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What we got here are nefarious ties to untruthiness, Tom

Politicians like the socialist NDP’s leader Tom Mulcair make the pedantic and excruciatingly boring claim that they need to be elected because they’re so, so honest, and the guy who’s in power now is so corrupt. Join me in a mass yawn. And so it’s weird to keep finding such blatant dishonesty in their ridiculous […]

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Progressive Humongousitis

Jumpin’ Jehosafats. What the heck just took over my entire, hayuge computer screen?  Why it’s the leader of the you’ve got to be kidding party, Tom Mulcair! Hi Tom! Look how huge you are! I can see your skin pores! They’re very egalitarian!  Ya got some good “facial justice” going on there, Tom! Can you […]

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Conservatives raised more than the Libs & the even more socialist NDP, last quarter.

Once again, figures just released yesterday show that the Conservative Party of Canada has outdone their (even more) progressive opposition in second-quarter fundraising. And once again, they’ve beaten the competition, combined (“combined” is just a fun word I add to the end of a sentence when I’m glad it’s true, as I am). The Conservatives […]

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Fashion over debate: Sonny days ahead if Justin Trudeau gets Liberal leadership nod

The world didn’t end recently, and it’s unlikely to come to a conclusion in 2013 either. Rumours of its demise tend to be greatly exaggerated, either from Christian fundamentalists, Latin American tribes, or assorted conspiracy theorists. Odd how all of these types claim supernatural wisdom but do so badly in their own lives! What we […]

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Bullies or victims? Fairness and proportionality strike out in sport and sexuality

So, a guy who plays pro sport is an idiot. Good Lord, I can’t believe it! I mean, who knew? Yes, Yunel Escobar was dumb enough to write on his face in Spanish something akin to “You are a faggot,” thus enabling every hypocrite and self-indulgent victim fetishist to moan about the horrors of homophobia. […]

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Justin’s not ready

Let’s be honest here. Justin Trudeau is not exactly the most intelligent guy in Ottawa. Nice hair, good looking, cute smile, famous and clever dad, “interesting” mum, but he’s not likely to be passing any difficult exams in the near future, is he? He’s a lightweight, a privileged beneficiary of Canadian political nepotism, and he […]

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BC Liberal premier boasts of increasing number of low income earners paying no tax.

I’m (a) sane, and (b) I’m a conservative rather than a communist, a socialist, a liberal, a fascist, a left-winger, or any other of the almost identically awful flavor of “progressive.” So obviously I’m all for governments reducing costs and lowering taxes. But Christy Clark, the all-in progressive BC Liberal Party premier of BC, takes a […]

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No, the state won’t provide you with a “Canada Day” flag. Buy your own.

A letter to the editor at the Edmonton Journal, June 24, 2012, exemplifies the increasingly do-nothing, expect everything to be given to you attitude of today’s mollycoddled-by-government, increasingly left-wing, growing entitlement-cultured liberals of today’s Canada. This politically progressive sickness is a disease that like its name, is growing like a cancer in Canada thanks to […]

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The Quebec mobs explained in 16 words.

The mobs of spoiled pseudo-students in The Nation Of Quebec? They’re liberals*, raised by liberal parents, taught by liberals, and entertained and informed by the CBC. And now you know the truth.   * the word “liberal” is interchangeable with progressive, and in many cases socialist. Some are Marxists. Possibly related posts: Paul Jackson: his […]

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Does "TweetPoo" sound crass?