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Yet another study proves liberal-left media bias

The American media is downright biased in favor of liberal politics and liberalism generally.  We know that.  But it’s a beacon of fairness and balance compared to the Canadian media or, say, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan media. 

For example, for the study referred to in this entry (below), they were able to include Fox News Channel (the #1 cable news channel in the U.S. with vastly more viewers than CNN, and which allows conservatives’ thoughts and ideas to escape into the national consciousness) as just another cable news channel—among many equally available cable news channels—to monitor for their study. 

Study: Media Elite’s Campaign News More Biased than Talk Radio

According to a new study, those news organizations which hold themselves up as the most neutral and professional—big newspapers, the broadcast networks and taxpayer-subsidized National Public Radio—are actually producing campaign stories that are the most tilted in favor of Democrats, while online news and talk radio have actually been the most balanced. The study, released Monday from the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) and Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, found newspapers and broadcast TV outlets devoted far more time to covering the Democratic candidates than the Republicans and that the tone of those stories was much more favorable to the Democrats, mirroring the results of a Media Research Center study released in August. PEJ discovered that on NPR “stories about a Democratic candidate were more seven times more positive than negative” and “the tone of coverage in the 30-minute evening newscasts was much more positive toward the Democrats than Republicans”

In Canada, the liberals’ far-left state-run CBC’s “Newsworld”, with its constant repeats of Michael Moore documentaries (and worse) must, by Iranian-style laws created by Liberals and the liberal-left in Canada, be made available to all cable and satellite subscribers on their basic cable or basic satellite service offerings.  Must!  By law!  Meanwhile, to get Fox News Channel here, cable and satellite subscribers in Canada are forced, by design, to engage in several techno-hoop-jumping exercises: invest extra cash on special digital converters, re-wire all that crap behind your TV and VCR and DVR and “home theater” amplifier and so on, and then arrange for and agree to pay extra per month to get it—if it’s even offered at all**. 

The liberals’ CRTC (the liberals’ state-regulator of what we’re allowed to watch on TV and what we’re allowed to listen to on the radio, and when, and where, and how, and at what ratio of forced Canadian content…) arranged it that way.  And that was after they unbanned Fox News Channel—yes it used to be banned in Canada, despite it being by far the #1 cable news channel in the U.S., except on Parliament Hill where the liberal politicians could all watch it. 

In terms of regular TV, the regular state-run CBC broadcast channels with its left-wing world view and news and constant repeats of Michael Moore documentaries (and far worse) must, by law, be delivered to Canadian homes for free.  By law! 

It is this “balance” upon which a study would have to be conducted in Canada.  In other words, you can’t even study this here, as it would simply prove that the media here is hideously biased against anything conservative, and therefore beyond rational study.  It’s Iranian-style—it’s a different playing field.  The liberal-left here think this is perfect. 

Note too that this is only the latest in an extensive stack of surveys that all prove the same thing—that the media is hideously biased in favor of liberalism and liberal-left political parties and causes, and that “journalists” and “reporters” are markedly left-leaning and in fact are more so than the general population.  Many such surveys have been presented here at PTBC over the years.  They are never, ever, ever, published in Canadian newspapers or on Canadian state-run TV media or any liberalvision outlets.

** Fox News Channel is now unbanned and available in Canada through Rogers Cable, Shaw Cable, Star Choice satellite service, Bell ExpressVu satellite service, Telus TV, and others.  Some cable services still don’t offer it, and you should demand that they start. Normally, they will offer to set up your digital converter in your home to help take the technical pain out of it.  Fox News Channel is the number one cable news channel in the U.S. by far.  It vastly outpaces CNN in viewership numbers.


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