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Teachers’ labor union has a “poll”, huh? Is it objective? Fair and balanced? Scientific? Accurate?

Yes!  If you’re a Cuban dictator or a member of the esteemed North Korean People’s Party of Kim Jung Il.

The leftist teachers of BC (it’s a radically leftist political party by any other name) is on strike as some people outside of Toronto and Ottawa know, and they are breaking the law.  They have been found in contempt of court.  They don’t care.  They want to maintain their control over and virtual monopoly on the education of our kids and so does the liberal government (the current one, and the more left-wing NDP before them).  This is what an elixir of a backward labor union mixed with a socialist school system and government and a politically unsophisticated and sometimes downright naive electorate —tastes like.  And it’s enough to make a sensible sober clear-thinking person’s head spin.

I’ve already said what I would do:  I’d go Reagan on them.  And I wouldn’t pay them Dingwall-like severance either.  But the BC Liberals won’t. 

Now, the multi-million-dollar B.C. Federation of Labour, on behalf of the multi-zillion-dollar teachers’ labor union representing the extreme leftist teachers and politicians of BC (“party”), say they did a poll, and that it proves the taxpayers support the teachers and their illegal strike which is in contempt of court and keeping tens of thousands of taxpayers’ children out of school.  And you know it’s true because it was done by (and I think I’ve got this right) “The Working People” (™ every leftist in Canada) as represented by the extreme left-wing and ultra political BC Federation of Labour (“party”), as opposed to being done by the unworking “Rich People” who have all had their taxes cut to zero, if I understand the situation accurately. 

But to give you an idea, here’s just a couple of the questions the fair and balanced angelic workers at the BC Federation of Labour asked of the taxpayers (this, from the teachers’ labor union web site). 


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