vast sewage treatment regulations for years and years, and have not yet been fined for that. (Here’s a 2006 article. Here’s a 2008 article.)  The government has allegedly been dumping toxic waster  —  and raw sewage  —  into our rivers and oceans. They’ve failed federal inspections countless times. Hey Chow! Maybe get Obama on the horn to get help stopping the pipelines!

What kind of funky “justice” is this? Bullraw sewage justice. And both the nanny-state government and its trusty media both stink of it.


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Postmedia adds insult to bad journalism

Apparently it’s OK to make mean-spirited fat jokes or Rob Ford’s a druggy jokes in the mainstream news media now. I guess their membership to the liberal-left’s Political Correctness cult is lapsing.  Wait  —  you’re still sour on the gay jokes though? And Rob-Ford-fat-jokesAsian jokes? And we still can’t criticize Barack Obama without being shouted down as a “racist” and Hillary Clinton without being labeled “anti-women?” Oh I see. Weird. You might want to get some principles, then  —  at least you over there at Postmedia and

Just yesterday I nailed (Postmedia) for publishing a crass, stupid, and abjectly family-unfriendly opinion piece in favor of men displaying what the News Editor called their naked “dongs” and “sun-kissed junk” in gay pride parades  —  as “news” on their various internet pages.

Today it’s Twitter.

They just can’t get past the words “drunk” and “stoner” without conflating that with Rob Ford? Or throwing an innocent kid under the bus?

You tell me if that isn’t another insulting bit of word-craft for a news report by a supposedly serious news organization, about what they’d have you believe is a deadly serious matter of the health of young people.

Olivia Chow

[ INSERT ASIAN JOKE HERE ] — am I right, Postmedia?

By the way, neither the word “drunk” nor “stoners” appear anywhere in the article. Nor the name Rob Ford. They just made that garbage up in their tweet to sound cool and take another cheap-ass swipe at Ford, and to get cheap hits to their web site.

And must the mainstream liberal media incessantly, stridently draw Rob Ford into every fat or drug or booze-related story, no matter how distant the relationship or logic, overtly drawing your attention to their contempt for him? In their news reporting? Someone get them a Walter Cronkite Award.

I keep saying the liberal media has dropped all pretense of objectivity, or of acting as professional journalists, but this is even worse  —  this is flouting their sloppiness.

It’s not just their membership to the liberal-left’s Political Correctness cult that is lapsing. It’s their membership to the school of good news journalism.

But I’m sure their coverage of other stories and politicians, including even the politicians they hold in complete contempt, will be absolutely fair, balanced, objective, and trustworthy moving forward.

And that was a fair joke.

nice_linePostmedia owns as well as many newspapers across the country including

  • National Post
  • Calgary Herald
  • Edmonton Journal
  • The Gazette
  • Regina Leader-Post
  • Ottawa Citizen
  • The StarPhoenix
  • Windsor Star
  • Vancouver Sun
  • The Province
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CBC’s news site finally owns up to their failure to report expense scandal news about themselves

Just hours after writing my latest scathing blog article about CBC-Gate  —  the scandal revolving around the CBC president’s illicit expense claims and his quietly repaying them when he, uh, read about it in a newspaper, or something, and then the CBC’s not even reporting it like it was news, they are now reporting it like it is news. Quietly. Sneakily. On Friday evening. When the fewest possible people are paying attention.

They still don’t refer to it as “CBC-Gate.”  Nor like it’s the scandal of the year. And therefore, using their own reporting of late as a baseline, they’re not reporting this fairly at all.

Exactly as I expected.

A possible explanation, and one which I will cling to like my guns and my Bible, is that it seems that the state-owned CBC is still monitoring this web site. Back in 2006, the CBC sent legal papers to my home threatening that they would be “monitoring your site,” meaning this PTBC web site. I guess they still have the resources to do that. Meaning their budget should be cut massively.

Even if that isn’t the reason, when they read this, my saying so will bug the crap out of them. And that’s a gold medal win for team Canada.




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